Jak się nie da, to się da inaczej ➤ DARMOWY EBOOK W OPISIE! [TFB TV – 93]

Hi. I cordially welcome you. Today’s episode is going to be a bit about me. Have you noticed my new microphone? Here it is. I was tormenting my camera operator and I tormented him into buying a beige microphone. Why am I saying this? Because today’s episode is going to be about efficiency in business. I had not been aware that it was such a strong side of mine until I started focusing on certain details, cooperation, collaboration with my co-workers, business partners. Why am I telling you this? Because… Do not let go. Do not let go in business. Do not let go in relations. Do not let go and to do not give up. What I am talking about? I am talking about everyday meetings with our people. I meet with an IT specialist, I meet with a graphic designer and I hear that it cannot be done. I dislike the words “It cannot be done”. My co-workers already know that I dislike the words “It cannot be done”. Please, never say “it cannot be done” to me but rather “let’s look for solutions”. Why cannot it be done? Has anyone done it before? Where do you have such information from? An everyday life situation – I am preparing a new webpage for my business and once again I hear from a colleague who is creating this page “Iza, it cannot be done”. I say “Magda, come back to it. I believe that you will do it. I believe you will manage. I believe you have the competences to do so”. She came to me and said “You know what, I did it. I managed”. Do not give up. Do not listen when someone says that it cannot be done. Always ask why it cannot be done. Has anyone done it before? Does he have any proof testifying that it’s infeasible? Only people who keep pushing and are determined go further. Girls, do not give up when someone tells you it cannot be done, that someone has already done it. Maybe he has done it in a different category or in a different environment or with different people. Keep trying. Today, here and now something will not work but it will over time. Sometimes, I find my efficiency a bit puzzling and surprising. I do not give up. If I can’t manage something, I reach for my phone, search for solutions, make a call and ask, ask, ask. I dislike the words “It cannot be done”. My team already knows that these words do not exist for us. We may seek different solutions. We may come up with an alternative. If you control what you say and what people you surround yourself with, then it will be easier for you. One magical phrase. “I know you can do it. I know you can manage. You have done many nice things. I have seen your work. You have developed extensively.” These are magical words. So, if you keep co-operating this way with your people but at the same time you are determined and you don’t give up, don’t listen to the words that “It cannot be done”, believe me, you will achieve a lot. You will achieve success.

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