It’s Never Been Easier to Be Furious Online (feat. Sam Morril and Mike Finoia)

It’s Never Been Easier to Be Furious Online (feat. Sam Morril and Mike Finoia)

– And I said if you got to
hold him in the fourth grade, you got to hold him in the fourth grade. Let’s do this sugar. – Hey Gene. – I think the kids sleeping. Come on, Randy. Let’s go upstairs, it’s
the bedroom on the left. (fire crackling)
(rock music) it’s the Bonfire, Comedy
Central radio series XM 95. I’m Dan Soder, that’s Big Jay Oakerson. This is music that your mom gets boned to. – Boned. – Our guests today from
the Amigos podcast, Amigo, the worlds amigo. Mike Finoia and the
hour special coming up, Friday at 11PM on Comedy Central
called Positive Influence, the Sam Morril. – It’s gonna be so good. – [Sam] Thank you. – So good, so god damn good. You will enjoy it, DVR it
right now you mother fuckers or I will come to you with
my new knife collection and bring hell with it. – I got excited, me and
Christine’s relationship has kind of spanned the time
of me watching guys like Sam, Mark Normand, and those guys
that come through New York and come, its great to see you guys who. – I mean, I’m in the same
class as them, I would say. With Sam. – Soder was a little before us. I mean.
– a little. You were, you were like
a little bit before them but to see these guys
where I was already kind of like looking outward,
you know what I mean, not looking back, seeing these guys who
just caught my attention for how funny they were and that cream is rising to the top, man. Its fucking fantastic to see you. – Always rising, yeah. Cream always rises, uh huh. – We started talking
earlier about post comedy. Which I’m always excited
to get into it about. We try not to drag
anyone’s specials by name and anything but, I don’t know what the hell. Everything’s a new uh, Norm MacDonald just
spoke on this, actually, on Stern today, it was pretty interesting. His take on it. He said. – Do you think he loses the show? – I love when he says– – No, I hope, I mean I
wouldn’t be surprised but I really hope he doesn’t. – I hope not but I wouldn’t
be surprised either. – He’s one of the best. – But he uh, you know, its funny how fast they
can fucking turn on you but he said on Stern
today, it was a great line, he goes, well Stern’s like, “Yeah, well Norm you
kind of always subscribed to, you know, comedy’s
supposed to just be funny, its not supposed to have to make a point. Its got to be funny” He goes, “Call me old fashioned.” Which is a great like definitive
line to make for that. I don’t understand why. – Cause these people who are like, its got to be anti-authority, its got, and you’re just like, well some comics can just make jokes. Not everything has to have, you know. – Why is not okay?
– a message. – Yeah, its a weird thing where I think all comedians are
pushing back in a certain way of like this kind of don’t tell us what to joke about and then now they’re also saying like, and there’s no jokes. Like don’t joke around about, like you can’t choose
what you joke around about and don’t make it funny. Cause its, there, there seems to
be a thing of outrage begots more outrage and they just can keep stirring the pot and being like, I’m fucking mad, and its like, its an activity now to get mad about shit that you read online. Its like a thing you can do. Its like playing a video game. You’re like, I’m gonna go on Twitter and get fucking furious about some shit and maybe take away someone’s fucking job and its like, its kinda fucking crazy. – I think a lot of comics that I think are hilarious.
– of course he compounds it cause what he said is, Christine just pulled
up an article that says Norm MacDonald–
– the joke he made after the whole thing? – Yeah, which I told you, that’s the one joke I heard that Ryan Beck even like text, DM’d me to be like,
“Dude this is hilarious” but Norm MacDonald said, you know, to not think the me, to not think Me Too was good, he’s like, “You’d have
to have Down Syndrome.” And so that’s like. – Oh shit. – Oh that’s fucking amazing. – So he was like defending
the Me Too movement. – But still didn’t do it right. – And then he didn’t do it right and like, ah points. – And he didn’t say the R word, he said the actual medical term. – Yeah, when discussing the
trauma that sexual abuse victims faced, Mr.
MacDonald said of course he understood the consequences. He went on to say, “You’d
have to have Down Syndrome. My new word.” Interpreted.
– My new word. – “Down Syndrome, good word.”
– my new word. I love him so much.
