57 thoughts on “Jeff Bezos: The electricity metaphor

  1. "With innovation, there is no last nugget" probably my favorite quote from this TedTalk.
    Gives me hope that if you keep plugging along, you will hit something amazing.

  2. Priya Sawhney, in my eyes 👀, ranks up there with heroines, such as Mother Theresa. She and other animal activists were on trial yesterday for “multiple felonies” simply for “legally” rescuing abused animals in Petaluma, California. There were about 100 animal activist supporters at the courtroom. 3 more misdemeanors were piled on top of their prior charges by the slaughterhouse. Take a look here at footage of what Priya Sawhney was bringing up to Jeff Bezos, onstage: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSQylRvPkXM&t=7s This was aired on a nationally syndicated show, DEMOCRACY NOW, prior to Sawhney calling out to Bezos: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSQylRvPkXM&t=7s Priya Sawhney and Wayne Tsung are the co-founders of a nationally known animal rescuers organization called “Direct Action Everywhere,” or simply “DXE.” Wayne Tsung, a former legal professor, faces 40 years of jail time, simply for rescuing animals around the country.

  3. Well capitalism produced communism! In America early 20th century, many workers (who were actually slaves) had to take PAY CUTS when profits were down, and they couldn’t live on what they were paid before the pay cuts! Many owed more to the “company store” at the end of the month than they were paid! Many say that slavery was better for workers than wage slavery, even though that pay cut increased the wealth of the richest business owners, including Adam Smith! And we’re all still slaves for tiny wages today! Obviously all people should own all things! How could anyone not know that when it’s so obvious?!

  4. that's actually how outlets are supposed to be installed so that the ground is on top. that way if something falls onto it there is less chance of shorting the live plugs and causing a fire.

  5. I love the fact that he didn't even have a presentation clicker to go through his presentation. He literally had a desktop computer on stage which he used to click along and see what was being presented. Things sure have changed since then.

  6. I like the fact that Bezos is talking about the infrastructure. I think, he is doing that right now in 2019 to the space travel sector. While Musk to the pioneer in travel and explorations, Bezos is preparing an infrastructure for others that could advance in the future because of his work today.

  7. Yet there are people talking down on virtual reality in 2019. "It's too complicated to be mainstream", exactly like what the newspapers said about the internet.

  8. Few minutes in it and it's obvious that this dude is a dumb boy, he is geeky, understand the technology and the state of the art and have an aggressive style to make business on that but given his trajectory on amazon, the way he behaves or how he don't see the danger of politics as a public figure it's obvious that he is quite socially illiterate and not so bright in other areas.

  9. Twenty minutes just to tell a few funny facts about the first electric devices. He obviously kept his interesting ideas to his work hours.

  10. Jeff Bezos in 2003: We are at the "1908 Hurley Washing Machine" for the Internet.
    Mark Zuckerberg in 2004: Okie I build Facebook now.

  11. If you are watching this in 2019 then Jeff is the richest man , his company Amazon is the biggest cloud computing and e commerce company ……..
    Surely the internet In 2003 was indeed the Harley washing machine.

  12. His net worth was then $2.5 Billion. Now it's $110 Billion.

    Citation: http://stats.areppim.com/listes/list_billionairesx03xwor.htm

  13. Como él dice, no hay tal cosa como dinero fácil o ingresos fáciles para un negocio. Siempre hay una oportunidad y ningún negocio vive solo de la tecnología, pero hay algún tipo de magia en este caso, es porque él fue el primero y toda la gente que va allí simplemente se quedó atrás.

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