Kammebornia Podcast 7

Kammebornia Podcast 7

I can not stop knitting. My skeins turns into mittens, cardigans, socks and I knit stitch after stitch, row after row on my needles. With a rythm like the waves and the beating of the heart, my yarn runs through my fingers day and night and in between all the things that are called life. Just one more row, and one more, and one more. The soft and peaceful rythm of the knittning provides opportunities for thoughts, feelings and discussions. It’s about the love, the anger, the happiness, the sorrow, the knitting, the coffee and the cookies. Life in Kammebornia. Coffee and Talk on the Porch
(Not on an actual porch in this episode) Yes! There! Good job! Hello, and welcome to the seventh episode of Kammebornia Podcast -Today we’re in the studio
-Mhm We’re really happy for all the nice messages you are sending us Yes we are! We always are. And we’re happy that there are so many of you, watching us Today we’ve taken a small break from moving, because we are moving soon now No… Do we really? Yes, we do -It’s getting close now
-I’m not really finished packing yet -We find so many exciting things while packing too
-Yes, we do! So we thought we’d show you some of the treasures we’ve found Things that you have made Yes, that I have made and that my grandma has made for example -A long time ago…
-Very fascinating And my mother! She knitted this sweater for me when I was twelve -Really?
-So that’s… more than 30 years ago -Yes, really
-When you were twelve? Yes! You were supposed to have large sweaters back then so it still fits today I think that it looks too big for a twelve year old but… -But that’s what it was like back then
-It was like that back then… You had big, cozy sweaters But has it held together? No. I still use it a lot actually. Why do my sweaters break all the time then? Because you wear them out easily? Ah, right. I see. Okay Then I’ve found my old diary from when I was a child Ah! From when you were 14-15? No, I think this one is from when I was seven -Oh, so you already had a diary when you were seven?
-Mhm That’s cool, Pia! Yes, I remember how much I liked this one -Yeah
-The key is gone now… -So then I can read it?
-Yeah! (laughs) We’ve already done that though -Yes we have
-For example, we’ve read this About when I was at the library I had borrowed four books. One was about making fun things with yarn. -Okay, so you started early!
-Yes, I was eight back then Here’s another entry We were on our way to Skåne (southernmost part of Sweden), and I wrote: When we were finally there we got to stretch our legs When Jonas – that was my little brother – had played for a while, I sat down in the hammock and crocheted Okay Mhm? Not much has happened Little, little you I still like to sit in hammocks and crochet Yes, it’s the same really You haven’t evolved at all in other words Or maybe the other way around You’ve become much better at it It feels like the things I make now are much more beautiful I don’t know… They were probably beautiful back then too At least I already thought it was fun back then Really nice book Then we’ve found lots of things I made for my children when they were younger This one for example That’s what I like about handcrafted things because they don’t break so easily That’s what’s so amazing about this sweater which is still this wonderful after more than 30 years This is a case for one of those water bottles that I put in my kids’ beds when they used to be cold at night -You know one of those that you fill with warm water
-Yes! Exactly! And then it felt better to have something around it rather than having the rubber touch the body directly I think those are quite common in Great Britain Mhm Anyway, I had those for my kids when they were younger and then I made this case by using an old and worn out knitted sweater I washed it in the washing machine so it became felted like this So first I knitted a sweater and when it had served its purpose I cut it to pieces, washed it in the washing machine and sew a case out of it Then I took these buttons from an old pair of trousers that weren’t… good anymore Then I took a drawing on of our kids had made of our cat Oh, that’s advanced! -Mhm. Ella drew the cat and then I embroidered it on the case -Ah… I became a little nostalgic when I found it -Sweet! We can still use it!
-Yes, it’s really nice Because it’s really cold on Gotland so we’ll need it And I also found these baby clothes with elephants which I made for my children when they were little -You made that?
-Yes, I did And this one my mother made for me to wear when I was a baby But it doesn’t fit anymore But you had it on yesterday while we were shopping? No! (laughs) Or maybe it wasn’t that one? No, it was not No? -This one I made for my children, a little hat
