Israel’s Hosting Situation – Podcast (Eurovision 2019)

Israel’s Hosting Situation – Podcast (Eurovision 2019)

the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is so
two weeks ago so let’s stop looking into the past and focus on the future
let’s talk Eurovision 2019 in Israel I think we can expect a very interesting
build to next year’s contest filled with controversies politics and drama
so let’s dissect this sup you fools Matt ESC United your favorite Eurovision
Channel welcome to our first podcast of the 2019 season hope y’all are doing
somewhat ok with your post Eurovision depression but I’m here to help you with
that as I promised you we are going to do everything in our power to help you
fight PED now we all know that Netta won the contest this year for Israel with a
song toy a song that was inspired by the me to movement the young singer won over
the hearts of the televoters resulting in Israel’s fourth victory in the
contest they previously won the contest in 1978-79
and 1998 so having the contest going pretty far east geographically speaking
will bring let’s not sugarcoat this a good amount of criticism so let’s go
through this in a respectful manner that is I know the whole shtick about oh
let’s not bring politics into Eurovision is going to come up I get it but we all
live in the real world and it’s already happening anyway no need to beat around
the bush and tackle this head-on right again with a healthy amount of respect
for the host nation and everyone involved so the official Facebook page
of the Eurovision Song Contest posted this today are you already looking
forward to next year’s Eurovision us too but don’t go poking your flights just
yet for official updates on where and when it will take place keep an eye out
for an announcements on our official channels hmm
hey are we reading too much into this little tiny post or what is going on
here well let’s take a few steps back first
so the first thing that a good amount of people usually casual viewers the first
point that they are going to race this Israel is not in Europe there shouldn’t
be allowed to host or even take part at it now I will not bore you with the
Israel is in the EBU broadcasting area details those that are listening to this
podcast you are very well aware of that already no need to spend any more time
to banking this now the real polarizing issue is that of Palestine or Israel’s
occupation of it to be more specific whether or not we like it when Israel
hosts the contest it becomes political by default and that’s not just a
one-sided issue here so let’s talk about Israel the Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the 2019 contest would be held in Jerusalem right
this hasn’t even been confirmed by the broadcaster and the proper venue or
dates are still to be determined but even Netta already welcomed people
to Jerusalem prematurely or is it prematurely it does appear that a lot of
people in charge if not all of them have already made up their mind about the
host city here’s a statement from Netanyahu these days Jerusalem is
blessed with many gifts we received another one yesterday evening with
Netta’s suspenseful and shining victory the gift was that your vision will be
coming to Jerusalem next year and we are proud to be hosting it he continues to
say those who didn’t want Jerusalem in the Eurovision now get your vision in
Jerusalem I’m sure most of you know the history but in case you don’t Israel is
considering Jerusalem as their capital but it’s a polarizing topic among the
international community as Palestine also has their claim to the city and
many believe that a two-state solution would be impossible if Jerusalem would
be recognized as Israel’s capital internationally
this all escalated quickly when US President Donald Trump announced that
the country would move their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem a decision
welcomed by Israel but criticized by many countries around the world a big
protest took place as Palestinians marched resulting in a bloodshed along
the Gaza border and in other areas less than two days after netis victory now it
had nothing to do with her win people were there to protest the embassy move
among other issues dozens of people lost their lives that
day but to get back to your vision due to the contest being held in Israel and
potentially Jerusalem for a third time some of express their discontent and
called for a boycott now the question is why is Jerusalem a controversial
Eurovision host City the ancient city is significant to Jews Christians and
Muslims it is home to a number of sacred religious sites which is venerated /
worshiped by all three religions politically both Israel and Palestine
claimed the city as the capital though neither our claims are widely recognized
by the world community then two days after netis Eurovision victory the
United States officially relocated its embassy to Jerusalem as I just mentioned
and that move has already sparked outrage both at home and abroad for many
months so for that reason many fear that the decision to host your vision in
Jerusalem will just stoke more tensions in the city and they’re already dealing
with clashes to begin with but the Prime Minister and apparently those in charge
insists that it has to be Jerusalem and no other city now as you can imagine
that has understandably led some fans to worry about security concerns and the
ever-present threat of terrorist attacks now apparently there are a bunch of
people from different countries trying to boycott the contest or urge the
broadcaster’s to boycott the contest for that matter starting with Iceland 23,000
Iceland ders and that’s a big number for such a small country they signed a
petition calling on the Icelandic a broadcaster ruv to boycott the event
there were even artists and musicians saying that they will not take part in
the Icelandic national selection one of them is died afraid did I say that right
saying we can’t imagine taking part in the fund that is your vision with the
clear conscience while the Israeli state and their army use such terrible
violence against the Palestinian people apparently now ruv will have a meeting
and decide whether or not to boycott the event then in Ireland the Lord Mayor of
Dublin is banned from entering Israel due to his support for the BDS movement
in case you’re not aware the BDS the boycott divestment sanctions movement
works to end international support for Israel’s oppression of Palestinians and
pressure Israel to comply with international law at least that’s what
they say on their website anyway he says or urges a broadcaster to not take part
in the contest in 2019 because it’s in Israel then seen fine politician loon
boiling called for a boycott as well on Twitter saying Israel wins to Eurovision
so let’s make BDS more successful than ever in 2019 there is Nessa collar’s MEP
she stayed at Jerusalem the mind boggles I thought Tel Aviv and then Ola NIC
bianna a fellow Sinn féin member also expressed her discontents the Irish
alternative called for a boycott on top of it and even a former Eurovision
winner Charlie McGettigan also called for rth
