Juliet by Cavetown (Official Audio) | Animal Kingdom

Juliet by Cavetown (Official Audio) | Animal Kingdom

I need to cry, but I can’t get anything out of my eyes Or my head, did I die? I need to run, but I can’t get out of bed for anyone Not for you, hun oooooo oooo My sour boy is a pain I wanna shoot him in the brain But I’d miss him in the morning It really hurts When I need to so bad but I can’t see her My Juliet, my special girl But I need to understand When I can power through And when I need some help from you When I should stand my ground And when I need to just sit down Sometimes I act like I know But I’m really just a kid With two corks in his eyes And a bully in his head oooooo oooooo I wanna make a colour that no one else has seen before I wanna be so much more I hope that she looks at me and thinks “shit, he’s so pretty” Something I can’t believe oooo oooo ooooo ooooo But I need to understand When I can power through And when I need some help from you When I should stand my ground And when I need to just sit down Sometimes I act like I know But I’m really just a kid With two corks in his eyes And a bully in his head Sometimes I act like I know But I’m really just a kid With two corks in his eyes And a bully in his head Sometimes I act like I know But I’m really just a kid With two corks in his eyes And a bully in his head

61 thoughts on “Juliet by Cavetown (Official Audio) | Animal Kingdom

  1. "I wanna make
    a color that no one has seen before
    I wanna be so much more"
    Love this line and relate to it a lot💙
    Tbh tho there are so.many more lines I relate to in this song. It's so great

  2. Hi Robby! I'm really interested in claymation and animation and I was wondering if I could submit a music video idea for this song. I've been working on it for a long time, I just need to be sure it's cool-beans with you and where to give it to you. You might not like it, but hey- it was all in good fun.

  3. robin,
    i'm a huge fan of your music. you've gotten me through so much bad shit with songs like green, pigeon and devil town. this one truly takes the cake, however
    i feel like i can connect to a lot of the lyrics. i get sad a lot, yet find myself unable to cry. at the moment, i'm starting to feel like i'm becoming disconnected from my best friend. i think i'm in love with another friend as well, and i'm scared to tell her because she's really the only one at this point i feel like i can talk to. i feel like if i can't make people happy, i'm worth nothing in this world. when i do even one thing that i consider "wrong," my mind screams at me that i should just let myself rot away already
    when i'm sad, your music is typically always the very first thing i listen to. if you remember one of your old songs (candle) that is actually the only thing that gets me through anxiety attacks
    i doubt you'll ever see this, but
    thank you for everything. i really look up to you and i think you are genuinely one of the best humans on the planet. your music has helped me heal in so many ways. from the bottom of this dumb teen girl's heart, thank you.
    (also: i definitely think "shit he's so pretty" when i look at u) <3

  4. me when I first watched this: oh cool

    me later: oh.. did I watch this? well, I'm gonna listen to it again.
    me: I watched this 47 times? WELL I BETTER LISTEN TO IT AGAIN

  5. I love this song so much … it's a time when I need to cry, to get better. Thanks for writing these songs, they help me a lot!

  6. 1.robbie, you are the new color that nobody has ever seen
    2. shit, you are pretty
    3. when you said shit, i died.
    4. aww, guys, he called us hon. <:
    5. robbie, we love you.

  7. This song really just explains everything that's going on right now.
    I can't cry, not really at least.
    I want to get out of bed, but I can't. My soul usually just stays there
    My boyfriend he's just, I don't know anything anymore what's going on with that. I think I love him, do I? I sometimes want to just remove him out of my life but I can't and I don't know if I even want to. If I ever did, I'd miss him, because he's kinda all I have.
    I don't want to be here, I feel stuck, I just want to run away and never get back. Or do I? I don't know, I really don't know anything. I can't see the ones I love, like I talked about some lines ago, my boyfriend. He lives across the Atlantic. I don't feel like trying anymore, I just want to give up, I'm sure what I'm typing right now is literally making no sense at all its 2 am and I'm just confused and sad. I know no one will read this, that's usually why I "vent" in the comments. I don't remember the last time I felt genuine happiness. Was it when my best friend was here with me? I miss her. I didn't feel happy as a kid, things were much worse than now, but why am I so miserable, now that I'm away from bullies and my parents aren't together anymore so there's no arguing every single night, why do I feel so bad? Maybe it really is because of my best friend. She made everything better but now she's gone. I can't meet her.
    My stepdad takes out his problems on me and mom. I don't like that. I feel sorry for him because I know what's going on but it really hurts when he just tells me stuff that's just meant to annoy me/ruin my day. And when he gets angry for me being me, I don't like that.. But I love my stepdad, right? (Oh god this comment has turned into a big mess it's not even that relatable to the song anymore h) what about my dad though ? I feel sorry for him too. He must be so lonely, I can only see him on weekends and breaks.
    I really just want to sleep until my problems disappear. I don't like being here.
    I'm just , some sort of mentally ruined child. I guess.
    I'm a horrible girlfriend. Ever since my burnout my depression has gotten much worse and I am cutting myself again even after I promised him to not do so. I can't stop
    I just want to feel again
    But this is wrong!
    I wish I could get help. But my country doesn't really diagnose children/teens because
    I don't know. They just don't. Probably money wise. I hate living in my country, I want to move.
    I want to run
    I wouldn't care that much if I left everything I had and just started over. Or maybe I would? I don't know.
    I'm confused
    I can't take care of myself anymore. I don't know for how much longer I can do this.
    If someone sees this comment and has read this far, I am sorry that you really read all that cringe stuff.
    I'm not that good with putting my emotions/problems into words.
    But my problems aren't worthy of telling anyone. That's just mean to those that has actual problems. I'm so selfish.
    Would it be selfish to die when others have it much worse? The only thing that makes me wanna not die right now is Robbie. How weird it'd be. Imagine being famous and just there's some people that just have their lives depending on you? Jeez.. I'm sorry.
    My boyfriend is dependent on me and that tears me apart.
    I don't feel like I can really vent to him because he just tends to change it so it's about his problems, just get all lovey dovey (like saying I love you 10 times will make anything feel better) or my vents makes us argue in the end. I have no one to vent to besides the YouTube comments because that's just where I'm completely anonymous.

    Thank you for coming to my Ted talk 😔👊

  8. I know I don’t have the worst life I mean it’s not perfect but everything is going better than last year yeah I’m insecure and stuff but when have I not been.
    Why do I have to feel so bad when my life is actually only kinda sucks

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