LibreOffice Base (11) Radio Buttons

LibreOffice Base (11) Radio Buttons

I usually start LibreOffice Base video saying I made a
copy the database I was using in previous video but that
database has a problem so I created another
database from that database and called that odb10 gender-text-varchar that database can be found on the website. We’re
going to show how to add action buttons also known as radio
buttons twice once with the new database I named odb
10 gender-text-varcher and once with the odb10-filter-background as
the input I’ve made a copy odb-10 gender-text-varchar which i download
from the website and rename this to odb11 gender-text-varchar and opened up the
form I want to add some radio buttons to
this form LibreOffice Base calls these option buttons most people are more familiar with
the term radio button because they’re similar to the buttons you will see on a radio think the buttons on a car radio, they are all
tuned to different stations and you can
select any one but when you select that one it changes
to the new station in other words you can only have one
selected at a time. Radio buttons or option
buttons work the same way, they offer us a
choice of options but we can only choose one of the
options. We are going to add some option buttons to this form and
the best field for their would be the gender
because we must choose between either male or female. To add in the radio
buttons I’m going to close the form and open it back up in edit mode. The first
thing I’m going to do is hold down Control and click on the gender text box I’m going to shrink this down a little bit
and move it off to the right we’re going to leave this on here for a
few minutes to see the field as well as the option buttons. The option
button is found in the lower middle part the
form controls I’m going to click that and add one for male and one for female. I’m going to select the one I want to make
male, first I’m going to open up the
Properties box by right-clicking and clicking on control
Let’s move this over to the right under the Data tab we’re going to give
this a name will call this optMale give this a label of “Male”. Now we’re
going to click on the “data” tab, we went to change
data field to be gender and the “reference value on” we want to make “Male”. Now let’s do
the same thing with the female option button going back to “General” Renaming this to optFemale Label of Female and will see that update when I hit tab or enter. Going into
the “data” tab we want the same data source “gender” “reference value on” to be Female. Closing our properties box The last thing I want to do is select both of the option buttons right click and group these together. Now let’s go
into design view and see if they work. We had something
selected so we’re not seen early peoples but if I click outside the labels the
show up again so our first one is showing up as “Male” now “Female”… “Male”… “Female” So, these appear to be working but as
we’ve seen before when we add a new button it puts it to
the bottom of our tab list so let’s go back into edit mode or
design mode we can get rid of our gender text box
I’m going to hold down Control and click on the text box, hitting
delete it’s gone. Now we want to fix the tab settings by coming down into the activation order and we see at the bottom are option male
and female and we want to move these up to just under first name. Clicking OK let’s review this in design view putting the cursor in last
name and hitting tab we see it goes to first name to male in then to start date it’s not
going to female if we click and the next one we see
female I’m putting the cursor into last name first name and it jumps to female then when I click Next jumps down to start date. Don’t go crazy trying to make it tab through you radio buttons its only going to go to
one of the values in the radio button group. So, lets change one, to see how it works. I’m going to change Patricia Anderson to
male. I will save this… Go to in the next record… When we come back, we see that she’s
male. Let’s make her a Female again. Save Next record, previous, and now she’s back
to female. The rest the video is going to show what
the problem is with the odb10 filter-background, and how to fix it. I’ve made a copy of odb10 filter
background in rename this to odb11 radio button I’m going to go into the tables option
in database and we see we have “employees” as well
as forms employees to make sure we know the
difference between which one we’re going into I’m going to rename this one to frm dash employees and also going to rename this other one to frm employees-spreadsheet-view. That is so I can tell the difference between my forms and my tables, when I’m clicking on the
different options. Let’s edit are Employees table and we’re going to come up to gender instead of text fixed character we’re going to change this to text
varchar and save. Closing our table… Let’s go back into our
forms and let’s bring up our form in
spreadsheet view and now we want to look at just the
males in the table so I’m going to quick and my autofilter We want to change all these fields
because when I click on it let me zoom in a little – We can see that we’ve got male, space, space because when we had that fixed character
it added in those two spaces when we have a field is
var char it removes those extra spaces at the end when we edit it, when we add that field.
But since we converted this one from fixed, it didn’t reformat all these values. So, we’re going to have to reformat them
our-self. Unfortunately we don’t know enough about
queries to do that yet, So, we’re going to have to do this all by
hand. What I’m going to do is on this first
one I’m going to delete off the extra spaces. Then select the four characters we do
want, I’m going to hold down Control hit “C”
for copy Then I’m going to hit my arrow down button and hold down Control and hit cntl+V for paste arrow down, control+V, arrow down control+V and do that all the way down. Now when I click up we see that there
are four character “Male” and I know some you are probably thinking,
“What if we put it in quotes, and have two spaces at the end of our option button”
It didn’t work, I tried it… Maybe you can get it to work… If you can,
please add it in thenotes under the video (how you did it) but I had trouble getting a fixed
character to work with the option buttons. So, we’re going to close his form we
didn’t do any updates to it; so, we don’t need to save anything. it already saved the data into our table. Let’s come down to form, employees, right
click Edit, and we’re going to do just what we
did earlier in the video I’m going to hold
down Control Click on the gender tab, but this time
I’m going to delete it right away I’m going to click on our option button add that, and add another one select the one on the left. Click on the control button to open up
our properties box. The first one’s going to be optMale and Malel for a label Gender, reference value on Male Going back to our General tab optFemale label is Female “Data” Gender – reference value on Female. Closing the Properties box Selecting our 2 option buttons grouping them together and I going to use my arrow key to move them up a little bit we’re also going to change the tab order,
right away. Selecting these 2 moving these up Clicking OK. Now let’s go to design view and we had something selected, to get
rid of this, I’m going to click outside of all our objects. and we see that it’s working On our navigation bar, we have this thing
called “Data Source as Table”. If I click that, Up at the top, it shows us our data source. This is another way we can check the
data, and see if it is updated properly. We are at Patricia Anderson. We see her right here here and, I’m going to change her to male Clicking that, we see under gender, it’s
changed already to male. I didn’t even have to click on the save record. Changing her back to female, will watch
this change and we see that is is updated. So, our Data source shows us the table that were pulling
that data from. Let’s close that, and we have our option
buttons working for odb11-Radio-Button I’m going to save this form close our form and it’s asking us if we
want to save your changes we did make a change to this form so I
want to say yes I’m going to receive the database and
we’re done. all all cool