-Mhm We’ve found so many things like these This is a cotton sweater which I knitted and it has these teddy bear buttons I think I knitted this one while before I even got a child -That’s a really small sweater
-Mhm -Did someone use it?
-Yup Huh I think all the children wore it Mhm This one I wore as a child Because my grandma knitted it for me -And my kids have had it as well
-A football shirt? I think it’s amazing when you can use the clothes for such a long time -Mhm
-They still look so good This one my grandma sew for me -Wow
-Isn’t it cool? Yeah… Hippie -Hippie shirt
-Hippie shirt Either my mom or my grandma knitted this one and both me and my children have worn it But it doesn’t fit anymore What are you going to do with them now? Save them -Save them…
-I think they are nice Oh And they carry memories Yeah… That one I knitted as well, for Ella, when she was little With little lambs on it, it’s made of wool from Gotland -Gotlandic yarn
-Mhm I knitted a black skirt to go with it too -Oh!
-But I couldn’t find it, it’s probably worn out Wow! You can put these away. There’s more here Yes, I’ve noticed it’s quite a lot -Is it okay if I put them here
-Yeah There are some things I made for the kids when they were smaller in this basket -Can I pick them up? I’m taking stuff out of baskets
-Yes, you can -But… What are these? They’re little dolls that I’ve made These are gnomes, Pia -Yes, maybe. Cute little dolls anyway
-Yes -I’ve sewn these
-Okay And then there are some in there which I have crocheted as well These ones. I often made these for small babies. -But they don’t have arms or legs…
-That’s so they’re easier to hold for babies -Oh!
-Sometimes I’d put in a little bell too -Here’s a teddy bear
-I haven’t made that one, but I have made his pants -Ah, right, so he doesn’t have to be cold -It’s made by leftover yarn
-Was he happy when he got it? He who had the teddy bear was happy at least Of course The teddy bear was probably happy too Here’s a doll, he looks a bit dirty It’s dirty because it’s very beloved -And he’s been played with a lot, Kalle the doll
-Okay -He’s called Kalle
-Kalle the doll, is he a special doll? I made it for Viggo when he was little so that it’d look like him Ah, okay! So when I made clothes for Viggo I often made similar ones for Kalle -Mhm, advanced
-But smaller of course Okay, yeah Here’s this one -Here’s the rabbit which I knitted, you like him, right?
-Yes, I do Also made from leftover yarn It has also been played and cuddled with a lot You can do a lot with leftover yarns and the things will hold together for a long time, it’s fascinating A LOT of things Then I found some things my grandma made for me when I was a child For example this dress which I still remember how pretty I felt wearing My grandmother was a tailor And she doesn’t live anymore, but the beautiful things she made still exist and so do my memories of her I miss her every day actually I think this one is so beautiful so I often have it hanging on display -It’s lovely
-Mhm She also knitted this one for me It doesn’t fit anymore but… It’s a long coat But it looks really nice I think And the funny thing is that the Cobblestone Pullover which I recently made for you in yarn from Yllet on Gotland Almost has the same colour and thickness of the yarn So I’m a bit tempted to recreate this coat for me now, but make it bigger, using this yarn Wouldn’t that be nice? But this yarn is in my sweater, you can’t take that -No, but yarn just like it
-Ah, okay I think that’d be nice But wait… That means we’ll walk around looking exactly the same But we don’t have to wear them at the same time -And it’s not the same model
-It would be pretty funny though If I had matching trousers too That’d be cool, wouldn’t it? -I don’t know if you’d want knitted trousers
-Maybe I want this one Yeah It’s so cool, really nice Wow And then there’s on more thing that I’ve found that I want to show you Really?! On more thing? -Yes, one more thing
-Waow And that is this unfinished sock Because my granma was working on it when she died And so I found it while cleaning out her house, seven years ago now Six or seven And I have hardly touched it since, it just feels so melancholic in a way, but at the same time so beautiful My grandma knitted and sew so many nice things for me and I believe this was for me or for my daughter, Ella But they were never finished. And now I feel it’s time for me to finish them. On grandma’s needles. So Ella has actually tried them on now, so I’m giving them to her. -So she didn’t finish them because she died?
-Mhm -And you will finish them now
-Yes -That’s quite beautiful
-I think it’s very beautiful I think she would be very happy… If you do it right that is Otherwise she might get angry No, I don’t think she’ll be angry But did she knit a lot too? Because she sew a lot She mostly sew but she knitted too. It was her who taught me to knit -Ah, of course
