Kammebornia podcast 11

Kammebornia podcast 11

I can not stop knitting. My skeins turns into mittens, cardigans, socks and I knit stitch after stitch, row after row on my needles. With a rythm like the waves and the beating of the heart, my yarn runs through my fingers day and night and in between all the things that are called life. Just one more row, and one more, and one more. The soft and peaceful rythm of the knittning provides opportunities for thoughts, feelings and discussions. It’s about the love, the anger, the happiness, the sorrow, the knitting, the coffee and the cookies. Life in Kammebornia. Kammebornia podcast We have had nice Christmas days at home with our children We have been playing games, eating ginger bread we have been sitting by the fire and felt the wonderful scent of the Christmas tree I like all the fragrances of Christmas like fir, hyacinth, oranges, cloves, cinnamon gingerbread and christmas bread We have been out on nice and windy walks by the sea and we can hear the waves through the alleys and streets of the town The children have left and it´s only us and the Watson cat at home I always want the Christmas to be for a long time I like to forget what day it is and let the darkness change into light outside while we light candles indoors we drink hot chocolate and we watch tv-series and I knit if we are not sitting by the fire or are out on those nice windy walks By the way – I have knitted myself a new hat, it´s Richard the roundhead tam, a pattern by Kate Davies and I used yarn from Ullcentrum I love the patterns from Kate Davies I am very happy that so many of you are knitting my Shine mittens In January and February there is a knitalong going on, on Instagram and on Ravelry in the Kammebornia group #shineknitalong I hope you want to join! Merry Christmas to you Pia! Merry Christmas darling! Here you are sitting and knitting something nice! Yes I am. Is the sound working? I think so – I will check. I don´t know… We both have a poor eyesight and I think we need new glasses As we went on a walk the other day Dennis asked me why a child in front of us did nor follow his mother It´s not a child, it´s a dust bin, I told him Was it that bad? Yes, it was a dust bin in a park and a woman walked away from it and you wondered why the child did not follow It wasn´t a child, it was a green dust bin but you thought it was a child in a green overall Yes, it was a bit crazy, especially when I confronted the child and tried to talk some sense into him I think we need new glasses! So do I, now the sound is working. So, let´s continue! Welcome to the Kammebornia podcast Christmas special Christmas edition The Christmas days have past but we always want the Christmas to last For me, it starts by Christmas eve and lasts at least 20 days So we are enjoying the Christmas tree and the gingerbread cookies Christmas cosy But all our children went away on adventures so the house is quite empty That´s why it´s so silent, I was just wondering… So we are all alone? Well, we have Watson But he is outdoors, chasing girls and mice or dry leaves in the wind yes, he likes that Are you drinking hot chocolate? Yes, I have made hot chocolate today to make it extra cosy when you come to visit us It almost feels like if you were here It tastes so good! Hot chocolate! I sometimes say that hot chocolate can be the answer to most questions If you are sad, it is good with hot chocolate If you are happy, have some hot chocolate! If you are in love, hot chocolate! if you are cold, hot chocolate! It always works, well almost always You once said that I could make world peace with my hot chocolate Yes, I think so You have written about that in our book If there are soldiers running around waving with their weapons, angry men going to war well, angry men wanting to shoot other angry men – then you come around and offer a tray full of cups with hot chocolate and whipped cream, I think they will sit down and drink the chocolate Yes, if they are angry with their guns and I come and say – Here you are, hot chocolate for everyone! They wouldn´t choose to shoot me, would they? Maybe if they are really angry but I don´t think so I think they will choose the chocolate! And what happens when they drink the chocolate? They get happy and calm and they don´t want to go to war anymore That´s why hot chocolate almost is the same thing as knitting! You get happy and warm and calm and you feel good and it is nice to give to someone you love that´s right a cup filled with sweet and good warmth And you don´t drink hot chocolate as often as coffee or tea maybe that´s why it feels so special, and because it is sweet of course It also brings me childhood memories, my mother used to giv me hot chocolate when I came home in the winter and I remember hot chocolate from my childhood winter picnics when we were out skiing and skating, we often had hot chocolate with us I like to give people hot chocolate, it feels so nice You are very good at making tasty chocolate I think Thank you! You have taught me to make it in many different ways Yes, you can make it simple by using powder, or you can use sugar and cocoa or you can make it extra luxurious and good by using real chocolate pieces and muscovado sugar, some vanilla and warm milk maybe some cinnamon or cardamom that´s nice it´s so nice with the whipped cream! Yes, I know you like that. And I think it looks so good with mini marshmallows, I don´t like it, but it looks good But the children like that? Yes, some of them do and some don´t How do you like to have your chocolate? I like it together with a sandwich I like it like