100 thoughts on “Katy Perry – Small Talk (Official)

  1. Sé que pocos leeran este comentario, pero me gustaría decir que, a pesar de ya no tener los mismos éxitos desde Prism, Katy Perry es una fantastic woman.

  2. In the end, it became very sorry for the dog😭😭 But it’s good that then everything ended well)))☺☺☺☺❤❤❤

  3. Katy "Wow I really need some lyrics here…"    Crash Test Dummies " How about … mmmm,mmmm,mmmm,mmmmm …" Katy "maybe…"    Bobby McFerrin " How about Ooh, ooh ooh ooh oo-ooh ooh oo-ooh…" Katy "  ummm, nooo"    Ke$ha  " how about Blah Blah Blah" Katy "Yeah… That's what it needs!!!" Will Ferrell "Needs more Cow Bell!!!"

  4. Omg I love this and I hate thissss the dog was sad and uggggggh I don’t watch this anymore cuz of the dog being sad

  5. Hi, I'm Giulia from Italy and I listen your Song every day.😍❤ My favourite songs are Roar and firework and I sing them with my Friends and My family. You are My prefer Singer in the world.
    I really love you and your songs and I would like meet you , so see you son. Love. Giulia.❤😍😘

  6. Ncharbo nourmal kati za3ma tkadri ncharboha bla maychofna tawahed t9adri you are maghatfahmi walo ok hhh nnn nty dkiya ok

  7. Siendo KatyCat y jamás supe sobre este video 🙁 ¿Cuando salió? ¿Porque me perdí tan bonito video? Es un video muy bonito con perritos

  8. I'm so sad,i listen to Katy Perry since i was like 6yo and i was a fan without even knowing it but now she keep releasing New content that are "abandonned" by everyone
    And even tho i don't really like those new songs either i think she deserves better

    Sorry for my bad english ;-;;

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