Learn Excel 2010 – “Next Invoice Number”: Podcast #1505

Learn Excel 2010 – “Next Invoice Number”: Podcast #1505

Learn Excel from MrExcel podcast, episode
1505 – Next Invoice Number. Hey. Welcome back to the MrExcel netcast. I’m Bill Jelen from MrExcel.com. The question sent in today is how do I generate
the next invoice number? I’ve set up an invoice. How do I make it generate the next invoice? Well, first of all, we are going to start with an invoice, that’s easy. File, New. Out here on Office Online they have all kinds
of invoices to choose from. I mean there’s folders and folders of these. We’ll just choose one at random. The concepts here are going to be similar,
no matter which one you choose. Alright. So we’ve opened that from Office Online. Obviously, some customisations here. You want to go through and put your company
name, address, and all that stuff. But figure out where the invoice number is. And I don’t like this. They put the invoice number in square brackets. That’s kind of weird. I’m going to put 23451 so it’s actually
numeric. And I’m going to remember that that is cell
E5. Okay, now. I’ve pulled this down and I need to save
it. Now right now it’s in compatibility mode
so it’s actually… Will work for Excel 2003. I’m going to do File, Save As, save this
on my local machine and make sure that it’s a Macro-Enabled Workbook. If you usually save things as Excel workbooks,
you need to go Macro-Enabled. Alright. We’ll just call it ‘MrExcelInvoice’. Cool. Alright. So now we have a local copy saved and macros
are ‘legal’. Now, to get over to the macro language, we’re
going to do Alt F11. Don’t be afraid of this. It’s just a tiny bit of code. If you’ve never been to the macro language
before, it opens up to this big grey screen. View, Project Explorer. In the Project Explorer, find the project
called whatever you’ve saved it as. And then we’re going to insert a module. Insert a Module. We’re going to create two 2 macros. ‘Sub NextInvoice()’. Alright. And what we do is we say, ‘Range (“E5”).Value
=Range(“E5”).Value + 1’. Right, now, whichever invoice you download,
you’re going to have to figure out where that invoice number is. In my case it’s E5. In some other invoices, it might be C3 or
Z42. Who knows? Whatever that range is, you’re going to
put that range there and there. Also, a little bit more here. I don’t want to just put the next invoice
number in. I want to clear out all of the stuff that
I entered previously. And for me, the salesperson and due date… I’m going to leave those like they were
before. But I want to clear out everything from A20
down to E39. You see there’s formulas over here, I don’t
want to clear out those. So A20 to E39. A20, colon, E39 dot ClearContents. So that will clear any contents. So now we have this macro that’s going to
increment the invoice number. Let’s figure out a way to run that. The easiest way to run it is just to put any
kind of a shape on the sheet. Insert a shape. You can choose whatever you like. The circle, the star. Oh, hey, let’s use the lightning bolt. That’ll be fun. So just draw a little lightning bolt over
here. And let’s see. If you want to do the shape fill, feel free
to do that. But the most important part, right-click and
say ‘Assign Macro’ and it’s going to be to our next invoice. Alright, so now we put in someone bought five
copies of Pivot Table Data Crunching at $34.95. Alright, beautiful. Now we want to clear that out and put the
next invoice number in. Click the lightning bolt. Aha. Next invoice and the stuff is cleared out. So that’s good. The other thing I really want to do here,
is I want to save a copy of all of the previous invoices. And there’s actually page out of MrExcel.com
with this next little bit of code. So I’m going to press Alt F11 and I just
copy to the clipboard the code that I’ve written previously. And what this does is it takes the active
worksheet here and it copies it to a brand new workbook and then it creates a file name
based on the invoice number. So in my case, I’m going to ‘C:aaa’. In your case, put the right folder and path
there. And then I want to start out with the letters
Inv, the invoice number and dot XLSX. ‘ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs, the file name, and
then I want to use an XLSX, that’s the macro-free version. And then close that temporary version and
then go back and run NextInvoice. Okay. So let’s go back and assign this to a shape. So I’ll do Insert, Shapes. And let’s call this… Actually I have a little text box here. ‘Save and Clear’. Again, right-click, Assign Macro, SaveInWithNewName,
click OK. Alright. Now, before we run this and make a copy, I
need to make sure, it’s really important, that you save this workbook. So that way you save the version with macros. Alright. So we have MrExcelInvoice and I’m going
to Click ‘Save and Clear’. Actually we’ll put just a little something
here to test it. ‘Learn Excel from MrExcel’. $39.95. Alright, 23452. I click ‘Save and Clear’. Alright. So you see that we’re now at the next invoice
number, we’ve now cleared things out, and if I look in my recent file list, Invoice
23452 saved just a minute ago. So a very simple way with these two tiny little
macros here, about 10 lines of code, to take one of the invoices from Office Online, customize
it, and have yourself a great little system to add the invoice number and also give you
a way to save all previous invoices. Well, hey. I want to thank you for stopping by. We’ll see you next time for another netcast
of MrExcel.

