Kammebornia podcast 5

Kammebornia podcast 5

I can not stop knitting. My skeins turns into mittens, cardigans, socks and I knit stitch after stitch, row after row on my needles. With a rythm like the waves and the beating of the heart, my yarn runs through my fingers day and night and in between all the things that are called life. Just one more row, and one more, and one more. The soft and peaceful rythm of the knittning provides opportunities for thoughts, feelings and discussions. It´s about the love, the anger, the happiness, the sorrow, the knitting, the coffee and the cookies. Life in Kammebornia. There is and old tale about a cobbler who closed his shop and put a sign on his door Which said: “Closed between hagberry (swedish tree blooming in may) and lilac” I think it’s so beautiful right now, between hagberry and lilac and I believe that the cobbler wanted to enjoy all of the beauty, just like me Everything goes so fast. Right now both the hagberry trees and the lilac are in bloom. When we wake up, we do so to the smell of apple blossom and bird song which comes in through our window. The cat has gotten kittens and they are just now opening their eyes Outside the flowers are in full bloom and it’s nice to pick fragrant bouquets of beautifulness I thank Nature and think, as always, that it’s okay to pick things if you are careful and do it with respect I pick nettles and use them to make soup To think that nature can give us something as good and healthy as nettles The field is full of dandelions, shining like little suns and smelling like summer Dennis’s new sweater is finished It is a Cobblestone Pullover in a lion yellow wool yarn from Yllet I’m picking rhubarb to make lemonade and pie, Dennis and the children become so happy I really like being able to just walk outside and just pick food, in nature or in the garden We can make tea from the mint that grows everywhere And soon it will be summer, for real. Coffee, knitting, and conversations in the kitchen sofa A bit more to the right, but if you’re seeing this you already know that (This is the same introduction she just gave in english) So, let’s start this off, shall we? Yes, absolutely.
-Hi Pia! -Hi! Great to see you here Great to see you here too, in our own kitchen How are you feeling? I feel… Pretty good… But I’m really tired. Yes, I know There’s been a lot I know, you have really been working a lot and you should think about that stress is bad for you But sometimes there’s just a lot You’ve worked a lot with the book which has just come out -Yes!
-Yes! Just recently the book, which we’ve been working on for a long time, has been released It’s been really fun work Yes, very fun Picknick: Utflykter och inflykter (Basically, Picnic: Outings and Innings) is the name of the book Yeah And it is published by Votum Förlag (Votum Publishing) And it’s been a pleasure working with them Votum Förlag publishes books with a focus on beautiful photographs And they focus on people, culture and nature and they want to publish books that touch you, that want to tell a story. And that felt important to us when we wanted to publish our book. Because it may sound a bit mundane with a picnic book but that’s not something I want it to be There’s nothing mundane about our picnics, they’re the real deal Serious Yeah, serious stuff But I really think that your texts in this book are deep Thanks! That feels important to me, because it’s meant to be an inspirational book about outings around the year And there are a lot of beautiful pictures in it Your drawings and my photographs, and my texts Sometimes a picnic doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would And sometimes you don’t even go on the picnic, the book is about that as well -Exactly
-But it might be a success even so Yeah.. It can be about ‘innings’ When you were going to go out but ended up inside, perhaps because it started to rain when you were going to the beach ‘Inning’? Yes, that’s an ‘inning’. I child taught me that word once. I think it’s a good word. So the texts are… My poetry… But there are also other texts… About our conversations on the picnic blanket A lot of it is about love as well, I think love flows through everything, I like to think And life, and death A lot of big questions. And then there are recipes for lemonade. So it mixes high with low -And there are practical tips
