Kammebornia podcast 12

Kammebornia podcast 12

I can not stop knitting. My skeins turns into mittens, cardigans, socks and I knit stitch after stitch, row after row on my needles. With a rythm like the waves and the beating of the heart, my yarn runs through my fingers day and night and in between all the things that are called life. Just one more row, and one more, and one more. The soft and peaceful rythm of the knittning provides opportunities for thoughts, feelings and discussions. It’s about the love, the anger, the happiness, the sorrow, the knitting, the coffee and the cookies. Life in Kammebornia. Today we will show you a bit of Visby, this town where we live on the island of Gotland, the most beautiful island in the Baltic sea I will also show you what I have been knitting since the last episode and on request, we have made a tutorial showing how I knit with more than one colour so it is about colourwork and how I hold my yarn while knitting patterns in stranded knitting and we will have some coffee and talk about this obsession of knitting, about being obsessed Welcome! Hello! Are you knitting? Yes! And drinking coffee? That is nice! That is good stuff! Yes it is! Knitting and drinking coffee. And being together with you! Thank you, that was kind, how sweet! Are you obsessed by the knitting? Yes, I think so. I have been thinking about that. I have seen that there are many people being obsessed by the knitting. To be obsessed is to be taken by a force, that works through your body I can relate to that when it comes to knitting First this thing about just wanting to knit all the time The time is about knitting time – oh, we are going somewhere – can you drive so I can knit? You never drive! But I like to drive! Yes, and you are a good driver! But I like knitting more, so if you drive, I can knit! And then it is also this thing about when I have knitted something… I want to show it to you and I am like a child when I say: Look! Look what I have done! It is like I am surprised myself that I have made this thing I have to put it down and look at it and admire it. It is like I haven’t made it myself – like it has been made through me Is this really a good thing? To be this obsessed? I think it is scary to be obsessed! But I think it is a good thing, because I do not think it is a dark force it is a constructive force The knitting is addictive, but unlike other addictions it is constructive You are creating something warm and nice Hopefully! Hopefully! But you are creating, composing, not decomposing! Other kind of addictions are mostly destructive, like alcohol and tobacco Other drugs than knitting that is – they are not good for you Is there nothing bad with the knitting? Nothing destructive? Don’t you forget other things you should do because you knit? Yes, I forget to do things! Then I can do those things! That is very practical! Well, then I can get some injuries from the knitting… like an aching hand or arm sometimes I get stung by a needle… sometimes you drop a ball of yarn…and I have to bend down to pick it up then you can get back pain or a lumbago Yes, I can have a really bad back pain! or you can do gymnastics Ok, but mostly, it is a good thing with this obsession or addiction? I think so! There have been studies that show that knitting is good for your heart rhythm and you can get less stressed by knitting Knitting has the same effect as meditation or yoga But you get really stressed if you do not knit, so I do not know about that… Yes, that is a kind of abstinence You usually tell me when it is time for me to knit, that is very kind of you when it is possible, I think it is a good thing to be able to knit instead of taking sedatives it can work almost in the same way Do you want some milk in your coffee? Yes, please! This absinence thing, to get stressed by not knitting – also shows it is an addiction. Yes exactly! A long time ago you had to knit to get something to wear But it is mostly women who knit? It has to be! But there are more and more men who knit The people following my Instagram because they follow your Instagram are mostly women who knit I want to ask all of you if you are addicted to the knitting and how it shows in your families and homes? I know two men who knit, except from our friend Calle that I talk to in our first episode of the podcast He knitted in jail like one hundred years ago! He knitted a sweater when he was in jail because he refused to do the military sevice He has asked me to teach him to knit again But I was thinking of two other men two of our favorite podcasts Fruity Knitting! Andrew! Hey Andrew! Both Andrew and Andrea do knit! Yes and good stuff! But hello! We have to tell people to watch Fruity knitting! Yes, it is a really good podcast! We meet knitters of the world and Andrew and Andrea live in Germany but they come from Australia and England It is so nice to watch! We both get so inspired by them And I like that Andrew started knitting! There is another podcast that we like very much – from Maine in the USA, and that is Fiber trek! Exactely, Fiber trek Sarah is hosting Fiber trek and her husband who is @paddle_to_the_sea on Instagram has also learned how to knit We found Fiber trek through Fruity knitting He is also out in the nature doing a lot of cool stuff. And he is knitting nice things. We can really recommend the Fiber trek podcast I asked you something about the addiction… I want to hear from the relatives close to knitters. How can you tell they are addicted and how does it affect you? What´s it like to be close to someone who is knitting all the time and buys yarn in the middle of the night? Yarn, yarn, yarn everywhere. Well, I want to say that I like it. That feels good There are so many good things coming out of the knitting, don’t you think so? Yes, I think so We have found new friends through the knitting, and all of you watching our podcast – hello! I have