iTunes Troubleshooting : How to Add Songs From a CD to iTunes

Hey, my name is James Flint, and today I’m
going to show you how to add tracks from a CD into your iTunes. This is important to
know because that way you can both have music stored on your computer and play it, instead
of having to have the CD every time, or you can put music from the CD on your computer,
and then copy it onto your iPod. So, I’ve got a CD here, I’m just going to insert it
into the drive. And launch iTunes. And you’ll notice over here in our panel on the left
that the CD is going to pop up in just a second. All right. Okay So iTunes has now pulled all
the tracks up from the CD, and a pretty cool thing about iTunes is that it connects with
the internet and a database on the internet to find a lot of the track names. It’ll save
you a lot of time so you don’t have to go in and manually enter all of the names. So,
it’s asking me would I like to import the CD. If I said yes, it would import the whole
CD, but for example purposes we’re just going to import a couple songs. So I’m going to
highlight a couple songs and drag them over to my music library. Now as you’ll see in
the top panel, it’s importing and it’s giving me the song title, and it’s going to do this
for both songs. There’s a little orange motion icon that’ll pop up next to the track, and
that’s to indicate that it’s actually importing the song, and when it’s done, as you see here
we got about twenty seconds left, it’ll put a little green mark next to it so that you
know that this song is already imported into your iTunes. It’s important to know how to
do just one song as opposed to the whole CD ’cause, you know, there may be an album that
you only want to hear a few songs off of, so it’s kind of good to know both methods.
And since this is a little more complicated than just importing the whole CD by clicking
on import CD, I wanted to show you this method. So, this band is called the Chemical Brothers,
so when we’re done and we have both green check marks, we’ll be able to go into our
musical library, and under Chemical Brothers we should have these new songs. So it’s about
done importing, let’s go on over, and look at that, iTunes already wanted to start playing
these songs, so here they are. So that is the simple method of adding songs from a CD
into iTunes.

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