Learn to Speak Polish Lesson 1 – How to Introduce Yourself in Polish

Learn to Speak Polish Lesson 1 – How to Introduce Yourself in Polish

welcome to polish sports 101 dot
transpose kick she noted the fastest easiest and most fun way to learn polish
chest mr. me aa new suppose not hi I’m Jana
nice to meet you in this series we’re going to learn
basic polish expressions it’s super easy and it only takes three minutes in this
lesson you’re going to learn how to introduce yourself in Polish
we’ll start speaking right away but first it’s important to clarify that in
Polish often there is a difference between formal and informal language
let’s first see how Polish people introduce themselves in an informal
situation chest yes term Jana hi I’m Jana
chest use them Jana new mommy to impose notch means nice to meet you but Polish
people don’t really use this phrase in informal situations it’s better if you
just say neo me start by saying chest yes them then say your name chest
yes term Jana finally if you want say me mommy chest
yes damiana new mommy and now let’s see the same sentence informal speech Jeanne
d’Albret does it I’m shameless ooh catskil new Oh me panic was much good
day my name is Jana suka suka nice to meet you
Jeanne d’Albret not even shown yong-soo catskil me whoa me Panna paas much this
is what you say if you’re talking to a man if you’re talking to a woman say
Jean Dubreuil nas oceana suka suka nemo me Panama’s
much Jeanne d’Albret nas even shown Jana Sahara Nemo me panel paws much so what
has changed from the previous introduction let’s take a close look at
these expressions together Shh has been substituted with the formal
greeting Jane debris polished for good day or good morning
yes damiana also changed yes them simply means I am however during a formal self
introduction you should avoid saying this it’s better to say massive am shell
young nasa catskil which means my name is yana so catskil also in formal
situations please remember to say your full name
finally pay attention to the ending we went from neo geomos not to neva meet
Panna or panel paws much we changed channel into Panna or panel
if you use chill you’re addressing someone around your age but if you find
yourself in a formal situation or talk to a person who’s older than you use
Tana to address a man or panel to address a woman one more time the
informal way to introduce yourself in Polish is chest is the jnana we were me
the formal way to introduce yourself is Jean Dubreuil
NASA gong-shil NASA catskil Nemo me pan opposed much or Jeanne d’Albret NASA
Vamshi on NASA catskil Nemo me Panama’s much now it’s time for Yanis insights if
you feel confused about the nice to meet you part feel free to skip it as I
mentioned before Polish people don’t use it much when you introduce yourself it’s
a good habit to shake hands it doesn’t matter whether you’re meeting a man or a
woman do the handshake remember to make it quite firm if your hand is too loose
it gives the other person a bad impression we also say it feels like
holding a dead fish that’s it for this lesson
do you know how we say thank you in Polish you learn how to say this and
much more in the next lesson dosvedanya see you

100 thoughts on “Learn to Speak Polish Lesson 1 – How to Introduce Yourself in Polish

  1. Chciałabym znaleźć kogoś z Polski, z kim mogłembym rozmawiać, żeby się tego języka nauczyć .. 😁 mówię angielsku i czeski 🏳️‍🌈

  2. I am here because i play Rainbow six and my main operator is Polish and her accent is awesome and now i want to learn Polish because why not.

  3. Dzień dobry! Nazywam się Kate Kasnerik. Miło mi Panią poznać 😊😊
    I'm from Belarus and I understand about 80 percent of the language, but it hard for me too 😁 I can't imagine how not Slavic people learn this 😃😃

  4. Dodam tylko ze podczas wymowy ę w wygłosie czyli na końcu wyrazy nie wymawiamy go jako ę , dajemy lekką nosowość albo po prostu wymawiamy ę jako e. Wymawianie ę doliterowo jest błędem.

  5. Dzieki tobie nauczyc sie polskiego jest bardzo latwo ucze sie 6 lat i idzie mi coraz lepiej.

  6. It is so helpful to hear a Polish speaker say these words & phrases. You are making things much clearer for me!

  7. I think Polish is easy for Slavic speakers languages. But nothing for anothers languages. This is a second Slavic language after Russian in this World. Only Russian, Polish and Ukrainian has more 40 million speakers. Now Slavic language is interesting because it possible trip around the time with your vocabulary few vogals like indoeuropean many linguists studying this question.

  8. I’m American and don’t speak a LICK of polish but because of my last name people ask “oh are you polish?” So I learned to say “tak jestem Polakiem” so make people think I’m really polish

  9. Polski najlepszy język na świecie! A angielski jest głupi! Wszyscy na całym świecie powinni mówić po polsku a nie po tym głupim angielsku!
    Nie nawidzę angielskiego! Jakby spokała kogoś kto mówi po angielsku to bym zaczeła mówić do niego po polsku!

  10. In the philippines they are interested to learn hangul (Korean) Language.. Im the only one is interested in this language.. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  11. Hi! I'm brazilian and I'm looking for buddies to help me to learn polish (is it the right word?). If anyone is interested in learning portuguese I will gratefully teach and help.

  12. I thought it would be nice and easy to greet my new neighbors, but fuck me sideways. Polish people: Learn English. Over and out.

  13. What's the difference between the masculine and feminine form of presenting yourself in Polish and how also introduce a third person in Polish

  14. "Porzućcie wszelką nadzieję, wy, którzy tu wchodzicie" bo i tak się nie nauczycie polskiego 😂
    Give up all hope, who come in here because you do not learn Polish anyway 😂

  15. I love the way you teach but you are talking way too fast for people to understand the different sounds of the words.. Please slow down.

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