Jack Ma’s Life Advice Will Change Your Life (MUST WATCH)

57 thoughts on “Jack Ma’s Life Advice Will Change Your Life (MUST WATCH)

  1. Ill rather walk than wait. So with the cell phones 72 hrs to get what you need…without cell phones 2 hrs to get what you need. Hum.by Waking you stay healthy sitting u get lazy. Great talk. But time is precious!

  2. Jack Ma who knowingly sold illegal copyrights product on alibaba to got rich now a mentor to change our lives ..what a laugh
    Many jobs lost, company closed from this heartless chino.
    Finally retired when he know the heat is on.
    He got a white wash story how he was rejected .. lol

  3. I've taken all of Jack Ma's advice. Now I'm targeting to change my life. I've even just created a youtube channel to follow my progress. My vlog is a drop in 10 mins. I would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out peace

  4. Great Inspiration & Motivation to Students & Young Business people. Try to understand Jackma Model and progress in future.

  5. ok I am 65, but I failed to follow his advice… let's do a quick "rattrapage" . Lets do what Jack advise for the 25. 🙂

  6. I believe that something, something is waiting for me there and i have to work hard to prove myself. 3:37

  7. A well inspired motivational speech from the Man himself Jack Ma very smart and educating words from him…

  8. I am 57. I respect Jack, but totally disagree with his principle, " work for younger people, they can do better than you"

  9. Now I know were to start and always put hopes and always stand up after all the failed what happen to my life! I can be and I can do the different things!!
    I believe my self God's there 🙏🙏😇😇

  10. Inspriration of me. I wanna become good business. You have a lot of mistake, you fall, don't worry! Try again

  11. he is really great person in the world, i really inspire him words thankyoou sir for the great motivation speech

  12. Always. Super. Good. Lecture. And. Achieved. Man 👨. On. Planet 🌏 planet 🌍 planet 🌍. There.

  13. God morning po oki lang hindi meett basta ako too ako tao gosto lang lahat save po ang boo mondo yon lang ayaw ko ng bad ang boo mondo po hindi ako homingi ng bayad gosto happy walang gira yon lang po marami salamat saiyon na indihan niyon ako god bless

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  16. I'm Cuban and this is my first time watching this guy, Everything he had said has touched me so deeply, and encourage me to stop for a moment and to think where do I want to go from this moment on in terms of my future. I hope is not too late for me. Thank you so much for Sharing Jack.

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