100 thoughts on “Learn Excel 2010 – “Next Invoice Number”: Podcast #1505

  1. Thanks, the fix you sent is now working properly. One more question. When it saves the file like it's suppose to but later I want to come back to the invoice to create a new one, the original document still has the same invoice number. Before I close the invoice I have to click save (as in the existing document, not one of the macro shapes) every time so that the blank template is ready to be created with the new invoice number, without having to manually type in the next invoice number or clicking on the lightning bolt (next invoice, clear contents). Is it possible to make on macro that does it all in one click with only one shape or button?

  2. Tks for the great tip. For my invoice I've included a SpellNumber add on (managed to google & extacted the code for it), but realized at the saved PDF, the printed amount will appear ####, any advice pls? The code which I extracted so far as below:

    Sub SaveInvWithNewName()
    Dim NewFN As Variant
    ' Copy Invoice to a new workbook
    NewFN = "C:UsersJake YeohDesktopreceipttest" & Range("H9").Value & ".PDF"
    ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:=NewFN, Quality:=xlQualityStandard
    End Sub

  3. I understand this bit of Macro but I use a Mac and I' not sure how I should write the macro to save the Invoice to Documents / Cell Owners Cub / Membership Files

    NewFN = “C:aaaInv” & Range(“E5”).Value & “.xlsx”

  4. Hi Bill, thank you for your Tip, just also like to know what code to use if you want to save with different name for customer ie for invoice ….thank you in advance!!

  5. Hi many thanks for this tutorial. However, when I right click on the lighting sign it displays move here and copy here. it does not give the option to assign a macro. I have to go developer then macro then next invoice.

  6. Sir this is nice, But I want to save invoice number wise invoice list in a another sheet. Is it possible?? waiting for your reply…

  7. Hello Mr. Bill
    I'm very new to Excel and I'm trying may and invoice for a care giving company that will keep a sequence of the invoice number, customer, care givers, hours worked, total and sub total.
    I was able to implement the invoice sequence, but I don't understand the second part. were do I get the aaa from?

  8. hey
    hii Bill
    I am new to excel modules & coding
    I used to create invoice as same as u mentioned in the video..
    & My files are saved preety..
    But My lil question is that in case of new saved worksheet…
    when I close it without any changes its shows and dialogue box of yes/no/cancle
    any solution for this issu..

  9. By faaaaar the easiest I've seen so far! Been battling with this for ages! I just assigned macro to my company logo instead of a shape. Well done and thanks MrExcel

  10. Hi Bill that was very useful for me, but i need to save the same in my existing data sheet were i regularly use to maintain the invoice details. Please suggest.

  11. Hi I’m having a problem
    I’m creating a order copy
    But the last line of the macro where u say nextInvoice,
    I’m putting next ordercopy and it’s giving me an error
    Highlighted in yellow where the macro starts

  12. Hi,
    unfortunately the macro (number to letter converter )which i have in my invoice didn't run in the new numbered and saved invoice 🙁
    how can recognize it, thanks extremely helpful videos

  13. Hi Bill, if I wish to add date along with numeric value, what should I do? Like..12/04/2017/0001 it will be first Invoice…next will be 12/04/2017/0002. And make sure date will be linked with Invoice date. pls help…

  14. Hi Bill!!! I made a Inventory Software based on excel which has 6 sheets… those are ITEM LIST MASTER COPY, INVOICE GENERATOR, RECEIVED LIST, ISSUED LIST, CURRENT STOCK AND SALES REPORT…. all are inter connected. In invoice template I can bill 20 items at a time. This template has few macro buttons like stock update, save as pdf, sales report, new invoice etc… When I run Stock update button, My "Issued List" sheet updates with sales item and also items deducts from Current Stock Sheet which shows balance stock. Sir my problem is When I am entering items in Invoice template for billing its very hard to track each items balance stock… My question is Is there any options to make such a massage display which will show the current stock of that particular item which I want to enter in invoice template for billing???

