Kammebornia podcast 6

Kammebornia podcast 6

I can not stop knitting. My skeins turns into mittens, cardigans, socks and I knit stitch after stitch, row after row on my needles. With a rythm like the waves and the beating of the heart, my yarn runs through my fingers day and night and in between all the things that are called life. Just one more row, and one more, and one more. The soft and peaceful rythm of the knittning provides opportunities for thoughts, feelings and discussions. It’s about the love, the anger, the happiness, the sorrow, the knitting, the coffee and the cookies. Life in Kammebornia. It’s summer now, and we’re moving to Gotland soon We were there recently to take care of some things, visit schools and to see that everything felt right And it did We long for the sea, the roses, the limestone and the winds We were in Visby one night and on Fårö (Sheep Island) the other before we went back to the moving boxes and piles of dirty laundry and the kittens It feels so typical us to have kittens right in the middle of moving They are as bothersome as they are cute In this episode of the podcast both me and Dennis will give you book recommendations Visit an old laundry. And we will talk about both sports and knitting. I will also start my sock challenge, and I hope that many of you will want to join Coffee and Talk on the Porch If you see this you already know how to turn subtitles on, that makes you a cool person //Subtitles guy Hello and welcome to the Kammebornia Podcast number six The June episode Today we’re sitting on the porch because of the chaos inside the house, kittens and moving boxes everywhere -Complete chaos
-Yes -So now we sit here
-You could almost say we’ve been thrown out By the cats? Yeah, by the cats and the boxes -I’ve become a Crazy Cat Lady
-Yeah How many cats do we have now? Fifty two? -I think…
-Not really but… Almost -But they’ll be moving out soon, just like us
-Yes, they will They’ve packed as well. In really tiny moving boxes. You’ve worked a lot lately, haven’t you, Pia? Yes, more than I usually do during the summers What have you been working on then? Our book for example The Picnic book which we talked about in the last episode A lot has been about the book. And it’s so great that so many of you have bought it and seem to like it. It’s still only available in swedish but it might come out in more languages in the future We can say thanks to everyone who has bought it Thank you, everyone who has bought the book, read the book and everyone who have written nice things about it. That is lovely. I’ve also been working on a new book, one which Anna Bergman will publish this autumn -A new book?
-Mhm, you know that That’s right. What is that sound? -That’s our children
-Ah, okay They’re packing Maybe, or they’re taking care of the cats Anna Bergman is better known as @tantulltuss on instagram And here are a few of her wonderful socks of which there will be recipes in her book -Yeah
-Descriptions Descriptions. Why are you saying recipes? I think it sounds nice. Knitting reminds a little of baking. Baking socks? (Dennis makes a pun about cakes) -You can bake this one for example
-Yes, you can! It looks like a Princess cake (popular swedish cake) It’s called Uffe, that’s the name of Anna’s husband who loves Princess cake I think it should be called Ella, after our princess Or Dennis, because you like those cakes as well Yes I do, you’re right These are the socks that will be on the cover of the book I’m the one who has taken all the pictures that will be in the book with all these wonderful sock patterns They are more than beautiful I’m very proud to be a part of making this book. And Gabriella, who made the layout for our book, is doing the same for this one. And then Anna is the one who made all the patterns. And of course there are more people involved working with other things. But I’ve taken a lot of sock pictures the last few months. Yes, you have So we’ve borrowed quite a lot of feet Yes, we’ve met a lot of feet -You could say that
-It’s been interesting So that’s what I’ve been working on. There’s been a lot of knitting. Yes, it has been. A bit too much knitting maybe? Maybe… You know the idea behind our podcast was that it should be about life in general and knitting in particular Because we wanted it to mediate the feeling around the knitting And not only make it for knitting nerds Knitting nerds are of course very welcome and I hope you find your way here -But we also wan’t to attract other viewers
-That’s right Maybe relatives to knitters? Yeah. Are you a “relative to a knitter”? -Yes, according to you
-Yes, you are actually a relative to a knitter -That’s how it is
-Yes, because it is a kind of addiction So then you thought we should talk about sport instead I thought we needed to talk about something other than knitting, which we always do anyway So then we said “What else would we talk about today?” Yeah, but why sport? I don’t know, maybe it isn’t our subject Well, I have been interested in sport but we don’t watch it together a lot -I think. Or do we?
