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Very less actors can tell the dialogues on screen… And their talk on stage could touch our heart A rare actor of that kind…Jr.NTR will speak now. Everytime… Every time I think that
I can pay back your owes… I think it will not happen ever. Without paying it back… I think, I may die and
take birth again to pay it back. I feel to take birth again and again for you. Means… I do not know what the virtue
I had done in my past life… I took birth as the grandson of that great legend. I born to an extraordinary parents. Happened to be a brother of you people. These owe could not be cleared off in this life. I came here to talk so much… But do not know what to talk
and from where to start. I feel to talk open heartedly… I want to talk if you do not think that
I am talking lowering myself. Please! It means…My words may look lowering myself But I never downed as your support
is there behind me. I know that. But…One minute! This is the time of Pushkaralu…
And Pushkara has started for us. Pushkara will occur for every 12 years. My entire life is infront of me… I do not know what I am doing and what I am
becoming at the time of ‘Ninnu Chudalani’ movie. Later I got the film ‘Aadi’. Then I got ‘Simhadri’. I felt everything going well. I did not understand it at very young age. It might be this…It might be likewise. Success might be likewise. But according to the Newton’s 3rd law of motion…
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Only if every person fall down… It means we cannot become
great than God, right? So sometimes God will rap on our head God might rap on our head to make us fall down
so that we can understand the meaning of life… I did not understand it for many years. I am just doing the films. You may like the films because
you like me and you love me…but I saw how you agonized behind and I heard it… But I do not know to tell you that how could
I prove myself in fulfilling your trust on me. I felt distressed myself. Then one day Vakkantham Vamsi
narrated a script to me That movie is ‘Temper’. Just like those lights, there was a tiny light. A tiny light… It may be good… This may help to what you are expecting
something new from me… For that tiny light… The director like Puri Jagannadh
confidently ran along with me… Even though he has the capacity
to with his own script. My destination has come little near to me Then ‘Nannaku Prematho’… Many people were afraid of my getup Why it is likewise?
How they are going to receive it? With all your blessings and faith
my destiny came little more near to me. That tiny light is looking very bright today. Finally, it is understood that the light
is nothing but ‘Janatha Garage’. It means my destiny coming very near to me… It means whatever we think…sometimes
the things would happen coincidentally. This an example that we cannot plan anything. 2 years ago Shiva garu narrated
the script of Janatha Garage… I am sorry, I do not address him so…Shiva When he narrated me the script 2 years ago… Due to my prior commitments, I…Okay! I was busy with the films before ‘Temper’…
Thinking that they will be great. I just to thought like that but I do not
know whether they were good or not… I just did it for you as an attempt. And thought I too can have
a super hit…but of course Being busy with flop movies,
I heard the script narrated by Shiva. But the way how it happened coincidentally is… Recently, Shiva showed me
onething somewhere… If you take my name as Jr.NTR…
Okay, J. NTR… Somewhere one of my fans reversed it and said… R for Rabasa, T for Temper, N for Nannaku Prematho
and J for Janatha Garage. So I too do not know how
it has happened coincidentally. My best friend Shiva may give
my biggest hit after this Pushkara. God might have written our fate likewise. One wonderful story… Means one amazing experience..
Very few writers… I will tell you one thing… The pen of a writer must not stop ever… We do not know what to do for
the next film if the writer stops writing. So writer must be keep on writing. The director must have the talent to
make a film with that writing. Very few directors have the ability of
writing as well as the directing talent. I fell very very happy that our Koratala Shiva
is one of those few directors. He writes a story…writes only a story. If he selects a hero for the story,
only he is the hero of that story. When he writes a story with
all his faith and dedication… Of course! No need to tell you
his track record today. One of the very few directors who is been
giving continues blockbusters… And I am sure ‘Janatha Garage’
is going to be his hat-trick. Thank you Shiva. Shiva gave me a chance to act along with
the great actor Mohanlal with this film. ‘Janatha Garage’ gave me
the chance to act beside him. I will be owed lifelong. Why because… I met a great person than a great actor. I travelled for 6 months with a person of such
a great personality than a great person. He is the happiest and most blissful. The most…the most childish soul. We could not see…
that will be seen in Mr Mohanlal. ‘Janatha Garage’ gave me the opportunity to have
the experience of working with a great personality. I feel very happy. It will be same whatever we say
so many times about Devi. Maybe no one could have such
dedication towards work like him. Very rarely we could find people like him. I believe that Devi will be in that list forever. Maybe his struggle for the song or
concern towards the lyrics of his song… It is unlimited.
