Let’s get our podcast set up!

Let’s get our podcast set up!

Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and we have
something really exciting to announce: (in unison) E: We have a podcast! K: We started a podcast! Oh we should have planned that better. Now you’ll get the inside scoop of some of
the backend stuff that was like consuming our thoughts. It was vague- Was it text or did you like
write it on my facebook wall? I dunno haha oh jeez. It’s way less awkward to peek underneath than
to like look through the crack and you make eye contact! There’s vomit on his sweater already- MOM’S
SPAGHETTI! You can watch it on YouTube, you can watch
it on iTunes- or listen to it on iTunes, or Google or Stitcher or whatever app you want. Ooo and since future Evan and Katelyn are
here, we’re also gonna show up at the end of the video and tell you all the things that
we have changed since we first set all this up. Which is a decent amount. *piano music starts* Hey guys we’re Evan and
Katelyn and today we’re making a video about how we got everything set up for our podcast. We’re gonna be covering audio- Is that my
voice?- Video- A camcorder- like how we kind of set this room up- It works great!- We’re
not experts, this isn’t a tech review, but we just wanted to share some of the insights
that we had while we go through this and hopefully that’s interesting or useful to you guys. Am I out of screen? No your chair is just like hangin.’ Alright so since we don’t know what size and
shape desk we need for the podcast we’re gonna be making the fastest maybe jankiest desk
ever by using just some scrap plywood, some sawhorses, and some clamps. Jankier than I expected. I was thinking on the outside. It looks kinda cool that way. I don’t think looking cool is like the goal
of this desk. Well- Alright so can the new title of this
video be “Building a desk in less than 1 minute”?? No…this is a terrible desk. What do you mean?? Hahaha. Ehhhh metal scraping on our floors. Hello guys. Evan and Katelyn here hahaha are you doing
that on purpose. Here just just straddle one of the legs. Haha. It works great! Gosh darn it I really didn’t want to make
a table. We could bust out that really janky Ikea one. We still have that? I think so. Oh that’s way better than this we should definitely
do that. Yes yeah that’s gonna be way better than this. Oh this is way better! I mean… it’s ugly. A lot better right! Do we need the clamps? Yeah it’s industrial chic. Industrial Chic, by Evan and… just Evan. Not endorsed by Katelyn. Look at that, so professional. But we should get the equipment set up next. Should we mention why we have a green screen? So we are gonna be publishing our podcast
on iTunes, and Google podcasts, and everywhere where podcasts are available but since we
enjoy YouTube so much we wanted to have a video element. Katelyn’s idea is just to have like a live
feed of Mochi (our Supurrvisor) in the background at all times. That’s my dream! Haha you just wanna be surrounded- YES- and
enclosed by a giant fluff ball. Yes. Probably should have installed this first. Rode hit us up, hit us up! Are your studio headphones on? Ok guys, so there’s been- oh this is weird. You can hear yourself talk though? I know but I can also hear all the noises
of my mouth. Hehehe they can too. So I oh one thing we can do is we can swap
between the audio we’re recording on our nice mics and our lav mics and see how much of
a difference there is. Oh yeah so you guys can see too. Ok guys, so there’s been something I discovered
that I’ve been waiting to share with Katelyn for so long. And Katelyn has… no clue what’s gonna happen
next! Oh my god. Ohohohoh my god. *large gasp* How do I control this? Is that my voice? Is that myyyy voice? Hahahaha hmmhmmhmm. Oh! Oh I’ve been waiting so long to share that
with you. 24 effects. This is a vocal echo. Whoa. My name is Mochi and I’m your Supurrvisor. Oh… Oh yeah… Ladies… Hahaha! I am the Batman. What’s a Batman line?Tell me the truth! That’s not a Batman line. When he’s interviewing Joker. That’s just like a thing people say. Ohhh you know that’s gonna be funny is cutting
back and forth between these mics and that mic where we’re just like saying it normally. Buy that- merch. Buy that- merrrrrrch. Hehehe. Ok but we should, we should seriously- Jingle
bells, jingle bells, jingle all your bells. Hahaha! Ok ok but seriously we’re gonna stop this
now- With bells of holly fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la. We should just go to Taco Bell and get some
drive through and order like- I’d like a Baja Chalupa. Yeah I know you don’t have Baja Chalupas on
the menu anymore but I still want a Baja Chalupa! Just a Chalupa and then- ADD THE BAJA SAUCE
OK! Hahaha! Oh my gosh It’s just so- It’s so good. This just like brings immense joy straight
into you. And probably immense annoyance to everyone
listening. It’s I’m just so excited for this podcast. I am too. I mean not just for the vocal effects. Mostly for the vocal effects. So make sure to to…. subscribe. So I think at this point let’s give you a
little tour of what all of this is and why we chose what we chose. I have a reason for why we chose what we chose
just now: as you were gesturing you whacked the crap outta your mic and I didn’t hear
anything. So we chose a mid-level mic. Nothing super crazy because these can get
up to the $700 range. We added a wind filter because- puh puh puh-
it’s not like blowing out right now. Pew pew pew. Wind filter is a muft. A muft? A muft. Another really nice thing, this isolating