-So we often knitted together In the evenings while watching something on TV But is that how it is? You pass it down from generation to generation? -I think that is quite common
-Quite common, mhm Really nice Yeah But wasn’t this our coffee talk? Were we weren’t supposed to talk so much about knitting? -Yeah…
-But now we’re doing that anyway -Well, I guess that’s because we found all these things now Maybe you have something else you’d like to talk about? No, I’m just wondering how we’ll fit everything inside the moving truck -Mhm
-But we’ll probably solve that eventually We have a lot of moving boxes now -A lot of them. I’m numbering all of them too.
-Yeah I don’t But there are lots of things left to pack too -No, we’re ready soon
-Yeah But… No, I think it’ll work out But you found lots of knitted things -Lots of memories too
-Yes And I felt it would be nice to show them -Yeah
-Because the threads carry so much The yarns carry memories and things that have happened -It’s fantastic, wow
-Mhm Weaving bridges between generations an different times -Yes, you talk about that sometimes. But not physical bridges. -No -Really nice It was nice
-Yes, it was Outing Time stops when I walk into Yll o Tyll in Uppsala I want to feel all the yarns and fantasize about everything I want to make And most of all I want to stay just a bit longer Today I tell the people att Yll o Tyll about my sock challenge We discuss sock yarns and I take both Crazy Zauberball and Sandnes’s Alpakka Strømpegarn with me home as well as a lovely green Gotlandic yarn from Yllet But that will have to wait for my attention until I’ve finished my other projects Meetings and discussions Elisabeth Bucht (@garnapa) lives and works in Uppsala Elisabeth is an artist who lets her threads tell about her dedicated and intellectual messages Through her textile art she talks about the things that are important for real I’m often struck by the contrast of the soft yarn and the words, carving their way into your consciousness One day I go to Uppsala to visit Elisabeth and we talk about creating, obsession, life, art And about how both of us have to let our hands work with our threads to survive You wrote to me yesterday that “it feels good, for those who have never raised their voice- -to let the threads do the talking” and that you’ve noticed that there are many who understand that language that your threads are speaking in -Mm
-I thought that was so beautifully said Because the world needs more languages, that was my reply then Mhm It does Would you like to tell me a bit about your art? What it looks like, what it’s about? It is about… Threads… It’s about me relating to my being through the way my hands work with threads Mhm. And I read somewhere where you wrote that you seldom let your hands rest while awake. Yes, they are restless And how do they feel now? -They are a little lost
-I thought so too, maybe we should do something while talking Do you often do needlework while talking to others? Yes, I always do Yes, I do that a lot too. You can get very differing reactions on it though. -Mhm
-What reactions do you usually get? A lot of the questions are about what I’m making And the things I make are often quite weird so it can be a little hard to explain it So I usually have different types of projects, ones that I can work on in public without… -…Having to explain everything?
-Exactly! Because most people who do needlework usually make socks or sweaters from pre-made patterns But that’s not how you work most of the time? No, I very rarely make any useful appliances like that -You make art projects instead
-Yeah So if someone asks, “Is that a scarf?”, I sometimes just say yes -And that’s enough
-Yeah You have a lot of messages in the things you create and that’s one of the things that really made me like you when I found you on instagram I felt like the words which you convey through your embroideries and other things they… …speak directly to my soul I can relate to it and I feel like, “Yes! There are others who think like me!” Who defines Culture? Art? Soul? Belief? Diversity? Respect? Disrespect? Fear? Confusion? Introversion? Integrity? Similarity? Justice? Inclusion? Exclusion? Responsibility? Knowledge? Flow? Mania? Us? -Thread readers, that’s what we are
-Yes! That’s beautiful! We are thread readers… You talked about how you would implode without your threads Mhm, I would In what way? Ehm… Wouldn’t you? Yes, I believe I would. I usually say that my needlework is both a symptom showing that I’m not entirely in balance But also a form of therapy to feel more whole. I can get abstinence if I don’t knit, which it usually is for me, especially right now, and it can happen in a few hours Mhm And I’m guessing that’s what you’re talking about Yes, I can relate to what you’re saying. I would say that it’s about energies that need to move around Mhm That’s right, energies that need to transform into something solid Yes, exactly. And thoughts as well that come out, sometimes readable and sometimes heavily coded Mm They lived by the river They were poor They had cows. They died. The end And talking about the first one you said it was about who defined those words Mhm, exactly So Fictive Ancestors here is about background, class and access to culture and language -And who defines those words?
