Jackie Offers the Wives a Seat at Her Podcast Table | Basketball Wives

So I’ll say it one more time so everybody’s kind of aware
of what we’re doing. – Okay.
– I do a podcast. It’s the first roundtable,
visual and audio. You know,
it’s just a fun thing, and we’re gonna talk about
everything under the sun, so if there’s something
you guys don’t wanna talk about on the podcast,
I don’t give a [bleep]. You’re gonna talk about it. [all shouting and laughing]
– I hate you! – Okay? So drink up. Go, go. This is about to be good. Okay. Where’s the mic at? – ♪ Mi, mi, mi, mi ♪ – Test, one, two.
– Test, test, test. – Okay, you guys,
so we gonna jump right in. So I wanna ask you guys some
personal questions, okay, coming from basketball wives
and women and so on. What is the most exciting thing
being with a professional basketball
player has been for you? Anybody? Anybody? I can say the fact
that they’re in shape and the sex
is the [bleep] bomb. – Okay, okay. – Until they’re like, “It’s
game day,” and they’re like– – Oh, and then they can’t
sleep with you. – “My legs, my legs,
I need my legs.” [overlapping chatter] – What the [bleep] does
your legs have to do with it? [laughter]
– You know it! – If you letting a sore leg
ruin your good time, then you doing it
all wrong, honey. [overlapping chatter] – Yeah, I’m just trying to see
if anybody’s on their way.[tense music]I’m really not trying
to get upset ’cause there’s so much
positivity in the room right now, but I went out of my way and I invited
all the ladies here tonight, and them not showing up to something
I’m so passionate about after I’ve really supported
them in a lot that they do, it hurts. – Whoever is supposed
to be here is here. – Exactly. – This is a sisterhood. This is something
that I really thought and wished that I could
have with all the ladies, but we actually are living
amongst these women, and it’s just unfortunate
that something so big and something so special
they would have to miss out on.I’m already questioningwhether Evelyn
and my friendship is genuine, and her no-show is just fueling
those questions even more. – After one, two,
three no-shows, it’s like, “No, you just
don’t want to come.” We make time…
– Right. – Right.
– Okay, for what we want to do. – We come even though we don’t want to be around
certain people in the room, but we still come
to support our sister. – Exactly. – So I–I personally see it as a great disrespect
to not show up. – Listen, as women, everybody’s gonna have issues,
like, sometimes. You know, it could be big,
it could be miniscule, whatever the case is,
however– – ‘Cause there was a time
that CeCe couldn’t stand you and you couldn’t stand her and y’all have taken
to sit here at this roundtable. – Yeah. – Around each other
in the same room. – Listen, CeCe, you and I
are building our friendship, but if you were doing something and I knew it was important
to you or close to your heart, I would put
that [bleep] aside because I know how to be
a bigger person. I–I prejudged you. You’re dumb as [bleep]. That’s what the [bleep]
it means because it was laid out
in layman’s terms. Like, what–what was there
to be confused about? – Okay, I’m dumb
as [bleep]. – I did push Kristen to show OG
the texts you sent about her, and it wasn’t my place. I do apologize to you
about that, and I want to take
accountability for my actions and say I’m sorry. – Thank you. – Aww.
– Aww. – I’m not gonna
get melancholy, but that’s the kind of thing
I wanna do on the Jackie Christie Project
is this type of thing. Seeing CeCe and Jennifer,
wow, these are two women that I adore,
and seeing them to be able to come to common ground,
it makes my heart swell. This is what I’m talking about. This is what the Jackie
Christie Project is all about.We need to lift each other upand not tear each other down. So thank you guys
for coming. This is the Jackie Christie
Project. [all cheer]– Coming up
on “Basketball Wives”…

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