99 thoughts on “Live Stream like a PRO with the Switcher Studio APP for Facebook Live and YouTube!

  1. We used Switcher Studio for a 2 day live stream we did recently and it worked REALLY well! It was so nice being able to switch cameras with a simple tap. We could add lower thirds and watermarks. Really a great way to make your live streams look a lot more professional, and it only requires a couple of iOS devices!

  2. I use OBS to Joicaster to Facebook and YouTube right now, but this obviously has A LOT more production options.
    Would this REPLACE or be IN ADDITION TO my current set up ?

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  4. Will I still need an elgato capture device while I stream games on xbox one or will I be able to record straight from the app off an iPad Pro?

  5. how come android gets no love. where are our developers, I really don't want to switch to ios but damn I might have to

  6. embarrassing you company is still mono. Spread out .. for ,more $$$ . Bye when you get android support I'll check back.

  7. Thanks for highlighting this! I haven’t dug into using switcher studio yet but looking forward to it. I am unaware of the gear needed for proper sound and picture quality on both ends of the camera. If you can point me in the right direction please, thanks!

  8. How can one see the chats come in like u said? on which subscription is that on? and the depth of field…how can one do it? is the comment update already standard?

  9. I just tried it , it worked for about 30 minutes then it just stopped working , I'm using the iphone x, 7 plus and 6 plus isn'y working on any of them

  10. I was part of a 4 camera live show recently that used Switcher Studio. I was FLOORED – blown away. It made me want to cry. Well done, team. And I'm loving Think Media!

  11. Anyone tell me if you can link cameras wirelessly with this thing. I want to set up 4 cameras outside linking in to my control laptop to stream from there.

  12. Hi.
    I need an app Sean for our Facebook live show where we can do minimum 2 to 3 people (screen splitting like Belive.TV) but can pull up prerecorded Video and original Audio off a Soundcloud streaming site, or my iTunes, pro-tools etc..
    What would you recommend? Would switcher be the one we need.

  13. I am a solo musician and would like to record videos using three iphones. I am not able to switch them manually while playing live. I am looking for an app that can start the recordings together or an editing program that will import all three iphone videos and I can edit them later to post to the web. Is this app only for livestream purposes or can I edit later?

  14. What do I use if I want to simulcast a livestream to multiple platforms like fblive, instalive and youtubelive and be able to bring in guests so have multiple cameras as well?

  15. Will the free version only have 14 day trial?? I want to use the free version for my church livestreaming..

  16. You sir, do an amazing job, your videos are really well done. Extremely professional. Thank you for inspiration!

  17. Exactly what i was looking for. Love to see a class on how best to use this software. Will you be doing one soon?

  18. is there any android application you know that can do something like and a sliding text and add a logo on the live stream
    please if you know any drop the link

  19. It seems Android software designers are backwards, iOS has awesome apps. I tried to get the Os equivalent but to no avail.Many cam for android is some how closer though.

  20. I want to use split screen function for metadrader 4. Basically making live videos using my selfie camera AND, on the side, showing the app where I teach trades live on social media. Can you refer an app that does this trick?

  21. i have 2 question to ask.
    1/ How to apply timer in switcher studio?
    2/ When i rotate my camera, i can't use scoreboard. How to solve this problem?

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