Leonard Susskind: Are We a Computer Simulation with a Purpose? | AI Podcast Clips

– What kind of questions
can science not currently answer and may never be able to answer? – Yeah… Is there intelligence out there that underlies the whole thing? You can call him with the
“G” word, if you want. I can say, are we a computer
simulation with a purpose? Is there an agent, an intelligent agent that underlies, or is
responsible, for the whole thing? Does that intelligent agent
satisfy the laws of physics? Does it satisfy the laws
of quantum mechanics? Is it made of atoms and molecules? Yeah, there’s a lot of questions. And I don’t see, it seems
to me, a real question. – [Lex] It’s an
answerable question– – Well, I don’t know if it’s answerable. The questions have to be
answerable to be real. Some philosophers would
say that a question is not a question unless it’s answerable. This question doesn’t
seem to me answerable by any known method, but it seems to me real.

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