boycott the event he said look we don’t agree with this to celebrate while other
people are dying and more people spoke up Mike Murphy a former Irish TV host
called for a boycott of the event as well then the Left Party of Malmo which
isn’t Sweden in case you don’t know they suggested that you the Eurovision Song
Contest should not take place in Israel they were saying it’s absolutely
unreasonable for Israel to host this gigantic music contest while the
occupation is in progress we want Israel to be excluded from Eurovision on
humanitarian grounds we cannot continue dancing while the persecution of the
palace people continues boycott Israel now then
there is the we supported Jeremy Corbyn group in the United Kingdom they’re also
called for the UK to boycott the event keep in mind that Corbin himself has not
made an official statement as the time of the recording here several Liberal
Democrats party supporters also have called upon the party and the UK
government to boycott the event claiming that their participation would condone
outrageous human rights violation now keep in mind as of right now these are
all outside groups and individuals who are pushing for a boycott or withdrawal
nothing official has been released by the broadcaster so let’s wait and see
what happens the question is is there a potential drop in participating
countries only time will tell it is expected that less Eurovision fans will
travel to Israel certainly to some its political others have problems getting
into the country and then there is the financial aspect Israel isn’t a cheap
place and with being so far away from mainland Europe it makes it even more
difficult for the average fan to make it work now not every person out there is
an agreement with some of those assertions especially more conservative
folks but also several liberal voices are supportive of Israel and the current
state of it but the reality is a lot of voices are speaking out against the
contest taking place in Jerusalem now the news outlet at heart rates on
Tuesday said that the EBU did not care for the remarks made by ministers Miri
Regev and ayub cara about hosting the contest in jerusalem they demanded the
ministries to be in charge of producing the contest cara was even claiming that
he would invite dubai to compete now keep in mind that he has now authority
to do so now if that’s on making your head spin already there is more to
complicate matters Yaakov leadsmen leader of the ultra-orthodox party
United Torah Judaism and Israel’s Deputy Minister of Health drafted a letter in
which he demanded that the event not violate religious laws this is exactly
what was said in the name of hundreds of thousands of Jewish citizens from all
the populations and community for whom Shabbat observance is close to
their hearts I appeal to you already at this early stage before production and
all the other details of the event has begun to be strict in ensuring that this
matter does not harm the holiness of Shabbat and to work in every way to
prevent the desecration of Shabbat god forbid as the law and the status quo
requires now according to Jewish religious law Shabbat the holy sabbath
is observed from just before sunset every friday evening until saturday
night the Saturday evening broadcast of the show will start at 22 p.m. local
time it would not conflict with this however
the Friday evening jury show and Saturday afternoon rehearsals and all of
that are surrounding it that would affect that and similar protests arose
in the lead-up to the 1999 Israeli health competition but then we only had
less than 26 countries take part only one show so certain adjustments to be
made it was a whole lot easier than it would be today the chairman of the EBU C
revision committee dr. Frank D Tov riling said that he is well aware of the
tension and has plans to address it into communications with the Israeli
broadcaster so stay tuned for more on that so with the EBU posting that notice
I mentioned just a few minutes ago what else is going on behind the scenes hmm
but let’s sum this up the issue of Jerusalem hosting the contest continues
to be a hot topic of course keep in mind the Tel Aviv authorities already advised
that they will not host the contest so at this point the two biggest issues at
hand are number one will Jerusalem be a suitable host city for political and
safety reasons what is the abuse position on this and number two can
Israel host the contest if the dates make it difficult for them to comply due
to their religious laws and what if Israel can’t host the contest what is
going to happen will hosting be handled handed to the country that finishes in
second place which happens to be Cyprus or will the EBU give it to a different
country the big five maybe the UK Germany Spain all these concerns just
initial growing pains in Israel will be able to host the contest after all well
let me repeat only time will tell so I personally have given this a lot of
thought just like you all did as well probably so personally I would go
wherever your vision takes me whether it’s in Jerusalem in valentinus backyard
or in Jupiter I’m game however several of my friends and family members are
deeply concerned of my well-being should the contest take place in Jerusalem I
mean they’ll watch the news they know what’s going on and the increased
security risk they’re more than worried to be honest and so to them it’s not a
political issue it’s all about safety and I have to take that into
consideration of course I guess deep inside I’m still hoping that Israel will
have a change of heart Inlet tel aviv host the contest ha it’s just way less
of the thread and would receive less backlash from a political perspective
granite a lot of people will boycott this regardless of the host city but i
think that would be a step in the right direction if you were asking me as far
as religious laws are concerned that can and should not impact rehearsals right i
think we’re all on the same page i understand that
20 years ago the ebu was able to accommodate those demands but as pointed
out we only had one show with what 25 countries or so taking part back then
now we have three shows with over 40 countries so you cannot just not have
any kind of rehearsals or whatever going on during that time most of europe the
secular the government that is so it’s not something that the rest of us really
have to worry about or think about it even and to sum it myself included it’s
almost strange it’s strange concept that you are not allowed to do much for like
24 hours once a week huh I guess all I can say is buckle up it’s going to be a
bumpy ride this isn’t the last that will hear of that and I know I get it nobody
likes politics in your vision I get that but again there is this big elephant in
the room it’s really big and we can’t just pretend it’s not there but let me
know what your thoughts are do you think Israel will host it after
what needs to get done to resolve the issue what are our options at this point
let me wrap up this podcast by playing one of my favorite entries from Israel
it’s a classic from 1983 hi-hi-hi Oprah huzzah I’ll talk to y’all later