  15. Sir I want to know how to code the vba to open a specific folder in different drive? Like I am using a macro enabled workbook for stock tracking purpose. When I issue a bill it converts to pdf format and save in a folder named PDF INVOICES in D: drive. Sir I want a macro button by which I can open that D drive pdf invoice folder to attach in outlook mail… I mean to say by clicking that button outlook mail will open along with D drive Pdf Invoice folder so that I can attach my required file. I will enter recipient manually.

  16. Sir first of all thank u so much for your valuable training. Sir I made a Inventory Software based on excel which has 6 sheets… those are ITEM LIST MASTER COPY, INVOICE GENERATOR, RECEIVED LIST, ISSUED LIST, CURRENT STOCK AND SALES REPORT…. all are inter connected. In invoice template I can bill 20 items at a time. This template has few macro buttons like stock update, save as pdf, sales report, new invoice etc… When I run Stock update button, My "Issued List" sheet updates with sales item and also items deducts from Current Stock Sheet which shows balance stock. Sir my problem is When I am entering items in Invoice template for billing its very hard to track each items balance stock… My question is sir Is there any options to make such a display which will show the current stock of that particular item which ĺ enter in invoice template for billing???

  17. Dear Sir, Thanks a lot for your advice! Would you please teach me if I want to save a new invoice file with 2 sheets in it…… Which lines I should change?

    Sub SaveInvoiceWithNewName()
    Dim NewFN As Variant
    NewFN = "\Wdmycloud5_tcb1_InvoiceArchiveINV" & Range("AJ14").Value & ".xlsx"
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs NewFN, FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbook
    End Sub

  18. Hello Bill,
    Everything is working great, however the excel file created isn't saving to the file needed can you help me out?

    Sub NextInvoice()
    Range("I7").Value = Range("i7").Value + 1
    End Sub

    Sub SaveInvWithNewName()
    Dim NewFN As Variant
    ' Copy Invoice to a new workbook
    NewFN = "C:UserslazarusdabourDesktopMad Food, Inc.Invoices" & Range("I7").Value & ".xlsx"
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs NewFN, FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbook
    End Sub

    That is all on the code aspect.
    it is not saving to the correct location please help. thanks

  19. Hi please can you help when trying this I get a message saying"the following features cannot be saved in Macro-free workbooksVB projectTo save a file with these fetures, click no,and choose a macro enabled file type"this is the code I done:Sub Nextinvoice()
        Range("C6").Value = Range("C6").Value + 1
    End SubSub saveINVwithnewname()
        Dim NewFN As Variant
        ' copy invoice to a new workbook
        NewFN = "C:OneDriveDocumentslittleones personalinvoicesINV" & Range("E5").Value & ".xlsx"
        ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs NewFN, FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbook
    End Subany help would be appreciated.

  20. HI Bill…. please HELP with this one
    Sub SaveInvoiceToFile()
    Dim WBCurrent As Workbook
    Dim WBStore As Workbook
    Dim WSInvoice As Worksheet
    Dim FN As Variant

    Set WBCurrent = Workbooks("Cheque Deposit.xlsm")
    Set WBInvoice = ActiveSheet
    Set WSInvoice = WBCurrent.Worksheets("NewCheque")
    ' find path and workbook name from B50 and B51
    FN = Range("B50").Value & Range("B51").Value
    On Error Resume Next
    Set WBStore = Workbooks.Open(FN)
    If Err.Number <> 0 Then
    MsgBox "Check spelling! Could not open " & NewFN
    Exit Sub
    End If
    On Error GoTo 0
    'Copy to another workbook and changing sheet name
    WSInvoice.Copy After:=WBStore.Worksheets(WBStore.Worksheets.Count)
    ActiveSheet.Name = ("NewCheque") & Range("B52").Value
    'delete all active drawing objects and unnessary cells
    ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array("Smiley Face 1")).Delete

