Lana Loud’s Vanzilla Care Tips 🚗 Listen Out Loud Podcast #9 | The Loud House | Nick

Lana Loud’s Vanzilla Care Tips 🚗 Listen Out Loud Podcast #9 | The Loud House | Nick

♪ Listen, listen
Listen out loud ♪ ♪ Find out all you need to know
About life in The Loud House ♪ What up, grease monkeys!
Lana Loud here with my co-mechanic, Hops. [ribbit] For today’s podcast, I’m going
to talk about how to treat your car like a member of the family. To demonstrate, I’m going to use Vanzilla! And all the people in the house
who have the privilege of driving her. Mom, Dad, Lori and Leni. I may have had to be a little sneaky
about luring them out here. Hey kiddo, we got your note! It’s so sweet of you
to treat us to ice cream. – Can’t wait to get my mint chip on!
– Me too. I’ll drive. Ah-ah-ah!
Nobody’s driving anywhere yet. First, I thought we’d have a little chat about the most important member
of the family. – Your mother?
– Your father? – Mr. Grouse?
– Me? No!
I’m talking about Vanzilla. Vanzilla?
That’s ridiculous. It’s just a car. Don’t worry, girl.
She doesn’t know what she’s saying. Lori, who takes you to the city
to see Bobby? Um, well, I guess, Vanzilla. And Dad, who’s the only family member
who doesn’t complain when you sing oldies at the top of your lungs? What, those are classics! But yes, I see your point.
Vanzilla. Mom, where’s the only place you can go
for a soundproof scream after parent teacher conferences? I didn’t know you knew about that,
but Vanzilla. And Leni,
who’s always up for a trip to the mall? Mr. Grouse? Oh we’re going to the mall?
Great! I need a belt I can wear with Khakis! Not now, Mr. Grouse! All I’m saying is that Vanzilla’s
done so much for you guys. It’s time you started treating her better. What?
We treat her great. Yes!
Like a princess! Well, as Vanzilla’s chief mechanic,
I’ve seen otherwise. That’s why I wanted to give you,
and my listeners some pointers about auto care. So we’re not going out for ice cream? We’ll see if you earn it. Now let’s start with the windshield.
As you can see, Vanzilla is covered in– Ew!
What’s all that gunk?! Bug splats. [ribbit] You don’t see them get this thick unless you’ve got a real speed demon
behind the wheel. [clears throat] What?
Why’s everyone looking at me?! Come on, Lori Lu. Listeners, if you’ve got a lead foot
like Lori in the family, here’s a quick way to get
your windshield nice and clean. Everyone, grab an ice scraper. I’ve found it’s the best tool
for cleaning off those grimy bug guts. [scraping] That’s right, Lori, put your back into it. Ew, this is literally gross. Guys, this bug is still alive! [ribbit] Oops. Not anymore. Thanks for the help, Hops,
but splitsies next time, all right? Okay. The windshield’s looking good. Up next, let’s take a peek
at the belly of the beast. A.k.a. the undercarriage. – Oh my back!
– Do we have to get this low? All right. Everybody roll under with me.
There you go. [whistles] Look at all the mud caked on here. Exactly, Dad. Now normally, I can’t get enough
of this stuff. But it doesn’t belong on Vanzilla.
Isn’t that right, Mom? Why are you asking me?! Been doing some off-roading
in Hazeltuckey again? Of course not! Maybe!
I just drove through a puddle. Then how do you explain all the
corn husks stuck in here? Okay. Fine. You caught me.
But Lily had just had a diaper blow-out, and I had to get back home. Listeners, if you too have a mom who
takes shortcuts through cornfields, you can clean off the undercarriage
with a few blasts from a power washer. [whirring] You might want to use that
on the car seat too. The diaper can only hold so much. [fog horn] I’m on it! [whirring] – Watch my dry cleaning!
– Oh sorry, Pops. Next up, I’d like to direct your attention
To Vanzilla’s doors and trim. As you can see,
they’re pretty scratched up. Okay, okay, you caught me!
Gosh, you’re good. Actually, I had no idea
who scratched them. But now I do. I’m sorry, but why are those
compact parking spots always so tight? ‘Cause they’re for compact cars. Oh. I thought they were for people