– Its funny when you break down hilarious people talking. Like if they did this with our, if you wrote an article like our show, like, they talk, they slut shamed moms. Its like we were talking
about our own moms getting fucked. Did you know how, you know how incredibly
exposing that is to yourself, to be like, yeah remember
these awful comments that I’m laughing about at 35 with some of the best comics in the world. – Yeah.
– I think… – Well you guys are super self deprecating and it’s like, I think it all started when comedy became super personalized and when like the story
became bigger than the joke. – Yeah.
– Do you know what I mean? When it could be like, oh this could go on for seven
minutes with no punchlines and then there’s like
one big pop at the end, you’re like, well, that’s not a bit. That’s a different genre of comedy and its cool that comedy’s expanding, but don’t tell us that it has
to be this one fucking thing. – That’s my argument.
– You can tell comedy with jokes. – That’s point for point
my exact argument about it. I, I, my problem with Nanette or Hannah Gadsby comments after that was you’re cutting out
so many comics who I love by saying that comedy has to
have a much greater point. I’m like, so Dave Attell, Bryan Reagan, even Carrot, should Carrot Top, multimillionaire Carrot Top, not be. – I know, right? – Not be in comedy some how? I mean how do you argue like? – But its good for comedy
that its broadening. – Of course.
– And the Hannah Gadsby thing is good for comedy. It means its being taken more seriously and its good to have
different parts of comedy but don’t tell us its like the most close minded people telling us that comedy has to be this one thing. Its the dumbest argument. – There’s also some people
that are sneaking into comedy and Tim Dillon made
this argument perfectly that there’s some unfunny people that are trying to fucking
kneecap other people to be like, yeah this
is my thing, you’re out. – Yeah.
– I couldn’t do the thing you did, I couldn’t be funny. So know I can’t be funny so I’m gonna kneecap you and now what I do is funny. You’re like, but its still not funny. – In order to break the rules,
you have to know the rules. You know what I mean? Its like some shitty ass
– That’s a great point. – Director and you’re like, no you got to know how
to make a good movie. You can’t just make a
shitty movie and be like, I did that on purpose. – Yeah. (laughter) – Its ridiculous. – Even at some point in
there, Norm MacDonald said, he goes, “you know its
not, its a one man show. Its not a standup special.” and he goes, “I completely respect those.” – Yeah.
– Like he was being serious and sentimental. He’s like, “Those are great.” – I think the templates
that lead comedy change, when I think when I was coming up the templates of the time were very much Attell, Dane Cook.
– yeah. – Do you know what I mean?
_ Yeah, yeah, yeah and you’d see molds. – Maybe Marc Maron sort of had that in like the alternative circuit but the kind of molds you kind of, and when you’re doing
you’re create a creator in a video, its like where you start and my, me, Kurt, everyone
was definitely in the vain of like watching Attell and being like, I, and I don’t even think, Kurt I guess more so but I never even had my comedy was never in the vain of Attell’s so much, like set up, joke but its in the voice, the style of, the genre, the genre of, is what I mean. – But you’re gonna be
influenced by someone who’s much greater at it than you are when you start. – Of course, but all the
templates used to at least, if nothing else, Marc Maron, whoever you choose in that vain. Sarah Silverman for a long time for girls.
– Louis. – Hedberg.
– Louis. All of them were like, there was no argument that
it was funny or not funny, the templates that people start following start getting further away from funny and falsely so, its like a Doug Stanhope, that became a big
template like a generation behind me in comedy. – You know what’s crazy, cause that was my generation and I saw a lot of guys being like. – But Stanhope pulls off, this unique thing he does and he’s very very funny
the whole way through. And a lot of people come
out and mistake funny for like, I’m gonna hammer home a point you people don’t want to hear. Like you just go against the grain and then walk off stage. Where he’s going against the grain and making you laugh. You know, there’s a thing behind it. – What you’re talking about seeing coming up, what I saw coming up, is you’d see guys that weren’t funny that were doing the Stanhope and kind of disguising not being funny under like, what you guys
don’t want to hear about this, my plans for abortion? – Its too real for you? – Its not.
– Can’t handle it? – You’re just not fucking funny, dude. – But Norm called it
out too, on Stern today, same person, I’d say kind
of like that Stanhope was the beginning of that, the template that people put him next to. – Or Hicks to another extent.
– Hicks was before that. Yeah, absolutely. But Stanhope’s hilarious. – Or Lenny Bruce before that, right? There used to be like
two political comics. It was like Lenny Bruce and then Mort Sahl and then it leaves like everyone, now its like everyone’s like, heres the problem with Trump. – That’s true.
