Keanu Reeves Stops A ROBBERY!

Keanu Reeves Stops A ROBBERY!

Dude oh my god, is that Keanu Reeves? Dude, that’s Keanu Reeves That’s great. You need to get his autograph. No, I’m Way too embarrassed I’m not gonna oh, come on, you’ll be the one there’s he’s the nicest guy dude. Come on Mr. Reeves I’m gonna do for you guys Keanu right. Um, is it cool if I maybe you get your autograph? Absolutely, I’d be honored. Yes All right, thank you so much what’s your name? I’m called Sam Do we come on account of your focus back Whoa back up chill, it’s chill generous. I Hate to intrude what looks like you’re struggling Look look whatever’s in the register. I’ll triple and then I’ll match that to a charity of your choice We’ll do that absolutely I’d rather give Are you Guys point your guns at me instead. There’s no way we can communicate effectively when you have guns pointed at each other’s heads Right now, let’s just all take a deep breath together I Rode my bike here man. Okay. I know the cops Listen, you can take my 1970 Ford Mustang from John wick. You can outrun the cops in it. I’ll walk home and it’s a win-win Trust I can’t believe how nice he is Sir, just a car You hear me look let me be your hostage What the morning shit? Okay, Gianna mates just take the gonna put it to my head. What let him go Sammy go Yes, and then you can put me in the audience. Don’t what you do. It’s okay. We’ll make more money this what? Sorry about that so Sam, right? Yeah Do you still not want your car? Fiamma thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to give her out of us for one day It was awesome. You guys are phenomenal your breath. Take your breath take. Yeah Listen, I put together a very special playlist for everyone to check out of corridor film videos You just have to make sure you subscribe and then hit the bell button to get all the notifications For all the awesome videos to come. Alright guys, there’s a link in the description to Kiana’s playlist. Check it out It’s the best videos of ours that he liked. All right Pleasure, it’s been a real pleasure. Thank you

100 thoughts on “Keanu Reeves Stops A ROBBERY!

  1. "My 1970 Ford Mustang from John Wick" but in the movie, Iosef asks "She a 70?" and Keanu/John replies "69" OHHHHHHH

  2. I really thought that was Keanu! Video was awesome! But i kinda feel betrayed after reading desc lol 😂

  3. Hey have ya'll seen this deep face. I just ran across it today.

  4. Hey my dudes, a snippet of this is now used as referencing CGI magic in one of Will Smith's official videos: k5y4kxhZIBA

  5. Damn dudes!!! WIll Smith just mentioned this in his latest video..5:12 Fuck yeah! !!

  6. Can’t they get in trouble for this for making someone in indorse a product they aren’t involved with ?

  7. Youtube Comments: I didn't know it was fake till I read the Comments.
    Me: Scrolls back up rewinds video 2:37 okay that was real.

  8. Will Smith just included a visual of this vid in his new vlog, awesome 😀

  9. Okay. This technology is as close to us as our doctors having lates latest technology. I mean corridor digital sure is a professional studio but 5 years from now and youtubers gonna be making videos like these. This gonna be super dope when people put this in VR apps.

  10. will smith used a small clip of this in his new youtube video on the cgi of gemini man!! so cool to see you guys there!!

  11. Man this Keanu Reeves is fake they upload the New video behind the scenes so it's completely fake check out at corridor crews

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