Kwame Kilpatrick, Christine Beatty open up about their affair in new podcast

Kwame Kilpatrick, Christine Beatty open up about their affair in new podcast

kwame kilpatrick may be behind bars but he isn’t staying quiet tonight we take you inside the liaison that ultimately toppled his regime and his mistress is also opening up with insights from a tumultuous time in the city there was always the guilt in this this is wrong thing oh but it does feel that hope it feels so right but it’s so wrong brand new interviews with the national podcast are illuminating new truths and the scandal that shook Detroit tonight low before defender Kevin deeds takes us inside the scam a national podcast called crime town is focusing its second season on corruption in Detroit from the Coleman Young era to the Kwame Kilpatrick era the producers scoring exclusive new interviews most recent episode is called the affair and it has Kwame Kilpatrick Carlita Kilpatrick and Christine Beatty opening up like never before Kwame Kilpatrick was convicted of racketeering and sentenced to 28 years behind bars now he’s suddenly speaking out in a lengthy podcast interview in the former Detroit Mayor and his mistress aren’t holding anything back from the first crush at Cass Tech High School Chris was a majorette she’s not played football so don’t always notice her you know Lou and I had broken up so we were not together and then senior year Kwame and I kind of liked each other but you know we were always hesitant I know she’s gonna be embarrassed but Christine was the the no sex till marriage girl I liked her incredibly I was always so nervous around Chris that I never I didn’t like anybody else like I like turning Ashley to election night when Kwame Kilpatrick became Detroit’s youngest mayor in both he and Christine Beatty were married to other people we were actually cleaning up the campaign headquarters and now we were looking at the river overlooking everything it kind of hit us both at the same time and we won this race so we were laughing we were and I hugged her and I kissed her when I tell you it was one of those moments like in movies where the mean is perfect over the Detroit River the snow was dancing across the you know it was the beginning of a torrid affair between the mayor and chief of staff there was always the guilt in this this is wrong thing oh but it does feel that hope it feels so right but it’s so wrong that the comfort was that he was there for me and while the former mayor sells his affair in the podcast as a first love romance he also admits he was far from exclusive with his wife or Christine I was not you know a faithful husband how was that horrible I had other affairs this was not the only affair eventually he stopped trying to hide it from the inner circle mayor goes in the house I mean five minutes later Christine comes in the house you know good pulls up it goes in and they in therefore have a lawn they in there Kwami and Christine say suddenly when their salacious text messages went public politically motivated prosecutors in the media made them look like criminal gangsters they insist they were incarcerated not for criminal behavior but for a sexual affair how did that lead us to jail did I ever see myself sitting in a prison because I don’t know Kilpatrick may be more open to discuss all of this with crime town’s podcast producers because now he is divorced from his wife Carlita she also spoke of those years but with considerably more pain in her voice underneath of that was a lot of hurt and a lot of anger and a lot of embarrassment even through all of it there was always this belief knowing that God would pull me through this some kind of way somehow and that I had to be a good mother I had to wake up and be a mom and that’s what kind of carried me through on March 11 2013 Tommy Kilpatrick was convicted on 24 federal felony counts including mail fraud wire fraud and racketeering he’s been in prison ever since currently being held at Fort Dix in New Jersey a minimum-security federal prison Kwame Kilpatrick’s release date is 2037 he makes it very clear that he believes his sentence is grossly unjust and he hopes to be pardoned early you can listen to the entire crime town podcast on Spotify Kevin Dietz defenders

17 thoughts on “Kwame Kilpatrick, Christine Beatty open up about their affair in new podcast

  1. Christine should stop..she should be incarcerated as well. How in the hell did she get off so easy? She was helping him scam from the beginning!

  2. How is it wrong with Kilpatrick but not Duggan? What's good for the goose!!! If you don't care about your spouse, your family values and consequences as being a Public Figure with the embarrassment your family will face, how can you care about The City and the People that live in it? Money and Power is what they think they have and abuse it at the cost of Detroit's tax dollar and reputation. As we see life is not all about the evils of money and power As we see can be taken away, in a blink. Money sure isn't buying your freedom. In a city known for corruption, term limits should be set, so corrupt city employees don't set up lasting friendship with corrupt pay to play deals. And quarterly reports of all activities including bank accounts of personal gains, spending and foundation donations should be documented and released to the public. Can't hide as much then.

  3. So terrible. They talking about they lives what happened personally in they lives and the entire city is still affected and this nigga talking about his hs crush. Wtf

  4. Kirkpatrick really should be released.

    Everyone in the Flint water crisis killed innocent people, lied about everything, but some are walking around as if nothing ever happened.

    Where is the Justice?


  6. I'm sure his wife loves hearing how her husband kissed another woman and him saying how good it felt. Ppl are idiots because they text everything.

  7. BEATTY- just SHUT UP and get the hell out of ATLANTA. You are a disease and there is NO cure for what you are. WE WILL NEVER FORGET and you should be locked up with the clown mayor of detroit (no capitol letter on purpose).

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