this with whipped cream on top Chocolate is very old, I mean the cocoa bean the Aztecs used to drink chocolate to make it creamy, they poured it from very high up between different bowls they made that several times to make it creamy oh, instead of using a whisk? Yes, but that chocolate is very old, so you should not drink it But I think the cocoa beans can last long I can not show you the Chistmas presents I knitted At first, they were secret and then I gave them away… And now all the children are gone and of course they brought their socks and hats with them And of course they should, but now we can not show them But we can show other things, like this shawl I´m knitting It´s a bit hard to show at the moment, it looks like whipped cream like a white lump who is it for? Ok It will almost be like a big cozy blanket it will be big and wonderful and I knit in swedish wool yarn from Solkustens spinnverkstad Really nice yes, it will be nice and cozy, but right now it is hard to see what it looks like Don´t point that on me! Oh, sorry It will soon be finished, so in the next episode I think I can show it! This is episode 11 and episode 12 will be out in January And now we have decided to go for another year with Kammebornia podcast 12 new episodes in 2017 We hope that you want to follow us! It has been sooo much work and sooo much fun It is so nice with all the wonderful support we get from you! That is the best thing! But of course you will follow us!? We continue with 12 new episodes in 2017! Yes we do! And we will have plenty of time to show you a lot of knitting! Now I can show this hat that I didn´t give away. It´s a pattern from Kate Davies I used the wonderful swedish wool yarn from Ullcentrum It´s nice! Then I have a lot of knitting plans for the year to come Oh, so you are going to knit the next year too? I thought you said you were going to quit knitting? Did I say that? No, I´m just making that up. It would be very strange! I don´t think I can quit knitting. You can have some cream… No, stop! I look forward to some new projects I have several new patterns coming up that I have been working on for a while I also want to knit at least one more Icelandic sweater in Létt Lopi I was just going to say that I wish for another Icelandic sweater like my Riddari And I was just going to ask you what you wished for And I do not yet have the optimal hat… That´s right, I have to continue my quest for the perfect hat for you I look like an idiot when wearing a hat No, you don´t! I need an idiot-safe hat I have to continue until I have found the hat that you feel is alright and I will knit the lining for your mittens, I haven´t done that yet but it has not been so cold yet, you can wear them without lining too There are a lot of garments I want to knit I would like to knit a dress or a tunic for myself Tonight I will continue and maybe finish this shawl The pattern is called Pebble beach Because tonight I guess we will be watching Matador again? Yes, I got Matador as a Christmas gift from Pia, it´s an old danish tv-series it is from the 70´s I remember watching it as a child, together with my mother and I was watching with my grandmother I don´t remember much but now we are watching it again it is really very good It is still very good! It has been an inspiration to many other tv-series and films that has been made after this Matador Yes, we are watching this now when the kids are not at home, very mischiveous… and yesterday we watched the Christmas special from Gratchester Have you seen Grantchester? It is so fantastic! I LOVE Grantchester! We were all jittery about this Christmas special Yes, we made it a big hype It will be cosy tonight! Yes, and I can knit! We do hope that you have nice winter days or maybe summer days, if you are on the other side it is so fascinating with new friends through social media We can really understand this thing about seasons and that it is not winter everywhere at the same time I want to say that we read every comment you give us on Facebook, Youtube and so on even if we don´t always have the time to answer on every message, we read them all and it feel so amazing, thank you! Thank you! we hope that you want to follow us through this new year! Happy New Year! Make some hot chocolate and drink it together with someone you like and knit something beautiful you can also drink something else if you don´t like hot chocolate but it is better to drink hot chocolate than go to war, that´s our opinion! Listen up, you men who go to war, drink chocolate instead! Happy New Year! Thank you for watching! We would especially like to thank our sponsors, Yll o Tyll in Uppsala, they have a web shop as well, yllotyll.com it is the coziest yarn shop I know of Järbo Garn at jarbo.se They also have a blog (but it’s in swedish) Ullcentrum they make beautiful swedish woolyarn Ullcentrum has a webshop at ullcentrum.com Opalicious that sell Opal yarn and other nice things at opalicious.se Solkustens Spinnverkstad a small swedish wool spinning mill with big love for wool you can find their yarns at solkustens-spinnverkstad.com Organic knitters that sell eco-friendly yarns at organicknitters.com Staring at cows for letting us play their music. Listen at Spotify. Staring at Cows. Our children, that help us And all you wonderful viewers all around the world Warm thanks for watching! You can find us at facebook, Kammeborniapodden Ravelry, in the group Kammebornia there you can find links and more information On Instagram Pia is @kammebornia and Dennis is @kingofkammebornia You can also subscribe on our Youtube channel Kammebornia Welcome back!