-Not a lot. But many people do. -Many people do
-But why don we watch sports then? Because… You get so weird when we are about to watch sports? Maybe? But you can watch sports if you want to Yes, I do that when it’s something interesting But a lot of the time there are just so many problems surrounding sport and that makes it boring I think that’s one of the reasons why I don’t really like sports -Ehh…
-Sport, sport The movement, the sense of community and the joy is something I like But I find that in other places than sport arenas I don’t like fluorescent lamps I don’t like large sport arenas or big crowds where you scream ugly words and throw fire…things -They usually fight outside too
-Yes, fight and yell mean things They fight inside the arenas when they compete with each other as well. Many of them. Yes, it just seems like it’s men who are fighting The sport itself, which I can see the good in, doesn’t seem to be as important as men who are fighting, men who want money, men who want to throw bombs and men who shout ugly words Yeah, there are a lot of angry men all the time, that’s true But in hockey… The things the players do in the rink… If you did that in the street you’d be arrested. Yes, that’s a bit weird They skate around and hit each other’s heads with the clubs But those who like sports more than I do They’d say that that isn’t what the sport is, wouldn’t they? Because it isn’t, right? I mean I can understand that. But… There are lots of people who like to see that as well It’s kind of like gladiator fights They want to see men hitting each other Oh… -So yeah… I don’t know
-I don’t see the point in that I’d rather have my need of community, movement and all those things satisfied outside, under a blue sky, than under fluorescent lamps. That fits me better Yes, that’s who you are I like wandering in the woods, that’s a type of movement that I enjoy I’m not that interested in the competition of it either I want everyone to win But when we play card games or board games you always want to win You say that but I actually don’t think it matters You really have that mentality though so don’t even try You know when we met we played dart Yeah I think I’ve always been fairly good at dart Mhm, nah. Or yeah, okay. Anyway, I like dart. That’s a sport! That’s my favourite sport! We have to play dart again We’re going to play dart But I thought that was so cool when I met you, you didn’t really play any sport But you told me you had “sported” with dart You had played dart, when you were younger -Mhm
-Competed in dart Divison One And speaking of competing, Dennis has won in dart, in Division One, against Emil i Lönneberga -Yeah
-Isn’t that cool?! Wasn’t it Madicken?
(Mardie/Meg/Maggie/Madita) -No! It was Emil i Lönneberga!
-Yeah, that’s right. But it was the actor playing him. Yes, it was’t Emil with the cap but it was the actor who plays him in the movies. This guy was bigger and didn’t wear a blue cap and wasn’t small But I still think that’s a cool piece of trivia about Dennis He won over me one time though but then I locked him in the carpenter’s shed -No, I don’t believe that!
-What, I didn’t do that? -No, I don’t think you did
-Perhaps I didn’t I don’t think so. But to sum up what sport is about you could say it’s about what forces are in motion -Yeah
-Is it the bad or the good forces or is it the economic ones? Or the forces of violence or those of love? What forces are in motion? I think it’s a kind of release A form of excess energy that mostly men have Which they have to release somewhere, and that’s what’s happening there But when we talked about sports yesterday you said you didn’t like the forces that are in motion, surrounding sport No, there are to many bad powers And people become, excuse me for this, really stupid after a while when they start fighting each other because they cheer for different teams But that’s not what it’s about from the start Well, I don’t know. Maybe that has to exist as well. I know a guy in Italy who made a list of his favourite things And at the top was the football team Then came his mother And then I think there was another football team And his wife came in fourth place -Okay
-In that order -That’s a bit… special
-Yeah I like walking in the woods better anyway, like Henry David Thoreau did in the 19th century Yes, he was good I can relate to that more than football teams But everyone is different We have something else that we can talk about that is neither knitting, nor sports -What could that be?