-Yes, there are. Things to think about. And the book is also about that outings can be nice the whole year And that the biggest adventures don’t always have to be the farthest away They might even be really close to your home Perhaps just behind your house Yeah… Yes! You can have a picnic there too! Yeah, or under the kitchen table. You don’t always have to go so far to have big experiences As a matter of fact, it is in the small things that you find the truly great things And that is something we want to tell people through this book And we want to inspire others to have picnics of their own Now you’re turning the pages, can we do that in that book? Yeah As I said… There are a lot of pictures. But also a lot of texts. I was thinking of showing you… this picnic when… The kids run away from home Like many kids do, I know I did that. I ran away to a clearing in the forest with some candy and my doll. I thought: “Now I’ve moved here, I’m going to sit here and write a novel” That’s what I thought when I was a kid. Why’d you do that? I remember that it was really cozy and it’s that feeling when you’re a kid and build a small hut or you run away away from reality and the normal, that is the feeling I want to reach when we’re on a picnic The feeling that the world is ours, and that while it may be limited, the adventure is infinite. Because you can do almost anything on a picnic blanket. It becomes a little world of its own where you have everything that you need. Good food, good company, maybe a book to read or a guitar to play on. Yes, I like that. It almost gives you the feeling of being a nomad, like you don’t always live in the same place like, you can move around instead and find those little worlds that you talked about, I think that’s amazing One day we pretended that our little swedish river was Mississippi We pretended we were Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, and we built a raft -It was a really nice day
-Mm, it was wonderful With the sundown and the lake Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn -Here we show how to skin and clean a perch
-Yes, a simple and good tip And we have pictures for all the seasons, so after this comes autumn, with red leaves and cinnamon buns Well… I’m really happy that we’ve been able to make this book And I think it would be fun to make more books together -Would you like that?! How fun! With me?
-Mm That’s great For example, this drawing that you’ve made of us where we’re sitting in front of the fireplace Yes And we’re roasting chestnuts, and I’m knitting We look a bit weird though… Yeah, we’ve turned into some kind of mice I believe You were inspired to make this drawing from one of my texts, right? Yes But when I see your drawing I get an urge to write other stories I think we have a lot of stories and… magic… inside of our heads Then maybe our next book will be one with your drawings and my texts? Yes, hopefully. I think that would be fun. Yes, it would be really fun I think so too Then it’s decided! Are we finished then? -Yeah
-Yeah, I was thinking of something else… -High five!
-High five on you! Thanks! Queen of Kammebornia Knits Hi, Pia Hi You’ve made a really good coffee Thanks Or was it I who made it? Yes, it was actually What are we doing here? Why aren’t we home? Where’s the sofa? Where’s the cat? We are in our studio in the city We’ve been working so much on the book so we have to film here There are cars outside Mm, so the sounds may be a bit different There are no deer or wild boars here No, not here. And no cats either. -No, no cats either…
-They’re at home What’s on your needles? What have you made since last time? Since the last episode I’ve finished your yellow sweater This one Cobblestone Pullover in Yllet’s wool yarn Ah! It smells amazing as usual It looks good on you -You think so?
-Yeah! -Do you like it?
-Yes, I really like it -It looks really nice
-You don’t have to think that But I do think that, it’s just amazing. Haven’t you taken pictures of me in it? Yes, I have That’s right. You’ve already posted it somewhere, haven’t you? On instagram? -On my instagram
-On your instagram, yeah How nice Other than that I haven’t had the time to knit as much as usual this past month And why is that? Because I’ve had so many other things to work on like our book, doll clothes and other things happening in May A lot of things happen during May That’s true But… I’ve come a little further on my Pam Sweater which I showed you the last time, the yoke is almost finished I think it’s turning out really nicely Yes, I said last time how much I liked it It’s made from this natural Romanian wool yarn, from Moki(?) Yarns And the pattern was made by a Japanese designer So I’ve made a little bit of progress there. And then I’ve actually started on something new! What?! Have you started on something new, Pia? That’s unusual! I’ve casted on for a summer tunic in linen yarn, which I’ve never used before, so that feels exciting It has a very different feel to it But do you think it’s better or worse or is it just as good? I think it’s quite nice and cool in the summer Ah, right And this is Yll o Tyll’s olive green linen yarn There are some braids here and yeah… It’s going to become a tunic with a half sleeve which will be really comfy this summer The pattern is from Yll o Tyll as well and you can find the yarn on their web shop, yllotyll.com And I hope it will be finished soon Unless you “cast on something new” You think so? “Think”? I know! Well, there is one thing! I’ve actually just received this wonderful green, hand dyed wool yarn from Spain! From Gregoria Fibers -Gregoria Fibers!
