Joe Rogan Meets Roe Jogan

Joe Rogan Meets Roe Jogan

I’m a big fan of legalization (yeah)
obviously… boom and we’re live yeah you need it (mmm) you can’t really just go ‘au
natural’ (yeah) you can’t… I didn’t want a fanboy out when I met you but I’m a huge
fan… Dude… Yeah… You like the edibles go to sleep right? a half a hit that’s what you
need like just a little *inhales* *exhales* just where you like okay. I took ten of these accidentally
not even accidentally I did it on purpose
thousand milligrams of THC no worries makes you more aware more considerate…
Yes! Thinking about more possibilities I mean that’s what people call paranoia
there’s just a lot of people that have this idea that pot smokers are dumb and
lazy and a problem and they don’t understand there’s a lot of pot smokers
like you or like me that work hard as fuck and are just adults it’s definitely
not crazy (noooo!) marijuana it’s legal it’s good for you sitting up here with these jumbo
sprays the breath spray ah *spray* *spray* *spray* *spray* *spray* *spray* *spray* *spray* *spray* *spray* *spray* *spray* *spray* it’s the end of the world
yeah (weird quick breaths) we smoke pot it’s okay…I’m gonna be so high I’m barely gonna be able to talk. Yeah this is a
podcast you can do anything! what milligram edibles we takin? if you looked at all
the zeros on that number you wouldn’t even be able to wrap your head around it
you’d be like what? What’s a billion? How many zeros is that? At least a million. How many trillions is in a billion whhaatt? There’s no way. When you smoke weed you ever get
paranoid? Yeah. Oh Em Geee we’re so alike a hundred percent, a hunnndddredd percent. Yeah.
When chimps attack people they rip your dick off… and they’re like yeah no we
don’t trust you like those muscles are like corded steel they rip your dick off
they pull your eyes out it’s one things they do they know what to attack. Did you
ever see that Jamie? Does happen sometimes. You ever seen one one looks
like without their hair what have you got Jamie? Look at this Jesus
Christ look at his balls Jesus Christ look at the size of the sack on that guy *laughs*
that’s a chimp with mange that’s what that is there’s some sort of a disease
where his hair falls off where you really see their Anatomy. We look at that and go
oh yeah that’s like a bodybuilder no no no that’s a
chimPANzee (hmmm) I mean that’s our closest relative. If that thing decides
to bite you it’s a wrap (yeah) people eat them apparently. Oh really?
Apparently they hunt them in Arizona. Huh yeah, I mean, after seeing this, it’s just
like I don’t think I can hunt that I’d have to be pretty hungry to eat one of
those (yeah) A moose is like twice the size of an elk. They’re giant I’ve shot a moose.
Really??? I ate it. HOLY SHIT!!! I’m really good at that ….yeah Moose is fantastic
moose and elk are real similar, it’s got an amazing taste to it (yeah) they scream man
like a Lord of the Rings sound it’s like *BRREAAAAAAAAAARRRRHHH* *HUHHH**HUUHH* *HUUHH* *MEOW* *MEOW* *GGRRRRRRRRR* *BORK* tshhh craziest animal of all time *visible confusion* look there’s
people that eat carnivore diet this is (yeah) the most recent one where the only eat meat.
Somebody went to your page and it says you know paleo and lifestyle expert as
soon as you have that word paleo people go ohhhhh fuck. Well paleo is real simple it’s
not gonna do you any damage paleo is just real food *cigar crunching* paleo just means no grain and
no rice that’s all it means Mmmm…yeah but there’s no preservatives *spits* just meat chicken fish
vegetables, meat chicken fish vegetables there’s nothing wrong with that there’s
not… How about a ball of meat that gives you butter? *puffs cigar triumphantly* Oh nooo *smoke burns eyes* that’s gonna be a real thing
that’s gonna be one day… *high contemplation* Did you see Ex Machina? Yeah. It was like the happiest
moment of my life like it’s so inspirational. It’s really
good. Yeah. We’re gonna get to some virtual reality environment where it is
so titanically bizarre and so incredibly realistic that whatever the fuck happens
in the regular world is going to lose its significance it’s gonna slowly lose
significance so once we accept virtualreality regular life is going to be so
mundane because you’re gonna be able to create artificial environments like
avatar world like you’re flying through 2001 a Space Odyssey
you’re hanging out with the chimps you’re gonna have haptic suits on that give you
feedback it’s gonna be tied into your central nervous system it’s gonna
recreate smells and feels and that’s all gonna happen it’s not a matter of
whether it’s gonna happen it’s a matter of when is it gonna happen *baffled glance at Jamie* Did I ever show you the picture of the tree that was growing in my toilet pipe? *thinking* Yeah *proud smirk* *nostalgic reminiscing* I will never sell out 50,000 people in Philadelphia like Kevin Hart did so fuck this NO NO NO DON’T GO AWAY DON’T GO AWAY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKK *upset Roe Jogan storms out of the studio* *Joe realizes that he forgot to take alpha brain this morning* *JRE outro music*

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  1. Dude I'm way to fucking high for this. My mind right now is unexplainable this is all I can say about it. Buuuuuuut on the high side I'm laughing so damn hard hahaha😂

  2. I dont usually like this sort of thing – but this is genious. "Look at the size of the sack on that chimp" … Bert Kreisher. Haha

  3. God fucking damn it hahahaha someone make sure Joe gets @'d until he sees the Bert part of this hahahahahahhahaa

  4. Aw, that part with photos of The Machine was kind of mean, but yeah, okay, great work with the editing. Freaky to watch.

  5. Holy shit that was funny when he started talking about the chimps and then showed Bert Kreischer this was priceless

  6. If you’re scrolling through the comments I hope you have a phenomenal day. Get ya bread and all the crumbs too. Stack and act broke Ladies and Gents 😤🙌🏾💯

  7. Jesus christ what a masterpiece!! Mate, you NEED to keep making these. The world needs it. Also, please tell me theres a video of Joe watching this!

  8. Rogan Joe doesn't exist he cant hurt you..
    Rogan Joe: Did I show you the picture of the tree that was growing in my toilet pipe?

  9. Dumb people saying they’re not dumb is the same as crazy people saying they’re not crazy, or criminals saying they didn’t do it. Sorry Joe. THC makes you less considerate because it convinces you whatever you’re thinking is right. Stop the lying to yourself and others.

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