-It is… Washing clothes and how people did that long ago Ah! Because we have a friend, an artist named Olle Magnusson And he has built a laundry museum, the only of its kind in Sweden And it’s just so wonderful He and his wife Eva have talked about this for a long time but we’ve never got around to visit it Until a few weeks ago It’s located just south of Stockholm, close to Vårby and Fittja Mhm It’s just by the water and it has actually been a real laundry once In the 19th century I think He’s brought all kinds of fantastic things there It’s unbelievable! And therefore… We couldn’t resist filming when we were there -I filmed with my phone
-Yeah So we’re going to show you a clip from this fantastic laundry museum Exactly, I think it’s amazing Outing We have a friend named Olle Magnusson Besides being an artist he is obsessed with how people used to wash their clothes When we visited the laundry museum he has built we understood why By the beach of Alby Lake in Vårby, just south of Stockholm there are a couple of houses were people lived during the 19th century They went to Stockholm by horse carriage to get people’s dirty laundry Which they brought home to wash in Vårby There’s still a beach and an old jetty here were laundry is being washed, just like in those times With soap and water which is being heated over an open fire In the attic the clothes are being hung up for drying and I travel back and forth in time It’s beautiful, fascinating, thought worthy and educational, all at the same time Laundry is an important part in the cycle of everyday life And Olle makes our generation see and remember those who were before us by making laundry something living and beautiful To be in the middle of what you’re doing, to lie on a jetty and beat the laundry clean with a washing paddle gives you a whole different sense of the present moment than pressing a button and walking somewhere else But as usual we are being chased by time, when maybe we should just follow along Queen of Kammebornia Knits Let’s dive into the knitting Yes, let’s do that -Hi, Pia
-Hi -How nice to see you here
-Thanks -Are you still sitting on the porch?
-Yeah So, what have you been knitting? There are lots of things in the basket over there Where? Behind me? -Beside you
-Oh, look! Wow! Wow, the basket again. What could be in it? Can I pick up this first? Mhm This is the shawl that I was going to start knitting last time. It’s called Gerbera. And it’s from Organic Knitters’ summer Knit-A-Long pattern I knitted the Grebera from a nice yarn from Organic Knitters, who in turn have bought it from Rosy Green Wool. And it’s called Manx Merino Fine Yeah, it’s finished -Really nice
-I’m actually giving it away as a present Oh, so you’re giving it to someone? Yeah, but it’s a secret But you said that last episode too, right? Maybe that was something else? -Yeah, maybe a pair of mittens
-But this will be a present anyway -Maybe you were going to give them to the same person? No… Perhaps not. -Nope, they’re for different people
-Well, I don’t remember -Should I take out something else?
-Mhm -This?
-Yeah! -I…
-But this one is broken, darling It just isn’t finished, that’s why it looks like this I had started making a linen tunic last time and now I’ve finished the back part -I think it’s starting to look good
-But now it’s on your front That’s because I’m holding it that way so they can see it Oh, okay It will become a wonderful linen tunic in a pattern called Karla, which comes from Yll o Tyll in Uppsala The wonderful little yarn shop which we will go back to soon Can I come along then? -Yeah
-Oh It’s really nice there And I’m knitting it with a linen yarn which is also from Yll o Tyll And I hope to finish it soon so I can use it during warm summer days -But yeah…
-Yll o Tyll… Olive green linen tunic It’s really nice -And then I’ve knitted…
-I’ll put this here -I’m going to try to start on this now
-This one? Yeah I showed this in one of the winter episodes and I got quite far with it but then I started to knit other things Do you see what this is? They’re little pandas sitting there because I used the needles for other things But I’m going to put them back and then try to finish this This is Linnea’s Salix Shawl Which I’m knitting in a yarn from Järbo and Manos del Uruguay and it’s called Fino It’s really soft and nice and it will become a really long shawl It will probably be double the size. So that’s something I will work on again from now on. -Lots of threads and stuff
-Yeah… Then I’m knitting socks Here I have a little pouch. I usually sew linen pouches like this for my projects. It’s so I won’t loose or mix everything up in the baskets where I keep everything But now I’ve seen people making really beautiful project bags, with zippers and patterns and everything So I kind of want to sew more project bags But you have so many things to do Yeah, I don’t know when I’ll have the time so I use these pouches for now I’ll pack those down soon you know, since we’re moving Oh Why are you taking those out? That’s my only job here. Sorry It’s my only job when we talk about knitting and you wouldn’t let me do it -You can do that
-Yeah, now I have something here for you Yeah? -Look!
