Kids TV Shows | Cartoons | Motu Patlu New Episodes | Motu The Radio Jockey | Wow Kidz

Kids TV Shows | Cartoons | Motu Patlu New Episodes | Motu The Radio Jockey | Wow Kidz

Citizens of Furfuri Nagar, you are welcome to the special program of today. So let us listen to Colorful Event of Songs. This work is so good. We can sit in one place and share our heart’s thoughts to the entire city. Even I will become an RJ. Motu RJ. I will interview people. It will be fun Motu will be a Radio Jockey? He will become an RJ? I will make him. I will make him. I have a friend at the radio station. I will tell him and make Motu a RJ. All hail Chingum Sir. Now I will interview all the prominent people of Furfuri Nagar. Whose interview will you take forst? I am thinking of interviewing a great man. Such as big brother, Ghasitaram, Patlu. Motu, can you not see anyone great here apart from them? Think and tell me who is a great man here. Okay okay. I will give you an idea. Take this. Who else is a great man here? He did not give any idea. Did the boxer give you any idea? Or is he just punching people and sending them here? Motu, he meant that take his interview first. Executive Producer. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. I am Mr. Sharma. I am the executive producer of this program. Switch on the songs when you interview the boxer. The public will listen to the songs and you take all the details regarding his life. Okay. Okay Sir. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Good Morning Furfuri Nagar. Today, a great man from Furfuri Nagar is sitting in front of me. And he is… Guess who is it? Boxer Brother! Boxer brother, you are welcome to the show ‘My Beautiful Life’. Boxer brother, first tell the Furfuri Nagar from when where you interested in boxing? And when did you decide that you will go for boxing only. That I- And till Boxer brother tells us how he became a boxer, let us listen to a melodious song till then. Boxer brother why is the colour of your face changing? Tell us something about your life. Please. You are playing the songs then who should I tell?! Do you take me for a fool? Take this. Take this. Take this. Motu, what are you doing here? Boxer brother, I will take your interview. Motu does not know anything. I don’t want to give an interview. Take someone else. Motu, if you listen to the interview by yourself and make people listen to the songs, Boxer brother will obviously be angry. That man who gave you this idea is probably not a producer. Someone probably fooled you. Okay go. Take Chingum Sir’s interview. Good Morning Furfuri Nagar. Today, right now, in front of me, the person sitting in front of me is Furfuri Nagar’s brave inspector, Chingum Sir. Chingum Sir, please tell us how and why did you become an inspector? What are you doing? Chingum Sir was saying… Motu, what are you doing? First finish sneezing and then take an interview. Sorry. Sorry. Chingum Sir, I want you to… I don’t want to give the interview. You are sneezing. First go and wash your face. Then take my interview, okay? Okay then Chingum Sir. John the Jockey will take your interview. Yes, myself, John the Jockey. Motu, instead of you, John’s voice is coming. Where are you? John?! Where did this John come from? I will beat him up so much that he will not come back again. Aroma. Aroma. Aroma. Motu. Samosas. Samosas. [Motu!] Samosas. Samosas. Samosas Aroma. Aroma. Aroma. Samosas. Samosas. Motu where are you going? John is taking Chingum Sir’s interview out there. Aroma. Aroma. Aroma. This John is messing around every time. I cannot think on an empty stomach, Patlu. Think of something. Idea! And Chingum Sir told us how he completed his dream of becoming an inspector. John, now I would like to take your interview. My interview? My interview? John the Don’s interview? You will ask about my thefts, and then Chingum Sir will arrest me. It’s a good idea. If you tell the RJ, there will be no case on you. Whatever you tell the RJ, it is a secret. Chingum Sir cannot even arrest you. Oh? Is that so? Chingum Sir can’t arrest me. Yes, Motu is right. I am leaving. You give the interview. Friends. Today in ‘My Beautiful Life’ show, John the Don is present with us. John Sir, please tell the audience since when did you get interested in stealing? What should I tell you? I was interested in it ever since I was a child. First I used to steal from home. I used to steal my friend’s chocolates. I used to steal food. And I don’t know what else I used to steal. Okay okay okay. The 50 crore theft in the Furfuri Nagar Bank last year, nobody knew about it. But how did you steal that? Please, tell us. The thing is that I dug a tunnel under the bank and went inside and removed all the money, After that I closed the tunnel and added the cement. Nobody came to know how the thief came and stole. You did an amazing job John the Don Sir. I remember about another incident. Last year, 50 houses were robbed at the same time. You must have stolen from one or two of those houses too, right? Not one two houses. Actually, I robbed all those 50 houses. Oh. Oh, What a thing. What a thing. So you robbed all those 50 houses. Wow. Wow. Then did this John rob my house too? Even my house was robbed. Didn’t you hear? He committed all those thefts. Let’s go. Let’s go. Okay, now tell us The theft that happened at 20 jewelers at the same time, You must have stolen in at least four or five of those shops. Forget four five. Not four five, I robbed all 20 of them, No one dares to steal in the Furfuri Nagar while I’m here. This area belongs to John the Don. It is my right to steal here. Boss, a crowd is coming. Let them come. Let them come. Everyone must have become my fans after listening to the interview. They must be here to get my autograph. Open up! Get him out! Get him out! What is happening? Why is it so loud? Why is it so loud? Your fans are here. You have given such a great interview. You have opened your heart and told us all, right? Everyone is happy after hearing it. John Sir, go. All your fans are waiting outside for your autograph. Give me a pen. Give me a pen. I have to give an autograph. Okay, I’m just coming. Hello. Hello. Hello. Who wants the autograph? Who? We will be the ones giving you an autograph. Take this. Take this. Hit him. Hit him Hit him more. Chingum Sir, arrest me. Arrest me! Please! No. Laws do not apply during a reporter’s interview. I cannot arrest you. Rest. Rest. Rest. Rest. Arrest. Leave me. Leave me. Forget the reporter’s law. And forget the interview. Chingum Sir, you arrest me. I confess it all. I confess my crimes. Arrest me. Put me in the jail. I committed all those thefts. Save me from them. Stop staring and subscribe.

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