Kammebornia Podcast 4/2019 We are back!

Kammebornia Podcast 4/2019 We are back!

Hello! And welcome to a new episode of the Kammebornia Podcast! Finally, we are back! We have had a much needed break but now we are back. We have planned and prepared for several new episodes during this autumn and winter. We needed a break to regain our strength and energy It takes a lot of work to produce this podcast and we want it to feel pleasurable to make it even if it is a lot of work We want to inspire you and then we need to feel inspired to do that Sometimes life gets in between But we are back now! In today’s episode you can follow us on some of the outings we have been to here on Gotland this past summer Ni kommer också att få se och lyssna på ett samtal mellan mig och min son Viggo från i somras när vi stickade tillsammans här hemma i trädgården Welcome to join us today! As soon as we can, we go on outings here on our beautiful island. Sometimes we visit the smaller islands that are close to Gotland. Like this spring when we went to Fårö together with some of our children and our friends Sarah and Rob. This summer, we went to the amazing island Stora Karlsö outside our coastline. Stora Karlsö is a nature reserve and the birdlife here is really interesting and special The island is mostly known for its guillemots the birds nest and hatch on the steep cliffs To go to Stora Karlsö is a truly fantastic and unforgettable experience You can also find a cave where people used to live, a very long time ago The beaches are beautiful and there is also an old lighthouse where you can spend a night or two This year, I have worked a lot on my knitting designs and there are many new patterns coming up soon I recently released Sagostad beret, my first pattern for a hat It goes well with my Sagostad mittens. As a bonus, you get the pattern for Sagostad wristwarmers when you buy the beret Sagostad means Fairytal town and it is my tribute to the Fairytale town in my heart, Visby, the old medieval town here on Gotland You decide where you have your Fairytale town. Maybe it is Amsterdam, Ghent or Copenhagen? Or Bergen? The Old Town of Stockholm? Maybe your Fairytale town only exists in your dreams? (Havregryn means Oats) Hello Viggo! Hi! It is nice to be here! I am glad you feel that way! And you are knitting! Well, that just happened Why is that? I think it started when our friends from the US were here, Sarah and Rob They were both knitting, you and Dennis as well as Ella were knitting, I was the only one that wasn’t knitting I felt a bit left out So you said, -Give me some yarn and I will see if I remember how to do this! Yes, that was pretty much it You are 18 now but how old were you last time you were knitting? I think maybe I stopped when I was 11 or something And you started when you were like 6 or something? Yes, I could already knit when we learned it in school. You learned from me before you came to school. As a child, you had a doll, and always when I had made you a sweater, you wanted your doll to have the same Do you remember that doll I had sewn for you, what was his name? Calle the doll! Yes, I always sew and knitted clothes for Calle the doll that was exactly like yours So we could match, me and Calle! So I think that was when you wanted to try to knit too, do you remember that? My first knitting memory is when I made a long scarf Yes, you never wanted to stop, I was going to be the world’s longest scarf Exactly! And I am sure it became on of the longest ever made! But you didn’t sop there, you wanted to knit other things I made hats and mittens and a sweater I think I made the sweater before I began school, maybe I was 6 years old Yes it was a sweater for yourself You were so proud, I I was so proud of course! Maybe, mostly you! You got a lot of attention, which you liked Yes, from the teachers in my Waldorf (Steiner) school Yes, Waldorf teachers like wool and knitting so, they were impressed by this small child that had knitted a sweater You wore it all the time I remember it was blue I do not know where it is now I might have disappeared in some move Yes, maybe it is in the bottom of a moving box somewhere That is what I meant by disappearing You also knitted a couple of hats on a circular needle First I made one for myself and then someone liked it so much, was it Monica? Yes, Monica, who is the mother of Dennis’ children, she loved your hat and she wanted you to knit one for her Yes, she bought one from me, it was my first job! Except from weeding… I remember Monicas hat was purple and yours was green. I think we have yours in a drawer. It is a bit to small for me now, my head has grown, as well as my hair Then it took some years before you picked up the knitting again. You had so many other things to attend to. When Sarah and Rob come to visit, you wanted to see if you still remembered how to do it I wanted to be one in the gang I did not want to be an outsider So you said -Give me some yarn and needles! And I asked what you wanted to knit And you said you wanted to knit socks Yes! I don’t know if I have knitted socks before? I don’t think I have. I have made mittens though, I made a pair for you! Yes, I have them, they are my most precious ones. They are white Lovikka and you have also embroidered them. So, I gave you some yarn and needles and I thought I needed to show you how to cast on But you did not need too, because I remembered, it was in my muscle memory So you just started, and then you asked -Am I going to knit or purl? And again, I thought I had to show you, but that was not necessary Ella also wanted to show me but I wanted to find out on my own and I had it. I think she showed you a purl stitch, but you already remembered. So now, you are knitting socks Grey and green socks It grows, but I am only knitting when I am here Why is that? Why don’t you knit when you go to the mainland? Maybe it is the the same reason as I knit when I am here, I want to be one of the gang and not an outsider My friends do not knit, they do not perform this kind of handicraft But it is also because if I need help, it is not so easy when you are here and I am there Or maybe facetime could work But it is easier when I am here You have a talent, it looks so smooth and easy and your work is even and beautiful And you seem to like it? Yes, like it, I like to occupy my hands, for example while watching a movie I often scroll on my phone, but it is much nicer to occupy my hands and mind with the knitting Maybe it feels more constructive? What do you want to knit when the socks are finished? Maybe a sweater? I started to knit a sweater I never finished when I was a child, do you remember? It was a cable sweater Oh, yes, I remember, you started to knit cables when you were maybe 8 But you never finished that one Maybe I should try to make something similar? Would you like to knit cables? Yes! I remember it was a bit tricky. I needed some help from my teacher. So it would be nice with a come back! Maybe it is time for that now? Anyway, it is lovely to sit here and knit with you. And we will see what the next project will be! Hello again! Thank you for coming along on our adventures! Ihoe you liked our outings, we will take you on more outings in upcoming episodes. Here I am knitting in Lettlopi yarn as I have done so many times before. I like this Icelandic yarn. This is going to be a cardigan for a knitalong I will be hosting this upcoming November – December In collaboration with Järbo, I will host this knitalong on my blog kammebornia.se and on the Järbo blog. I have had 3 knitalongs like this before and it has been such a joy to see all the sweaters and connect with all the knitters Some have made their first sweater and other have made many sweaters This pattern is still a secret, but watch out for more information If you want to, we can knit this cardigan together in November – December! Except from new knitting, I like to use things, I like old things I like to take care of the things I already have and use them The sweater I am wearing today is an example I will be 50 years old next summer, so 50 years ago, I was not born yet. My mother bought this sweater when she was expecting me, I think she bought it in Scotland It says on the label that it is made in Great Britain and I know she visited Scotland Anyway, she needed a big and cosy sweater with room also for little unborn me Then she used it a lot, I have many memories from my childhood, when she had this sweater as we went on outings or were out sailing I got it as a teenager and I have used it more than any other sweater, I love it This seem needs to be mended, so I am up to that Tonight, I woke up and got this idea My eldest son will be 22 years old this autumn and now I finally know what to give him. He only buys second hand and used things, and it is sometimes hard to know what to give him He does not want so many new things So, my idea is to give away what I love to someone I love It is my cosy sweater, but now it is time to pass it on I like to think of knitting as not only what we are producing, but also what we are using and wearing The process in making things is lovely, but then it becomes items to use I have obviously not knitted this sweater, but someone has It has been loved and used for 50 years and now it is time to pass it on I am washing and mending it and sending it away to my son who lives up north Hopefully it will be loved and used for many more years to come. How long can we use a sweater? This was a small reflection here at the end I want to thank each and every one of you for watching! Thank you for all your kind and lovely messages and comments! And of course, a special thank you to our patrons and our sponsors, without you there would be no podcast Thank you for your patience when we needed a break We are back now and we look forward to this autumn and winter together with you See you soon! A warm and heartfelt thank you to all of you, supporting the Kammebornia podcast! You make it possible for us to keep on going! Thank you to all our generous patrons! If you are curious about what it means to be a patron, you can find more information on patreon.com/Kammebornia We also have sponsors that we want to thank and warmly recommend! YlloTyll is a lovely yarn store in Uppsala but it can also be found on yllotyll.com Ullcentrum is located on Öland and they carry Swedish wool yarn in lots of lovely colours! You can find them at ullcentrum.com Yarnesty, Anna Friberg, is a knit wear designer as well as tech editor You can find her patterns on ravelry and more information on knitway.se