-Exactly! I don’t know. I think there are good and bad spirals in the world And I wish that there were more of us who wanted to spread the good spirals People usually say that if you smile at one person, they will feel strengthened and happy from that encounter And perhaps that person will then act differently the rest of the day than they otherwise would have Perhaps they will smile at ten people who will also feel strengthened And then those ten will smile at ten others and soon we’ll have quite a few people who have received a smile And that’s one form of message you can convey But you convey your messages through your creations and the words which you write And when I see them, I feel strengthened Like this denim jacket which you had embroidered on, what did it say? Be nice. Show respect. Spread love. Be nice. Show respect. Spread love. That’s what life is about Yes, it’s very, very basic Yes, that’s like the core of it! Some of our best friends have a poster which says, “Love and respect. Is it so damn hard?” And I think that’s so great, it’s basically the same thing. That’s what it’s all about. If those could be our key words, the world would be a softer place You could argue that it’s a cliche but if you look at the world it’s obviously very hard Yes, it is hard for everyone Mm But if we work together to spread that we can… I think it’s so nice how you do that through your threads Because threads made from different fibers, yarn, wool, fabric… That those fibers can give warmth in more than one way I usually think like that when knitting clothes too That I’m not just giving away a mitten to someone I like Because every stitch I make is also filled with warmth and love Yes, exactly. Both the material and the work put down become part of a greater kind of symbolism Exactly! And I love symbols like that! And here your words come in as well which serve as messengers in your works of art and reinforce that feeling When did you start handicrafting? I started when I was a small child Did you have any adults close to you who helped you? Yes, I grew up in the countryside and both my parents were quite handy So of course I did what they did We didn’t call it anything special like handicraft, handiwork or art crafts or something It was just a part of daily life -It was a part of life
-Yes, it was always there -As natural as air and food and such
-Yes, exactly For a child our home was quite isolated but I was never bored because I always worked on my projects Mm Yeah, like making things from my parents’s leftover materials Or old newspapers or just anything Mm But you crocheted and embroidered back then too? Yeah I also begun very early My grandma was a tailor so I spent a lot of time in her studio and I used her leftover materials When you have access to material, it’s easier to make something Earlier we spoke about kids, playing and creating things the importance of playing, in all parts of life Everyone needs to play, not only children and playing is often something that we grown ups frame, and we will say “now there is time to play” then there is time for something else, and so on. Mm. But playing is about creating, and it’s very very important throughout life. Isn’t it? Yes, absolutely. That thought often hits me when I’m working on a project, it’s really amazing that I can work with this. And it’s really the same as when I was six years old and then within the borders of playing. So I can feel like I’m playing when I’m working. But it’s not “only” a game, as a lot of people say. Or maybe it is, but it is also something very very important, that we all need, to evolve as human beings. Absolutely. And even when you are six years old, it’s not “only” games then either No, exactly. You need time, so that the children can find peace enough to find the tools and their own languages It is said that a child has 100 languages, but is robbed of 99. That’s what they say in Reggio Emilia. I have actually worked with Reggio Emilia! You have? I was just going to ask you how you feel about that, since you talk a lot about languages and your threads are languages So you have more than one language, even though you are what’s called a “grown up”. Mm, I do. But what should we do, so that the children can keep their languages? Hmm, I believe in the cliché, that you should let children be bored. That you shouldn’t make plans for their whole lives Your spare time doesn’t need to be completely arranged Everything does not have to happen within the