– You’ve been to open mics. – But Jon Stewart, saying Jon Stewart was the other one that kind of subtly, even when he wasn’t doing
standup necessarily, I know he is a standup, but not doing standup, like that thing became like, kind of like that preach thing but that’s a show, its
a different formant. – But Stewart’s a great joke writer. – Fantastic, no, no he’s hilarious. – I agree with you but its like that, there was that, now like those guys who were just doing a, heres my point, couldn’t handle it, can’t, the walking people and thinking it’s cool. Its like no, Bill Hicks
would go to fucking Alabama and Arkansas and
kill with these liberal bits. – That’s what I’m saying.
– That’s the power of that. – He was funny and he had
like jokes, like jokes. Like you would watch
and be like, fuck man. And he was, he was taking it to them. He was taking away games. He wasn’t at some safe space. – It makes you laugh with him at the idea that he doesn’t
believe in evolution and that’s hilarious. That’s a testament to how
fucking funny someone can be with a joke.
– Totally. – Credits to Yannis Pappas, in 2009 he goes, “Do you know
who the most alternative comic in New York City is? Nate Bargatze.” he was like, he’s a southern guy. – How bout Joe Mackey, dude? – Yeah he’s a southern guy, he’s saying Walmart’s great
in these Brooklyn rooms and they’re like, ah fuck. He’s like, I don’t even
have to put stuff back and you’re like, that’s a
testament to great comedy is when like, Bill Burr, like watching him explode. Remember going to his shows, his live show at Caroline’s, he’d start a thing where you’re like, oh this fuck, this is, what? I don’t agree with that and then by the end
he’s just hammering home funny, and you’re like, ah
that’s fucking hilarious. But you’re right, Joe Mackey. Joe Mackey.
– Nick Di Paolo. – Yeah, uh yeah. But Mackey’s like a guy
who’s fucking hilarious and if you sit and talk to him you’re like, oh we don’t have, our morals do not. You’re such a better person than me. – He really, it makes me
want to go take a shower every time I hang out
with him, I feel so dirty. – Ryan Hamilton’s not a
guy where you’re like, this is clean comedy. You’re just watching him, this guys fucking hilarious. – So good.
– I didn’t cuss once. But it doesn’t mean it’s better or worse, it just means he’s fucking super funny. – Yeah.
– So to take the funny out of it, I think is like, its, I don’t know. You think its a template now? – I think the templates
people are looking, they’re just looking to
the wrong templates now because you want to make headlines over…
– Yeah. – Do you know what I mean? – Its like going to an ice cream store and then being like, ice creams not gonna
be sweet anymore, okay? – You, I’m not saying
anyone’s lying about anything but you can get a legit
chance for a career bump if you fucking say somebody harass, if you’re like a young comic, girl comic, and you say somebody with
power did something to you, you can get a bump, you get a momentary
minute in the spot light to try to bump and I think
some people do that, for sure, which I think, I always hate that cause it trivializes
real victims and shit. – Yeah, like the people that use it. Well that’s what. – Joe Mackey molested me. – Yeah.
– That’s huge bump. – By the way your special’s
coming out on Friday. – Joe Mackey. – Do you know what I’m saying? – I’m gonna touch you, now. (laughter) – Watch out, get those pants off. Here we go, buckaroo. – Its touch time, baby. – I think I told you I
was watching Bill Maher today, that Jim Carrey was just one, at the end of it, he uh, he goes and he’s
defending Al Franken, which I’m not even against, defending Al Franken but its just, I said this to you outside, its so funny like, Al Franken, there’s a
picture of him doing the joke picture of him squeezing a girls tits, I don’t think its a major deal but. – Its a USO tour right? I mean its all about sex and whatever. – If the girl did have a problem with it, then he shouldn’t of done that. Whatever people are saying there’s a lot of like, Al Franken’s accusations are like, he really squeezes pretty tight when he puts his arm around
your waist for a picture and its like, okay. So Bill Maher’s lobbying like, well listen, I believe Al Franken. So, I think–
– Well, you believe your friends. – I think he should come
back and run for something and I know, and I go at the same time, really if your major sticking point of Trump’s thing, like
what piece of shit he is in that regard, he said to another dude that he thought the cameras were off, you can fucking just touch a chick’s pussy when you’re famous, man, they love it. That’s really what he did, you know what I mean? And I’m not fan of Trump, get
him out of office tomorrow, I don’t give a shit. – But you made a point after that that its like, its like
when you’re dating someone. This was the point that I was like, this is hilarious. Cause you like, eventually people’s wives. At one point, someone’s husband or wife was their boyfriend and girlfriend and you had a dirty
conversation with your friend about that person.