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  1. Im so happy that there are so many people planing on boicoting israel's show hahaha, They shouldn't be allowed to participate until they accept palestine and they return their land back. Hello Israel, stop and think why so many people DISLIKE your country, MAYBE you are doing something WROOOOOOONG, regars from Spain.

  2. I have a feeling that it could be moved to somewhere neutral for the sake of security. This would probably a first, as the only times that the contest was moved was because of holiday and or money issues. I know when Israel won I think in 78 or 79, that they weren't able to host it that year. And I don't blame the countries trying to boycott, but I think this would be a missed chance for those those wanting to enter. And this would mean like countries like San Marino and Switzerland and possibly others ( Think Rykka and Celine Dion since they were actually canadian and made it possible for them to enter.) would have to accommodate for possibly new entries in their national finals ( Though don't let it become like the situation with Alexeev and Belarus, I heard that was intense) because of the countries that want to boycott. It's a convoluted mess and I certainly hope that they can make it possible, but they also have to think of a back up and possibly another back up in case things fall through. I have faith that the EBU will make the right decision in all this.

  3. the contest should take place in Israel – there's no questions about it. However, Jerusalem is very bad place to host it. too dangerous (you can be stabbed and killed any time). I don't want to take sides because Israel took Palestinian land and this issue have to be resolved, but how? Israel have almost no land, they grabbed it because they needed it badly. Palestinians have full rights to get their land back but it's not an option. They have to settle it somehow (Israel can buy that land and provide Palestinians with free access to their land, and possibly give them some benefits so they won't feel robbed). While Israel is protected by US they won't bother to settle this matter just like US never bothered to upkeep international law.

