Kanye West and Counterculture | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

Kanye West and Counterculture | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, or
if just don’t have Twitter — bless your heart — Kanye West made his return to the platform,
and proceeded to crack the Internet with 7 dirty words which would put even George Carlin
to shame. Last Saturday, Kanye tweeted, “I love the
way Candace Owens thinks.” If you don’t know Candace Owens, she is a
black conservative woman, who originally went under the YouTube moniker “Red Pill Black”. Candace caught fire online around the summer
of 2017, and my interview with her in, which we discussed her evolution from a Lefty to
a conservative, is one of the moments that really put her on the map. It was the first time she had been able to
explain herself in her own words in a long form conversational setting. I don’t want to rehash the whole thing right
now, but Candace is no stranger to controversy, and you may remember the infamous debate I
had with Candace and Blaire White late last year. The whole thing was a debacle, but #SaveDave
trending on Twitter so who am I to complain? 2018 has already been huge year for Candace,
as she was hired as communications director for Turning Point USA, the largest conservative
college group in America..Since then she’s been touring the country with Charlie Kirk
talking to young people, particularly young black people, as to why they should embrace
the victor mentality rather than the victim mentality. This has included directly attacking the Black
Lives Matter movement as well as Democratic policies which Candace argues has decimated
the black family and community. Just last week Candace, Charlie and I spoke
at Berkeley, to a wild crowd. I’m proud to say we had agreements and disagreements,
and even though our styles are different…no doubt Candace certainly goes for the jugular
more than I do, I always enjoy doing events with her and seeing her evolve politically…something
I know a bit about myself. She’s learning as she goes, and, as she said
to me in our interview, if I had swallowed the red pill, she had snorted it. Beyond any of the politics though, Candace
is a friend and our differences don’t define us, they actually bring us together. OK, back to Kanye for a second — Beyond the
headlines, I don’t know a ton about him although I’m obviously aware enough to recognize what
an absolutely transcendent cultural figure he is. Not only is he hugely successful in the music
world, he has a succesful fashion line and is married to Kim Kardashian, who has her
own empire. You may not like the guy for whatever reason,
but make no mistake, he’s an absolute mogul. I may not like or even respect the influence
that celebrities have, but Kanye is truly someone who can truly move peoples minds what
what he raps or what he tweets. This is exactly what happened with his seven
words. Immediately after Kanye’s tweets in support
of Candace, the internet went ablaze. Twitter moment’s lead story was about Kanye’s
support for “far right Candace Owens.” Candace was called anti gay and racist, something
I’m still confused about as she’s had dinner with me and my husband at our house, where
her anti gayness never leaked out. As for racist, there’s nothing like white
Lefty’s telling a black person who doesn’t think as they demand they do, that the black
person is the actual racist against their own race. Irony is dead folks. On Monday this week, Kanye refused to back
down despite hysterics from the media. He tweeted out a bunch of video by another
former Rubin Report guest, best selling author, and Dilbert creator Scott Adams. In essence, these videos were Scott talking
about what a free thinker Kanye was. Next thing you know, the usual suspects like
Buzzfeed, Mediate, The Daily Beast and others were labeling Scott Adams far-right. We’ve seen this script before with anyone
who dare challenge leftist orthodoxy, be it Candace, Scott, Colin Moriarity, Jordan Peterson,
or even little old me. When mainstream has moved so far left that
this wide collection of people are all smeared with the same charges of far right racism
you know that the overton window hasn’t just shifted, it’s shattered. The authors of these pieces aren’t journalists,
they’re activists…or as Candace says, they aren’t journalists, they’re hitmen. To recap: we have a new player in Candace,
who is fearlessly saying how she believes the Democrats have used the black community
for decades and the victimhood mentality of the Left is the root of the problem. This by the way is similar to what plenty
of other conservatives have been saying for years, and yes, this includes even black conservatives
like my former guests Larry Elder and Thomas Sowell. The voices of black conservatives and others
espousing similar ideas has been largely ignored by the mainstream however, and that is exactly
why everyone is freaking out about Kanye’s tweets. He just gave oxygen to a set of ideas the
Democrats and the mainstream media don’t want you to hear. And since they’ve controlled the narrative
for so long they’ve relied on the usual smears of racism, homophobia and bigotry instead
of strengthening they’re own ideas. Your ideas get fat and lazy when you don’t
have to work them out because you’ve owned the narrative for so long. This is where the modern Left finds itself. If Candace’s views are far right, then about
40% of the country, if not more, falls in that category. I do want to address a different, lurking
danger here, however. I know Candace and I believe her to be forthright
and passionate as she figures this all out. I obviously don’t know Kanye, nor any of his
political beliefs. So we have an interesting match her, where
Candace is now the rocket and Kanye is the jet fuel. If Candace doesn’t do the intellectual work
to really figure out what she believes and why she believes it, all while under the insane
microscope of the media praying for her to fail, well then the rocket will be faulty
and this experiment will blow up. What if Kanye says something absolutely crazy
tomorrow, which is not only possible it’s probable, or something that’s counter to everything
else Candace believes. He has been known to stir the pot and I can
only assume that something like that will happen, either intentionally or by mistake. Does her rocket ship run out of fuel in mid
flight? Where does that leave this incredible momentum? Over the past year when I’ve talked to people
like Eric and Bret Weinstein, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell and
many others, what I’m most impressed by is how complete their outlook on politics and
more broadly life is. They don’t jump from conclusion to conclusion
depending on the political climate, they try to really understand what they fundamentally
think, so that as new issues arise their responses are complete rather than conflicted. This is something I’ve really tried to incorporate
into my thinking and something I know so many of you are trying to do as well. This will also be Candace’s challenge now,
and I think she’s up to it, but only she can decide that for herself. It blows my mind that every conversation we
have in this room seems to become more and more relevant as time goes by. For all I know we’ll have Kanye in the guest
seat soon enough. Whether he is just rocket fuel to boost ideas,
or is he the rocket ship that will get us to the solutions remains to be seen. But make no mistake, the issues around free
speech, political correctness, and the uncomfortable truths that might be the answers to the questions
surrounding them have just been leveled up. Are the players ready for the next level,
we’ll find out…

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