borders of a school It doesn’t matter if it’s a football school, or art school And those are really great things, before the arranged activities But you need to leave some space for the unplanned Mm, and that might have to be planned as well I often say that like to plan in empty spaces in my planner and thats the same thing, really, as you said. For the kids, that it often gets controlled But it’s in the empty spaces new thoughts and ideas can come to life Yes, and time is also really complex. A lot of people ask me “how do you manage? How do you have time to do this?” But then I think of all the things I don’t take time to do. Yes, you have to choose not to do some things as well And this doesn’t mean that the things you choose not to do are bad But you still have to make the choice To find space for the things that are allowed to take time. It’s really interesting. Have you had conversations that have been born out of the questions you have been asking? Yes, I have been asking questions about the same kind of subjects for many years and during a period of some years, I asked them anonymously on the street, through textile street art And I have received lots of letters and messages, and contact with people who want to talk about it So I think it’s very human, and things that we think about. They are really important questions, but I don’t think they always get the space they need And maybe you often get stuck with words and their meanings as clichés And, as we spoke about, these simple rules of life: be kind, show respect, spread love That you dismiss them as silly things you might put on your wall and don’t think about how you manifest this in your own, daily life I think that’s really important. “How do I manifest this in my daily life?” I also like to think about how you define the different concepts Because you have a lot of concepts, that you want people to think about And those concepts can have different meanings, or as you say, feel like clichés But if you really think “what does this concept mean to me?” Yes, exactly Then maybe things will start to happen Yes You said that you don’t strive for perfection, whatever that is No, I want it to be a bit ugly and askew And momentary I want it to look like it’s handmade and not from some store somewhere I want the same flow that emerges when a child is twining threads The expression and the feeling that there’s a person behind it And that’s where you twine the threads of your life Yes, exactly Both forwards and backwards and if I use the last thread before I’m finished and have to switch colours, it doesn’t matter Because it’s not about me buying the perfect colours, that’s just how it is What does the top one say here? “I let the wish seep out” This is actually linked to social media I saw so many perfect home decoration pictures And people showing pictures of their children eating breakfast who got comments saying, ‘Where have you bought the egg cups?’ And therefore I wanted to find out what our greatest wishes were If it really was egg cups or if it was something else So I started collecting peoples wishes and then I crocheted them And because each word took so long to make I had time to think about all of them And I realized that I also wished for all these things How did you collect people’s wishes? I asked for them on Instagram and Facebook And people either commented or sent me private messages And a lot of the wishes were the same, you could have used it for statistics What was the most common answer you got? It’s mostly about love and family, as I’m sure you can imagine But maybe that’s because of the context I asked it in Perhaps people didn’t see it fit to answer that they wanted egg cups I don’t know But maybe love and egg cups are in different divisions Yes But of course egg cups can also grant happiness in an aesthetical sense But it’s kind of like outer and inner driving forces, isn’t it? We have both. Yes And without the inner one, the outer one becomes meaningless Exactly, it isn’t enough to just have… The egg cups! No Hopefully love can be enough though Yes, exactly, if you really drive it to it’s edge Here I’m holding two of your creations. You make these little… figures which you’ve embroidered I really feel like these faces speak to me They feel sort of timeless in a way And they’re part of an exhibition you’re planning for the end of this summer, right? Yes, and they’ve been with me for around a year And they’ve visited quite a few places but in August they will be put on exhibit on the Academic Hospital here in Uppsala. The project is called Replacing Kings And is an experiment in public spaces about who takes up space there So I’ve let my embroidered girls stand in front of monuments of the kings of old That’s such a big contrast with the embroidered girl sculptures in soft, warm materials Traditionally associated with women Exactly, and they stand in front of the sculptures of kings, who are men made out of hard stone Yes, big monuments Yes, like here… Here’s a photo of this girl standing in front of a king Mm And this also rises these questions about… Who is king? Mm, exactly. Who owns the public spaces? Who owns the public spaces…? I think you pose many interesting questions And life is about meetings with other people, isn’t it? We grow by meeting others and thereby meeting ourselves and our perception of the world Yes, I think that’s the meaning of it all And these will be in The Academic Hospital in Uppsala? Yes, during the whole of August Yeah, that’s exciting Queen of Kammebornia Knits -Hi, Pia
