JSheetz Podcast #1 –  Ross Boone

3 thoughts on “JSheetz Podcast #1 – Ross Boone

  1. I enjoyed talking to Ross Boone and look forward to having another podcast with him. Check out the links in the video for his channel, books, site and more. 🙂

  2. Hey there, seen the first pod. You had some really good questions and could see that you had it all well planned. Sadly I have to say could only sit through 24 min of it. Don't want to be negative at all and please this is not against you but, …oh man I have to say it. Well just cant, but I would suggest doing a pre-screening and it maybe good to limit it to what the whole subject is. That way people would enjoy the "Art of it all". That way people wouldn't go in another direction away from the podcast intentions to other thing. I hope you understand? I'm just saying this with respect to you and the viewers and in no way want to hurt your feelings. In fact, you did an excellent job in drawing it back to stay focused from what I seen but it's hard to keep it up once someone is going full force. I have said enough and wish you the best. Suggestion: have a guideline and let ones know ahead of time what they are so ones are not promoting other things. Enough. Have a great day and feel free to write me anytime and would be glad to answer any questions you have .

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