11 thoughts on “LibreOffice Base (11) Radio Buttons

  1. well that space padding on fixed chars is annoying. It is apparently for legacy compatibility…even more annoyingly the 2.3 HSQLDB doc says, and I quote, "These spaces are sometimes significant while in other cases they are silently discarded." (source url:, I hate when things sometimes matter and then sometimes don't because without going to the documentation (or testing which could potentially cause issues) you can really only ASSUME that it's going to matter for whatever you happen to be doing

    On a more 'positive' note, I think, I found that you can add two spaces in the data reference field after male (without any quotes) and it works…still that's more annoying that anything else.

    I would also think that it'd be possible to 'manually' get/set the reference values (and trim spaces in the process) but that's possibly even more annoying than the above (unless, maybe, you had gigabytes of data to access frequently….but at that point you'd probably just switch to a database engine that didn't use space padding if you really wanted that fixed char).

  2. Very sneaky. In this module you changed the accompanying spreadsheet file to have Gender be a VARCHAR instead of fixed, because when it was fixed, it made Male into "Male  " with 2 spaces at the end, which made the Male option button not work! (unless someone typed in "Male  " for it instead

    Nice twist though, taught me something new 🙂

  3. Thank you for these tutorials they are very good. I found that if you typed the Data from the Calc file into the Base Table manually instead on importing the Calc file the option buttons worked how you demonstrated them within the video. I hope this helps

  4. Thanks for the tutorials. Just FYI your Employees reference is misspelled for all your videos as Employess. I know it's meaningless regarding the tutorial but just FYI

  5. In Base v5.3.1 adding the option button in the manor you shoe has no button image/icon although the button is functional.

  6. Using Base v5.4.3.2.. there are no double spaces behind Male/Female after switching the field to 'text [ VARCHAR ]'
    After having changed the tab-order, the radio buttons are selected based on the recorded gender, however when putting in a new 'Employee' the radio buttons are skipped entirely, hitting the tab-key. It just goes from 'First Name' to 'Start Date', selecting every field after until it shows empty fields i.e. a new record.

  7. I was struggling for days to set custom values to the radio options. I couldn't find this in any documentation, but it is here in this video!

  8. It didn't work for me. The buttons don't get selected into male or female when I navegate through the register.

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