-Hi What have you been doing lately? Apart from packing I have been knitting lots of socks Yes, lots of socks -And there are several reasons for that
-Because you need socks for your feet -We will need socks when itr gets colder
-Yes And last Winter I decided that I only wanted homemade socks. And you said you wanted that too. And since you don’t knit I make quite a lot of socks for us both Yes And last winter we actually only wore homemade socks and we will do the same this year And also, since there’s been so much lately, I haven’t been able to focus on bigger projects A sock is easy to take with you when you’re going somewhere -Mm
-It’s so easy to just take up and put down again -Since I can’t knit for long periods
-It goes fast too And with some patterns you can communicate with me while knitting, that’s fun -So called Social Knitting
-Yes, Social Knitting I’ve also been working for several months with Anna Bergman’s sock book which comes out by the end of August And it’s called #tantulltussockor, we talked a a little about it last time Mhm, we did And now the test print for the cover has arrived -Here it is
-Ah, wow -So this is the cover?
-That’s the front -This is the backside, and the these will be folded in
-Okay And the book is being printed now, so that’s exciting And the funny thing is that it’s the second book I’m part of making this year The first one being our picnic book where we did mostly everything In #tantulltussockor I’ve only taken the pictures It comes out in swedish by the end of August and there are already plans for an english translation So all the fantastic patterns by Anna Bergman will be available in english too Her socks are amazing Last episode I started a Sock Challenge as a Knit-Along And I think it’s fun that so many people have joined it and are knitting socks And as I said I have also made lots of socks And now I’m going to release my first sock pattern *loud gasp and drum roll* My very first own sock pattern Wow! That’s fun! I’ve had help from Anna Bergman (@tantulltuss) and @sippan on instagram They test knitted the pattern And I had help from Anna Friberg (@alpakkaanna) with editing the pattern Because I’m used to both knitting and writing but not to making patterns Yeah So that’s been a challenge but now they’re finished and I’ve made quite a few pairs Several different kinds. This one for example. My pattern is called Longing for Gotland Because the roses and the vines are from a traditional Gotlandic pattern But then I’ve made the rest of the pattern myself from there This particular sock is made from Soft Sock from Moods of Colors Gro Lilja’s nice sock yarn Then I’ve made a few others. These ones in two shades of green and with red roses. And these with yarn hand dyed by @tantkofta And then I’ve made two grey variants using Miniraggi from Järbo With both short and long shafts and red and yellow roses So that’s my first own pattern and I hope many of you will want to knit them It’s available for sale on Ravelry And… It was already very exciting to see Anna and Sara test knit their socks with their own yarn because then I got to see them in other colours -So they chose that themselves?
-Yeah And then I understood what Anna meant when she said she liked seeing others knit with her patterns Ah, right… But we don’t have those here? No, we don’t. But they will probably be on instagram Okay -You’re not knitting today
-Not right now No, I see that This was really cool! Is this what you’ve been working on all this time? -Yes, most of the time
-I was wondering what it was… Lots of stripes But did you have help making the pattern itself too? There are more people working with that, right? Yes, we have a son who helps us making it look good Yes, exactly, Tim. Wow. -He can do anything
-Yes, almost anything -It’s fantastic
-Really nice It’s good that we have each other It sure is! Then you can help with what you’re good at That’s smart, Pia -Mm, that’s nice!
-That’s nice! Knit Along Welcome to Knit Along Knit Along! -Knit Along!
-Knit Along, yes We knit together And right now we’re working on Vivid Blanket which I don’t have with me today cause I’ve packed it down for the move -It’s been going on for ages!
