Lapis & Peridot vs Duck Sized Horses

Lapis & Peridot vs Duck Sized Horses

McKenzie: Would you rather fight one hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck? [deep inhale] You know, I could probably just… do either, and just give them a timeout in a water bubble. M: I hear that! L: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. M: I feel like that’s a solid strategy- Peridot: Uh, Makenzie, I have one question for you- M: Mm-hmm?
P: -before I answer? What is… …a duck? M: A duck is like a chicken? But… aquatic? They like to swim- P: Oh! Oh, oh, oh! Okay, I would rather fight one hundred duck sized horses, because I would make the horses on my feet, and I would make them like roller skates, M: Oh!
P: And I would just catapult into the rest of the 98 horses! M: [chuckles] Okay!
P: Duck sized horses! M: Yes! P: And take ’em ALL out!! [snazzy instrumental: Pearl Remix by aivi & surasshu]

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  1. This is an outtake from my interview with Peridot and Lapis's voice actors for the Steven Universe Podcast!! Listen to the full episode here:
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  2. Shelby's (Peridot) reason why 100 duck sized horses was pretty clever. I wonder if she made this reason up along as she went. [Like I do with stories.]

  3. At first, I thought, “Horse-sized duck, so I can tame the duck and make it my own,” but then I remembered that ducks have a tendency to do whatever the heck they want, so that doesn’t seem like such a good idea anymore. I’ll go with Peridot’s idea.


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  5. it sounds like Jennifer and Shelby aren't doing the full on voices, Shelby is doing the voice but it doesn't sound right and Jennifer sounds like she's not doing the voice at all

  6. MK how about you make Steven's voice actor do a quote from Thanos from Avengers Infinity War.

    "The cookie cats are finite, its factories are finite. If cookie cats aren't super dooper yummy life will face eating Lion-Lickers. I call that a small price to pay for 1.99 at any available grocery store. I'm the only one who knows that better than anyone. Or at least I'm the only one with the Gem to act on"

    White Diamond: "A cookie cat for a cookie cat"

    Steven stares at the Cookie Cat fridge.

    Steven: "I'm sorry little one"

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