-Look! -Yeah, it was in the basket
-These will be socks for me -Oh, how nice
-They will be knee socks -They are the ones without a heel, right?
-Yeah They’re broken, that’s sad I’ve knitted these from the toes and up and they will be knee socks But why from the toes and up? Because sometimes you do it like that I usually knit like this though but this pattern was like this and… But is it hard? -No
-To knit from the toe up? -Ehh… No
-No Not for me but it’s like with everything, it’s easy if you know it and hard if you don’t It’s like that with both knitting and other things, easy if you know it, hard if you don’t You’re so wise But these knee socks will be really nice for this autumn And I’m also knitting them on circular needles, which I don’t do a lot when making socks I usually use dpn´s because I like that. I learned that and then I just continued. But now I wanted to challenge myself and try to learn some new techniques So now I’ve learned, even if it wasn’t that hard, to use circular needles sometimes and also knitting upwards like this So this is the second one and they will soon be finished How nice I think those are all the things I’ve been knitting… -Yeah
-…lately But then I also have the Knit-A-Long projects which we will show in a bit In our little Knit-A-Long segment Knit-A-Long, that’s right! So you mean we are done here now? Or did I miss something? -Nope
-Nope? That was everything you wanted to show then -I believe it was
-That was nice of you Thank you, it was nice of you to help me too Mhm, thanks. I’m good at that. Thanks Knit-A-Long Would you like a cookie? Yes please, I would. Oh! Have you made them? Yes You don’t bake that much nowadays but now you have I usually bake a lot, don’t I? I just haven’t had time lately. It is midsummer cakes Yes, I made them for midsummer When my sister visited and we knitted all day That was nice You were in the hammock, reading your book and someone solved crosswords It was very relaxing to be home with just the family over the weekend What are we going to talk about now? -Now it’s Knit-A-Long
-Ah -You have some crumbs on your lip
-Mhm, thanks for telling me -Now it’s gone
-Oh -It fell down
-You could have removed it -Lucky that it wasn’t a banana
-That hung from my lip? There’s a movie where that happens “You have something in the corner of your mouth” And then there’s a banana hanging there Oh yeah, I haven’t seen that What would you like me to show you? -Aha
-Small Flower Mitts This wonderful pattern written down by Ann Myhre, @pinneguri and @leighsideknits in Canada It’s fantastic! It’s great fun and also very addictive and I’ve had a Knit-A-Long with this pattern under the hashtag #smallflowerKALkammebornia where you can see lots of wonderful small flower mitts And one lucky winner will win a hank of the fantastic sock yarn from @moodsofcolors and I will announce who that is on instagram and in the ravelry group, Kammebornia -Mm
Mm Now this small flower mitts KAL has officially ended as of this episode Noo, that’s sad But I will definitely knit more of them and I’m sure more people will too simply because it’s so much fun. I’ve made a brown pair and a grey pair. The other grey one is sitting on our microphone Let’s show it, it’s on the microphone to protect it Like a little hat Smart, isn’t it? It’s a nice looking mic So that was the little Knit-A-Long that we’ve had but then there’s the one which goes on for the whole year The vivid blanket Last episode I showed you how I crochet my squares together Aren’t you finished with that yet? No, I’m not, but it has grown pretty big You’re right, it has. Really big. -How nice, soon we can sleep under it
-But it will become a lot bigger! Oh… We’ve received a lot of warnings about how strange it is to want to live on Gotland in November Yeah We’ve been there during other seasons than summer so we now that it’s fantastic then too So we’re not intimidated by November But I still think this blanket will be very cozy to sweep around yourself after windy walks Yes, and you can have it on you if you walk to the store I thought that it should be at home mostly though -Uhuh
-Yeah But it’s starting to slowly grow -But I still don’t know where we will have it at home
-We’ll see then Where do you think it should be? Beside the animal hides on the wall No, that’s right, we’re taking those down -Was that everything for now?