– Absolutely. – Oh fucks like a champ, dude. And then like two years later you’re like, that’s my fucking son’s mother. You’re like yeah, you told
me that she deep throated you on the second date you’re like, oh that was a good date. (laughter) – Dean Edwards.
– Those were the days. – Early in me and Christine dating, Dean Edwards, we were standing outside of a comedy club. Christine came out, walked back in and he looked at Christine from the back and he looked at me with like a, he didn’t know I was dating her. – Yeah.
– And he goes, I saw his face getting
ready to say something. So you want to give him that, I go dude, me and her are dating. He goes, “oh nice” and I was like, oh yeah,
she throws it down. Like right away. (laughing) She throws it down, dude. – Yeah but I mean, Christine. – That’s like a good friend interception, right there. – Women do that? I mean that’s across the board, right? – Yeah.
– You definitely told a girl about how I fuck or something about it. How would you not? – Yeah like. – I don’t know if it changes so much from like a guy you’re dating to like that’s my husband. I think we get a little more territorial. – No but I think that
women are more territorial but I think over time you discuss less, both sexes discuss less sexually about their partners with their friends. – Well they don’t do radio shows together. – Also nobody wants to hear about the sex you’re having with you’re wife. – That’s disgusting.
– dude, we’re really hammering it down.
– I was like fuck yeah. God you guys love each other. – me and Catharine, dude,
we go fucking crazy. – Mrs. Fiona and I.
– oh god, Mrs. Fiona and you love each other so much. – But yeah I said I wanted to
make like a joke about that. Every perfect family you see with a husband and wife
who love each other and three kids in a beautiful house. At some point, that guy
went to one of his buddies and was like, dude that girl
I went out with last night, she goes fucking takes it to the balls. I mean, I never seen a
girl take dick like this. Pretty impressive.
– and then five years later its like (mimics baby crying). she’s like, Johnny, help me in the kitchen and you’re like, weird. – She’s the strongest women I’ve ever met. What I saw her go through
in that delivery room has changed my whole opinion about women. – That’s my hero holding my other hero. My baby girl.
– oh god. ♪ I can be your hero baby ♪ – Seven years earlier its all, dude that chick sucks dick like a fucking monster, bro. Eight years later, there she is. – That’s my baby right there. – That’s my queen.
– my baby holding my baby. – Baby holding my baby. – But that Bill Maher thing, I’m just, he’s coming out for Al Franken and defends Al Franken, its just like.
– yeah. – Its your buddy, you’re calling for, its okay for your buddy. I don’t know. – Okay liberals, if you want
to write off Al Franken. – Kyle Dunnigan’s Bill
Maher is fucking spot on. – He’s so funny.
– Perfect. – Its the best.
– He’s hilarious but everything’s so bipartisan now that that doesn’t matter anymore. You know what I mean? Like he’s on that team, so Bill Maher’s on that team. Its like, I’m defending that. If Trump was on his team, he would defend that. That’s just what it is, now. Its so fucking split, its laughable. Its that bipartisan. Its like.
– That’s everything, too. – But its also shitty
when people defend someone and then like with Norm, its like, well even if
you don’t agree with him, which I’m sure most people don’t, based on this, I mean to just, I don’t like the erasing of people. I don’t like the, you’re
not banned from this show. You’re now not allowed, its such mob bullshit. – Yeah.
– it really is. – But even with the positive, too when they go back to, what’s this? – I was gonna say. Read this, this kinda touches on that a little bit. Just this idea of like, like we banish people
now when they fuck up? Like they’re just done for good? – I’ve been saying its like, it feels like now culture
is a figure skating routine. Like you fall down,
you’re done, you’re done. You fell, he fucking slipped. But he wrote, what you highlighted, Norm MacDonald said, “I
meet all kinds of women that have terrible stories
about what happened to em.” MacDonald said, “I wasn’t
talking about the victims. They asked me about Roseanne. They asked me about Chris Hardwick, they asked me about Louis and I told them. You know if someone on
murders someone, you know, and goes to jail, right? And then he gets out
of jail after 10 years and you go, I’m gonna give this guy a job washing dishes because
he’s done his penance. Nobody goes, well what about
the people he murdered? Well of course, they had it off worse.” it turned into a Mulaney at the end. I apologize. Tried to keep it MacDonald
but it moved into a Mulaney. – No look, he makes a good point and they said they asked
him about something specific and I don’t think they spun
his words, necessarily. – But I’m saying, people now, because of how comfortable we live, its an activity to get
fucking furious online. – Totally.