    End Sub

    I am pulling my hair out with this one… keep giving the error
    "run time error 1004.. you typed invalid name for sheet or chart"
    I am trying to save a sheet (NewCheque) to another closed workbook, also rename the sheet NewCheque with the date format ddmmyyyy at B52

  21. Hi your videos are awesome.. however i am facing an obstacle when i imply incremental code for invoice number . My invoice number is "04-001" where "04" is prefix or the number of month while "001" stands for invoice count. the problem is executing the macro gives me result of 04-2 while i want it to be 04-002. Pl. suggest me a solution and on the last priority i also want the prefix should be adjusted accroding to the invoice month . Suppose if my invoice date is with in April month invoice number prefix should automatically update 04 then may = 05 etc.

  22. I'm getting this error
    “The following features cannot be saved in macro-free workbooks:
    .VB project
    To save a file with these features, click No, and then choose a macro-enabled file type in the File Type list,
    To continue saving as a macro-free workbook, click Yes.”

    here is my code I followed from your video

    Sub SaveCompReportwithnewname()
    Dim NewFN As Variant
    ' Copy CompReport to new workbook
    NewFN = "J:DocumentsQC QA documentsDaily,Weekly,Monthly LogsCaliforniaConc Comp Reports" & Range("b11").Value & ".xlsx"
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs NewFN, FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbook
    End Sub

  23. Hi Bill, we enjoy and learn so much from your videos. It would be awesome to save it in PDF instead excel file because we don't want anyone alter the invoice later on. It would be super nice of you if you can share us the code how to save to PDF instead of Excel. THANK YOU, Bill!

  24. Hello Bill. Great video. Thanks.
    Can you help me please save the invoice with the desired name. I need to add at the end of invoice number (file name) two letters which are part of the article code. This two letters means country code. E.g. FA/ROL/30x150m/FR or FS/ROL/30×120/DE.
    In this sample I need to add FR to the e.g. 123-03-2018. I want to get the file name "Invoice 123-03-2018 FR"

    I tried this. Where H11 is the invoice number and C23 article code.
    Sub SaveInvoiceWithNewName()
    Dim NewFN As Variant
    ' Copy Invoice to a New Workbook
    NewFN = "D:FakturyInvoice " & Range("H11").Value & Right(Range("C23").Value, 2) & ".xlsx"
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs NewFN, FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbook
    And my next code. Unfortunately, it also does not work.
    Sub SaveInvoiceWithNewName()
    Dim NewFN As Variant
    ' Copy Invoice to a New Workbook
    NewFN = "D:FakturyInvoice " & Range("H11").Value & Range("C23").Value = Right(Range("C23").Value, 2) & ".xlsx"
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs NewFN, FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbook
    End Sub

    In both situations I get the message that there is a FALSE.xlsx file.

  25. BIll, I'm trying to implement this into the a workbook I have. My problem is that I would like it to save the ENTIRE workbook, not just the invoice sheet. How do I adjust the macro so it saves my other pages as well? Thanks!

  26. Hi Bill, great video. I would like to format my sequential invoice numbers with the year first then hyphen the sequential number.  So for example my first invoice for 2019 would be Invoice #: 2019-1.  How would I code this? Thanks for your time!

  27. Mr. Dinesh Kumar Takyar can u please tell me how i will modify my previous invoice suppose i have created 1,2,3,4 invoice but i want to modify or change something in my 2 no. invoice how i will do it kindly tell me a link of modify invoice vdo if u have

  28. Bill,
    This worked great! Im using it for quoting instead. I use another workbook to calculate costing. Both "worksheets" are in the same work book. ( i hope i got the verbage right, im new to excel) What i want to do is when the quote gets copied into the created folder under the quote number, i want it to copy the other worksheet as well so i have the information i used to create the quote. I hope that makes sense. Right now it only copies the "quote" worksheet.

  29. Hello,Is there a way to program the invoice number cell to accept leading zeros, and making it to when you run the macros that next invoice number has the leading zeros.