-Now I wanted to show the nice box over there too Ah, okay! The nice box! Because now… -Where do you want the box?
-I’m just going to move these the cookies So… I can put it here Just think about were the mic is standing I’m going to show this box that you’ve given me I’ll hold the mic I asked Dennis for a box to put all my socks in Because last summer, when it was hot outside and I walked barefoot all the time I decided to knit lots of socks for the winter Mhm And I’m doing the same thing this year Last winter I decided that I only wanted to wear home knitted socks I knitted a lot of sock last summer And I used them the whole winter, I actually didn’t buy any socks at all And you did the same Mhm So I knitted lots of socks for you as well But mine break all the time… Yes, you wear them out quickly So I tried different tricks to make them last longer. I used different yarns, tried differently sized needles. I even tried ripping my hair out and knitting it in as reinforcement because I’d read that people used to do that long ago I also thought it was a bit romantic since I did it with your socks You used our son’s hair too I believe You cut it off No, I didn’t -Yes, you used Arvid’s hair
-Yeah, maybe I got some from him too Yes, maybe But maybe someone watching has a better idea? Yes, we always need advice to make socks last longer since we use them so much Yes, and I especially seem to wear them out really quickly But the ones you made last held together for a long time. So I’m really pleased. So I’ve washed and repaired my old socks and I’m also knitting new ones. And I will fill this box with socks That’s great -And now I’ve started doing that
-Mhm And I’ll continue But those are only your socks? -Almost, these actually belong to Arvid (that’s me!)
-Aah, Police Box Police Box socks from Doctor Who I made one of these for our son’s 18th birthday this autumn And he was really happy for it but the problem was that I only made one I got a pretty bad case of Second Sock Syndrome, which we’ve talked about before And I kept delaying the second sock, thinking I was going to do it later But all I did was make new socks But now I’ve finally finished both of them so I’ve given them to him But I put them here because they look so good But the rest of the socks are mine This is actually from @tantulltuss’ pattern, Anna Bergman, whose sock book I told you about This pattern isn’t in the book but it’s called “Två Tanter och Valentino” and it’s available on tantkofta.se Tant Kofta dyes all the yarn for Anna’s socks as well in wonderful colours These are my Valentino socks -I see now that I’ve forgotten to sew in some ends
-That’s sloppy of you I’ll save these for colder days It’s so nice to have a box like this were you can just put your newly knitted socks so you can take them out to choose from when autumn comes Because one trick to make the socks last longer is to have lots of pairs Yeah Because then you can change more often and each pair will hold longer and then you have time to knit more -Knitting socks is also quite addictive
-Mhm And you only want to make more of them And it’s good if you make two of each so they fit together if you have two feet Mhm -Which most people have
-Yeah Yeah, so I will try to fill this box with socks Yeah And therefore I have as a project to challenge myself, and those of you who want in something I call #kammeborniasocks16 on instagram I will also make a thread in the ravelry group, Kammebornia for this Kammebornia Socks 16 And there you can make up your own challenge for yourself Maybe someone wants to make their first pair of socks then that’s a good challenge Someone else might want to learn a new technique Maybe with circular needles instead of dpn´s or the other way around Or maybe knitting from the toe and up, perhaps someone wants to make knee high socks Someone might want to knit ten pairs of socks You get to phrase your own challenge “What socks do I want to knit this summer?” The idea is that this challenge will go on throughout July, August and September So until the end of September I will knit quite a lot of socks I haven’t really decided exactly what my challenge will be yet but I know it’s about that everyone in our family who wants socks will get at least one pair And you and me, who only want home knitted socks, will need quite many pairs -So I will knit a lot of socks