been in the music business and it is not as nice as the yarnworld Is it not as much positive forces there? No, it is not But there is a lot of good things about music Yes, absolutely, we have played music together, you and me Cheers! Last summer we moved to Gotland, a swedish island in the Baltic sea We have been wanting to move here for a long time Now we got the chance to rent a house inside the medieval city wall and the only answer we could give was yes please! We work at home with art and handicraft projects and Gotland is a very inspiring enviroment for our work We are now living in one of Scandinavia’s best preserved medieval towns In 1995, Visby was put on the World heritage site list by UNESCO Visby is often called the town of roses and ruins There are roses even i January and in the town there are more than ten church ruins The medieval wall fron the 13th century runs around the old town The history is all around and it feels fantastic to spend our days in this beautiful enviroment Visby is situated by the sea and it only takes us one minute to get down to the beach To get to the mainland you have to take a ferry and it takes 3,5 hours or go by airplane, but we are mostly at home on our island Throughout the centuries many people ave travelled to and from Gotland by different ships During the middle ages, Visby was a very important hanseatic city The streets and alleys have names from Germany, Russia and Denmark The people on Gotland are used to and depending on people coming here. Maybe that is why it is so easy to feel welcome here As we walk out from our door, we can see the old wall and the sea The wall stand firmly and the ocean changes every day but it is alwas beautiful Queen of Kammebornia knits Hello! Hi! Watson is here today. He looks a bit tired Yesterday, we found him behind the ivy on the old town wall He was hiding from another cat after a fight What’s on your needles? This is going to be a pair of socks I am knitting in a sockyarn from Opalicious one sock is ready and the other is on its way ordinary socks are called vanilla socks, like vanilla is an ordinary taste? Is vanilla basic? Maybe, I don´t know, but it is a common taste I do like these colours I am working on many different projects… Are you really? But I have also finished some things! Like this shawl It is very big This is how it looks The pattern is called Pebble Beach and I have knitted in wonderful yarn from Solkustens Spinnverkstad I really like this yarn! I have also finished another pair of Shine mittens, my own pattern I am hosting a Shine knitalongon ravelry and on Instagram during January and February So I felt I wanted to participate myself and I made this new pair I used more than two colours in this pair, it is fun to play with colours Now I have many pairs and can choose every day when I go outdoors. I have given away the yellow pair that I knitted first. I gave them to my dear friend Eva, that was my inspiration I tell you about her in the pattern This pair is knitted in yarn from Ullcentrum Öland This pair is knitted in Gästrike from Järbo This is the same yarn as I use in my Vivid blanket I will continue working on this blanket this year because I want it to be larger So that knitalong continues though this year #vividkalkammebornia I have also been marathon knitting this sweater for our daughter Ella Ella went to the mainland and while she was away I knitted her a sweater It was finished on the day she arrived home again This is what it looks like, a red sweater in a pattern from Brooklyn tweed The yarn is soft Rosy Green Wool from Organic knitters It is a very nice sweater that she likes I like to knit in love and longing and warm thoughts in a garment I make for someone I was longing for her when she was gone so it was nice to make something creative of my longing And she was happy to get it Yes, she liked it This is another shawl I am working on This is my fairytale shawl This is handspun yarn from my friend Mia Dehmer, called Vickevira on Etsy and Instagram She sells this handspun yarn in fairytale kits, with little stitchmarkers and different colours for different fairytales It is so adorable, the kits have names from different fairytales I love fairytales and she has kits for both Elsa Beskow and John Bauer for example The pattern is designed by another friend of mine, Maria Samuelsson, also known as Garnomera I love both Maria and Mia so this is a dear project, using Garnomeras pattern and Vickeviras yarn I have been talking about the Advent Mystery sock but I haven´t shown it before as it was a secret before Christmas In the knitalong this pattern came in five different clues, one every weekend before Christmas Moods of Colors sold yarn kits with beautiful hand dyed miniskeins There is a star on the heel Nice Moods of Colors makes so many beautiful colours These are some of them I will knit the Christmas sock in colours that are not so much associated to Christmas Maybe I will use these colours and I can use the sock all year round I will also rewrite the pattern so it does not have to be divided into so many parts and pdf:s I think that Gro at Moods of Colors also will make new yarn kits for this sock in the new colors She also sells yarn kits for my pattern Longing for Gotland at moodsofcolors.com That’s it. But of course there is this…I started on a mitten this morning I will show you how I hold my yarn while knitting colourwork and I had just finished my Shine mittens So I just HAD to start a new project to have something to show in stranded knitting I have been wanting to knit this pattern for a while. It is the Bäckarbo mittens by Erika Guselius, Dödergök This is her newest pattern and I like it very much, Bäckarbo mittens Like my pattern there are originally two colours but I knit it in three colours I started this project to have something to show in the tutorial you are soon about to watch but also because I