– Hello, this is Jack from Tofluency.com and welcome to this episode
of the To Fluency Podcast. Now my wife and I created
a series of conversations. We, we made these videos
a little while ago where we talked about different topics in British and American English. These are some of my most watched videos on YouTube, which shows
that people like them. We wanted to make more, we
wanted to continue this. However, we found it very
difficult to find the time to sit down and have a conversation. That sounds terrible. What I mean is we found it very difficult to sit down and record a video without our daughter interrupting it, because, well, our daughter’s one today, it’s her birthday
today, she turned one today, which is amazing, it’s
incredible, it’s gone so fast, as everyone says, I hate saying that, such a cliche, but it has
gone very very quickly, this, this last year,
and she’s at a stage now where she, she’s noisy. She wants to grab things. She won’t allow us just
to, you know, sit down and have a conversation. I do want to say at this
point that we are going to make more of these
videos, so don’t worry. If you really liked those videos, we are going to make more. We want to make more. And that’s going to happen
once Emma goes into daycare. But at the moment, we can’t do it. And instead of waiting
for that perfect moment where we can make the perfect podcast, you’re gonna have to just listen to me for a few episodes, and I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while,
about just sitting down or standing up and recording these, these live, not live,
these podcast episodes. I say live because I do want
to do some of these live podcasts, record some episodes live. But just to teach you
English through audio. And I do a lot of my
learning through audio only. I have YouTube Red,
which allows me to listen to YouTube videos without having the YouTube app open. I can close the app and listen, and I listen to a lot of podcasts as well, and I know that a lot
of people like learning this way, too, so I
thought, you know what, it’s time just to start
making these episodes. And this is probably the
tenth time I’ve tried to do this today. It feels a little bit weird,
it feels quite strange not having a video on, and just talking. I think that this is how people go crazy, just talking to themselves, but
I know that I’m helping you, so hopefully that won’t happen to me. But anyway, what I’m going
to do in these episodes where it’s just me is tell you stories. I’m going to focus on
specific grammar points. I’m going to talk about vocabulary. I’m going to talk about
how to learn English. I’m also going to upload
episodes of my wife and I having conversations. But when it’s just me, I’m gonna just let this evolve. I’m going to answer questions from you. I’m going to get your feedback. And that’s the first
thing I need actually. I need you to tell me,
to be brutally honest about the name, the To Fluency Show. Is this good, is it okay, is it terrible? What do you think? Don’t hold back. To hold back means that
you don’t tell the truth, that you don’t tell me
exactly what you think. I want to know exactly what you think. The To Fluency Show, let me know, and if you don’t
like it, tell me what I should call it instead. With these episodes, too, I’m also going to write a blog post. Write an article based on,
probably, each episode. And you can find vocabulary and grammar and tips based on this episode at Tofluency.com/newidea Tofluency.com/newidea, or you can just go to ToFluency.com and search for it there. But that link will take you directly to it so you can get the vocabulary
and the phrases I use in this episode. So like I said, I’m going to
talk about different things, I’m going to talk about different topics, sometimes there’ll be someone else, sometimes there won’t be. This is only on YouTube for right now. I’m going to upload it to iTunes
later, once I get feedback and get a few episodes. I also want questions from
you if you have any questions. The best way to get in touch
with me, at the moment, is through Facebook. If you go to Tofluency.com/message, okay, not massage, don’t make that mistake,
message, Tofluency.com/mess… Tofluency.com/message, then that will open up a link where you can get in touch with me through Facebook Messenger, the best
way to get in touch with me. I’m also not going to edit this too much. If I make a huge mistake and I find myself not saying anything for a minute, I’m going to edit it. But if I make little mistakes,
I’m not going to edit it. And that’s a lesson I want to teach, is that everyone makes mistakes. Native speakers make
mistakes all the time. There is no one in this world
who speaks perfect English. A lot of English is subjective. If someone thinks it’s formal, someone else might think it’s informal. Slang is appropriate
in certain situations, but not in others. Native speakers and
highly proficient speakers make mistakes with grammar all the time. It happens, so don’t worry
about making mistakes cause everybody makes them. The focus of today’s
episode is going to be on daily routines. What I want you to do is think about the first time you had a
lesson on daily routines. Think about sitting in the classroom either at school or the language school. And what your teacher taught
you about daily routines. I bet what you’re thinking
about in terms of grammar is present simple, that
we use the present simple to talk about daily routines. I wake up at 6:00 a.m. I then brush my teeth. I go downstairs and have
some breakfast, et cetera. But as I talk about my daily routine, you’ll notice that I’m going
to use different tenses as well, because when we’re
talking about something it, it’s, if you just talk
about what you normally do, it can get kind of boring. But if you talk about
what you did yesterday, what you want to do in the future, and what you have been doing recently, so we’re using three different
types of tenses there, then it can get a little
bit more engaging. So, my routine at the
moment is largely based on the fact that I have children because I don’t get to wake
up when I want to wake up. I would love to wake up around seven, and then start working
with a cup of coffee. That’s my perfect morning. However, instead I have
two children and two dogs that I need to take care of
first thing in the morning. Usually, my children wake up around 6:30, which is okay. If it’s at six, it’s terrible. If it’s at 5:30, it’s, it’s beyond awful. Sometimes I wake up at