Why I am telling in detail means… This is my experience throughout 6 months. I am telling in detail to make you known. Thanks a lot Devi for
an amazing experience yet again. Thank you! I have acted with the great actors in this film. Mohanlal, Samantha and Nitya Menon…
One of the finest actresses we have and… I am very glad for acting with them.
Thanks a lot. And Sai brother, Mechanic Ajay, Bramahji… Santhosh, Aravind, John and… Art director Prakash, editor Chanti,
Lyricist Ramajogayya Sastry… He penned the single card for this film. After my ‘Student No.1’, this the second time that
a lyricist to write the single card for my film. I feel happier that it has happened with you. Sastry sir, thanks a lot for this amazing songs. Please forgive me if I have forgotten
the names of anyone else. Our producers Mythri Movies…
Ravi, Mohan and Naveen I remember the film ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’
whenever I see them. Their heights also looks the same. But very amazing people. There are many producers
but they are very nice people. There are the people with good heart. Hopefully, they must make good and blockbuster movies
for the best growth of Telugu film industry. There is a lot to talk about a person. He is our Thiru. My favourite cameraman is P.C. Sriram. My favourite film is Thevar Magan.
Dubbed into Telugu as Kshatriya Putrudu. Worked as an assistant for
my favourite film Kshatriya Putrudu… He is my favourite Photographer and DOP today who
is the associate to my favourite cameraman. He is my faviourite cinematographer today. It means…he is the only one who
is behind the visual wonders… In the film which you are going to watch. I am so honoured and very blessed
for working with you, sir. And please welcome. I would like to
welcome you to the Telugu fraternity. I am sure you are going to see
many more successful films and… Thanks a lot for making
‘Janatha Garage’ so beautiful. I would like to talk two things finally. At first…
Wait a minute..just a minute. If you wait a minute, I would like to tell you
one thing which is very important. After 12 years, our Telugu states
has got the Pushkaram. People from many different states used to
visit our state on account of Pushkaram. Welcoming the visitors from other states
whoever visit to take the holy bath here… To observe the Pushkaram and show up
the greatness of our Telugu tradition… We must make them known what the Telugu
tradition is before leaving our state… On this stage, not only you but I am also
requesting all the other Telugu audience. We must give an affectionate send-off
treating them with great respect. Please! I am requesting you all
to be a part of it. One more word… You may take it as right or wrong… I do not care! But want to tell you one thing. I saw some photos after
the release of ‘Nannaku Prematho’. What I saw in one photo is… Some people are anointing
my cutout with milk. It hurts me a lot. God must be anointed with the milk.
But I am not the God. I am your brother. I am your elder brother or younger brother…
I am an actor. Please do not make me a God.
But one thing… I do not refuse your affection. I will be happier if you donate those milk packets
to the children at any orphanage homes. Please! I am requesting you just once… I do not care even if you think that… I am trying to show off my greatness here
as my fans are anointing me with milk. What I am requesting you is… You can donate the milk in orphanage homes
instead of pouring them on my cutout. Why because… Even today, pregnant women, small kids could be
seen struggling for nutritious food in our India. Please! I feel happier if you give
them that milk to feed themselves. That work have some meaning. Then you will be blessed…
So that I will be blessed. Please you just follow this. Second one… Once I saw a video. This is also for the film ‘Nannaku Prematho’. Sacrificed an innocent animal. The film is to give life but not to kill. Offer food to someone instead of
sacrificing the innocent animal. Offer the food at which you are celebrating. Offer food to the needy, they feel happy. I hope and I believe that you and all the audience
watching this would follow this two things. Please! I will be owed for your great love
and affection towards me. I bow my head and thank you.
Thanks a lot. Go home carefully. You must go back home and show your
delighted faces to your parents there. Please! Again I wish you to
reach your home safely… The weak getting suppressed by
the powerful has become the tradition… But for a change… That weak has now got a powerful support…
‘Janatha Garage’ Everything gets repaired here.

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