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  1. 😭😭😭😭 just needed this, but it's giving me goosebumps thinking about me twin brother/nephew who past away last week. 😭

  2. I've been going through a lot this week. Monday I almost lost by best friend. Another friend that I'm close to got into a very bad car accident and I still haven't seen her yet to see if she's okay. This Thursday is going to be even harder because my mom has decided to put our dog down. It's just been a really hard week, and no telling what Friday could bring. I tired to drown myself last night but couldn't get to that point. I couldn't even pray or read my bible. So today…all I can say is that whatever I'm going through can be put in God's hands.

  3. You are the best song writer ever love you 💛❤️💜💙😍😍😘❤️💛💚💙💜❣💕💞💓💟💝💘💖💗

  4. I know this is supposed to be a religious song, but it just reminds me of my husband. He has saved me from myself a number of times and he always sees the best in me. He just left for the Navy and I am so proud of him.

  5. I'm. Currently battling Depression and it's hard I'm now 12 and I feel like sometimes I just can't go on and when I play this song it reminds me of that little window of hope and love, that's what really matters to me is that I'm loved and hoping this anti depressants works…

  6. i was looking up sad songs bc i’m going through rn and this song popped up when i looked up another song ….tell me this wasn’t god

  7. This song is close to heart, God is love ,our strength and to whom we belong. I have been feeling unloved for so many years, felt worthless or important to anyone since my dad passed on .I have been told I can never be anything and no one would ever love me and many other unkind words and ended up believing those words . But I found comfort in God almighty and his been my strength ,my father, my best friend and what matters is what he says about me.

  8. I don't completely believe in God, but when I hear this song I think of how much my family has helped me. I love this song.

  9. When I'm sad I listen to this and other gospel songs and wow you won't believe how gospel really calms me and speaks to me. I'm only 10 years and i will be turning 11 on August 17th. I'm so glad I'm a Christian and a child of the most high god 🙂

  10. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvDrN7GkoHRVqiwas1-nSLA, grande Lauren Daigle!!! Visita nuestro canal no te lo pierdas

  11. Muziek lijkt ook heel veel op een liedje van Adele. Vooral het begin. En ze klinkt ook nog als Adele. Geweldig!

  12. This song gave me a push when i needed it the most ❤️❤️ 😭😭 this song gets me so emotional but at the same time it's also inspiring

  13. Only in The Lord can our weakness be made into the strength to keep truding on through this place that i think is hell incar..na..te

  14. This song is truly touching. It shows you how much power you gain from love- it is where you gain true strength.

  15. I just got discharged from a mental hospital. Before i left an amazing woman named sarah who is the recreational therapist showed me this amd said she thought of me. This is what ive been trying to express. This is what im stuck feeling every single day

  16. Hey it's me again I performed I did not do great I did not place but after a few kids went to Alamo park in el campo Texas there were over a thousand people I performed I started to and thought that I did not do good til people cheered and I had more confidence if you lauren daigle would sing here in el campo if you do could you please let me help you sing if you can't I totally understand

  17. This is a beautiful song , because it's about God @ she wants to know who she really is ! She's a good singer, this song makes me think good thoughts !

  18. boring and whining! i dont listen it here but i have to hear it on powerplay on my internetradio :((( boring song…

  19. Please pray for the people who battle depression, loneliness, sadness and feel worthless.If your reading this, you are wanted ,loved, and you Have to take it on FAITH,please please dont quit,ever!Love and prayers go up for each one of us,by me and others.

  20. This song is to zavira blas…. U were my best friend for over 19yrs but u took the love of my life from me.. I may 4give u but God knows im not okay. God knows im weak god sees my tears bcuz u took the person i love most.. U said u hated him u said he wasnt worth my time after 9yrs of u talkin shit about him u took him from me and all i can do is cry and pray…. Gods the only 1 who can save me now. I never felt so hurt broken and alone. God dont forsake me. … 😓😢

  21. Am I the only non religious person in the comments? I didn't even realize this was a religious song until I read the comments tbh. Anyway this makes me think of my girlfriend uwu

  22. This is song beautiul god is good all the time love this song and rest in peace cameron boyce u surely will be miss 😭😘❤

  23. ,,I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father, but through me."
    John 14:6

  24. Love this song! The book of Ephesians is a great place to start when you want to know what God says of you. <3

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