Jessica Biel Listens to True Crime Podcasts While Working Out

Jessica Biel Listens to True Crime Podcasts While Working Out

-Last time you were here,
we were talking about the second season
of “The Sinner”… -Right.
-Which you were only producing at that point.
You were no longer in it. This is a show you are producing
and acting in. Is it nice to be on both sides
of the camera again? -I love it.
I do. I mean, I love the development
process with the writers. And, you know,
understanding the character before you ever step on set,
you actually — You have such a voice and such
a collaborative experience, and as an artist, for me,
it’s the best thing. I love it.
I love it so much. -Well, it’s nice, too,
because then, you know, the opposite, obviously,
and there are great projects, but you walk into it
and, sort of right off the bat, are kind of figuring out,
sometimes even day one. So it’s nice to have months
and months to prepare for it. -Absolutely.
Because by the time you get to the end of the project,
you go, “Oh! I get it now!” -Yeah.
-“I know what this is.” And they’re like,
“And it’s a wrap!” [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -And the wrap party.
And you’re like, “Ugh!” -You did — As a producer,
you got to choose the hair. You had a say in the hair.
-Yes. -Do you like —
Are we happy with the wig you ended up with
for your character? -I love it.
-Yeah. -I think it’s super cool.
It’s fun to have that, you know, discussion with your director
and your other producers and everybody about the look,
about the wardrobe. I mean, this hair,
specifically — Interestingly enough,
our director wrote — Rebecca Thomas —
she was really interested in this character
being, like, really, you know, face to the world, no fringe,
no hair, in the face just like, open face
and a vulnerable neck… -Oh, wow.
-…was what she really wanted. I love that detail so much.
-Yeah, I — I was like, “We must
have a vulnerable neck.” -We were —
And I think, during the clip, we were all thinking that.
Like, that… -Right? You were?
[ Laughter ] I know.
-That is a vulnerable neck. -Look at that neck.
[ Laughter ] -So this is based
on a fictional podcast — an actual podcast.
The podcast isn’t fiction. But it is a —
It’s sort of a bit of a narrative story
that did not really happen. But it’s sort of true-crimey.
-Yes. -You are
a true-crime podcast listener. -Huge fan.
-Yeah. -Love it,
want true crime all day. -Gotcha.
-Every day. -Do you, like, listen to it
while you’re doing other things? -Oh, yeah.
-Okay. -I listen to it
while I work out. -So, see, that’s interesting.
-Is that weird? -I do think it is, yeah.
-Okay. -I don’t think you’re alone.
I don’t want you to think — -Okay, I don’t think so, either.
-But, for me, I like to listen to some true-crime podcasts
on a commute. -Yes, on a commute.
-But if I’m exercising, I don’t — nothing like,
“Yeah, catch him.” [ Laughter ] -I know, but it’s —
That’s such a good time that I have.
-Okay. Gotcha. -Because, you know,
when you have kids… -Yeah.
-…your time is limited. -Well, for me, I like to listen
to my true-crime stuff with the kids.
-Oh, yeah, yeah. [ Laughter ]
-You’re right. What am I doing? -It just bring us together
as a family. I’m always like,
“Just a lesson — don’t leave a fingerprint.”
[ Laughter ] It helps them wash their hands.
I’m just using it as that. -This is such a good idea. Please,
I need these fatherly advice. -These are very,
very helpful tips. Do you not —
Can you handle when, obviously, some of them
get a little gruesome? Are you okay with that part?
-I have no problem with gore. -Okay, interesting.
-Which is also weird, I guess. But, I mean, I think I used to be more into
blood and guts everywhere, especially if you’re watching
something, and it’s — I was a horror fan.
-You like that, okay. -I like that kind of thing.
-Mm-hmm. -Now, as I’ve gotten older,
I really can appreciate that I can do the best job
in my own mind of… -Oh, interesting, yeah.
-…creating how awful, how terrifying it really is.
-Gotcha. -So, less is more.
-Oh, that’s cool. -I’m thinking now.
-Yeah. -But I have no problem
with gore at all. -You’re just very refined now.
-But that’s right. -And you’re like,
“Just give me a few words, and I’ll take it from there.” -Like an aged wine.
-Yeah. -Just very, very —
like a vintage.

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  1. I love listening to true crime when I’m working out. Like, well it could always be worse. Australian true crime podcast is 10/10

  2. Was she ever confirmed to support vaccines? It would be a shame to promote someone who in turn promotes dangerous ignorance.

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