100 thoughts on “Jelly Bar…shens Taste Test | Barshens

  1. I was expecting a dried out ground up Lizard Jelly but none the less these are just as horribly wonderful.

  2. Loved this to bits.
    Just to say, at 10:25 it's supposed to be pronounced 'corneeSHon'. By the way, it's spelled 'cornichon' (singular form) for anyone interested. 😉

  3. love it, expect for the sock puppet bit. it's not funny it just takes away from the rest of the episode.

  4. The neon style of writing in the intro makes Barry's last name look like it's written as "Pelvis" lol

  5. I'm just hoping Stuart just goes and cooks a bunch of poundland "specials" together and feeds them to Barry.

  6. "I will pray nightly to all gods that they come down from on high and smash your knees with magical hammers." I know people don't like when you copy a phrase from the video into the comments, but that… I need to bring special attention to that XD

  7. We ran a weekend horror LARP a few weeks ago which featured a crime scene featuring bits of dead bodies left over from a magical explosion. I was in charge of the gore making. These jellies remind me of the 'bits' I made (also out of jelly with extra gelatine) and the vomit I made…….. just wow.

  8. How in the hell did a baker and a man who plays with broken toys get a YouTube partnership? (I'm assumptioning)

  9. I would love to see these two go on good mythical morning on a will it episode! I think Ashens would do surprisingly well.

  10. Can we trademark 'The Barry Cleanse'? Barry needs to manufacture this to help older citizens keep regular…

  11. Simply one of the funniest things I've seen for years. I love how the jelly goes 'Slat!' into the glass from that toy machine. And Stuart's "I'm going to run you over with a big car." Comedy gold right there.

  12. Wow I doubt most people would've been able to make it past the 2nd one. I was genuinely nauseous by the third one. I cant even imagine actually tasting them. How about a sequel but this time its Barry's turn to taste the jellies. You could even call it Stuart's Revenge.

  13. I kind of miss the days of just Barry and Ashens, before their weird hairy uncle and his testy boyfriend were a central part of every episode. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Eli, but I also enjoy the Harlem Globetrotters, I still wouldn't want them on every episode of Scooby Doo. God I'm ancient.

  14. why is watching ashens eat disgusting things so funny? i'm crying with laughter here and i don't know why XD is this what going to barry's for dinner is like? he looks so pleased with himself and almost disappointed when ashens doesn't like it!

  15. I couldn't stop laughing at Barry's seriously concerned look at 9:06 . He's actually worried that he killed his friend.

  16. What was that Canadian show? Spenny & Kenny? Where the two guys just did gross or painful stuff to each other… this will be that sooner or later

  17. 1:28 I could legitimately smell that. I think my sleep-deprived brain associated the colour and texture of the jelly with a random smell it deemed logical. Maybe a sign I need proper sleep.

  18. Comign back to this 2 years later I heard the segue music and thought "Well that was a quick episode"

  19. That's the same place where Tom Scott made a video about all American alcohol having to be radioactive to be legal a few years ago.

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