Little Women: Atlanta – Cheeks & Twins on the Mic (Season 5) | Lifetime

100 thoughts on “Little Women: Atlanta – Cheeks & Twins on the Mic (Season 5) | Lifetime

  1. Umm has nothing to do with their statures not everyone can rap .. seriously what next??? Runway modeling? NASCAR? Ballot? Vaulting ? Well if they get paid even if it makes them look like little jokes whatever their lives .

  2. Les jumelles me rappelle les soeurs kardashian elles sont belles et les autres femmes sont aussi belles les unes que les autres.

  3. Annnd when will I hear this music on the radio?…OH that’s right NEVER because they’re still nobody’s. Esp if you don’t even know how to pronounce designer brand names.

  4. 3:27😑 she talkin to one of the twins saying that the verse is so easy when they was messing up while she over here studderin too.

  5. Why did they all want to rap so bad? It's not for everybody. They have so many other things they could have done with the exposure of this show. Music is hard you guys!

  6. I don’t understand how he’s worked with Drake, future, etc. and chooses to work with them 😂he really stepped down

  7. Emily and bri sound……uhm yeah that’s why they use ssoooooo much autotune and when they perform live there is always have the song play in the back

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