-Mm And I’m actually designing a baby blanket using this yarn -It was dyed in Spain? And has come all the way here?
-Mhm -That’s nice
-Yes, I think it’s really nice So I’m going to start with that but I’ll probably continue for a bit with the other ones first I have a feeling you’re going to start with this anyway though I’m always doing many things at the same time, that’s just how things are Yeah, perhaps… I want to knit different things on different days But these are really nice -They smell good too
-I haven’t smelled them yet Smells a bit like… It smells really good So that will be the first blanket I design A baby blanket, that you will design, yeah Will it be as small as a baby then? No but it will fit for a baby Oh, okay It will be around this big Now you hit the picnic basket -Yeah…
-We do we have a picnic basket here? It was given to us this monday, on our book release, by our friend, Julia And it was the nicest picnic basket I’ve ever seen -Yes, Julia is very nice
-I was so happy So we have that with us today But there are cinnamon buns in here Mm, we can have them later We can? -Mm
-Okay -When we’re done
-Okay, nice So, what are you going to do now? Now we’re going to talk about the Knit-Along Knit-Along! That’s right… I’m not a part of that -You’re not knitting you mean?
-No But a lot of people have asked when you’ll start knitting Yes, I will start knitting soon -You will?
-Yes, absolutely. Of course I will, when I have more time But soon -Exciting
-Yeah, but you’ll have to teach me Of course Uh huh, mhm, that’s nice -Well, thank you then!
-Thanks! Nice meeting you Knit Along I’m sitting here with a basket Yup -That’s nice
-Mhm -It’s time for the Knit-Along
-It’s time for Knit-Along, knit alongerrr… Knitting together (Unfortunately this is the only part that’s in english) -Now I’m going to give you things
-Yeah Because you’ve told me to do that -So I’m going to try to get this…
-One thing at a time Here we have something This is a shawl which I knitted last summer in Organic Knitters’s Knit-Along Organic Knitters had a summer Knit-Along were we made this shawl called Northern Summer Shawl In a nice yarn from Rosy Green Wool which Organic Knitters sell And this summer, Matilda, who has Organic Knitters, will start a new Knit-Along And this time the name of the shawl is Gerbera and it’s the yarn over there that I will use for that Uno… Dos… Tres… It’s called Manx Merino Fine, my yarn from Organic Knitters And I will join this summer Knit-Along that they organize I just wanted to tell you about it in case there’s someone watching who wants to knit a shawl this summer In that case you can go to organic knitters.com to see what Matilda says about the Gerbera You can choose from multiple colours of this yarn too -Matilda
-Mm Matilda… Then we have this I haven’t knitted this one Oh!? -It’s a nice geranium
-It’s a geranium, what kind is it? It’s an old rose geranium (it’s probably not called that in english) Ah, that you’ve gotten from Pernilla? Yes, I have It’s from Pernilla But… It wasn’t in the basket… No, I grabbed it by accident Here are my Small Flower Mitts I started a Knit-Along in the last episode with this pattern by Pinneguri and leighsideknits I knitted them with yarn from Ölands Ullcentrum, the same yarns I used for this cardigan, the leftover yarn And then I made another pair with Alpacka Solo from Järbo Garn They’re not finished though, I’ll show them to you next time Small Flower Mitts is is a perfect project if you want to try knitting with multiple colors or want to get rid of leftover yarns Or if you want to make a gift for someone. You get kind of addicted so I just want to make more of them and I see that others do that too There are a lot of pictures both in the Ravelry group Kammebornia and on instagram we have a hashtag there as well. There will be a link to all of those things in the description. -That’s good
-So you can be inspired -So it’s not too late to join
-No, it isn’t The Small Flower Mitts Knit-Along ends in the end of June, when the next episode comes out -Should I pick up something else now?
