Leaving A Big Mac in Soda for 2 Months (EXPERIMENT)

– What happens when you leave
a hot dog in Coke for a month? – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) – Good Mythical Morning. – We have had a passion
for weird experiments ever since we were young,
dumb, and full of science. And we chronicled many of
those shameful exploits in our Book of Mythicality in the conduct a weird experiment chapter. So you can get it now at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Walmart, Target,
your local bookstore, go to BookOfMythicality.com. – And today we’re going
to continue that tradition of weird experiments,
now you may have heard, I remember hearing about this as a kid, and actually trying it, putting the tooth in Coke for a while, and seeing what happens. It erodes away, not really,
it kind of just turns brown. And also, as you know, we have a shelf that we like to leave things on, we call it The Shelf
That We Leave Things On. (creepy music) And we’ve done food on it before, now we’re doing stuff in Coke,
and we’re gonna find out, and guess how well we can figure out, what happened to that stuff in Coke. It’s time for Left on a
Shelf: Coca-Cola Edition. – That’s right, there
are a number of items that have been stewing,
or really just sitting, in Coca-Cola for the past month. And today, once we’re
told what those items are, we have to agree on what we
think has happened to them, then it will be revealed, and we will use our scientific skills of
dissection and observation to see if our predication was correct. – Right, and we have to
agree on that, and if we get three right, we win, if
we don’t get three right, really, there’s only
a prize for the loser, and that is we gotta put cold cans of Coke down our pants in Good Mythical More. – I hypothesize this is gonna be gross. (inquisitive music)
– [Together] Round one. – Okay first up we have a hot dog. This is a normal hot
dog, in case you forgot what a hot dog looks like. – Oh yeah, that’s it. – And inside this, we have
a hot dog that has been left in Coke for a month. Here are our two options. Did it, bubble up and
blister like Link’s lip after a stressful week?
– It happens. – Or expand and bloat, like Link’s ego after he got mistaken for Rachel Maddow? – Thank you. – Now if it was a whole hot
dog, and guys, technically, I don’t, semantics here,
but I call that a wiener. A hot dog is when you
put a wiener in a bun, that’s a hot dog, technically. – Well this wiener is so
floppy, there’s no skin, well there is a skin on
it, that might keep it all intact and make it
bubble up and blister. – ‘Cause if it was a
full hot dog, of course the bread would expand and bloat. But I think that this is a
bubble up and blister situation. – I’m actually thinking that over a month, I’m talking four weeks Rhett, – You think the whole thing breaks down and just gets really big? – I think the whole, I
think it just soaks through the little skin and it
just starts to expand. But we need to agree. – My first–
– Bubble up and blister is when heat is applied. – Well, bubble up and blister would be as if it was a real sausage, and this is, like you pointed out, it’s
kind of a fakey thing, right. – Yeah, it’s fakey.
– It’s more homogenous, yeah, it doesn’t have much of a skin. Okay, I’m gonna agree with
you, expand and bloat. – Expand and bloat, let’s find out. Oh my goodness. – Well, I don’t have an answer yet. – I was scared because I forgot that it was in Coke and not
water for a dumb reason. I was like, that water turned black. It’s Coke you dummy. – Oh gosh.
– Alright, here, and move this over here for me. – We were wrong, you were wrong. (buzzer)
– I’m sorry. – That’s definitely a blister situation. – It just blistered. – That is a simple blister situation. – Let’s see if there’s
anything that happened if we have a quick cross
section of this thing. – Break out the scalpel. – Hold it, scalpel. Oh it’s hard. – What does the cross section look like? Hot dog. – Hot dog. – Look, it separated. There is a bit of a
skin that did separate, just as I suspected. Alright, hey, we can
still redeem ourselves. (inquisitive music)
– [Together] Round two. – Now we’ve previously tried just leaving a hard-boiled egg out
for a couple of months, and it shrunk down to nothing. So here are our options for
hard-boiled egg in Coke. Did it break down and dissolve, like one of Robert Durst’s neighbors? Or did it marinate and turn brown like my Aunt Debbie when
she falls asleep on a roof? She’ll do that, she gets crispy. – Okay, I do not believe
that an egg can dissolve in Coke, even given a month. I think this even, the
reason that it dissolved last time is because it was dry. – Think about it though,
you can put Coca-Cola on a windshield, and it will break down the stuff that’s on there
and clean it a lot better than just using soap and water. – But eggs that have been
left out and fermented for long periods of
time just change color, and turn into, I think
we’re gonna have a brown egg in there, we’re gonna have
an Aunt Debbie in there. – Like it’s pickled.
– Yeah. – We agree that it will
marinate and turn brown. And we’ll twist, and we’ll pop. Smells like old Coke, reach in. – Now if I don’t come up
with anything, that means. Ah ha ha ha ha.
(bell dings) There she is Aunt Debbie, there she is. – Look, you can tell there’s
a little bit of white left right there, look at that. It’s the ghosting that I read about in the scientific digest.
– Let me get a cross section there. I’m gonna come in here, oh, so soft. – But the egg is already– – Oh, look at that.
– Look at what you did. – Look at that I’m like a chef. – A scalpel makes a perfect chefed egg. – I chefed that egg, I chefed
the crap out of that egg. Look at that. – You did so good, you wanna eat it? – No. (inquisitive music)
– [Together] Round three. – Okay, a diaper, an ordinary diaper. – Made to absorb stuff.