-Yeah So I will come up with a better wording for my challenge soon But I hope that there are more of you who want to join #kammeborniasocks16 Yeah, do that! A part of my own sock challenge will be that by St. Martin, which is a holiday during autumn where you celebrate the memory of Saint Martin, who has become a symbol of good, of love and of sharing with others He split his mantle in two parts and gave of his mantle, his warmth and his kindness to a poor and frozen man This holiday is celebrated in Waldorf schools in Sweden as well as in catholic countries were you celebrate saints I think it’s a very beautiful holiday which I’d like to honour in some way now that we don’t have any children in Waldorf schools anymore because they’ve grown older So my way to honour St. Martin and those who are close to me will be that all of you in our family will receive a pair of socks which I have knitted at the St. Martin holiday One of our followers wrote to me and told me she used to do that and I loved the idea so much I decided to do it myself So part of my sock challenge will be to share some of my warmth by knitting socks for you who are the closest to me, in my family -I like saints
-Yes, you do. They are good I like old myths and tales and symbols of kindness and love So therefore I feel like this should be a part of my sock challenge And then I think that in the sock thread in the Kammebornia ravelry group that we could share our tricks on how we make our socks hold longer -Because that is…
-A good idea! Because when you’ve put so much work into the socks you don’t want them to wear out so quickly So I hope we can help each other with little tips on how to make the socks hold better and that many of you want to join #kammeborniasocks16 Book recommendations Okay, time for book recommendations Today both me and Dennis will have books to talk about I think summer and reading go together really well I enjoy reading even more in the summer. But at the same time I like reading during autumn as well when you sit inside a lot. And during the winter too… All the time maybe? Yeah, actually… Maybe a bit less during spring because then you want to be outside and just run around And plant things in your garden if you have one, things like that Today we won’t talk about knitting books but other kinds of reading experiences as a matter of fact And I’m going to start by talking about a classic, a book I read the first time when I was 22 years old. And that’s Walden by Henry David Thoreau All the books we’ll talk about today are available in both swedish and english which feels like a good thing since we have so many english speaking viewers Mhm I read Thoreau’s Walden the first time in swedish back when I was young and I still have that copy with all my markings and dog ears to remember the important things that he wrote Then I bought it in english since I like to read in the original language when I can This book is about when he went out into the wild to live closer to nature and thereby also getting closer to himself and the things he valued in life And when I read this I felt so many things, it was a powerful experience for me and it still is because I recently re-read it I thought I would read a small excerpt from the book Nice And I’ve written it down here because I couldn’t find the particular page right now But this is what he writes: (Won’t bother putting subtitles here) I thing this is so fantastic, that one can find the meaning of life in nature and that you regain your powers there, I’ve always felt that so strongly As I said I was only around 20 years old when I read Walden for the first time And I was completely enchanted. To think that a 19th century man thought the same way as I did He could look into the newly hatched bird’s eye and think that the wisdom and experience and the reasoning which was reflected there couldn’t possibly be of the same age as the bird itself But that it should rather be as old as the sky which was reflected in it And he writes very insightful and wise things about living close to nature Mhm. And we can hear nature here, inside the microphone since we’re sitting outside you can hear the wind in the trees And if I look over there sometimes it’s because I look into the woods Mm I’ve read it too You’ve also read Walden, yeah. And what’s your opinion? I think everyone should read it, it’s fantastic -Yes, it’s a bit like a bible really
-Mm You have another bible one could say. Another very important book. Kind of with the same message. Yeah, you could say that. But this one is called ‘Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee’ And it’s written by Dee Brown And Dee Brown was an educated librarian What’s it called then? What are you educated in then? Literature maybe? Yeah So he wan’t really a traditional author and wasn’t considered to be very good by other “real” authors But he wrote this book… And it’s about the white man, or the americans so to speak, who colonized America In the area between California and Mississippi between 1860-1890 And it’s both a horrific tale as well as a beautiful one Because it describes everything from the perspective of the native americans And there are lots of interviews from that time and written down conversations between native americans and soldiers and lots of those things And it’s very horrifying to read but also very important And it’s… I know