  4. Horizon Times has some info about Israel that may interest you. Click on the blue button at the bottom to go to the next page.

  5. THERE IS NO BIG ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM HERE!!!! You guys are making it too much of a drama! It is too early for the Israelis to announce dates or any other information, they just won the contest 2 weeks ago for god's sake!!! Let them enjoy their win now! Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, whether some of you like it or not, it is the fact in reality, so they have all the right in the world to host it there like any other participating countries do in their capitals! It's not a big deal! The Israelis are experts in keeping their cities and citizens safe against Palestinian terrorists, and Jerusalem is a peaceful and beautiful city under Israeli rule, so don't worry about it. Just relax and enjoy the ride! See you next year in Jerusalem!!!

  6. The only problem with Tell Aviv is that the mayor came out and said the city would refuse to host, so there's also that among other concerns.

  7. Statistically you'd have a higher chance to die of a terrorist event in Paris than in Jerusalem, and Jerusalem isn't more dangerous than Tel-Aviv is. The security issue is a non-issue. If anything trying to force Israel not to host it in Jerusalem for political reasons is a pretty good reason to host it in Jerusalem. Nobody ever came with demands to another country to not host it in their capital.

  8. With all due respect to the narrator…you’re a fucking ignorant, stick to eurovision topics when it comes to politics and israel you know nothing about!

  9. Let me tell you guys a story:
    Last summer I went to The Netherlands with my family and my father bought tickets to Brussels because it's cheaper. It was right after the huge terrorist attack there. My mom was afraid by my father told her: Brussels is much more safe now, because they are ready and has a lot of guards.
    As someone who lives in Israel, I can assure you that the security will be huge and that you have nothing to worry about.

  10. – Russia hosted the contest in 2009 dispite their view on homosexuals and their warfare against Georgia – Only Georgia resigned..
    – Azerbaijan hosted the contest in 2012 dispite breaking basic human rights towards their own citizens and not being able to guarantee the safety of the armenian delegation – Only Armenia resigned..
    – Ukraine hosted the contest in 2017 dispite the country being litteratly at war against Russia during the show and wouldn't allow the selected russian singer to enter the country – Only Russia resigned..

    So yeah why should it be any different with Israel winning and hosting the show in 2019 dispite the controversies against the palestinian people??? After all i don't think anything is gonna change, and i don't see any nation going to resign from the contest next year.. If any country does boycott the show it will only raise the question why this year's situation was different and why they decided to take part in 2009, 2012 and 2017..

  11. Watch these two magnificent people talking about facts and know the facts. One is a brilliant person – an Israeli-Arab Diplomat and the other was a chief commander of the British Forces in Afganistan:

  12. Having been to Israel, you feel insanely safe… there are airport style security checks everywhere. Trust me there will be more security there than at any previous Eurovision. You will be fine.

  13. Eurovision mustn’t hold in ISRAEL. It should hold in Cyprus🇨🇾It’s safer there.

  14. An ESC in Tel Aviv or in Jerusalem poses the same exact security risk to you as a viewer. Israel is a tiny country, so whatever you think about safety in Israel the host city does not matter. Israel takes security very seriously and I guarantee to you that unlike Lisbon 2018, Eurovision in 2019 will not have a stage invader of any kind.

    Moreover, I thought this video should have stated the obvious – That Israel has already hosted Eurovision twice, both times IN JERUSALEM. Was there no occupation in 1979? Were there no terrorist attacks in 1999? Whats the difference? There is precedent for doing this, and where were all these boycotters back then? Completely bizarre to me.

  15. Israel’s victory at Eurovision, and the subsequent news that next year’s contest will be held in Jerusalem, has also been criticised as a crucial step in denying Palestinians their human rights. Following the human rights violation perpetuated by Israel towards the Palestinian nation it is unethical for us to participate in such a glamorous competition like Eurovision in the shadow of Israel’s violence against their neighbours,” “In the past few months, the State of Israel has killed dozens individuals just for protesting the situation. The Association mourns the fact that Europe has not stood with human rights that night, but has instead chosen to hold the next Eurovision contest in Israel. At the same time, the Israeli government interferes with international laws and conducts land robbery, human rights abuses and repeated violence against Palestinians.”