– Yes, Coke. After being left in Coke for a month, did it absorb everything and get big like Ben Affleck when
he’s not playing Batman? Or did it pulpify like Ben
Affleck’s arm in a wood chipper? – Oooh, did that happen to the guy? – We’re not up on the news? – Oh my goodness, I’m sorry Ben. – Yeah, we wish you the best. – Keep the other arm out of it. Okay man, pulpify or absorb everything. I mean you know it’s
gonna absorb everything, but then is that week one? So week two, three, and four,
I think it’s gonna continue to pulpify.
– You think so, ’cause basically that means that, – All of that lining is
gonna be floating in it. – Absorb then this
breaks down and opens up? – Yeah, ’cause you know that
gelatinous stuff will come out. – Yeah, but will it
come out with just Coke? – Will it come out with just Coke? I hope so. – My instinct is–
– It just gets big? – Is this just paper, is it just paper? ‘Cause paper, I think
diapers are holding stuff that landfills, landfills
they’re just full of this stuff. – Yeah, okay, so we’re saying
absorb everything and get big, but it won’t pulpify because
of the structural integrity of the diaper.
– Here we go. Yes!
– Well hold on, we don’t, we think it just got, ooh. – Oh gosh. – That thing got carbonated, y’all. Put it right on that.
– Oh gosh. That ain’t coming out of there. Oh my goodness, that is,
there is no, it’s lodged, man. It is lod–, we got a diaper stuck! – We gotta break it, with a sledgehammer. Let me try. – You know, you gotta get
some suction on the side. There you go, it’s gotta release, it’s gotta release, it’s
gotta release, oh gosh. – Put it on the tray, put it on the tray of science! We gotta science this thing. – Yeah, when you release
the sides like that, the negative pressure, oh gosh. We need Ben Affleck. We need Batman himself. – Here, shove this in the side. – This is kind of like
what changing a diaper was the first time I, oh gosh. – There it is. – Well, one thing’s for
sure, we were right. (bell dings) – We were right guys. – It did not disintegrate,
but look at that. That just gives you an idea of how long you can leave a child in a diaper. Don’t do that. Whatever you do, don’t do that. – [Link] See, but if that broke open, we would have this pulpification. – Here, I’m coming in with my fingers. – I’m moving the blade. It’s gotta be,
– Hmm, it smells like, oh, it smells like an Icee. It smells like an Icee that never melts. Doesn’t it smell just like
an Icee that never melts? – Alright babies, bend
over and eat your diapers. – Oh gosh. (inquisitive music)
– [Together] Round four. – Look at that, a fish. – A fish. – Dang it, there’s a fish under here. Did it turn the liquid
yellow and let it mellow? Or turn the liquid
black and never go back? It’s already gonna be black.
– The liquid is Coke. The liquid is Coke, so
that means nothing hap– basically did it take
Coke and make it yellow, or did it make Coke Coke. – That would be amazing. – I mean I think it just made Coke Coke. – There’s no way it made the Coke yellow. – No, a fish can’t, it’s not a magic fish. – So we’re gonna say answer C, which is, keep the liquid black, ’cause
it never went to yellow. – Yeah, right, it never needs to go black. – Alright, here we go, wham!
(buzzer) – No, magic fish! Magic fish time, what! – What the crap? – The fish drank all the
Coke and peed it out. – That’s exactly what happened, science. – You put a real fish, you
put a live fish in there, and he drank all the Coke. – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. – Gah, uh, uh, oh, oh. Oh that’s the worst, that’s the worst– – I think we need this. – That might be a record, man. That could be–
– For nasty smell? – That’s definitely top 10 worst things I’ve smelled on the show. I had to narrow it down to 10. – [Link] Yeah, this is gonna work. – Here, fish in there with the tongs. – Uh, it’s putrid. – How did it turn it yellow Link? – How did it turn it yellow? I think you know, man. The fish drank all the, there’s nothing guys. – You know what, I don’t
want you to pull it out and put it on the tray, ’cause it’ll make the whole studio stink, man.
– There’s nothing to grab. What? There’s so little fish left. – It’s like ceviche now. (inquisitive music)
– [Together] Round five. – And now, for a Big Mac. Again, this is a Big Mac,
but what happens to it after it’s been left in Coke for a month? Does it sink to the
bottom like the Titanic? Or float to the top like
everyone who died on the Titanic? – What’s not in question is
– Too soon. – Is if McDonald’s product
changes, it doesn’t change. – But it’s got bread in it. I mean I know it’s McDonald’s bread, but I just have to believe that pieces of this floated to the top. – Okay, I have my answer
in my head, what’s yours? – I just said it. – Oh, it’ll float. – Yeah.
– Oh, me too. Did it float? – [Together] Yes!
(bell dings) It floated, oh and look,
and it really filled out. Whew! – You might wanna put it on this. – Put it on there. – Oh it’s bubbling.
– It’s burbling. – Look, look, look, look, it’s rising. The Big Mac will rise again. – It is literally like a molten field of, oh, it’s hard too. – [Rhett] Do you feel the burger in there? Oh gosh, it’s like fermented Big Mac. – Put your finger on that. It’s hard. – I went through. Uh, gosh. But the good news is, we were both right. – Yeah, I don’t think I
wanna pull this one out. – Yeah, just let it be. – I’ll let you guys eat it later. – And of course, we also left Link’s glasses
in Coke for a month. – Oh, that’s where those have been. – Thanks for liking,
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