wanted to participate in @leighsideknits knitalong Leigh is hosting a mitten knitalong on Instagram using #leighsidemittskal2017 and you shall knit a pair of mittens inspired by an artist or an art movement That is interesting, it sounds nice Yes, I really liked the idea, I love both art and knitting mittens Knitting is art! On the inside of this mitten there are dots There is a swedish fairytale called Tomtebobarnen where the children have hats with white dots They have red hats with white dots I like dots, they make me happy And I really love the story Tomtebobarnen. It is written and illustrated by Elsa Beskow, a swedish female artist and author. She lived in the late 19th cuntury and the early 20th century I was thinking of the winter pictures in Tomtebobarnen when I choose colours for my Bäckarbo mittens So in this knitalong I choose Elsa Beskow to be the artist I am inspired by Brown, white and green So that is why I started a new project this morning! Nice knitting, a good pattern and a fun knitalong Right now I am participating both in my own #shineknitalong and in @leighsideknits #leighsidemittskal2017 I guess that was it. It was pretty much as usual As usual I have been knitting a lot… I knitted this shawl between Christmas and New Year and Ellas sweater the week after New Year Maybe I haven´t done anything else but knitting? But it is nice and you are making nice things, are you finished for now? Yes Are you thinking of something? Yes, that you are making me a new sweater, I look forward to that Yes, we can talk about that next time You are so talented Thank you! I will show you how I hold my yarn while knitting colourwork and stranded knitting You can use more than two colours but mostly it is two strands of yarn at a time This is an example of colourwork, my pattern Mystery of Light cowl Another example is my mitten Shine I didn´t have project in colourwork on my needles when we came up with the idea af shooting this tutorial so I had to start a new project but that only made me happy This is the pattern Bäckarbo mittens by Dödergök Deathcuckoo I am using two colours and the yarn I use is Rauma finullsgarn from YlloTyll It is a very nice yarn for mittens in colourwork Now I will show you how I do this I have been knitting colourwork for 30 years and I can not remember if I learned it by myself or if someone taught me It is important to try to have an even tension in the threads so that the pattern gets even if it is a bit uneven it is getting better after the blocking Here you can see what it looks like on the backside The threads are even here This is what the mitten looks like on the outside and on the inside If you pull the yarn too tight it will be dented and unevenly and not look so good I do not know if my way is the ultimate way to do this but it works fine for me As I have done it so much, I have learned a way that works and I will show you my way I guess there are many ways to to this and you will have to find your way I hold the yarn like this I have both the strands of yarn here, next to each other over my left indexfinger It is important to hold the colours in the same way all the time, because this strand of yarn that you keep to the left will be the dominant one, in this case it is the white that is dominant Do not twist them so that the white lies to the right I wanted the dots to come out so that is why I choose white as dominant this time I work like this with my fingers to get an even tension of the threads and it is hard to explain how I do I guess you just have to practice Then you have a pattern to follow I have the pattern here as I have not printed it as I usually like to do, but this also works Iread the rows from right to left When I have knitted one row, I can sweep like this and go to the next I hold a needle in my right hand I will try to do this slowly so that you can watch and see what I am doing I knit one white stitch One brown One white One brown Now I will knit four white stitches… two, three, four Now I will knit two brown stitches One, two Four white again and two brown ones Four white ones Two brown ones Four white ones Two brown ones And two more brown stitches ending with a white stitch Normally theese stitches are put on two needles but I have them on one so that it is easier for you to see After knitting all the stitches on a needle, you can pull like this to keep the tension loose This is how I do it and how I work to keep the threads evenly with my left hand is hard to explain, I guess it has to be practiced Thank you for joining us here on the Kammebornia podcast! Kammebornia is our own fairytale kingdom as well as an art project It is about our dream where everyone can live in their own fairytales in this place we call reality and that everyone can be the king or the queen in their own life We would especially like to thank our sponsors, Yll o Tyll in Uppsala, they have a web shop as well, yllotyll.com it is the coziest yarn shop I know of Järbo Garn at jarbo.se They also have a blog (but it’s in swedish) Ullcentrum they make beautiful swedish woolyarn Ullcentrum has a webshop at ullcentrum.com Opalicious that sell Opal yarn and other nice things at opalicious.se Solkustens Spinnverkstad a small swedish wool spinning mill with big love for wool you can find their yarns at solkustens-spinnverkstad.com Organic knitters that sell eco-friendly yarns at organicknitters.com Staring at cows for letting us play their music. Listen at Spotify. Staring at Cows. Our children, that help us And all you wonderful viewers all around the world Warm thanks for watching! You can find us at facebook, Kammeborniapodden And on Ravelry, in the group Kammebornia there you can find links and more information On Instagram Pia is @kammebornia and Dennis is @kingofkammebornia You can also subscribe on our Youtube channel Kammebornia Welcome back!

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