59 thoughts on “Isolation – Mind Field (Ep 1)

  1. i almost cried watching that????? like idk man. i’d like to think i’d be pretty okay in isolation, but who knows? how am i supposed to know? i have a feeling that eventually i’d just begin to cry because i’d be trapped with such distracted and broken thoughts for so long with no idea what to do with them, or a way to project them into reality; and they’d just continue to get even more distracted and broken as the time would go on. to entertain myself, i’d probably think of books ive read or want to read, or even want to write, or things i want to draw, or things i want to just create, but with no way to actually DO it. it’s so many ideas being produced but none of them are able to be brought to life. no drawing, no writing these thoughts. only thinking of them. and that right there feels like insanity just imagining it. i’d get lost in the fantasy even more than usual, and that’s honestly a terrifying thought. oh god now i’m scared lol

    but seriously, what if i went into that isolation room and just literally lost myself with nothing to think about but fantasy? i’m a very idealistic person and i retreat into my head when i get stressed and fed up with reality, so what’ll happen when there is nothing to do BUT retreat into my head? it’s so scary pondering what could happen to yourself with these kinds of things. and the thing is, you’ll never know if you try.

    no idea why i wrote all that but it’s 2:15 am please excuse me

  2. This was hard to watch. I've spent weeks in a situation like this before with having chronic fatigue syndrome. It's tough and you have to become incredibly mentally strong

  3. Adding the food containers into the room is not a good idea because I personally would take them and fuck around with them. you could take different containers filled with different amounts of water and make a shitty but functional drum set for example. That leaves you with plenty of stuff to not be bored with if you dont have that robot level of self control lmao.

  4. If I was stuck in a room with nothing to do I would find something to do, I would come out with Chronic masturbation

  5. I actually feel insanely bad for him. I've never seen the entertainment physicist be so conflicted and sad he was forced to keep everything to himself

  6. People keep posting about how they are not paying. Like, okay we get it? I 'm also not paying, but by the way how much did the subscribers pay anyway??

  7. Nowadays we live in a society when we have a lot of information to deal with all the time. So I wonder if someone from a few centuries back would have a easier time with this test. Don’t get me wrong, it’d still be torture and all, but maybe it would take them a little longer on average to freak out? With there being less contrast and all.

  8. I can feel your boredom of your test

    You have family, friends to talk in outerworld

    I don't have friends that talk ,
    They just don't communicate
    I don't want talk to my family often

    I go to tuition's
    1st teacher teaches Maths and physics which is like alternate for maths and alternate for physics and
    2nd teacher teaches chemistry on alternate Tuesday like
    Monday – Maths
    Tuesday – Physics , Chemistry
    Wednesday – Maths
    Thursday – Physics , Chemistry
    Friday – Maths
    Saturday – Physics , Maths

    On Monday Alternate I am at home throughout the day
    So I got bored every alternate
    And I try to do things that I can
    But trust me that doesn't work

    It's for me like almost feeling Boredom everyday

    I can feel Boredom everyday, and I always say in my mind that why God , why I am alone always , i wished that I have GF with which I can always talk with her, wished that I had amazing friends but I think I will be filled with boredom alone forever

    AGE —- 17.5

  9. oh, the moment all of his content has been released from the grasp of Youtube Red, such joy is immeasurable

  10. Some of the camera positions in later episodes made me wonder if all the experiments are all fake. Can someone brief me on this?

  11. I think I'll have to try this. My sleep cycle never existed, I am constantly under-stimulated, I found I have a worrying amount of similarities with him inside the room while I'm sitting in my chair and watching YT already.

  12. Theres no way to fake that knock on the door. No way to experience it on a whim. One must go through isolation to understand how it feels. I'm a bit jealous you could experience something so profound.
    Thanks for the free episodes m8 I'm sure I'm gonna love 'em

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