  16. Matt, you've been reading too much world media, I'm afraid. I've just returned from a weekend in Jerusalem, and it is an amazing city. It is vibrant, joyful, beautiful architecture, great art scene, incredible food scene, tons of history and archaeology. It would be great to have the Eurovision there:

  17. First of all is is a music gathering , what politics has to do with it but speaking of politics , a guy is trying to break into your house in order to kill you and you shoot it. would you blame yourself for trying to defend your family? the Hamas admitted that most of the killed people were Hamas people with clear intent to break into Israeli territory should they be alowed to come in? I dont justify everything the Israeli government is doing but come on people be resonable. BUT I dont think it should be in jerusalem just because jerusalem it's too crowded and small it can not host such a production. I would go to haifa the new football stadium is big and new outside the city and easy to approach. Haifa is a mixed city where jews and muslims live together, it would be an excellent choice.

  18. I really appreciate your take on this serious situation. And since it is such a serious issue, just listening to your thoughts was the best way to take it in. But I hope your videos between now and next season won't be all podcasts! I miss your friendly face! 🙂

  19. Come on!Jerusalem hosted the Eurovision already twice in the past and in the name of Israel, just reminding, so making this ugly
    political issue on this occasion is way way above hypocrisy! and regarding the occupation? hello! when europe came To Israel for Eurovision no one even mentioned that and now when Gaze has its own regime and the west bank, now it suddenly bothers you?!
    Jerusalem is the capital of Israel since day one, and this is where we want to have it. It is written all over the bible and I can't even get it really how come you think you can rewrite basically everything! You don't want to come? then don't it's your loss anyway.

  20. After this year's song from Iceland I would like to personally thank them for not participating again 😉

    Israel is a lovely nation surrounded by enemies who won't accept its existence. No other country could be as patient and restrained as Israel is.

  21. I hate the fact that when I say that Israel did something wrong, I'm automatically called antisemitic ..

  22. please everyone , COOL DOWN , have you all forgotten the purpose of eurovision ? UNITY RESPECT AND JOY , you are so far from this in your comments , such a pity , well , i myself wont read any more comments about this topic anymore , MY EUROVISION IS COLOUR , JOY , FUN , MAGIC , and UNION , bye bye all of you who still want to indulge into hatred comments , dont you realize you are playing the same war game as you condemn israel to have gone into ? PEACE OF MIND is the answer to all the chaos the media has been trying to plunge us in , I LOVE ALL OF YOU guys , and lets unite again in our next eurovision show … HUGS from brussels

  23. Every action taken by the Israeli army or government deemed violent appear to have been done with the sole purpose of sparing Israeli Jews (and people in general) from being killed. It's tough neighborhood full of crazy people. Israeli citizens or settlers that do anything against Arabs are brought to Israeli justice and punished. There are even Arab Israeli congressmen at the Knesset who openly call for the dismantling of the Jewish state, and they are tolerated and allowed to speak. On the other hand, Russia's and Azerbaijan's human rights abuses were the product of an individual or a family gripping to power for decades, lack of democracy, silencing dissent, and, overall, good old bigotry: Ireland, Iceland and the UK had no problem to go and party hard at their Eurovision editions. So, btch please.

  24. Israel is a very small country. Tel aviv is just 50 minutes drive from jerusalem and In a few months, a train will be open so its going to be just 28 minutes between these cities

  25. Europeans voted for Israel and now the political parasites are looking for mileage to further infect this music competition brand. Why didn’t those countries against the Jewish state boycott Lisbon for allowing Israel? If you hate Jews and Israel then don’t vote for it.

  26. Itll will be in Jerusalem, more precisely north west Jerusalem in teddy stadium or the local arena. thats it.

  27. Jerusalem is a big city, with many diverse communities. It is actually one of Israel's most multicultural cities, since it has a huge Muslim population, many Christians, as well as all kind of Jews. Everyone follow their way of life, and live mostly in peace. Jerusalem hosts international events all the time, and is also ready for the Eurovision. Jerusalem might not be a party city like Tel Aviv, but it does have its share of great clubs and other places of entertainment, many also open on Shabbat, so you don't have to be religious to enjoy your time in Jerusalem.

