Learn Excel – Visual Recalc Button in Excel Web App – Podcast 1758

Learn Excel – Visual Recalc Button in Excel Web App – Podcast 1758

MrExcel podcast is sponsored by “Easy-XL”! Learn Excel from MrExcel podcast, episode
1758 – Recalc Button in Excel Web App! Hey, welcome back to the MrExcel netcast,
I’m Bill Jelen. Yeah, you’re watching this on Wednesday, but
I’m writing this on Tuesday. Boy, and the news this morning is just all
filled with these experts who are trying to guess what the royal baby’s name is going
to be. And I said “Well, it’s ridiculous, no one
can predict this, we might as well just do it in Excel!” So here on the Excel web app is a kind of
a tongue-in-cheek baby name predictor, right? It takes the common possible names, and it
just combines them together. And I said “You know, if I’m going to put
this out there, possibly some people who aren’t used to Excel will come along.” And yes, you could recalculate with F9, but
who’s going to know to calculate with F9. I really wanted to have a big Recalc button
here, to encourage people to kind of interact with this, and see some of the funny choices
for the least likely name. So how do we get a big Recalc button on the
Excel web app, because we’re not allowed to run macros on the web? Alright, so here’s what I did, this is really,
really simple, and frankly, kind of, I don’t know, I think it’s clever. I came down here and built this little table,
with headings of Category and Sales. There’s exactly one record in the data set,
it’s called Recalc, and exactly one data point for Sales. And then insert a Pivot table, alright, so
there’s my data source, and I went to an existing location, this location right here. And once I got that Pivot table, very simple,
just added Sales to the Pivot table, and nothing else. But once I have that Pivot table, then, on
the either Options tab in Excel 2010 or Analyze tab in Excel 2013, we’ll do Insert Slicer! And that’s what this is, this is a slicer,
I had to do a little bit of formatting to get it to work. Alright, so here on Slicer Tools I’ll select
the Slicer Options here, let’s pin this here so we can see it. Slicer Settings, I turned off the display
header to make it just look like a single box, and of course, since the only word, the
only category available down here is Recalc, that is the only thing that appears. And I don’t even care whether it’s selected
or not selected, it does not matter to me. All I’m taking advantage of is the fact that
slicers show up in the Excel web app, and when you change the slicer, it automatically
recalculates the whole sheet, including all formulas, which makes the names up here, refresh. Alright, so just an interesting way we’re
not allowed to have macros in the Excel web app, but using a slicer is a good way to encourage
people, visually, to click and Recalc and see the new result. Oh hey, I want to thank you for stopping by,
we’ll see you next time for another netcast from MrExcel!

5 thoughts on “Learn Excel – Visual Recalc Button in Excel Web App – Podcast 1758

  1. The technique it's excellent thumb up ! But the royal baby it's something that we can't escape ! they are torturing us with him on the news and now he is even in the Mister Excel podcast loooooooool !

  2. Very smart!
    I have read somewhere that slicers recalculates worksheet but had no idea it can be used like this 🙂

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