JBD Podcast Promo: Episode 28 Out Now!

JBD Podcast Promo: Episode 28 Out Now!

Jim: I saw a lot of discussions about this
with people going “is it realistic for Picard to give his dog a Starfleet
emblem on the collar even though it’s established that he left Starfleet”,
like that is the most dipshit fucking question I’ve ever seen asked in my
fucking life. Dave: Weren’t they questioning even having a dog full stop? Jim: They were yeah. I saw some people saying, like: “Aw, but he had a fish on the ship” it’s like, yeah, what does that, anything, be, sdfhlka, owning a fish does not preclude you from
owning a dog 20 years later. Also, right, Burns: It’s like a credit score. Sorry sir, you’ve had a fish in the past. Jim: (laughs) Yeah, exactly. Also, he fucking, he’s running a vineyard which is essentially a farm for fucking grapes isn’t it? It’s a grape farm right? Jim: Alien grape farm.

Dave: Yeah you grow grapes to make wine Jim. Jim: Exactly.

Dave: Then you have a little stomp on them with your feet. Jim: What do you need on a fucking
farm? A dog, among other things. Right, you’re living in the countryside, you’ve
got a dog. Dave: Also let’s be completely honest no matter how big the universe
gets, dogs are still the best thing in it right? Jim: Nah don’t start that fucking
internet bacon patter right

Dave: What?! Jim: Dogs are fine but you know let’s, eh, Dave: Internet bacon patter?!

Jim: Yeah, y’know that, y’know when everyone ruined bacon by going on about
it, that’s how

Dave: Everyone ruined dogs by liking dogs? Burns: What’s wrong with you?

Jim: Just let dogs be. Burns: You need to get off the internet son.

Jim: Dogs… Dogs don’t have the mental capacity to live up to that kind of pressure, okay? Burns: Are you fucking joking?

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