Jocko Podcast 116 w/ Rob Jones – “I Can’t” VS “I Won’t”.

73 thoughts on “Jocko Podcast 116 w/ Rob Jones – “I Can’t” VS “I Won’t”.

  1. Thanks for another 👌 hey little a Critique, Echo – not sure where to find the Jocko white tea, Super Krill etc.. on if I search it in Amazon I find it. maybe list everything on your guy's own website? Any who.. "get after it" shirt on the way!

  2. No such thing as I cant . there is no such thing as cant . they mean they won't. Cause there allways a way to get wut ever it is done . you just have think an not give into that. Evil word that tells u to give up "CANT" is a bullshit horrible word

  3. If I go by what I feel like doing, it may not get done. If I go by what's important, it has to get done. Thanks Guy. This was a great podcast

  4. Rob is an awesome guy, I had the pleasure and honour of meeting him (even though briefly) when he was starting his first marathon in London in October. I handed over a Greek green berets t-shirt as a "thank you" for his actions and the fact that he continues to inspire and I was amazed how humble, approachable and fun guy he is. Same goes for his missus, both of them so welcoming and great people.

  5. Recently listened hero Rob Jones' first podcast with Jocko (#92) so I'm super stoked that he's going to be back for another great and inspiring episode, god bless!

  6. This is a great interview. I was very interested in the Maffatone Method that he mentioned. Keep up the good work.

  7. Moin Jocko, I would really like to hear your opinions on stuff like the Adam Curtis documentaries, "Wer den Wind sät" from Michael Lüders and the current state of western country armies and the fact that everyone is still supplying weapons to terrorists, be it Americans, Brits, Germans, Russians or who have you. While I follow you from the start and like what you have to say the pro western pro american rhetoric is preventing us from finding working solutions to the middle eastern problem and how we are partly to blame for this to happen in the first place. We also often bash other nations without taking our foul most rich and influential people into account. As a somewhat Conservative who wishes for everyone in western society to be able to have a decent life this concerns me deeply. Keep up your great work and greetings from some German Soldiers who came across your channel.

  8. Here is a video I made called "Before you criticize Jordan Peterson"

  9. The story at 2:11:40 when Jocko ODs on Discipline is freakin hilarious, omg. "Came home. Jacked steel when I got home. Did *SQRRRAUTZ*"

  10. I love how Jocko always says "Good evening, ECHO."
    I'll be so happy when Echo finally responds "Good evening, JOCKO" instead of just "Good evening". Own it, Echo! 😀

  11. I ran into Rob Jones on the UUS Midway before this podcast. He is one hell of a Marine. His first podcast he did with jocko gave me the motivation to GET AT IT!

  12. Please try to get Wil Willis on. Former Spec ops, who did a motorcycle ride to bring attention to vet mental health. Also the host of Forged In Fire.

  13. I admit, I didn’t really know anything about the Seal Teams, or “get” all this, until I had a chance to watch the movie G.I. Jane (played by Demi Moore). Whoa, really brought this all together, now I understand what it takes….
    Seriously, watching and learning from you guys has been a blast. As you were..

  14. back in the day I would do the 5k in 18.5 minutes on an all out max day. And 21min on regular days on a 10 mile run which was my regular run. Then I'd work my boxing routine after or spar with some Tai boxers I'd fight 3 guys 3 rounds 7min rounds. Fucking good old days.

  15. But I'm on the injury list now awaiting some serious surgeries. Hey we often pay the price for😤 hard training. Paying the devil for vanity.😉😈

  16. Great podcast. Can you make an excerpt of the end part explaining Rob's theory that selflessness is more important than discipline? Going at least through jockos example of the single mom working 3 jobs.

  17. Man… these guys live what Jordan Peterson speaks. Jordan B Peterson and Jocko Podcast are my two favorite YouTube channels by far.

  18. “So this then was the culmination:

    To die—

    Die in the stinking mud.

    Twice before I’d crossed this no-man’s land,

    Darting from shell hole to shell hole.

    I’m no hero—

    I was numb with fear.

    But this time a barrage was on.

    I lay there at the waste land’s edge—


    Was there any way?

    To the right lay crack shot snipers,

    To the left in the brush,

    Machine guns,

    Hungry – waiting.

    And fair in front great bursting mud clouds

    Playing toss

    With bodies.

    “Get through once more, son,”

    The colonel had said.

    “Communications down, our guns firing short,

    Killing our boys.”

    Yes, it must be done, but how?


    The barrage, sweeping across the field and back,

    A deadly windshield wiper –

    Were I to follow it down

    And when it returned

    Dig in – I might –


    Drunk with fighting fear,

    I chased the mud cloud down the field

    Kicking dead bodies,

    Twisting like a ghost,

    And I laughed, and I yelled,

    “You bastards! You can’t get me!”

    Our trenches ahead,

    Almost there!

    Back came Hell’s windshield wiper

    Vomiting death and I dug in—

    Dug in with all I had.

    Mom—dear God help me!

    On it came. Forty feet—

    Twenty feet—


    My head—torn from my body!


    Is this what being dead is like,

    Peace, quiet, clean white sheets?

    My head must still be here,

    It hurts me.

    These must be my fingers

    I can move them.

    And now a voice,

    “My boy. For you

    The war is over.”

    You hear that, Mom?

    I’m still alive, I did not die.


  19. I was cool until he said he tried to find a stupid hat to try and make his mom laugh…then, tears. Wherever this guy’s mom is, she is lucky and so proud. What an amazing person. Love this podcast!

  20. From "like Plato" to "a stupid rock" hahaha that's fantastic. What an example of humility, gratitude, and determination.

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