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  1. Thank you for a lovely podcast. I see that your house is now almost completely "moved into". It looks very cozy. For your viewers that want to be notified each time a new podcast is out, they can hit the "subscribe" button and then click on the bell to the right. Next, click on the top box in the pop-up window. After this, the bell will have two small lines: one to the top right and one top left. The next time a Kammebornia podcast is issued, your screen will have a small notification at the upper right.

    I am working on thrummed mittens for homeless people that have to or wish to sleep outside. Our area has gotten unusually cold at night. Since I do not spin, I ordered corriedale wool from ETSY and have made thrums to put into the mittens(my first pair). The first mitten is the slowest.

    The Pebble Beach shawl looks very cozy and warm. Take care and keep warm!

  2. You two are so adorable and its obvious that you appreciate and love each other!!I love your podcast and love the beautiful scenery and and beauty of the island you share with us !Your handmade knits are gorgeous too!!

  3. I got happy when you mention Matador, I have watched it a couple of times. I grew up, with it.
    Betina from Denmark

  4. Happy New Year! As much as I wanted to wait to watch with my husband (who loves the podcast too) I made a cup,of tea and stole away to your sitting room for a while. I am happy you and Dennis will continue in 2017. Thank you for the good work and contributions to the knitting community. I very much enjoy all aspects of the production but especially the opportunity experience your landscapes. Thank you for the good work and contributions to the knitting community. Best wishes, Sarah

  5. Love your podcasts! Pia I wish you well on your hat mission for Dennis :-). I had never thought of adding cardamom to hot chocolate I will be giving that a go. Happy New Year to you both x

  6. What a wonderful way to wrap up the Christmas season, by visiting with you both. Love, love, love your podcast. I put on my cowl while watching this and drank my tea as well, and it was almost like being there. I love the beautiful photographs of the snow and Pia, you look wonderful in your new hat; I love Kate Davies, too, and have followed her for quite a while. Dennis, No Way you could look bad in a hat, still, I look forward to seeing how your hat quest unfolds. You are both so adorable! Love and hugs from Texas and a wonderful, Happy New Year. I will definitely be looking forward to and following your podcasts in 2017! XXX

  7. Vad kul att ni fortsätter även 2017! 🙂
    Dennis; du är fin i mössa, du får helt enkelt gnugga bort "fulsynen" och se det själv. 🙂 PS. Testa en "Olles brorsa", kanske den passar? Kram

  8. My knitting friend's daughter Daisy is the writer of Grantchester! xx Happy New Year to you both 🙂
    Cazknitz on Instagram

  9. Greetings from Canada, where it is cold and snowy too! Looking forward to seeing the perfect hat, here we call them toques and everyone wears one. Happy knitting!

  10. Godt nytt år til dere! Deres podcast er en av mine favoritter, så jeg gleder meg til flere episoder. Håper dere fortsetter i mange år til! Hilsen Wenche fra Norge.

  11. Thank you for another nice episode! I'm glad to hear you'll continue this year and also that you will publish new patterns. I finished the advent mystery socks and they were so enjoyable to make! Next up is Longing for Gotland!

  12. Haha!! Pia, I can just see you wrapped in your woolens, walking onto a battlefield with a big tray of hot chocolate, Watson at your heals chasing leaves! The men stop and turn and slowly put down there weapons. 20 minutes later, everyone is sitting around a camp fire, sipping their chocolates and sharing stories. I love it!!!

  13. thank you for another great episode. I'm very glad to see your going to continue making them this new year. I enjoy seeing you both very much. happy 2017

  14. That was a lot of fun. We both enjoyed the short sighted story. Happy New Year and we look forward to your next 12 episodes! Andrea and Andrew

  15. Пиа и Деннис! С Новым годом и Рождеством! Много счастья вашей семье! Спасибо вам за видео!!!

  16. HI, I found you recently, very glad you have decided to podcast for another year!!!! perhaps I can learn Sweedish????? Love all your knits, and the scenery, and your home.^__^

  17. I love your podcast and I am so happy you will be continuing it! I am sure it's a lot of hard work. Thank you for the subtitles! I am a big fan! Many blessings to you both, Lori

  18. I am delighted that you will continue the podcast in 2017. Of course, I love the knitting but I love watching the two of you as much.

  19. Have you tried your hot chocolate with a tiny bit of salt. The sweetness and slight salty taste is wonderful.

  20. Sometimes I wonder why my ancestors left Sweden to go to America. It's so beautiful. And your podcast is beautiful.I guess they needed work.

  21. You get to stay indoors when it is so cold. Here we live in the desert and we stay in all summer. It goes to 120° f sometimes.

  22. I just recently bought a baby/kitty stroller for our kitties. We have a male ginger cat, and a big, chubby, long haired white female cat named baby kitty. you could take the fur that she sheds, spin it, and knit something with it…

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