  30. Thank you great video. What would the Macro be if you wanted to save to the next sheet instead of a new workbook. Just so that is is easier to print – ie all worksheets option

  31. If you like this video, please consider subscribing & click the bell icon.
    If you need to save as PDF or if you have alphanumeric invoice numbers, read through the FAQ at https://www.mrexcel.com/news/next-invoice-number/

  32. As you have shown in this video that how to automatically get excel save and clear i want print out with save and clear

  33. Good day Mr. excel.com, Thanks for your effort. I am still facing some little problem with the codes, "Sub SaveInvWithNewName() Dim NewFN As Variant it marks Copy Invoice to a new workbook with red colour each time I click on "save and Clear" button

  34. I've got files for each month with workbooks for everyday of the month and each workbook has two sheets with about 70 links to the previous days wokbook. Is there a way to create a VBA code to generate a workbook for the next day with links to the previous day because currently i am just copying and pasting the workbooks ( Changing the name to the next day Meter1 for the 1st of the month, Meter2 for the 2nd ect.) and selecting the sheets, then using find and replace to change the links to the previous wokbook i worked on the day before. Thank you for all your videos. It helped me a lot so far.

  35. Hi Bill,could you kindly help me and show me how to generate an automated Reference Number in Excel each time this spread sheet is opened? From INV0000001 to INV0000002, and so on…

    Reference Number:  INV0000001

    Thanks in advance!Gem

  36. Thank you for the very helpful hints for setting up an invoice. I have used some of your additions like setting up a register and saving invoice as both excel and PDF, both very helpful again. I have a little issue with the clear contents on my invoice. Clearing the main body on the invoice works fine. However, when I try to clear contents in specific cells like customer name and work order # the macro does everything but clear the added specific cells. When running from the run icon in the script it clears both specific and group content. Do you have any suggestions?

  37. when I use the NextInvoice Macro, it is erasing my formulas, How do I correct that problem? Please, anyone helps is greatly appreciated

  38. Thank you Bill. This video works very well. But I've been asked to add the ability within the macro to attach the new file that is saved with a new name to an email. I've been searching your YouTube channel for this subject with no luck.How do I accomplish this next step?

  39. when i print the invoice the next page icon prints on a second sheet what should i do so that it does no also print on the next sheet

  40. I have used this to create a Sales Order for my retail store. How do I link this Sales (invoice) Order to a Purchase Order that I would send to the manufacturer of the goods sold? And if I have sold multiple products to a customer that are ordered from Multiple Manufacturers, how do I create a unique Purchase order for each item that I need to order?

  41. I'm getting the same error as Richard Barlow – please help!
    "Please can you help with this code

    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs NewFN, FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbook

    I have all the rest of this macro working fine just the saving i have a problem with

    all i keep getting is the above code highlighted in yellow"

  42. Tkx for the great easy to understand video. Can it be saved as a template, so that I can just double-click to open a new document & it will automatically have a new invoice # (like one could do in Word) ?

  43. Hello Bill. Thank you so much for this video. I am using this and exporting my invoices as PDF. How can I set it to automatically print the PDF file when I run the Macro? I am using Microsoft office 2016.

    Appreciate your help.

  44. Hi Bill,  First off thank you for the awesome walk tutorials and tips.
    Changing my Invoice number is no problem, but when I click save invoice I get a message telling me Error and the line in yellow is:  Sub SaveInvWithNewNameAs FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbook- I tried redoing it with a different file name, this is the code below. I would really appercatie any help..Sub NextInvoice()
    Range("E4").Value = Range("E4").Value + 1
    End SubSub SaveInvWithNewName()
    Dim NewFN As Variant
    ' Copy Invoice to new workbook
    NewFN = "C:invoicesInv" & Range("E4").Value & ".xlsx"
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs NewFN, FileFormat: x1OpenXmLWorkbook
    End Sub

  45. It works wonderfully, except the file name includes the whole file location as well, Im on a Mac if that changes anything? Also, my invoice number is to the vale of 7 (zeros) and when saving, the file name only shows the numbers enterd, not the zeros before it… is there any way to fix that? Thank you 🙂

  46. This has been long ago, however i have a problem with it…
    FIRST OF ALL, hell of a job. Ive been searching for this for forever! Thanks!

    Second, heres the problem:
    When i use the macro to save the file and wipe it, it saves an empty workbook. There are no fields filled in! I thought this may be a problem that is caused by the long load time because i have over 100K products in the book that it is trying to save and somehow is changing to the new work sheet before it can be saved. Please let me know what you think. I am pasting the code below!


