Justin Roiland Prank Calls Joel Osteen’s Mega Church

Justin Roiland Prank Calls Joel Osteen’s Mega Church

Hello people in line for prayers-oh here. Oh here-We go. This is the prayer line remember your (right) your prayer didn’t work Lakewood Church? Joel Osteen Prayerlines is here, how may I pray with you? Hello I have a prayer I-I need to get off my chest Okay what’s your prayer request? My prayer is um that I-uh-I-was I just was curious about Joel Osteen I just wanted a prayer about- pray for him Is he around right now? This is the prayer line It’s the prayl-pra-like pralines? No this is the prayer line Oh, okay, so… You asking me if he around Yeah explain to me how it works-explain to me how this works, I’m new to this How does it work Hold the sausages. What is your name? My name is Rick *hilaugh* Rick Rick fatherGod Rick fatherGod Jesus solo Rick till you get Lord Gat in the name of Jesus Are you talking in tongues..? right now..? Hold on- Hold on- I- How does it work the prayer- How does it work the prayer- the pray line I need to talk to Joel Osteen It’s a very important- message I have lots of money right now. I have- I have- I have over eighty seven thousand dollars Ohh And I am ready er- ah- sorry, I have eighty-three eighty-three thousand eight hundred and ninety seven dollars right now for Joel Osteen and I’m ready to- and I’m ready to- pray Let’s pray together Down Call back tomorrow How- How mu- How much do you get paid to do- to- to answer the pray line Uh well you know what They ain’t no of your Get a whole lotta La La Po a She Da Da Daaa What? Ahh Sorry say that again Let the Holy Spirit Spirit- Let the Holy- Spirit tell you Did you just talk in… tongues? Dare Da Dada Ba Ba Sa Ka Are you talking in some made-up- is that- is that Klingon? You talking in Klingon? Is that baby talk? I-I You keep saying Ricky. Do you know someone named Ricky? Ricky tatata tatata What does-what does any of this mean? I’m confused. Is it-i-if I were to translate this, would it be-uh-would it be like “Hey don’t let people into the building during the flood because we don’t want their dirty footsteps walking on our nice carpets. I heard you the first time, yeah, I heard it the first time, “…blood of Jesus” Uh-huh. 2015-2015 was a good year Flight news. Flight News Battles, is that a magazine you read? What are you talking about? I am so confused right now. Is this supposed to be some kind of- Yes, oh, it’s a prayer line. Is that-is it a prayer line where you just ramble crazy nonsense? What language is this? I just-I’m gonna call my translator, so I can follow the conversation. Ricky Papa Chak Ricky totty totty Papa Ricky Tati papi papi got tucked up up up up up Ricky. Ticky tacky Bucky Bucky tacky Tuggy You’re laughing at it, cause you know, it’s funny, cause it’s ridiculous. That’s why you’re laughing right now. I just made you laugh at your own ridiculousness. You are cracking up and rikki-tikki tucky. Tucky. Tucky. Buggy, buggy buggy buggy buggy You’re dying. Oh she said She’s gonna put me up to the next level as prayerline. She’s go just at all She’s Speaking and talk I cannot believe what I just heard that was insane Do you know what’s amazing I? Was dodging questions by talking and nonsense, baby. Talk. I can’t believe that people actually just start like To me talking with time, so it’s so like it’s so like She’s like it’s the spirit taking her my ass Evangelical super church’s, it’s so silly. Yup, and they say when it hits you when it hits you Just let it out and it’s like sort of this weird like improv session

100 thoughts on “Justin Roiland Prank Calls Joel Osteen’s Mega Church

  1. Shit man I don't think I've ever felt so much vicarious embarrassment for someone as I just did for that lady 😀

  2. It's not right to make in front of someone speaking in toungs. Toungs is a spiritual language that someone is given from God. What you did was clearly Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. When someone speaks in toungs, it's real.

  3. whoah whoah whoah, my evangelical church ain't like that. I know of this tongues thing, but I guess that isn't my idea of what… tongues is? I thought it was supposed to be a language anyone could understand (a miracle), not a made-up thing nobody understands that you just sorta…. toss out there.

  4. The blood of cheeses.
    The blood of cheeses.
    The blood of cheeses.
    The blood of cheeses.
    Rikki tikki ta ta ta rikki tikki tikki pa pa pa ta ta ta.
    Checkmate, atheists.

  5. Speaking in tongue is to prevent the devil from understanding what you’re saying. Or that’s what I was told

  6. 3:07 yess dis is da prayer line an we don have time fo foolishness

    This lady min-maxed self awareness for sure

  7. Without any context to this video, the moment she answered a question with "Let the Holy Spirit tell you" I was like oh it's a scam

  8. I love how Alex has to use both of his hands to contain himself from laughing and ruining it
    And eventually he like has a hand to his chest and is having a breakdown

  9. Person on phone: what’s your name?
    Justin: Rick
    Person on phone: (inaudible)
    Justin: are you speaking in tounges

  10. “Yes, I’d like to pray for my grandson, Morty. He’s trying to make it to third base with Jessica, and I hope he gets there.”

  11. Come to any pentacostal Christian Kerala church my friend and you will laugh your ass off cz literally every single person does this tongues nonsense . Google it my friend, I’m telling you, the videos will make you choke with laughter

  12. wow they use an indian call center for their prayer line, damn i knew there was something up with that church

  13. Rrikki tikki tikki tatta! The Blood of Jesus! Hallelujah hallelujah yes my Lord! Gods child Beatrice just accepted you, Satan. Hail Satan

  14. I swear I watched this one ten times.
    Everytime I laughed so hard lol.

    Did you see dat soflo facebook line? lol

  15. Wow, I haven't heard someone talk in tongues like that since my last exorcism. The power of ricky ticky tock tock compels me!

  16. 1:43 i supose this is something they do when they get crank calls, she does the same thing on one of 1c3jams videos

  17. Why did a demon with the voice of an 80 year old woman answer the phone😅 ta ta ta ta habla laba ta ta ta BLOOD OF JESUS BLOOD OF JESUS BLOOD OF JESUS

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