– You can, I can choose right now to go online and find something that
fucking makes me angry, under tipping, a fucking, you know, you can just pick something. – It’s so addictive. – But I mean the big thing, again, I think a lot of comics, great ones, and I think me personally
float in like the gray area of the world, like seeing
the ridiculous on both sides, I kind of pick it apart on all but its not that way. Like most of the world needs you to like pick this fucking side. That’s my point. It makes me.
– I don’t know isn’t an answer anymore.
– so one makes me hate like or want to not like the other thing. How much I’m just inundated
with anti-Trump shit I know he sucks. I wish, I, me, I wish Obama
could just be president again tomorrow just because, will everybody be happy
now and like shut up? – Yeah.
– But the way they talk about him, we had an amazing president who got the world back on track, I’m like, I bet if you dug, if I was a politics person who dug deep, I bet there’s plenty of Obama policies that are fucking, nothing to
do with his black or white, just shitty puppet. He knows how to get on the thing, he did that speech was it, the end of last week>- It was the best. It was–
– Fucking amazing. The guys like smooth
jazz that calms you down but he didn’t say shit. He, there’s nothing to do. He said vote, he said go vote. – Trump is like a professional troll so its like, people that hate him you’re just gonna keep
hating him more and more every day.
– he’s doing the thing, you’re doing the thing he wants you to do, when he’s being like, you’re stupid. You’re like, what the
fuck did you say to me? And he goes, he just
starts grinning, he goes, I said you’re stupid. – Jim Carrey, pretty smart
thing he actually did say of all the goofy Jim Carrey shit he does, I think he said on–
– That’s what hundreds of millions dollars, two decades of hundreds of
millions of dollars give you. You lose all fucking touch. – Once you start painting,
something happened. (laughing) – Dave Smith.
– George Bush and Jim Carrey? That’s who it is? – Bush and Carrey. Have I told you those were the painters of the fucking new generation? – And Hitler. – Well, that didn’t go well. – Jim Carrey came out for, before I said he came
out wearing like Nike’s making a big Colin
Kaepernick thing, whatever, but then he goes, he’s like lobbying, I talked to Dave Smith about this and it is funny he’s lobbying for socialism in a country that capitalism
has made him a bizillionaire and I’m certain, Dave
said to me, he’s like, “I’m certain he hasn’t given
of 200 million dollars, I’m sure he hasn’t give 199 million to like charity and good faith” – Yeah just be like, I need a little bit to live off of. – People are looking to be angry and you can be angry. Calling all the
celebrities, and he told me, Dave Smith told me too
that Bill Burr has a joke I don’t think I’ve ever
heard, made me laugh, about all the, I go, its
made me not like watching Alec Baldwin stuff, even if he’s funny. – Yeah.
– Cause he was just one of the guys like, if Trump
wins, I’m moving to Canada. I’m like. That’s not an impressive
thing to say, like. So you’re gonna live
in a mansion in Canada? Like congratulations. – You’re still rich. – I don’t give a fuck where you live. Like Phil Collins live in Switzerland. I don’t give a shit. – I actually.
– They say it like they’re moving to Fallujah. Its like you’re moving to
a fucking nice country. – Yeah, its not that. – Canada’s a nice place. – You guys keep playing this way and I’m gonna move to a nice 17th century Victorian in London. – Yeah I mean like.
– I won’t, I won’t enjoy it cause I won’t be. – But he said, he said
Bill Burr’s got a joke he goes, how narcissistic
to even announce that to the world. You think somebody’s getting
ready to pull that lever he goes, I want to vote for Trump but I don’t want to lose Cher. (laughing) that’s fucking great. – That is brilliant.