23 thoughts on “Kammebornia Podcast 4/2019 We are back!

  1. It is so nice to share time with you again. The video of your outings is lovely. You have such a handsome son. Take good care.

  2. It was lovely to watch your conversation with Viggo, and sweet to hear the story of how you will gift your precious sweater to your oldest son, officially making it a three generation heirloom. And I also smiled when you translated the word on your vase ("oats") into English for us.

    It's such a treat to have you back. Hope you had long enough of a break to rest and refresh yourselves. I'm so appreciative of all the hard work you put into your podcasts and patterns. Looking forward to spending the holidays with you in Kammebornia. Cheers from San Diego California.

  3. glad to see you back. The mist of the last bit remains around your eyes. I send a hug. In the US I as mocked for teaching my son knitting at 6, he only made a garter blanket for his sister but supports me in not only knitting but spinning to settle the anxiety of chronic, untreatable disease. alpaca fleece is so reassuring as it spins through my fingers. Peace be with you.

  4. So glad to have you back. I always look forward to your videos. I feel quietly centered as I listen to you talk while I knit dish cloths for Christmas gifts. ❤️

  5. Very nice to see you again. Glad you took some time to recharge. I enjoyed your chat with your son Viggo and was touched by your story of your sweater that is an heirloom.

  6. Åh, hvor har jeg længes efter jeres vidunderlige inspirerende og menneskekloge podcast. Det er så fantastisk at I nu er tilbage. Al kærlighed til Jer fra Chanett, Danmark

  7. YES,and on this day,after resting myself,would like to again take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for such rich and engaging content.You invited us into your home,where it is our pleasure to engage in thoughtful pondering of life and its' blessings.Rest and be well beautiful folks.Viggo is so pleasant and so nice to see real conversation.⛵☀️🌊oh,the sweater for your son.how perfect.i have a sweater from my grandfather that is the warmest merino wool spun on the farm by his own mother.the love of hands to hands.

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