-Yup! -It must be gigantic!
-Yup! Wow And it’s so fun that there are so many of you making it, som are already finished with their beautiful Vivid Blankets The other Knit Along I’ve invited you to is the sock challenge #kammeborniasocks16 And I’m in the progress of filling this box with socks for the winter Mm With both my own pattern and many others Does it mean that you should make sixteen socks? Kammebornia 16? -No, that’s because the year is 2016
-Oh, right! Because I had one last year called 15 -Okay, that’s smart
-Mm The thing with it being a challenge is that you decide what you want to do Maybe you want to knit your first pair of socks Then you get inspired by others and now that they keep tabs on you so you continue Yes, I become very inspired when I look at the hashtag #kammeborniasocks16 as well as the Ravelry thread because there are so many yarns and patterns Yeah… But I feel that you might not need more inspiration -Don’t you think we need more?
-Yes! Absolutely! -It’s just that you start new projects all the time
-Yes, it’s hard to keep up Yeah… Last episode I was making knee sock which I have actually finished now, my first ever knee socks Yeah -And know I’ve made heels for them too
-Ah, you made them afterwards Just like these that I’m working on now, the ones you were wondering why they didn’t have a heel Yes, I think it’s a mitten without a thumb A mitten without a thumb or a sock without a heel Maybe that works -It’s a sock without a heel…
-But how do you make the heel then?! -You undo the stitches here…
-No…! Yes! -Then you ruin everything
-No, you undo the stitches and then knit the heel from there I’d never done that before but I learned that while making these -So it points out like this?
-Mm -That’s a weird heel
-That’s Anna Friberg’s (@alpakkaanna) pattern -Ah, okay!
-It’s the same heel I’m making here And this is Anna’s pattern called Flower Shock -Really nice
-Mm And the yarn is hand dyed by @limmodesign on instagram -Okay
-And she sells yarn kits for this specific pattern -Mm
-They are nice So that’s what I’m working on And I’m also working on these for you, I’ve made one Yes, I’ll probably only get one No, I’ll make the other one too But it’s easy to just make one and then start something else Then you’ll have to take a few days to make the other half of the pairs What are these called? That’s Hermione Socks Hermione Socks…! Wow And the yarn is Crazy Zauberball which I bought at Yll o Tyll This colour is called Riverbed It’s a german yarn -Then I understand
-The colours are so nice Yeah… It’s more exciting to have a sock when you know its name and the name of the yarn -That’s nice
-Really nice Then I can have one foot at least I promise you’ll get another one The challenge will be going on throughout July, August and to the end of September -That’s right
-So half has passed Mm But there is still time to knit socks It’s fun that there are so many of you making sure our feet will keep warm this winter Really nice Don’t you have a new contest going on? Not now, but there will be some sock yarns you can win by the end of the challenge -Ah
-For example from Järbo But that’s in the end of September for those who’ve entered the challenge -Right
-So that’s fun That’s really fun Was there anything else now? -No, we’re done
-Then we need to get back to packing I think it’s time! I don’t know if I… We have a lot to do and a lot of cats too Like these… Cats -Running around
-And getting new homes -And are very cute
-Yeah We showed how many there were in the last episode But this week all of them are moving except for one kitten which will move with us That’s right! -You’ll meet him later
-His name is Watson Yeah, Dr. Watson But he doesn’t have a Sherlock? No, not yet at least -No, okay
-We’ll have to see -That’s nice, are we finished?
-Yes -Thank you so much, Pia
-Thanks It was nice Kammebornia is our kingdom as well as an art project and now also our company Kammebornia is about the right for everyone to be kings and queens in their own lives And that everyone can live in their own fairytales in this thing we call reality We would especially like to thank our sponsors, Yll o Tyll in Uppsala, the coziest yarn shop I know of they have a web shop as well, yllotyll.com Organic Knitters, who sell organic yarn at organicknitters.com Järbo Garn at jarbo.se They also have a blog (but it’s in swedish) for example they have beginner tutorials on how to knit socks and mittens Staring At Cows, who let us play their fantastic music You can listen to them on Spotify We also want to thank our children who help us with both big and small things Don’t miss our web page, kammebornia.se You can also follow us at Kammeborniapodden on facebook And on the Ravelry group, Kammebornia There you can find more links and information On instagram pia is @kammebornia and Dennis @kingofkammebornia and Ella Taawo