– that’s such a funny joke. That would affect your decision? Alec Baldwin’s gonna move. What if Jim Carrey goes back to Canada? – Its so weird, man, because its like, this is a symptom of
comedy being very popular. Its like, there’s a lot
of money involved now, so people are making
money in different ways. In some ways that people have found money, one of my favorite people to watch, if you are bored and you have Instagram, follow Micheal Che, Chethinks, and watch his posts about comedy bloggers that he calls Megans.
– Megans, I love it, dude. – And its one of, its some
of the funniest reading cause he just proves time and time again, he’s like, “there’s people just out there just to say they hate shit just so people will click. Just so that other websites
will share their click bait.” and he just likes points
it out in such a way that its so fucking funny. That it is, its an interesting to watch because him now commenting is an activity the way them getting mad
about comedy is an activity. So just feeds off itself. Its this weird incestuous like, okay now I can watch this
person get mad about this and what’s this person’s
opinion about this person getting mad?
– Right. – Taking Twitter off my phone. – Greatest thing in the world, I bet. – Its so–
– Ari Shaffir follows no one and he’s got like
hundreds of thousands of followers. But I’m so like jealous of him to be like– – Doesn’t he have like the smart phone? He’s never–
– He’s got a flip phone. – Flip phone is what I mean.
– But it really is a thing where its you can, when you get off like, is this like a blog about it? – This were the screenshots from him where he, it was right
after he defended Louis and then he was posting other blogs. – Yeah, that became news. When just his opinions.
– Che’s. – Its admirable how reckless he is. You know for his fame. – With the status he has. The job he’s got.
– I think that’s, that’s what I always like. I love–
– He’s been apart of some fucking deep Legion of
Skanks and STR episodes, Che. – But Che’s like–
– He goes for it. Never gets in trouble. – I tell you this, funny. He’s funny.
– He’s hilarious. – Just fucking hilarious. – Never a whiff of hack,
he’s a great comic. – Yeah and that’s…
– Such a nice dude, too. – But I think that’s also
what you’re seeing is and that’s back to that
Tim Dillon argument where its like a lot of unfunny people try to take down being like, fuck this guy’s funny, I got a shot and I’m not talking about everybody, I’m talking about malicious people that are in this business. – Town criers who don’t
write fucking jokes. Who are like, we just have to be like, oh they’re funny, I guess. They’ve… – Well that’s what I was saying but its been proven if
you make some allegation, you’ll get your moment to possibly pop and break through, you know what I mean? – Well you’ll get your shot but it won’t be a long lasting shot. Like, its funny who I talk to, especially like, across the board. I’m not talking about just white dudes, I’m talking about like when
I talk to Michelle Wolf or like Mariana Franklin and you talk to these
people and you’re like, yeah its bullshit. And they’re like, oh yeah
there’s a lot of bullshit around here right now. There’s a lot of this.
– It’s really weird – A lot of this is
filled with fucking murk and like this is bullshit. – Look, for whatever you
think of the special even like Drew Michael’s say
pretty early in his thing about like, disability, that word, its like, so he has to separate himself. I’m a straight white man
but I have a hearing thing. The guy who’s way– – That’s how far its gotten now. – Who’s wailing it. – Guys I’m slightly off in terms of. – It is.
– I’m not perfect. – I have a stigma, so. – Do you, but you have to
agree how important that is in that special for what
he’s trying to accomplish. – I’m a straight white but there’s some colors
I can’t make out fully. – Yeah. A little colorblind. – I’m a straight white
guy but my cursive is off. (laughter) Can I get an hour special?
– I’m ambidextrous. – I once had bronchitis. Its been up and down. – The guy who is murdering
on America’s Got Talent, I mean walking his way to the finals is a guy who has Tourette’s.
– Okay – His eye blinks a little bit and its every joke is about it and they standing ovation
him every single time. I’ve never heard of him before. – But I mean it is, its so direct, its so direct to like. – Play it. Just enjoy. – Fuck you Heidi, sorry, sorry. – Does he, pause it, pause it, pause it. – I think Andrew Scholz looks great. – I hear a slight wigger accent. Am I wrong? – Well its more
– Am I wrong? – Its not wigger. I’d say its fat black southern momma voice for some reason. Like he’s got waffles in the back. – It kind of sounds like
Cleveland a little bit. – Yeah, go ahead. – Right, is that? Black Lou, am I right? Yeah. – [Comedian] Recently. – Oh yeah, what’s up so, girl? – Oh totally. This guys only black sir, he has jokes, he has jokes about being
at like black house parties and the cops come and think he’s like fill in the blank, go ahead Dan. What do you do? This is Christine’s favorite
game to watch me do. As we’re sitting and
watching this he goes, “the cops come to the party and they go” and I go, just pause, “Are you okay? Do you need some help? These are my friends.” and its like, and just hit
play and watch it happen exactly like I said. – I’m not joking when I say this, you probably saw it
cause you lived with him but Sam, its a legitimate
talent that Jay has to, like he’ll know a hacky premise and finish the joke in
a way that you’re like, that’s fucking crazy. Some of them.