with makeup compacts. It’s okay, Leni.
Words can sometimes mean two things. But don’t worry.
These scratches are easy to get out. Just take a little squirt of toothpaste. And buff them right out.
Come on, everybody try it. Wow, I can’t believe this toothpaste
actually works. Oh-Em-Gosh. I know right? Let’s see what it does
for my under-eye circles. [screaming] My eye! Don’t worry! I’ve got you, Leni. [screaming] Oh, that’s better. Quick thinking, Lori.
But now Leni made a dent in the van. Hops, you wanna take care of that? [ribbit] Listeners, if you don’t have a frog friend
with a super suction tongue, you can also get
a dent out with a plunger. Now, just got to get the frog spit
off the car. And we’re good. Wow! Vanzilla hasn’t looked this fine
since 1979. It even sounds clean! Nope! That’s me practicing my triangle.
Your van’s still a heap of junk. We’re working on it, Mr. Grouse! Well Lana, now that you’ve dealt with all the problem drivers
in the family, what say we go get that ice cream? – Nice try, Mr. I can’t change a tire.
– What? That’s… That’s not true! C’mon, Dad. The last time you got a flat I had to ride my bike across town
to change it for you. Well, I uh– Do you know how hard it is to pedal
while carrying a spare tire? Good point. I guess it’s time I learned
how to do it myself. Okay, listeners,
here’s how you change a tire. First step, jack up the car. [cranking] Then, take your tire iron
and loosen the lug nuts. – Dad, care to take a swing at it?
– Gladly. Now remember.
Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey! [chuckles] Thanks, sweetie, but I think
I know how this works. [nervous chuckles] It’s just a… Why… won’t… this… budge?! Honey, let me give it a shot. – Oh, thanks, hun.
– Well, you loosened it for me, sweetie. Once the lug nuts are off,
just remove the old tire… [crash]
[mooing] and grab a new one. Make sure it’s inflated
to the proper air pressure. Hey, where’s my high-power air compressor? This blow dryer thingy’s amazing!
It’s giving me so much volume! Give it! Okay, once your air pressure is good,
slap that new tire on, tighten the lug nuts,
and you’re good to go. See? Easy! What’s that, Hops?
Our time is almost up? Well that’s okay,
because I think our listeners and the drivers in my family
have learned a lot today. – Yeah!
– I learned so much! So, can we get ice cream now? Of course, you’ve earned it!
In fact, double scoops for everyone! It’s on me. You wouldn’t believe how much
change I found under Vanzilla’s seats. Everyone in. Let’s hit that rocky road! Ha-ha.
Get it? [ribbit] Well, Hops feels me. I have to admit, I’m impressed, Lana.
You really know your stuff. Yeah, you’re such a pro. Well, when you’ve been Vanzilla’s mechanic
as long as I have, you learn a thing or two
about how to treat the old girl right. [van starting] [beeping] [engine shuts off] What’s wrong now? Ew, and what is that smell? Huh? Oh, oh that is rank! Come on, Hops. Let’s take a look. Uh oh. Is – is it something we did? Actually, I think this one
might be my bad. What’s that stuck to the engine? Is that an old egg salad sandwich? Bug salad actually.
With extra crickets for crunch. Mm. I must have dropped it
during my last maintenance tune-up. I’ll take care of that. – Ew.
– Get it away from me! Oh, she ate it! Oh! Heh, even better toasted. Oh, sorry, Hops,
I should’ve gone splitsies. [ribbit] No, you’re right.
I should also apologize. Mom, Dad, Lori, Leni, I’m sorry
for being such a hypocrite. Clearly I’m also guilty of not always
treating Vanzilla like family. Well, you certainly made her
smell like family. Don’t worry about it, sweetie.
You taught us so much today. Bring it in, Lans. Aw! All right. Break it up, Louds.
I’m late to triangle practice and your heap of junk
is blocking the road. Sorry, Mr. Grouse! Listeners, that’s all the time
we have for today. This has been Lana Loud
reminding you to treat your car right. All right guys.
Next stop, ice cream. Yes, Hops, you can get sprinkles.

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