iTunes Doesn’t Have App Store? Here is How To Get The App Store Back in iTunes

iTunes Doesn’t Have App Store? Here is How To Get The App Store Back in iTunes

If you see your iTunes doesn’t have App Store then most probably you have updated your iTunes. And your iTunes App Store is missing simply because Apple deprecated App Store from latest
versions of iTunes. Fortunately we can get back App Store on iTunes very easily.
In fact Apple released a separate version with App Store for users like us.
All we need to do is just download and install iTunes 12.6 version. Also we need
to fix iTunes library.itl error. So continue watching my video. I’ll show you
how to get back app store in iTunes along with how to get rid of this iTunes library error. See here I am using latest iTunes 12.9 version and I don’t
have App Store on it. To get back iTunes with App Store we just need to download
iTunes from any of these links. I provided these links in description
section. Just download iTunes according to your operating system. I’m downloading 64-bit version of iTunes for my Windows PC. While download is going on we will
uninstall latest version of iTunes from our PC. So I will go to control panel and
then uninstall iTunes 12.9. You don’t need to uninstall all Apple software.
Just install the iTunes one. Okay done. I see downloading is still going on so
let me pause the video and come back once it finishes.
Okay now iTunes is downloaded. Now I will install it as usual software
installation. Installation is done now see whenever we try to open iTunes 12.6 we see an error message. This is because previous iTunes installation
left a library.itl file on our PC. So we just need to delete it or rename it.
In order to rename the file we need to head over to the “Music” folder. Then open
iTunes folder. Now simply rename this iTunes library file to iTunes library
bak. We can delete it too. I prefer renaming so in case the file is needed
again I can easily get it back. Now again try to open iTunes. And boom! Now we see iTunes opened without any error. Now I will see whether App Store is restored
or not. We will click on “Music”. And we don’t see it because it is hidden here.
Just click on edit menu. And here you can see App Store menu. Just check this checkbox box and we are done. Now you can enjoy App Store on your iTunes like before. Guys if you liked my video then please hit the like button and please share my video
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subscribe my channel. Thank you for watching my video. Take care. Peace

53 thoughts on “iTunes Doesn’t Have App Store? Here is How To Get The App Store Back in iTunes

  1. Man please could I organise a private session because I find it hard and confusing if you want to get in touch my number is 0868043227

  2. hey i appreciate the video. But for some resin even after i install the 64 bit version and delete the old itunes library it still dosnt work!?? please help

  3. its says to make changes to your payment you need to upgrade your computer to the latest version of windows

  4. Thanks it worked I was able to get the AppStore but for some reason I can’t open the apps I download. Please help🤷‍♂️

  5. Great video! Thanks!
    Why are Apple's own apps, like Apple Books, missing from the app store?
    There are other apps also missing from app store in Windows, that DO appear on my old iPad's app store.

  6. Hi, this tutorial worked for me perfectly in the past, but when I tried to login to iTunes today there were error messages. After digging around, I found out that version still works. Maybe you should try it out and update the description, thanks!!

  7. i am trying to do it but when i install it i cant login to my id apple account. If i cant login i cant download any apps from the store. 🙁

  8. I have the first generation ipad ios ver 5.1.1 and most of its apps are not working anymore. Today, I just found out that youtube app which I got from browsing doesn't already worked , the original app stopped working for a long time. Tried to install itunes ver 12.6.3 on my son's pc but when launched, it did not open and says we need a newer version of itunes. I was happy when I found your video because I can put apps in my old ipad but the old itunes vers 12.6.3 can't be installed. Trying still to find solutions.

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