I talked to a girl in USA who is of native heritage and it took her a year to read it, because it was so difficult emotionally And it’s about some of the worst genocides in world history that took place during that time because the white man came and took the whole country And it’s not even that long ago No, it isn’t. And people still don’t speak much about it. This book was published first in 1970, this is a new edition with pictures and illustrations from that time So I think everyone should read this And… There were mass executions and bloody battles that were at least as awful as Auschwitz and Song My in Vietnam for example At Sand Creek for example, were the american soldiers massacred women and children, and men And when Dee Brown wrote this book, the thing he was the most confused by Was how the native americans always believed in the white man Because they didn’t understand that you could lie as much as they did So I think everyone should read this You read aloud from it sometimes and I think there was somewhere where… Where one of the natives expressed that you could see in someone’s eyes if they were a good person or not Yeah, they often described that when they met a general or someone from the army they could immediately see if they were good or evil and if they had humour or not They could see if they lacked humour And I love how they describe that And when the chiefs talked to the white men they usually did so for a long time And they told them of their history and described things very poetically which may be hard to understand since there were interpreters who wrote down everything But yeah… This book is both very horrific and very beautiful -And very important
-Extremely important But it’s not just about the battles and the atrocities, is it? It is also about the nature spirits and different beings and also the closeness to nature. Yeah, and that’s what we’re missing, unfortunately But these people understood it, and still do today But they live in reserves, and it’s 2016 And I think that’s awful America should be ashamed And when this book came in the 70s it caused a lot of people to feel ashamed and to think back on their history And to rethink things So it’s really important -But everyone should read it?
-Everyone has to read it I was wandering if there was something else I was going to read from Walden No, but I think… Thoreau looked at nature in a similar way to the native americans -Yes, I think so
-Even though he was a white man And he said that monetary riches is reserved for only a few but the gold of the maples is spread for everyone Yeah I think that’s beautiful. Right now it’s summer where we live And the maples aren’t golden right now but instead the gold is in the bird song and the flowers and the summer nights by the lake And that is what being truly rich is, to be able to see the greatness in the things a lot of people take for granted -That is the only richness
-Yeah Now I have one final book that I’d like to talk about And it’s available in english as well, it’s written by Samantha Ellis The book is called ‘How to be a Heroine’ And this is a book I would have liked to write myself I’ve always traveled through worlds in books and had friends in literature And when I read this book, I’ve probably read a third of it When I read ‘How to be a Heroine’ by Samantha Ellis, I realize how important my literary friends have been for me and my growth, how I turned out as a person I thought about that when I re-read Walden as well that Thoreau helped define me as a person in my twenties And ‘Anne of Green Gables’, which I read when I was twelve did that as well And ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Brontë And Jane Eyre… And Jane Austen and all of those books that she writes about in this book her heroines The book begins when Ellis visits the real places from Wuthering Heights, in Scotland And there her pilgrimage to the literary worlds of her youth begins And she is there with her friend with whom she debates furiously about who the best heroine is If it’s Jane Eyre or Catherine Earnshaw from Wuthering Heights Yeah And Samantha rethinks what heroines she always cheered for when she was younger Now that she’s older and has come further in discovering herself And when she comes back to Wuthering Heights she revalues those heroines In this book she also talks about Scarlet O’Hara and Juliet in Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ And several other heroines who I have had strong feelings for and still have today After she has done this pilgrimage she decides to re-read all her old favourite books And these re-readings also mean she has to re-value all the heroines And an upgrade for some of them Mm So it’s a fantastic book which inspires me to read even more Both because I don’t want to put this book down but also because I want to re-read my old favourites Mm And to read Samantha’s favourites too, because I haven’t read all of them So it’s a fantastic books which inspires to read on many levels -Good recommendations
