Labour MP Dennis Skinner heckles Black Rod

50 thoughts on “Labour MP Dennis Skinner heckles Black Rod

  1. Dennis Skinner…. PARASITE to the Hard working British Tax payers… He will always go to the Trough to put his snout in tho….

  2. How about get something done instead of these ancient asslicking ridiculous “traditions”

  3. Violation of the ban on contacts with Zelensky and Putin!
    In the EU, the economy goes into a long dive. Merkel and Macron failed again.
    The WTO has officially approved US sanctions against the European Union. US sanctions imposed in connection with the receipt of illegal subsidies by the European aircraft manufacturing concern Airbus
    Elizabeth II: Britain's exit from the EU on October 31 is a government priority.

  4. Skinner is a berk but we will miss him when he is gone. (1930s abbreviation of Berkeley or Berkshire Hunt, rhyming slang for )

  5. Queen's speech branded farcical as 'difficult' talks continue in EU – live news ►

  6. If Pink Floyd were still together they would be including the soundbite of him saying this in one of their songs, The Wall style.

  7. Not the best from Dennis Skinner. Perhaps Bolsover's next Labour representative in Commons will outdo him.

  8. It might not have been the funniest thing he's ever said, but it does perfectly capture the mood of the nation right now.

  9. I wish more mps had his guts and would deflate this farcical flummery and subject it to the ridicule and open contempt it manifestly warrants and deserves

  10. There can be only ONE Golden MACE IN THE HOUSES OF PARLIMENT, BAHAHAHAHAHA… The Black Rod say rap, rap, rap. "Let me in!". Really, I think that's pretty legit sweet how she does that, just sayin… I think it's very cool to have ceremonies.

  11. Dennis Skinner = a TRUE defender of this nation; unlike the "Imperious" SCABS who currently occupy Number 10, in every sense of the word..!!

  12. would a real millionaire socialist use the nhs or go private so less fortunate people wouldnt have to wait as long ?

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