JAN Q&A: Why France? How did I meet my boyfriend? Paris vs. the regions?

JAN Q&A: Why France? How did I meet my boyfriend? Paris vs. the regions?

Salut YouTube and welcome to my first QA
of the year January 2018 I’m glad to have you guys here with me in the lovely Avignon in Provence in the South of France this is where my
in-laws are from and it’s just so relaxing and the food is so good but I
still wanted to step away for a few minutes to film a Q&A with you guys so
I’ve noticed recently that there’s a few more of us now we’re at 10,000
subscribers now which is just crazy and of course I’m absolutely loving it
because we’ve got a big community and we have awesome discussions down in the
comments section but it’s really hard to get my head around I think especially
because in the town where I grew up I spent my whole teenage years in this
town of 4500 people’s so for me it’s like it’s double the population of this
town it just kind of blows my mind you make the ride so much more fun so thank
you so much so this is the first Q&A of the year and what I want to do is do a
Q&A every single month so that you guys can get to know me more and I can be
maybe useful and help you out with any of the questions that you have so if you
want to ask me a question you can use the form that I put down in the
description box of all of my videos which is called that asked me anything
form and if you click on that link you can submit your questions through to me
and I’ll answer them in my next monthly Q&A video without further ado let’s get
cracking on with the questions for January so my first question comes from
Theo or T-eo depending on where you are in the world and Theo has asked me why I
chose France over other destinations so for those of you who don’t know I
actually met my French boyfriend in New Zealand but having the French boyfriend
isn’t actually the reason that I chose France I actually wanted to go in the
direction of Europe that much I did know I didn’t actually have France in mind
because I thought the language barrier would completely cut that out as an
option for me anyway but I actually chose France because I found my
incredible master’s program online for those of you who haven’t seen my video
talking about that program I’ll link the video up here but basically I found an
amazing master’s program it was completely free I was able to work
part-time doing an apprentissage or alternating between work and school so I would actually say that it’s France’s amazing education system
and its plethora of amazing international masters programs that are
on offer that are the reason that I ended up in France and luckily enough
I’ve been able to find good jobs and actually stay in the country which
brings me to my next question which is a question from Bao and Bao has actually
asked me to tell you guys a little bit more about my job and if it’s difficult
to find a job in France and whether or not you have to speak French fluently in
order to find a job in France Basically I work for one of the biggest
French companies in the beauty industry My job is very international I’m based
at the corporate head office here in Paris and I work with all of the Human Resources managers and the countries to make sure that they are creating really
amazing experiences for all of the newcomers that join the company so for
example I developed a mobile application so that employees can really understand
what’s important in our particular ways of working and the culture in the
company in which I work I would say that it is relatively hard to find a
full-time job in France I think you do have to kind of stand out on the market
I will say that every single job that I’ve had in France I have found through
my network so it’s through somebody that I know recommending me to someone
sending my CV somewhere and is it necessary to speak French to work in
France? Well I’d be lying if I said yes because I’ve always worked in English so
I think you definitely can find roles in English in the headquarters of companies
keep in mind that a lot of the headquarters are based in Paris and Lyon
so that does kind of limit you a little bit but also keep in mind that speaking
French is so so important for your relationships at work so whenever you
have a pause-cafe whenever you take your lunch try your best to speak French
because that’s how you’re going to build connections with people my next question
is from Alessandra and it’s more about my past in what I was doing before I
came to France and she’s asking me why I went to boarding school and if it’s
common in New Zealand so boarding schools are schools where you actually
live at school so you live there full-time you eat there
you sleep there and they’re often private schools and I’m pretty sure they
always have a sort of church affiliation and so no they’re not really common in
New Zealand we’ve got quite a good public education system and most people
go to public schools I went to boarding school from the age of ten until age 18
the reason I went to boarding school is because it’s something that my mum
really wanted for me really because my mum was a solo mother a solo parent and
she really wanted me to have more opportunities in life than she did and
the thing is is that with private schools you have very small classroom
sizes you have more dedicated attention from the teachers and the results tend
to be more impressive than the public schooling system who are dealing with
mass so I basically went there through a combination of academic scholarships and
my mum working two, three jobs at a time basically spending her last dollar in
order to send me to that school it was kind of like prison at times I mean you
had lights out at 8:30 p.m. which was super early I mean there were parts of
the experience that I really didn’t like as well but at the end of the day I’d
probably never be where I am today without having had that education and
that experience so thanks, mum! The next question is from someone whose name I
can’t pronounce sorry I’m gonna absolutely butcher this but the question
is from Encolpe and they’ve asked me if I sing in a choir and if I think
that this would be a good way to learn French so no I don’t sing in a choir
because my singing voice sounds like a cat that has been thrown into a shower but I
think that singing is a good way to learn French because I’m really someone