-Yes, that was it for today This was the sixth episode of Kammebornia Podcast Thank you for being with us Kammebornia is our kingdom as well as an art project and now also our company Kammebornia is about the right for everyone to be kings and queens in their own lives And that everyone can live in their own fairytales in this thing we call reality We would especially like to thank our sponsors, Yll o Tyll in Uppsala, the coziest yarn shop I know of they have a web shop as well, yllotyll.com Organic Knitters, who sell organic yarn at organicknitters.com Järbo Garn at jarbo.se They also have a blog (but it’s in swedish) for example they have beginner tutorials on how to knit socks and mittens Staring At Cows, who let us play their fantastic music We also want to thank our children who help us with both big and small things Don’t miss our web page, kammebornia.se You can also follow us at Kammeborniapodden on facebook And on the Ravelry group, Kammebornia There you can mind more links and information On instagram Pia is @kammebornia and Dennis @kingofkammebornia The next episode of Kammebornia Podcast will come out in the end of July Production: Kammebornia Manuscript and idea: Pia and Dennis Kammeborn Photgraphy: Pia and Dennis Kammeborn Editing: Tim Kammeborn English subtitles: Arvid Taawo (that’s me! @princeofkammebornia on instagram) love & play

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  1. You have such a beautiful podcast. I forgot I wanted to make the lovely flower mitts!! I want to tell you, if your book was in English I would love to buy it. If it doesn't come in English I still might buy it because of the photography. Thank you both for visiting me for awhile. I was happy you had a new episode. Have a lovely day! 🙂
    Sharon / Elvensknits on Ravelry
    (I'm on my way to go see some of the entries in your Flowered Mitts KAL. I wish I had made my pair sooner. xx)

  2. love your podcast cast .. as I said before I find it so werid to see so much Swedish chertristics in me and family and it's been a long time since my family has been there. I love to watch you have beauitful knits . thanks so much and waiting for the next podcast

  3. Love, love, love you guys. You are both so adorable and refreshing. Love the podcast, too and look forward to each one. You make me wish I could visit Sweden. I'm hoping to receive a copy of your beautiful book for my birthday next month. Even though I don't speak Swedish, I do speak beauty and friendship and family, which seem to be the real language with which you communicate. Regards and best wishes on your impending move. Oh, you have inspired me to try knitting socks now. It will be nice to knit something smaller than sweaters or afghans!

  4. I have really been enjoying all your podcasts and have been looking forward to more. I love watching you and Dennis as I knit. You could even take out all the knitting and being the avid knitter that I am I would still watch. However, I am a Canadian that emmigrated to the US and I was deeply hurt that Dennis said Americans should be ashamed. Yes, people came here and did bad things. But that can be said of people everywhere. America has a lot of healing to do. A lot of the bad things that were done here were done by people that never even settled here. However, America has done so many good things all around the world but for some reason people only want to criticize the United States. I am so thankful to be able to live in the USA. It is a great country full of great people.

    There are over 300,000,000 people living in America. To say America should be ashamed for what a handful of people did on American soil before it was even named the USA and by people who largely did not settle in the USA is painting us all with a broad misguided brush. When I think of Sweden I think of Citron and Flame and their heroic legacy. Likewise, America has its heroes as do countries all over the world. Please look for heroes to lift this world up for its future.

  5. вы такие классные 👍,очень красивое видео ,очень красивые вещи ,если бы я еще понимала о чём вы говорите ,спасибо вам за красоту

  6. Tack så mycket. This was my first time watching. I enjoyed it very much. I particularly appreciated the book talk. I have Native American ancestry and you are correct- it is shameful how we as a nation has treated those who were here first.

  7. Tack för alla boktips! Intressen info om strumporna, alltid kul att lära sig något nytt. Kram & solsken 🌞 N

  8. That reminds me of the szenes in one of the episodes of Emil from Lönneberga written by Astrid Lindgren, where his mom and Ida are at the creek, washing clothes. 🙂

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