  28. It is a fantastic country, I will be there I'm sure but I prefer Tel Aviv over Jerusalem, because it on the seaside and I like the sea.

  29. Jerusalem has hosted the competition already twice. The human rights violations already existed in 1979 and 1999. No one boycotted back then. Why would they boycot now?

  30. i am living at israel for 15 years now. and i am fine, nothing bad happened to me never this couintey is amazing. come here next year. Jerusalem or tel aviv. idk. i want it to be at Jerusalem but both are f ine!

  31. Let's get real now. Israel is a small country of people hated by by the whole region, yet they manage not only to guard themselves, but to dominate both economically and militarily. I honestly don't think that safety will be an issue there.

  32. 04:56 "douzens of people lost their life" it was announced by Hamas terror organization that 50 out of the 62 deads were terrorists belong to Hamas. it was also confirmed yesterday that the 8 month baby didn't die because of the riots. she died from heart failure.
    now I continue to listen to more lies on this podcast.
    05:58 "will bring more clashes on the city". well….clashes are made on the Gaza border not in Jerusalem. they can also be stoped there by one order to stop it from the Hamas organization.
    any claim that hosting the contest in Jerusalem will lead to clashes is stupid. the arab population live in this city is waiting to have this opertunity to host the contest here. they also want to have their business boost up by Eurovision fans shoppers. its good to their economy as well win win situaton.
    ok….back to the podcast to listen to some more fake news……
    07:09 until 09:24 almost 2.5 minutes of this podcast dedicated to people and organizations that boycott Israel from antisemitisem rooted deep. minority in the European population that most of Europeans don't even give a damn on them.
    ok….I continue listening…..
    09:49 "Israel is not a cheap place" well…..It was not cheap in Sweden, Norway and Portugal as well. and believe me…..Israel will do a great moves to help the fans and journalists to be pampered from head to tow when it will come to Eurovision.
    men… start to piss me but I continue listening…….
    11:00 "the Shabbat" . Eurovisions 1979 and 1999 were also held on Shabbat include rehearsals. we managed then we will manage now. religious people were always here back then and now. secular Jews, arabs and people from other religious can work that day to make sure everything will go well. we don't ask the religious to work that day. btw….not that they work in any other day.
    and show this to your family….

    Eurovision WILL BE in Jerusalem!!!!

  33. This video shouldn't be! stop judging to hardware everything that Israel take part of! did you made the same video about Russia? Azerbaijan? Germany? Irland about what they did in south africa? Ukraine? Is one of them call to boycott the World cup in Russia? cant belive how ppls belive to the terror organizations propoganda

  34. occupation? is that so? In order to understand the situation in Israel, one must know the history of the region. Most Europeans and people from around the world who criticize Israel are not even aware of what has really happened in Israel in the past and present, all their information is based on a false perspective that is not necessarily their fault.

    So let's make a short history lesson – the Arabs and the Jews lived in the country together under British rule and before it under the Turkish occupation.

    The Jewish and Arab communities lived side by side in a kind of peace (not exactly peace because at that time the Arabs attacked Jews in terror attacks already then). With the emergence of the idea of ​​nationalism, the Jews supported the idea and began to want a state of their own. At that time the idea of ​​nationalism did not even reach the Arabs. Later, with the Partition Plan of 1947, Jews and Arabs were given a state. The Jews, of course, were happy and accepted the plan, but the Arabs refused.

  35. Of course that the Prime Minister of Israel and Netta will say that it is in Jerusalem! Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Just as the last competition was in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, so the competition should be held in the capital of Israel and it is Jerusalem !!!

  36. I think it should be hosted by Cyprus(2nd place country) because of the politics going on.I personally don't blame Israel.It's just because the contest was created to unite Europe after the effects of war.But I predict that if Israel hosts ESC 2019,it will end in terrorist attacks or a possible European war which USA would involve itself in,resulting in a huge disaster. If Cyprus hosts the contest I think both Israel and Cyprus should be automatically qualified for the finals,just like the big 5

  37. That's why televotes are so important; you can't really get a solid picture of how liked some entry is by a jury of just 5 people from each competing country.

  38. There is no state such as Palestine!
    Stop lying!
    And Jerusalem were the capital of Israel since the first days of humanity!
    Read some history ! Read some bible!

