LGR – 1983 Burger King Headphones by Radio Shack

LGR – 1983 Burger King Headphones by Radio Shack

My headphones are burgers. [typing]
[music] It just amuses me to think
that someone, somewhere, got two Whoppers and just went– Yeah. You know, this is a good– This is a good look for me. I like the way this feels. If only they played music. [splat] And stayed on my head. Greetings and welcome to an LGR thing. Not exactly “Oddware,” although it could be, in a way, because it is certainly odd. This is the Burger King Headphone AM Radio from 1983. And before I go any further,
this is not an ad for Burger King. I actually don’t like their food.
[laughs] At all. In fact, it’s probably my least-favorite fast food place. But I do like these kind of stupid gimmicky things. Old crappy headphones in the shape of, uh, burgers. For some reason. And, yes, insert a “Simpsons” reference here. Although, those were earmuffs. These are proper headphones with an AM radio that may or may not work after these many years. But, we’re about to find out once we unbox this thing. Sorry, collectors, but you know what? I paid the equivalent of two Whopper value meals for this thing on eBay,
so I don’t feel too bad opening it up. I had no idea that back in the early-’80s thereabouts there was something called the Burger King Collection at Radio Shack stores and they sold these really cheap electronics with Burger King branding because… why not? “Aren’t You Hungry?” Trademark, Burger King, trademark. Uh, you know, I might be hungry if the
burgers they sold actually looked like that, but, uh, they don’t. At least, not anymore.
Maybe they did in ’83. I like how the back of the
packaging is mostly describing the actual Whopper that you
would get at Burger King as opposed to the Whopper headphones that you’ve actually bought. “Features: Solid State High Sensitivity” “Feather Light Headphone” “Volume and Tuning Control, and a Waist Belt Clip!” Mmm! And “you can remove the unit from
the package by opening from the back along the dotted line.” How convenient. Let’s give it a shot. To whoever had the foresight to buy this 33 years ago and keep it in the package, thank you. Some weirdo on YouTube in the future… [plastic crackling] is gonna have a lot of fun… [plastic crackling] Oh, yes! You know, that actually was pretty easy. I gotta say. That’s… that’s pretty classy. So we have the AM radio itself which also says “Aren’t You Hungry?” And it looks like we got
some tuning here, which is good. And here we go. Stars of the show. [plastic crackling] [grunting] The headphones themselves. And they’re a little… they’re packed in here. All right. Well. Um… They don’t feel as cheap as I thought they would. To be honest. In fact, they actually
[chuckles] feel pretty solid. [Laughs] Who woulda guessed?! On the other hand, this headband
is like the cheapest thing in the world. I mean, look at that. That’s literally plastic
being held in place by plastic with a tiny bit of friction. Just… unroll these. This is actually a nice feeling little cable, too. Gotta say. Uh, that plug is… mmm… well… It’s alright. These on the other hand, they feel terrible already. [Laughs]
In fact, they look like, uh… kinda the foam that you would
find inside of an 8-track, like, behind the tape. Hmm… Alright. Well, let’s test these things out! First, we’re going to put the
battery inside of the AM radio. Cheap little battery compartment there. And it’s a standard 9-volt battery,
which I have laying around, since I bought it specifically for this. Alrighty. There we go. Packed in there. And we are ready to listen to AM radio with burgers! So the AM radio itself is just a nice little simplistic box, and I actually quite like it. I like how straightforward it is. It’s just a box! It has radio components in there. The slogan on it is kinda stupid,
but the colors are lovely. It’s a nice bright white. There’s that fancy belt clip that it was so happy to brag
about on the front of the cover. Of course, you just turn it on
with the volume slider here. [click] [tinny music with static] Uh, it’s got some, you know– Probably need some DeoxIT, or something, but– Either that, or it’s just really cheap. Probably both. [clasic soft rock] Very appropriate music to be picking up
with this thing to, I gotta say. [laughs] I tell ya. And of course, you’ve got your tuner right here. So we can try some other AM radio stations. Not that anything’s picking up. [staticky music] Just the one, I guess. You can’t hear it. They’re playing
the Rolling Stones now. [laughs] But, uh… Yeah, you know what? I gotta say, I’m actually kind of impressed with the sound quality of these things. They’re… not as crappy as I thought they would be. The sound could be a bit beefier, though. And screw studio monitor headphones. I got these. I’m actually quite impressed with them, to be honest. Uh, well, you know, considering that it’s
something that’s 33 years old-ish and [laughs], they don’t sound like burgers. They sound like headphones. And these are terribly uncomfortable, but they sound okay. And yes, I did actually plug
them into, like, my phone, and a record player and computer–
just whatever I could, and they sound… passable for burger-shaped headphones. So, uh… Okay, I’m kidding about the studio headphones. But I’m gonna keep those. But, yes. Thank you very much for watching. My headphones are burgers. And if you’d like some more videos that are burgers, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. This is the only one. But I do have other videos on odd things. So click a couple of these here,
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if you wanna do that, and Patreon, if you’d like to support more things. And as always, thank you very much for watching. Wow, this one actually pretty much stayed together. I don’t know if that’s a… a good thing or a bad thing.

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    The last thing you'd want in your Burger King's burger is K Pop playing. As it turns out, that might be what you gaeaet

  2. I was looking down at a tablet at the moment you said "could sound a bit beefier". I had to look up and when I did your smug face was already looking back at me. An I see what you did there across time and space. Nice.

  3. i hate manipulative advertisement like this not because its immoral but because now i really want a burger 😫

  4. I don't know if Radio Shack sold it, but back in the day, there was a Whopper house phone which looked like a Whopper and flipped open like a flip phone, half the burger had the push dial pad and mic; while the other half housed the ear piece.

  5. Burger King is my favourite fast food place and I know y’all will think I’m a heathen but I’m JUDGING ALL OF YOU and I need these headphones

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