who’s into lyrics of songs and stuff so I do sing to myself and I sing along to
myself in my head when I’m listening to my French music and I think it does help
definitely the next question is from Tegan Mays and Tegan has asked me what’s
the best way to start learning French is it better to start first by learning
the grammar or rather by speaking and I’m actually going to link the video to
my story around how I learnt French up here but basically you’ve got to do a
little bit of everything so I think speaking speaking speaking as much as
possible is probably the most important but complement it with podcasts in
French such as Coffee Break French with super-clear French grammar books and
exercises and I can leave a few links down below of my favorite ones watching
movies in French with French subtitles watching Netflix in French with French
subtitles why not getting the French pen pal there’s lots of websites out there
where you can do that and you can actually write emails or letters to a
real French person who can write back to you in English or vice versa The next
question is from Gaultier and Gaultier has asked me what I think about the
differences between Paris and the countryside of France so the difference
between Paris for example and the north the South the East and the West
so I spend a lot of time in the South of France because that’s where my in-laws are
from and I can definitely say that I find people a lot more relaxed they
really take their time they don’t seem to struggle with the impatience or the
frustrations that Parisians have so I would say that they’re a lot more
relaxed they still complain I think complaining is quite a French thing they
do still complain but they complain maybe less I would say and it’s all
about the good life the quality of life I found people in the north of France to
be super down-to-earth and very inviting and very curious about me as a person
just incredibly humble and natural people so I am starting as I travel
more and more around France to notice these sorts of differences but I think
what would be the best thing is that if I actually bring French people from
these regions onto my videos and I can do a series about what it’s like in these
regions of France Question number seven is from Jeff who asks how and where did
you meet your boyfriend and was there a kind of invisible wall between the two
of you because you’re not from the same culture so Jeff this is a super cool
question so firstly I met my boyfriend in quite a funny way actually he was
coming to visit our flat that we had in Auckland New Zealand there was a spare
room going and he was interested in renting the spare room but he
turned up with his female friend who we assumed was his girlfriend
and we weren’t really looking for a couple at the time we really just wanted
one extra person in the house and so he didn’t get the room so this is when I
first met this human in life and then a few weeks later just by complete chance
must have been fate I hear this voice behind me sort of being like Rosie and I
turned around and it was him and I was like oh this is awkward hey sorry you
didn’t get the room and he was like oh it’s completely fine I found something
nice and stuff and I was like oh I hope you found something nice with your
girlfriend and he was like oh she’s not my girlfriend and I was like oh that’s
interesting information but anyway he said that he was really interested in
meeting real Kiwis real New Zealanders while he was in New Zealand and I said
that of course I’d love to meet a French person he was the first French person
that I had ever met in my life and so we shared contact details and the rest as
they say is history Did we have an invisible wall
between us? I think like any bicultural couple knows you have to communicate
like five times harder than you do if you’re in just let’s say a normal
intra-national relationship we did work on that and I think the fact that we did
long-distance for almost 18 months in total really helps because you don’t
even have the physical side anymore all you have left is talking so we would
communicate communicate call message Skype whatever and we started our
relationship like this and I think that’s probably one of the reasons we’re
still together today the last question I get quite a lot I’m gonna pick up on question that I got from Hélène and Rémy
who have basically both contacted me saying they’ve got either limited
time or a limited budget to see New Zealand and where should they prioritize
I would definitely focus on the South Island especially around the bottom of
the South Island around Queenstown Wanaka, Arrowtown and down near Fiordland, that’s really probably the most exquisite part
of New Zealand I would hire a van that you can sleep in it and I would do
freedom camping actually and it would drive all the way up the South Island
and I would do the top of the South Island which is called the Malborough Sounds because that’s where you find really beautiful untouched golden
beaches and some of the best forests and walks you can do of your life I would
spend a decent amount of time in the capital city Wellington it’s a super
cute capital city lots of great food and coffee and a really nice kind of hipster
vibe to it so I definitely spend time in Wellington and then maybe you can sort
of finish off and spend a few days in Auckland and I wouldn’t spend too much
time in Auckland city because it’s not really the most magnificent part of New
Zealand but there’s some beautiful islands around Auckland that you can get
to so you can take the ferry and go to Waiheke Island you can take the
ferry and go to Rangitoto Island you can even take the ferry and go down to a
part of the country that’s called the Coromandel so you’re gonna see beautiful
wineries and forests and beaches and all the things that your heart desires.
So that’s all of the questions for this time guys I hope that you found that
interesting if you want to ask me a question please feel free to use the
form Ask Me Anything down in the description box below otherwise I’ll see
you in February with more questions more answers feel free to ask me anything about bi-cultural relationships, life in France, New Zealand, whatever springs to mind,
I’m an open book I’m happy to answer your questions so until then I’ll see
you next time! A bientôt!

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