-Yes, please -You want these?
-Yes! The ones that you call potholders Yes This is the vivid blanket I’ve actually made a few more of these since last time Lots of new squares And I’ve crocheted a few of them together You have? Yes, they are in the basket Oh, that’s right! So the blanket is starting to grow Would you look at that, wow It’s a bit bigger now Fabolous! I mostly use Järbo’s Gästrike (two threaded) but I also use leftover yarns for this But… These are the kinds of colours I will have use for the whole blanket I’m so happy that there are so many of you knitting vivid blankets. The pattern is by tincanknits and it’s available on Ravelry. I’ve seen a lot of people who’ve come a really long way I’ve even seen someone who is finished The thing I like so much about Knit-Alongs is that you can motivate each other and ask each other things There’s a hashtag for this one too: #vividkalkammebornia And there’s a thread in the Ravelry group Kammebornia as well And we help each other there. I’m so happy that some of you help answering questions when I’m a bit late That’s what I like about it, everyone helping each other Yes, that’s really nice Now you have a doll here too Yeah, she’s waving at you -I thought she could sleep on the blanket -Oh, haha Yes, it’s about the right size for a doll right now Would you look at that! There are many who have asked how to put the blanket together You can knit them together, you can sew them together and you can crochet them together I tried sewing them together but didn’t like how it turned out so I tried crocheting and that result I liked What’s the difference? Why didn’t it turn out good when you sewed them together? I don’t know honestly but I think it looked better when I crocheted them together This is what it looks like on the front and… On the backside it looks like this But you sewed by hand at first? -Yeah
-Yeah, okay But now I crocheted and it looks like this which I think is good So I’m going to show you how I go about, crocheting my squares together And you do exactly as you want of course but since so many of you asked I wanted to show you how I did it So I take two squares and put them on top of each other So they face each other like this And I put these things that look like seems on top of each other Then I push the needle through two loops on each side, like this (sorry if this is confusing, I know nothing about crocheting terminology//subtitle guy) So. Then I pull the yarn through. Then I repeat this Two and two Like that I pull the yarn through An then… I crochet a stitch, like this, through both of them Like that And then I just repeat the process Through… through again… get the yarn and… Pull both through Two… Two… Through And then I’ll just show you one more time So. Now you see that it looks like this. Nice and smooth. So that’s how I do it, but it’s up to you what methods you like to use Thoughts My philosophy IMPORTANT! revolution what the f*ck! Poetry Seek, in the Blackbird’s song, And you will find, the dreams of my soul This was the fifth episode of Kammebornia Podcast Thank you for being with us Kammebornia is our kingdom as well as an art project and now also our company Kammebornia is about the right for everyone to be kings and queens in their own lives And that everyone can live in their own fairytales in this thing we call reality We would especially like to thank our sponsors, Yll o Tyll in Uppsala, the coziest yarn shop I know of they have a web shop as well, yllotyll.com Organic Knitters, who sell organic yarn at organicknitters.com Järbo Garn at jarbo.se They also have a blog (but it’s in swedish) for example they have beginner tutorials on how to knit socks and mittens Ullcentrum Öland collect swedish wool and spin and dye amazing yarns Their web shop is at ullcentrum.com Staring At Cows, who let us play their fantastic music You can listen to them on Spotify We also want to thank our children who help us with both big and small things Don’t miss our web page, kammebornia.se You can also follow us at Kammeborniapodden on facebook And on the Ravelry group, Kammebornia There you can mind more links and information On instagram pia is @kammebornia and Dennis @kingofkammebornia The next episode of Kammebornia Podcast will be out June 25th Welcome back

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  1. Such a wonderful podcast! Your new book looks so beautiful – congratulations on being published! I wish you much success with it!

  2. I enjoy your podcast very much. I do have to stop the episode often so I get a chance to read the subtitles and also see what you have shown. I don't want to miss anything lol. Your work is exceptional and I want to make all the things. Your color choices are so beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

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