– I did them all on super 8 tape in between
my mom’s tit shows. – I can, I can do some of them. – I between that, I’m fucking, its my mom fucking on stools. – This the way Big Jay eats some pussy. And I go, Jay, oh my god
are you in a Fubu shirt humping the stage? But it is one of those talents, its like crosswords puzzles. – It’s amazing.
– I’m not, I can get the easy ones, but Jays like, no 19 down, that’s anamorphic and you’re like, huh? How the fuck did you get that? – Yeah, you nail em. – I remember you telling me that you and Jay would
go to like Governor’s and see like just guys pop in. – We didn’t, no, no, no. – That was a specific night. – We went one night.
– Oh, okay. – And it was very specifically– – I don’t want to say the
name if you don’t want to. – Nick Cannon, we watched
his special on this show. – Alright.
– no, we broke down his latest special on this show. Pete Davidson got us tickets. – Yeah.
– He was like, “Do you want” he’s like, “I’m opening for Nick Cannon. Do you want to see him opening night?” – Sadly, it was before
the gun shaped microphone era of Nick Cannon but you know. – Which is so, you know you talk about
like jumping in on it but he is like a guy that
went from being like, man I’m so rich, show
business is so awesome to being like, I’m woke, what’s all this fucking problem? It was like almost by the next special where you’re like, that
much of a character shift? Like if I do my next
special and its all about communism and socialism. You’ll be like, what is Soder doing? I’m like, let me tell you the problem. – Its the alt-right Soder special. – Alt-right, I’m just like, America that I knew is gone. (laughing) – Bring back Colorada. – Monster truck days. – Viacom, more like Viacon. They’re conning you, America, into believing Comedy Central’s funny. – Oh dude, that’s alt-left Dan. – Oh I fucking love it. – That be great, just
shift back and forth. Just alt-Dan. – I don’t know who I am. – Just go left to right. – Its like the Terminator scene when he’s in the lava melting into different people. I’m just like, ah fucking, abortions good and bad. Oh no. – I like, I like fucking alt-left Dan. Why don’t you make illegal immigrants CEOs of companies? Deuces.
– Deuces. – And you just go, you just go, thoughts. Pause screen. – I want to know.
– thoughts. ♪ We’re coming to America ♪ – You call out an audience member, I need an audience member to beatbox for my closing, please. – I go, uh up in the sky, look around. Its just slam poetry. – If anybody says they have crazy thoughts in their comedy special. I turn it off.
– Get the fuck. Yeah get the fuck out of here. – Its going right off. – What if you do, you go, I am schizophrenic. They gave me a special. – Yeah, yeah.
– it’s a real risk. – Unless its followed by
actually crazy thoughts not just a shitty hack joke you wrote. He goes, oh man I got just nutty thoughts going through my head
all the time, its like, I just look at Christine
sleeping there next to me and I’m like, I could just choke her and say she died in her sleep. I could put a pillow over her face, she’ll never be able to stop. Nutty thoughts. I could kill a dog. – Keeps me up weeks.
– I’m so loco, I’ll take a shit, I’ll look at it and I’ll go, should I eat that? Should I eat that shit? – For like a half hour I’ll
have this argument in my head. – Eat me, motherfucker, eat me. – I take a cold shower with my clothes on and I go, if I could suck a ghost’s dick, would I do it? Crazy thoughts. (rock music)
(fire crackling)

56 thoughts on “It’s Never Been Easier to Be Furious Online (feat. Sam Morril and Mike Finoia)

  1. When they talked about genres in stand-up comedy, it's funny how I never seen anyone in the same category as Norm Macdonald.

  2. “I want to get a dog…and name him Syndrome. That way when he jumps on someone I can say ‘DOWN SYNDROME” -Norm Macdonald

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    one controls nukes and the other resigned in disgrace but yeah… totally the same… pander to illiterate truckers some more… fuck radio

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