  39. Many of the above mentioned countries that they now refuse to participate they should have thought about this before giving Israel 12 points. What did they expect? Israel won fair and square and it should host Eurovision regardless of politics. I am saying this and I am from Cyprus, the runner up winner.

  40. Gal Gadot unable to host Eurovision next year in Israel. Israeli Hollywood star Gal Gadot’s press agency says she is unable to accept offer to host next year's Eurovision Song Contest, citing scheduling conflicts and previous commitments. I'm pretty sure her American agency reaction to the offer was " Euro – What ???"

  41. The EBU are a non political organisation, in that they don't really care about politics. The contest is a commercial venture. If they can host the contest safely to the same timetable they always do, and provided the have no less than 35 entries, it will go ahead in Israel. The Pais Arena Jerusalem is big enough, given that fewer fans will travel.
    The major issue that will prevent the contest taking place in Jerusalem or even Israel is if the sabbath has to be strictly observed. If the jury show doesn't happen on Friday night ( it can't happen on Friday afternoon, that's too soon after the second semi final), the final won't be on Saturday night. Will the EBU be willing to move the final to Sunday night to placate the religious community? Answers on a postcard!

  42. Of all countries in Europe Israel has the best security. I would feel more safe there than anywhere else.. Tel Aviv has no arena to host it. All those personalities that are callin for boycott are known for their previous antisemitism, support of bds or Hamas. EBU has banned politization of esc and if they don't host it in Jerusalem they will cause more mess for the future. Host country should have a freedom of her choice and any international threats and boycotts have to be ignored and not accepted.

  43. I got to say, I got a lot of respect to you for just giving the fact straight like that without inserting any bias into it.

    Israel held the eurovision before and the occupation was always there.
    The people that talk about boycotting will continue to want to do it regardless of it being held in Jerusalem or somewhere else.
    I mean you read their statements and they didn`t mention Jerusalem as the cause.

    I hope it will be held in Israel and in Jerusalem if it is possible production wise.
    I think the people that will come will be able to see the country for what it really is and not what the media tries to make it.
    It is not to say that the conflict with the Palestinians is not there but the media does try to make it as if Israel is some kind of evil while the fact is that Israel just trying to protect itself from the Palestinians and things became complicated after the several wars we had with them and the neighbor countries and now we are just stuck in this situation.
    We are stuck because no side believe that the other side is trust worthy.

    Anyway, I think that safety wise you do not have to worry.
    The Israelis are experts in security matters.
    I believe there will not be any problem in the city.

    I hope that if you will come that you will be able to enjoy Jerusalem as well as the other places in Israel.

  44. I live in jerusalem, and i have been living here my whole life. it's perfectly safe! the IDF keeps everyone protected don't worry.

  45. Israel won it fair and square if any counties don’t like that then don’t fucking come next year Eurovision is about all the countries coming together or one night to celebrate music not to celebrate war and killing so why bring politics into Eurovision and for the countries to say they are going to boycott the competition they should be kicked out of the competition Israel has every right to be in the Eurovision even if they are not in Europe Australia is not in Europe but still they are in the competition some people in this world are scum and they have nothing better to do than post shit Netta was amazing and I’m glad she won and let’s hope the Eurovision will bring some peace to the country #Israel2019

  46. NETTA💖💜💖💙💖💚💖💛💖, a gifted, super intelligent human being, an artist, a singer, WON DRAMATICALLY, UNEQUIVOCALLY, with a WONDERFUL TOP SONG !!! (time will tell, it's value in the course of years – one of THE best ever).
    NETTA – WON BIG TIME !!! 👍👍👍

    NETTA reached 3rd place with 'sold/ political/ anti-Isarel "Judges" = who are +/- 3-5 ppl from each country,
    YET WHEN THE PUBLIC AT HOME – IN EVERY 43 COUNTRIES – MILLIONS OF PPL, from all over the European/ Asian/ Australia – SHE GOT THE HIGHEST EVER SCORES !!! (12 points X many many) 🙏🙏🙏



  47. So what, Palestinians are the aggresors, they always rebel and then what should Israel do? To stay silent and let shit happen in Israel? Lol

  48. I think it should be hosted in Cyprus. Cyprus has never hosted the Eurovision Song Contest, they have only hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest once. If Israel can’t host it. 2nd place should host it, which is Cyprus. Also Eleni had a much better song than Netta and should have won anyway. This is just my opinion. If you don’t agree with me then I am absolutely fine with that

  49. When Israel won the Eurovision in the past, the host city was Jerusalem and all went very well! So, what is the difference now??