19 thoughts on “Kammebornia Podcast 7

  1. I was delighted to see your podcast again in my mailbox! Congratulations on your move and being able to live your dream! I love the blue box that was on your table. So fun to see all of your knitted memories. I love your sock pattern! I especially like the pair of socks with the pale pink roses. I hope to find some green yarn similar and make a pair soon!

  2. Hi Pia, I would recommend you create a patreon site (https://www.patreon.com)
    This way people can sponsor you a certain amount per podcast. Its a great incentive to create more videos and gives you a guaranteed amount per 'project'. Its a crowdfunding resource for projects that are more repetitive and a lot of you tubers and podcasters use it <3

  3. Hi Pia, I'm so happy to see your podcast. I have been checking in each night to look for it. I love your sock pattern. I have only knitted one sock before…and I still haven't finished the toes. How difficult is your new pattern?
    Good luck with moving. It can be so challenging. Oh and I loved the knitted toys. And the hot water bottle cover. I will make some of those next school holidays. My kids love hot water bottles. And its been a cold winter in New Zealand. (Ha! Nothing compared to Sweden but cold for Auckland )

  4. It was such a beautiful and touching episode. The first part with all these nostalgia brought tears to my eyes. As always the episode was full of thoughtfulness, humor and most importantly love. This amazing and cozy love you radiate, this is what I always value a lot in your podcast. It makes me feel happy thank you all for it.

  5. I am really enjoying your episodes and have now watched them all. I am inspired by your ideas and your life and your love.

  6. Атмосфера прекрасная хоть ни слова не понимаю. А русские субтитры можно?

  7. I enjoy every episode you share. It is soothing to watch and to listen to. I love seeing things that are new to me from a different country. You make me smile 🙂
    Sharon / Elvensknits

  8. Tack för alla videon! Varje gång jag tittar på eran video stickar eller virkar jag. Det är nu några år sen jag bodde i Sverige, men vad härligt att lysna på språket igen! Tackar!

  9. Lovely podcast. Enjoyed looking at all the old garments, so well preserved. Can you comment on how you wash and maintain them over the years?

  10. Vad vackert med alla varma fina minnen. Kul med intervju och besök i butiken. Vilka fina strumpor! Kram & solsken 🌞N

  11. Actually the world is not hard nor easy, the world just IS! If you think, it is hard, it will produce evidence of hardship for you to experience and justify your paradigm. It will also give you an easy life, if you do the opposite. Life is a film, and we are the projectors. We create our own reality and all our experiences. Got to analyse our old paradigms that we carry around from childhood on and "clean" them out. Only keep what is beneficial. Keep the law of attraction in mind, the law of ressonance! It always works. It gives you not what you want, but what you ARE, what you feel! <3 Love, Christina

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