Leaving Things In Nail Polish Remover for A Month

100 thoughts on “Leaving Things In Nail Polish Remover for A Month

  1. Watching channels that customize dolls taught me exactly what acetone and nail polish remover do to plastic figures

  2. i for an odd reason love the look of thoese mask maybe is why i kinda dig the fallout aesthetic with the heavy breathing mask idk

  3. Ummm 0.0 I am always inhaling nail polish remover on the daily, and they are wearing masks to just put stuff IN the nail polishes remover, should I be worried?

  4. Dont inhale too much nail polish remover

    Me about 2 years ago: *shakes and sniffs nail polish remover just to get a energy boost*
    well heck

  5. It's weird because the batman is plastic but how come the nail polish remover container is plastic but nothing happens?

  6. I always enjoy when they can't eat what they're experiment with 'cuz we all know if its edible they will put in their mouths.

  7. The Batman thing I already knew since I accidentally left a littlest pet shop in acetone all day except the limbs were intact….

  8. It is also useful for softening cyanoacrylate glue (superglue) if you need to separate bonded surfaces, or if you get some on your fingers.

  9. Yo normal nail polish remover is pretty strong, but cutex has this extra strength stuff that I had literally dissolve plastic on contact

  10. I really hope that wasnt actually nail polish remover they "left" Link's glasses in, that could be bad for his eyes

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