    Range("E4").Value = Range("E4").Value + 1

    Range("sheet3!A2:sheet3!a" & Range("sheet3!A2:sheet3!A518").End(xlDown).Row).Clear

    End Sub

    Sub SaveInvWithNewName()

    Dim NewFN As Variant

    ' Copy Invoice to a new workbook


    NewFN = "C:UsersKyleDesktopPAST INVOICESInv" & Range("E4").Value & ".xlsx"

    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs NewFN, FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbook



    End Sub

    I am using the "SaveInvWithNewName" macro to save and start new. Am i doing this incorrectly?

  47. hiii Bill
    Can you please provide the typed codes which you can use in this video
    i'll modify that according to my requirement

  48. MrExcel.com thanks for this video. How can i maintain the formula after clearing all the contents and proceeding to the next invoice? thanks

  49. The "I want to Save the Invoice as both an Excel file and a PDF in a different folder" code is not working for me. What can I be doing wrong.

    This part is highlighted in yellow.

    ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:=NewFN, _
    Quality:=xlQualityStandard, IncludeDocProperties:=True, _
    IgnorePrintAreas:=False, OpenAfterPublish:=False

  50. Can this be done on the android mobile version of Excel ..? I want to use it for make invoices in the street business..

  51. My 'ClearContents' command doesn't work because it is being used on a merged cell, is there a work around to this?

  52. info provided is not helpful at least not to me the steps were easy but very frustrating when the codes are not correct. im not sure what im doing wrong but its not taking in the codes error message keeps popping up..

  53. This is super helpful and gets me close to where I need to be, however, I am working with Claim numbers instead of Invoice numbers. Functionally, I think the macros should mostly be the same, but I need something alittle different for the save function.Is there a macro option that instead of saving to a designated single file (which I don't have), it will open a file path window to direct it? I.E. "Save to…" buttonAlso is there a secondary macro option that would allow me to "merge" with an existing excel workbook (again with a file path window) and save? I.E. "Merge with…" buttonI would like the macros to only be enabled in the master file.Some background in what I am trying to accomplish: I schedule service appointments for a large shop and create the workorder (with a claim number per sheet) for the shop. I only have room for 3-4 items per workorder (in order to leave space for the shop to be able to document their work). I often end up with 10+ workorder pages per service visit (each page requires a unique claim number). Customers schedule several months in advance and frequently add on after initial workorder is created. Also, occasionally someone else in my office needs to create a workorder, so the master file will be accessible through a share folder and needs to recognize saves (claim number wise)from different accounts (if that's relevant). I need the overall  functionality to be as user friendly as possible.

  54. Hello……Great Formula………………………

    My one question……..

    : " How to count Party Name with invoice number "

    EXP-001 Dem Food
    EXP-001 Dem Food
    EXP-001 Dem Food
    EXP-001 Dem Food
    EXP-002 Bharat Food
    "This Condition Dem Food Count in only one time ……………
    – how many times Dem food party names unique invoice number base

    pleased, Show me right formula

  55. Thank you for this video. I would like to invite you to visit our website where you can create a free account and start invoicing using ready-to-use invoice templates.


  57. tqvm. it works , anyhow can you please show how to send the whole workbook( several sheets ) to a new workbook, instead of only invoice( single sheet ) ?

  58. Is it able to create a drop list to the invoice number that i able to preview the previous invoice information?

  59. Hi, thanks for this video, you do it wonderfully!! was a great help. I have also subscribed your channel!!!
    I do have one problem though, wonder if you could help.
    I am using an excel 2010 macro-enabled workbook to run daily expense reports for my company where I work,. With the help of this video I have managed to create the auto D Transaction Number and clearing the contents with in a set range (that was a cool tip btw) however, since my template is an excel table format i do occasionally need more rows to report more transactions which then as a result conflicts with my range values in the macro. Q. Is there a macro where it picks up the dynamic cell ranges for entries on my table as it expands for clearing contents?

  60. Sir,
    Place make video missing serial this cell. Not another sheet,row&col.

    6*this number highlight any colour
    And details example tomorrow i will send. In this time i have no computer
    Place consider me.
    Thanks your replied comments.

    Saiful Islam Tuku, From Bangladesh

    Thanks you best of luck

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