7:30, which is nice, but generally it’s around 6:30 to 6:45. So I carry my daughter downstairs. My son walks downstairs, and
then the dogs and the children, they need things. So I make or I, I get
my son some breakfast. I’m using the word get because
I don’t really make it. I get him some cereal and
milk, that’s what he wants in the morning. Then I put my daughter in the high chair, I get her some food as
well, I take the dogs out, they need to go pee outside. They come back in, they
might have breakfast at this point, then I have to do things like make sure my son is ready for school, make sure that his, his lunch is ready. This morning it was terrible
because I had to cook rice and it, it just took
forever, and then I couldn’t find anything, so I couldn’t
find any vegetables for him and I don’t want his teachers to judge me that he doesn’t have any vegetables. I made him a smoothie because I felt bad that he wasn’t going
to have any vegetables, and I put some green, like organic vegetable powder in there. So this morning was completely hectic, but I got to, I took
him to school on time. After I drop him off, I go to the gym. And the reason I go to the gym is well, the, the initial
reason why I started going to the gym was
because I didn’t have time to shower at home, so I left the house without showering and I
thought I need to shower. Otherwise, you know, I’ll
just go back to having a weekly bath, so I decided, oh right, I’ll go to the gym, do a
light exercise, you know, a light workout, then take a shower. But then, I thought why
not get really healthy. Why not use this, this time to work hard in the gym and to get in good shape. So that’s what I do now. I go to the gym for about an hour after dropping off my son. Then I get a shower, and
then my work day starts. And if you’re wondering what I do, it’s make videos for YouTube, respond to emails, promote my causes, and do everything else that’s involved in an online business. So usually from ten
till four, I’m working, which isn’t that long. Sometimes the days are
longer, sometimes are shorter. But ten to four is, is pretty common. In the future, I would love
to have more time for work, but it’s a balance, isn’t it, you know? I’m very fortunate and I’m in a position where I can decide how
much I want to work. If I work more, generally speaking, then that’s going to be more beneficial in terms of finances. If I work less, that’s more beneficial in terms of spending time with family. Again, that work life
balance is quite hard, especially when you own
your, your own business, because you have to, you
have to do these things and somebody isn’t telling
you to be somewhere at a certain time. Instead, it’s up to you,
you make that decision. You go to these places, so yeah, it’s been a balance
over the last few years, especially with children, but my perfect day would be to wake up, like I said, around
seven, get a cup of coffee, work for two to three hours, take a break, have something to eat, work some more, until about 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. Do a little bit of housework, and then (laughing) it’s kind of
strangers in my perfect day doing housework, and then spend the entire evening with my children. I think that would be
the perfect day for me. But right now it, it’s not possible. The priority in the morning is children, and that usually leaves
me feeling very tired, but you know, it’s still
enjoyable at the same time even though I’m rushing around and, and getting things done. I still take those moments
and we still have moments where things are really enjoyable. And what I really enjoy at
the moment is taking my son to school and driving him to school, cause we moved house
recently and now I have to drive him there. We used to walk, now I have to drive. So it takes about 15 minutes and we have these wonderful conversations in the car. And that’s when he really opens up, when he really starts
talking about things. So it’s great, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s a time where we really connect and talk about stuff. But yeah, my perfect
day would definitely be wake up, coffee, straight to work, because that’s when I’m
at my most creative. And I actually made a video on this, about getting up earlier to learn English. So if you are saying I’m too busy to learn English, or you know, I don’t feel that motivated,
a great thing to do is wake up 20 minutes earlier, and it might depend on your situation if this is possible or not, but wake up 20 minutes earlier and
do something in English, no matter what it is. This helps in a few ways. Firstly, it means that you make it a priority, so if you
wake up early and do it then, and do this consistently,
then you’re winning. You’re winning because
you’re doing English early before anything else. If you leave it to later,
then excuses start to occur. You might be too tired,
other things might happen, but if you wake up earlier,
and dedicate that time to learning English, then
you always get it done. As long as you don’t press
snooze on the alarm clock. The other thing it does,
is by actually doing something first thing in the morning, it makes it more likely that you’re going to repeat this later. If you learn some English in the morning, and you learn something interesting, then you think ah, I want to do more. And then on your lunch
break, on the way to work, in the evening, at another time of that day, you will do
something else because you have that motivation to learn, because you’ve already done it, therefore you want to do more of it. But like I say, it’s not
possible for everyone. We all have different life situations, but I think it also helps you think about making English a priority,
and making it part of your daily routine. Like I said, go to Tofluency.com/newidea to get the vocabulary and
phrases from this episode. And let me know your feedback on this. Do you like this type of episode? Is it useful for you? Should I upload this to iTunes, yes or no? Do you like the name
The To Fluency Podcast? There are a lot of questions there. Answer one, answer them all, answer as many as you like, but please give me some feedback here on YouTube. And if you’ve enjoyed
it, like it and share it. Share it with someone who
is going to benefit from it. Thank you so much for listening. I was going to say watching,
but you’re listening. Thank you so much for listening, and be sure to download my book, The Five Step Plan For English Fluency. Tofluency.com/book, it’s free to download. Speech is here, goodbye for now.


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