  50. Israel hosted the eurovision in the past, and will host the eurovision in 2019 in jerusalem!!
    You dont have no idea about the israeli/palestinian conflict, check the fact before you react and encourage people to not come to Israel for the Eurovision and remember that Israel wants peace but we cannot make peace with people who trying to kill you in a daily basis, and by the way you should blame Hamas for using the Palestinian people children and woman as a human shield,

  51. Im fine with cyprus hosting. They deserved it. If anything the only performance that grew from the music video was cyprus. They deserved to win

  52. Netta saying "next year in Jerusalem" wasn't her claiming it or deciding where it's going to be, "next year in Jerusalem" is a running theme for centuries. we sing it on Passover, after Yom Kippur, etc. even while in Jerusalem.

  53. I live in israel half of the people thinks that the eurovision should take place in tel Aviv and the other half thinks it should take place in Jerusalem I want it to be in tel Aviv but people in the world doesn't agree with the fact that Jerusalem is the capital of israel so our prime minister wants the eurovision in Jerusalem
    And he also said "if you dont want Jerusalem in the Eurovision you will get the Eurovision in Jerusalem " because in the 2018 Eurovision they said to the hosts dont say Jerusalem say israel when they came to take the Israel jury points

  54. I don't really get this, the eurovision mustn't be connected to any politic but as far as we see there's politic in the voting parts but nobody really cares or give a shit about that.
    Funny to see things which are involved with the name Israel getting hate and the real question is why's that?
    People who are confiscating without any logical reason must be dumb for 100 percents because they should learn some history about our country and also, they are ignoring the real fact that the palestinians are trying to break through the fences.
    The palestinians should be grateful that we let them demonstrate due to us being a democratic state and they're doing the opposite, just breaking through the fences, burning our fields at the border, sending their little children to demonstrate and throw conflagration bottles on our soldiers who are saving the civilians and WHEN A SOLDIER SHOOTS A LITTLE CHILD IT LOOKS LIKE WE'RE THE EVIL GUYS IN ALL THIS MATTER AND WE DID THAT WITHOUT ANY FCKING REASON.
    In conclusion, the palestinians must recognize that Israel is real and they can keep dreaming on Palestine in their dreams and Jerusalem is gonna be our capital FOREVER AND EVER.

  55. Hey guys, I won’t be going to Eurovision next year because it’s no longer in Europe, it’s in Palestine…

  56. Anti Semitism is alarming, I thought Europe was "accepting" of all religions. If it was hosted in Saudi Arabia, betcha a lot he woman would wear headscarves and the gays would stop being gay, Conchita would've dressed up like a man! It's ridiculous, Jerusalem 2019 vivre la Israel. And I'm not even Jewish

  57. . Israel won, so it must be in our beautiful country
    No matter where: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Haifa. It will be a great show to remember for years . Let's all be united in music and lovely performances and songs in Israel. Welcome everyone. You'll enjoy it greatly.

  58. the whole point of Eurovision is to win so that the winning country can host. So Israel should host and it should be held in Jerusalem. We don't need the country's that don't support Isreal.

  59. Jerusalem will host the ESC 2019 successfully and because the "outrage" they will do their best to be memorable …and it definitely will!

  60. Greece : So, if Israel will not be the correct host country, the competition will take place in Cyprus, that was runner-up?
    People : Yes.
    Greece : So, there is a possibility that Nicosia or Athens will host the next contest.
    People : Athens is in your country.
    Greece : That's what I said.
    People : Cyprus is an indepedent country.
    Greece : Hahahahahahah… very nice joke… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. You made me burst out laughing so loud… ahahahahahahahah

  61. I hope all of those countries will decide to boycott it and Poland will finally have a chance to win xD

  62. if they think that jerusalem is not a good city why cant they do it some where else in israel. somewhere safer ITS THAT SIMPLE

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