Learn Excel 2013 – “Excel With Attitude!”: Podcast #1591 Part IV of V

Learn Excel 2013 – “Excel With Attitude!”: Podcast #1591 Part IV of V

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Preview Excel With Attitude. Hey, everyone. This is Bill Jelen. All week,
we’ve been taking a look at the new things in Excel 2013 and I’ve been doing all kinds
of things in Excel 2013. I just want to refresh your memory here. We’re going to do CONTROL+H,
I’m going to replace MOTORS with MOTOS. I don’t know why. ALT+A. EXCEL HAS COMPLETED
ITS SEARCH AND HAS MADE 3 REPLACEMENTS. You’ve seen that thousands of times, right? It was
late, late, late one night. I’d written, you know, lots of pages that day, and I did a
60 REPLACEMENTS, you know. So, there’s a mailing list [of some MVPs
that the Excel PMs – 00:48] are monitoring, and I said, really, are you guys just…are
you serious? Did you change this message, and they came back in and they said, it’s
our new attitude and we like it. I said that’s cool. So, then, I went out and I started to
figure out, you know, what other messages just drive me crazy. Here, let’s go back to
Excel 2010 and I want to insert a new row in a pivot table. ALT+I R. Oh my god, I haven’t…this
is so long, I’d fall asleep by the time I’m done. I’m not even going to read it to
you. Let’s go to Excel 2013 and we’ll go to the pivot table, this one, and same thing,
ALT+I R, and it’s a lot shorter now. I mean, there’s a chance I’m going to actually read
this, WE CAN’T MAKE THIS CHANGE, although, I said, you really should have made it a little
bit more friendly than that. Here’s another one. How about circular references?
Oh my gosh. In Excel 2010,=that and then this is=to this. CIRUCLAR REFERENCE WARNING
and it goes on and on and on and on, and no one actually reads this. They just click OK,
right, but now we’ll try it in Excel 2013. Same thing. That formula is there. This formula’s
A CELL DEPENDENT ON ITS OWN CELL VALUE, alright and I’m sure there’s more. You know, I started going through and just
trying to do all crazy things I could think of that cause the messages to pop up and see
these new attitude messages, and I realized this is a grand opportunity, right? Some messages
we’d like to see, you know? For example, we are truly bummed out that we can’t let you
insert those rows in our pivot table, but to learn about some workarounds, click here,
and then actually show them how to use the blank rows when they clicked here, or you’ve
got a circular reference, just reboot the computer and start over. So, here’s the opportunity. For those of you
who have your favorite or least favorite Excel message, the thing that pops up that just
irritates the heck out of you, how would you like to have that rewritten, right? So, go
ahead. If you’re watching at YouTube or at learnmrexcel.wordpress.com, go ahead and post
the comments. We’ll take a look at the best ones of those. There should be some funny
ones. So, just get creative. We’ll come up with a suitable prize, I’m sure for the…or
maybe we’ll put your message on a mug. I don’t know. Who knows? We’ll come up with
something. So, I think it’s good, you know. Excel has attitude. Let’s actually take a look at something serious
here Now, so, [unintelligible – 03:35], 640 by 480, but in real life, how many of
you have 2 monitors? I mean, I have the laptop monitor and, then, on the right hand side,
I’ve got a drive-in movie screen out there now, and I have that everywhere. Down at the
office, I have that. Up where I write, I have that. Here at the podcast studio, I have that.
There’s 2 monitors everywhere, and 2 monitors in Excel did not work well together in Excel
2010. That was one of the big downfalls, but now it’s something called singular document
interface. So, if we have 2 Excel documents, open your…I’ll
do CONTROL+N for new, every document gets its own ribbon. I can take this document.
Now, you’re not going to be able to see this. I just moved it out to the other screen. It’s
in the same instance of Excel. I’ll bring it back from the other screen. You can see
that there’s 2 different workbooks open here. Each one has their own ribbon. So, I can be
on the INSERT tab in this one, and, on the other screen, in the FORMULAS tab. They don’t
share the same ribbon anymore. This is called SDI. Word’s had it. PowerPoint…it got…PowerPoint
got it last time in Excel 2010. For those who write macros, this would make your life
slightly miserable, but for everyone else, the people just want to show 2 Excel workbooks
on 2 different screens, it is a beautiful thing. Alright. Hey, remember to send your contest
entry in and thank you for stopping by. We’ll see you next time for another netcast from

8 thoughts on “Learn Excel 2013 – “Excel With Attitude!”: Podcast #1591 Part IV of V

  1. I can't recreate it, but I remember getting an error message that said something like – "Excel cannot complete your request. Choose less data."

    It should read – "Please use R."

    After working with so many spreadsheets that should be databases, I wish there was a prompt that popped up after you try to add a tenth tab that said, "Really?! Are you sure you want to do that?"

  2. The one that always get me is the "help" you get when you click on a protected worksheet where it tells you exactly how to turn off the protection – unless there is a password. Not sure what else to say but have the user at least go to Help for how to remove.

  3. AS400. That is the best error ever when I am running some VBA. I have no idea what that means. I then have to step through the code and figure out why it is crashing.

  4. Bill, my favorite error response has to do with sorting. If you select some data without header row or just a column of values, excel prompts do you want to continue or expand your selection. I wish it would say, "Expect doom if you continue". Lol. Thanks Kevin.

  5. I get data from Japan that I need to use in my calculations. My error message says, "Excel found unreadable content in XXXX.xls. Do you want to recover the contents of this workbook? If you trust the source of this workbook, click yes." => "I can't read this. If you think you can and trust the sender, click open."

  6. This is one I can't get used to (has to do with excels uploaded in Connections though…). When ever I made some changes (even only selecting one of the worksheets) and want to close the file without saving the following happens:"You have made changes to….Do you want to return to Office" you click on <NO> then you get the message "You have made changes to….Do you want to return to Office" click again no <NO> get the message again and only after the 3rd time it accepts it and asks me "want to save your changes to….." I click on "Don't save" and it finally closes the windows. As said, of course happens only to files uploaded in Connections…. But this is….hm…

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