chamber when you move it around, you see how this is wiggling so much? If this was attached directly to the boom
arm it might be picking up creaks and squeaks. We also got a nicer boom arm, it doesn’t squeak
or anything, let me show you our old one. Really it’s like not that much. Do you wanna talk about this thing? Yeah so there’s a couple different ways you
can input audio from a microphone into your computer. And the mixer is kind of the slightly more
complicated version ’cause you can do like all sorts of different parameters and stuff
which I probably won’t mess with that much. Except for this one. Haha that was so creepy! And that’s pretty much all you need for audio:
a mic, a stand, some way to collect that audio and send it to a computer. Do you feel really official right now? Because I feel really official. I feel so official. Ready with our first guest! Yeah this is our test guest. Ok! So happy to have you on the show! Alright guys so we got the HDMI in and I think
the picture quality is hoo hoo so much better. Hoo hoo. The Canon EOS M50 it has that clean HDMI out
and again it was only $600, it’s a pretty good deal. Is Canon sponsoring this video? Canon, hit us up, hit us uppppp. Canon, hit us up hahaha! Don’t you wanna sponsor us? We’re normal. Hahahaha! Hohohoho! But you know who did hit us up: Synology! Well I mean actually we hit them up but… So they are back there running all of our
network attached storage needs right now and we’ve been using them for the past 8 years
which is really good because with the podcast and the livestreaming that we’re doing, we’re
making new data at about 2 times the rate that we used to do. It’s kinda like cloud storage we own ourselves. We both need access to all the files and with
this setup we can both be editing videos at the same time working off the server. Synology just sent us another disk station
so we can use this as a remote back up so that we don’t have to pay for cloud backups
every month. So if you run a small business or you just
produce a lot of photos and videos that you want securely backed up we’ll have links below
to all the equipment we’re using and info on how to set it up. Thanks Synology! So right now this how the podcast is gonna
be. This is how it’s gonna look, and how- yeah
like our videos of the podcast. Yeah we’re really close, closer than I thought
we’d be. We’re gonna overlay the lighting that we have
set up it’s kinda janky right now. You’ll notice that it’s lighter here let me
turn off the background image- There you go. Oh hey! Just… Hahaha. It’s just, move it out of the- that looks
so hilarious. Ok so you’ll notice there’s a little bit of
like darkness right here that’s that’s having a hard time. Oh yeah. Watch this- Oh look at you oh snap. What the heck!?! That looks so good! It looks so good! So there there’s a few little things that
we might have to tweak but I really thought it was gonna be more. This is, this is it. Should we say like about how much all everything
cost. Let’s just like have like boom boom boom boom
all of the things and the prices and then the total. Look upon the things which we have bought
to make this possible. Future Evan and Katelyn here again to tell
you about all the things we’ve changed. Alright so I think one of the biggest changes
we’ve made is in the lighting. We installed these floor lights so that they
create separation between us, and the green screen and that really makes us crisp. It’s a lot better than the shop lights we
were using before. We also switched from our camera that I’m
recording on right here to a camcorder that has HDMI out natively, it has a power cord
right there so we can leave it on for hours at a time. Another thing that changes our setup a lot
is we’ve started streaming games so we now have 3 systems hooked up: we have a Steam
link, we have a PS4, and we have the Nintendo Switch that Katelyn’s playing… We are controlling which one is being displayed
with an HDMI switcher here, we’re capturing it all via this game capture here. In terms of software we record on OBS and
then we import it into Premiere, do the chromakey there because it’s a lot better than doing
it live. And the last change that we haven’t done yet
but it is so necessary and that is a bigger table. Which we knew was inevitable. That’s a project for future future Evan and
Katelyn. And just because this was so much to cover
I’m gonna be writing up a blog post down below with like everything written out in a format
that makes it easy to scroll back and forth through. Alright, back to the show. One of the reasons we were able to invest
in this stuff is ’cause we have really awesome Patreon supporters. This has been something that we’ve been talking
to them for like a year now. And this is an idea that we had even before
that. We were just like chatting one day while we
were getting ready for bed and we were like “let’s do a podcast!” and then I got out my
phone, and we literally- We sat in the closet- recorded brainstorming our podcast sitting
in the closet so this video is dreams coming true a year and a half in the making. Thank you everyone who helped make this happen. Thank you patrons. Thank you. K thanks bye! Bye! Ok ok thing of a song. Chickadee China the Chinese Chicken- I found
you miss new booty. Good your audio’s being picked up you might
notice that everything is a little bit different, and- oh jeez I just looked over hahaha! I just noticed

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