Lena Dunham’s Podcast Explores Mariah Carey and the History of “Crazy” Women

Lena Dunham’s Podcast Explores Mariah Carey and the History of “Crazy” Women

-So, you have this podcast.
-I do. -Called “The C-Word”?
-It’s called “The C-Word.” -And some people might
jump to a conclusion as to what that is
supposed to represent. -Yeah. And let’s just say,
it does not mean “cutie pie.” -Okay. -No, “The C-Word”
in this situation, people may think it is a curse.
-Yeah. -A bad curse
for a lady’s center. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -But it’s to mean “crazy.”
-Yes. -‘Cause we’re doing kind of
an exploration of women who have been called crazy by
the media throughout history. And Alissa is a historian,
an art historian. And I’m a crazy person. And the Internet has, you know, not always held me
in its kid gloves. So I try to really come at it
from, like, the kind of — One of my favorite things to be
called is an embattled star. -Oh, right. -So, I come at it from
the embattled-star perspective. And so we explore all kinds of
women who are iconic to me — Mariah Carey, a famous socialite
Casey Johnson, Jane Seberg. And we just talk about what it means for them
to be considered crazy. And we kind of, like, look at
their lives again in light of sort of what we discovered about
things like feminism, you know, slut shaming, the use of women as cyphers
to explore our cultural pain. Stuff like that. -That sounds like a good time. -It actually is.
-I bet it is. -It actually is.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Well, I, you know —
I do think it’s really exciting this era of podcast — what has
been most rewarding for me as being a podcast listener
is the fact that you can get an education
on things that, you know, in a way that is a little bit
less — I don’t know — daunting than sitting down
and opening a book. -Yeah. And you know what you’re
gonna know all about? My feelings about when
Mariah Carey went on “TRL” and offered everybody ice cream. -Got it.
-It’s that kind of stuff. -Because at this point I don’t think I know
anything about that. [ Laughter ] -It was a moment where everyone
was like, “She’s lost it.” She’s in this little top
and jean shorts with this little
ice-cream truck, telling everybody
about her evening. And I’m like, “Actually,
maybe she hadn’t lost it. Maybe she’d found it.”
[ Laughter ] -Yeah. I would hope that if somebody
sees me coming in with an ice-cream cart for
everybody, it won’t be like, “He’s lost his mind.” It’ll be like, “This is the most
kick-ass dude I’ve ever met.” -That is how it would work because you’re a boy
and she’s a girl. -Oh, there you go.
I think that’s very fair. [ Cheers and applause ]
I think that is very fair.

72 thoughts on “Lena Dunham’s Podcast Explores Mariah Carey and the History of “Crazy” Women

  1. Say all you want, what she is doing there is very hard and vulnerable work. Tackling this topic and long time taboo takes real gut and will be helpful for so many women out there.

  2. I think Lena Dunham should have Meghan McCain on her podcast they have so much in common!
    Thoughtful political opinion, empathy, great careers because of their hard work, just to name a few things.

  3. Why do the media keep insisting on keeping Lena happening? Regressive right, progressive left, nobody seems to like this woman anymore for one reason or another, except maybe for well-to-do centristy white liber–ahhhhh, that's right, never mind.

  4. Seth would (rightly) bring up some controversial things Meghan McCain has done but then would happily laugh and cackle with Lena who arguably is a worse human being in general. Meghan was right when she said liberal media has different standards for conservatives.

  5. The epitome of whats wrong with the left, the literal poster child of hypocrisy. Said and done horrible things yet plays the victim, and than calls real rape victims liars cause the rapist was a friend. People she went to high school and college have done interviews about her, very interesting. Her and our president are two sides to the same coin.

  6. She is a crazy person, pathological liar, dont think she even knows who she really is anymore. 'That sounds like a good time' lmao seth my feelings exactly. Hate shes using beautiful TALENTED womens stories to stay in the limelight.

  7. Love Lena. Always so happy when you have her on, Seth. She's smart, interesting and stands up for herself and for other women. Need more women like her.

  8. Come on, Seth, there are so many other guests you could have brought on that aren't human train wrecks.

  9. Bad look not addressing her controversies like you do other guests. Please don’t have her back for throwaway fluff piece bullshit

  10. It is true. Women who are considered crazy don't get work. Men who are crazy (Nicholas Cage, Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, Christopher Walken, James Woods, Joaquin Phoenix, Russel Crowe, etc…) are celebrated and keep getting jobs.

  11. this is literally a dave chappelle take defending mariah on 'inside the actors studio' from fucking 2006 and he did it with so much more genuine nuance and care.

  12. Ew…wtf is Lena Dunham doing on here…she actually is a crazy person. Seth please dont let this woman speak on your show, I'm honestly disappointed…

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7-s0rCvXFk i cant get over this. she really just lifted an entire chappelle thought from 2006 and did it terribly.

  14. She's getting fatter, not good
    Also, why does she have a bully pulpit?? And why does Seth even have a show???

  15. “My mother didn’t bother asking why I had opened Grace’s vagina,” Dunham wrote. “This was within the spectrum of things that I did.”

    In another passage that has attracted critics she describes trying to persuade her sister to “kiss her on the lips for five seconds” by offering gifts of sweets or coins. “Basically, anything a sexual predator might do to woo a small suburban girl, I was trying,” wrote Dunham.

  16. At some point, someone told me not to watch and/or listen to her. I'm from Australia so I have no clue as to why she is famous. Can some explain this?

  17. Something tells me Seth doesn't remember how absolutely bizarre Maria was acting during that very clear meltdown…. if he dropped in on a live show unannounced acting the same way people would definitely think he went crazy.

  18. Now I have to upvote her because of all the misogynist trolls downvoting. And I don't even particularly like her! But wtf is wrong with these assholes?

  19. Im with you Lena, Mariah was not crazy for buying everyone on TRL ice cream. Carson daily should be raked over the coals for that comment, which he never apologized for. I think people got Crazy and Give me Attention mixed up…..

  20. “The use of women as cyphers to explore our cultural pain”. Seth wouldn’t be called out if he did the same thing Mariah Carrey did, because he’s a “boy”.

    Give me a break with your bullshit concepts that fantasize and generalize society and men as against all women, in order to create false victimhood. You’re not helping women by placing all the blame for women’s problems on men and society at large, as if all women were perfect flowers, who do no wrong, but by others supposed ignorant judgement.

    Women aren’t children. They are capable of every evil men are capable of, and have to take just as much responsibility.

    Get over yourself.

  21. I dont care about the mob says about Lena, I love her. She's gorgeous, smart, funny & beautiful. If shes crazy, I cant wait to be crazy talented like her. #TheCWorld

  22. Jesus she has really put on the pounds. If she continues to eat more cake she could be the first human to turn into a buffalo.

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