Is Your Motivation Style Demotivating— Pastor Paul Chappell, Spiritual Leadership Podcast

welcome to the spiritual leadership
podcast with pastor Paul Chappell pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church and founder
and president of West Coast Baptist College [Paul Chappell] well thanks for joining us on the
spiritual leadership podcast today I’m really excited about the content
that we have before us we’re going to speak about how to motivate others in
ministry but before we get to that I just want to say how thankful I am for
the reformatting of our podcast. The great job our crew is doing with the
visuals and and mostly were thankful for the host of Christians that join us
every month on the spiritual leadership podcast and it’s my prayer that the
content today and in each month will be a great blessing to you we also want to encourage you to begin
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each month we’re going to take two or three minutes and just answer some of
the questions that come in from friends across the country and around the world well today I want you to think with me
about the great challenge we have in ministry of encouraging people forward
in their faith and to see people grasp the biblical vision for ministry Paul
was challenging Timothy with that very issue in 2nd Timothy of course the
Apostle Paul was probably in the Mamertime prison facing imminent death he
said the time of my departure is at hand but he’s writing to Timothy says be
strong in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and I want to speak to you today
about motivating people by the grace of God you know as a pastor now for 30
years we’ve been through numerous different time changes of our service
schedules and numerous different outreach campaigns and millions and
millions of dollars of building programs and what is amazing to me is to watch a
core of our membership have been here 10 20 30 years who continue to reach out to
give to sacrifice and and you know you can motivate people with fleshly
motivation for a period of time but to see that long-term motivation i really
believe it’s the grace of God it’s the work of the holy spirit in their life
and that’s why people need to grow not only in knowledge but in the grace of
God and spiritual leadership really involved moving people along the path of God’s
grace so that they can follow his agenda for worldwide evangelization and I know
that’s your passion as it is my passion unfortunately fleshly leadership
oftentime motivates in a way that can be very very defeating and I’ve got to tell
you my early years of ministry i did not always motivate in ways that were
biblical and pleasing to Christ I had seen some modeling of how to just kind
of push the agenda rather than to lead people into God’s agenda and so I hope
some of the truths that I share with you today might be an encouragement to you
you know I think about fleshly motivations unscriptural motivation
you’ve seen them you felt them doesn’t feel good i think for example sometimes
of people who lead by guilt and they have a sort of the guilt trip motivation
i think of a church that for many years on wednesday night would ask everyone
that’s going to go out on the soul winning program tomorrow please stand
and of course there’s always those that don’t stand and sometimes for good
reason it might be their anniversary might be they have a swing shift or
whatever the next day at work but it’s that may be intentional may be
unintentional act that creates sometimes a system of of guilt and I know is I’ve
witnessed a lot of folks from the roman catholic church and they told me about
Roman Catholic guilt and I understand there’s a great difference between guilt
and conviction and we always want to welcome conviction but we don’t want to
build an environment of guilt for the purpose of motivation and I find a lot
of times leaders that motivated by guilt often set a standard that they
themselves are not willing to keep they’ll talk about the necessity of
certain type of devotional life or certain kind of a soul-winning life and
everyone’s thinking wow I don’t know if I could ever do that and the fact is the
guy talking about it doesn’t do it so we want to be careful that whatever
standard we’re establishing that we’re living that as well and we want to avoid
leading by a guilt base philosophy and we want to pray that the Holy Spirit is working
that it’s not by our might it’s not by our powers by the Spirit of
God at work also I’ve seen anger as another form of
just really pushing people along and almost in a threatening type of way
verbally and I really believe we’ve got to come back to Philippians 2 and be
mindful of the fact that Jesus Christ made himself of no reputation and took
upon himself the form of a servant and that we need to be mindful of the fact
that God still calls out servant leadership or christ-like leaders again
like the under Shepherd like the great Shepherd we want to be an under Shepherd
that follows the pattern of our great Shepherd in our leadership we also want
to be careful of of of a manipulation process and the leadership process
whereas we are creating sort of a performance-based acceptance that is to
say you know the people that do XYZ they’re really on our inner circle and
we all have inner circles Jesus did in that sense he had three that he spent
more time with but i want you to realize that Jesus loves those disciples equally
and nurture them and we meet we want to make sure that people in the process of
growth in our church our are sensing that so that they can reach their
fullest potential 2nd Timothy 224 says the servant of the Lord must not strive
but be gentle unto all men apt to teach make sure that you’re not having those
few that you treat one way and the others that you just kinda pushing along
and make sure we’re not intimidating first Peter 5 says as lords over god’s
heritage but by being in samples to the flock so I’m sure you can agree with me
that there are several poor types of motivating people that will bring people
along for a season but after a while they’ll resent being pushed they’ll see
the hypocrisy and they’ll begin to fall back from that original commitment so
how can we see people make a prolonged commitment to God’s agenda reaching
communities for Christ’s well first of all I believe we want to motivate people by the love of God the
the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:14 Paul said the love of Christ constratineth us because
we thus judge that if one died for all then were all dead I want to challenge you right now as I
challenge myself there’s nothing greater that motivates me than the cross of
Jesus Christ so I don’t need to point them to the example of Joe the bus
worker who knocks on five thousand doors a week and everybody else you
need to do that too there’s a higher motivation than that
now God can use human example no doubt about that in fact Paul the Apostle said follow me
but he also said as I follow Christ so what we want to point people
ultimately to is the love of Christ which constrains us people who give to
the Lord are going to do that much longer than people that just give
because they feel like they have to do it because it’s the requirement of a
worker people that give to Jesus are prolonged givers the the love of Christ
motivates the motive for ministry is love and it’s not just about obeying a
set of regulations it’s about involvement in a relationship with the
lord jesus christ now i’m not against regulations i have requirements for our
leaders but I’m going to tell you they’re not first they’re not for the
spiritual leaders spiritual leaders who are in love with Jesus don’t need the
requirement of say tithing there’s nothing wrong with requirements in that
sense but if your requirements are the main motivator that can be demotivating
and so the love of Christ constraints and then secondly I think people want to
be motivated and need to be motivated by the Word of God second Timothy tells us
that God’s Word is given by inspiration and its profitable for doctrine for
reproof correction instruction that the man of God may be perfect thoroughly
furnished unto all good works you know we need to train a generation of
teenagers who move from the Word of God forward in their everyday motivation we
need them to know that they don’t avoid certain behaviors just because the
preacher said but more than that the Bible says and again we want them to
follow the pastor of course but the pastor needs to point them
to the Scriptures because all of us really are our interim pastors one day
someone else will take your pastorate and mine but the Word of God indoors forever
isaiah 48 it’s going to stand and they need to be motivated by the Word of God
so the love of Christ the Word of God let me say this we can be motivated with
the people of God or by the people of god I’d love to use testimonies to
motivate people and stewardship events i love to use testimonies in soul-winning
times to talk about what god is doing and i love — i love what the bible
says in Hebrews 10 24 it says let us consider one another and then it says
this to provoke on the love and under good works so one of the great
motivating tools that we have besides the love of Christ that the Word of God
is the testimony of the saints i love to preach about the sacrifices of the
Anabaptist and and even some of those reformers who burned at the stake for
the Lord Jesus Christ it motivates me honestly and there’s been times when I’ve stood
whether it’s a at Oxford where we’re Latimer and Ridley were burned or in
smithfield in London where different ones were burned for their faith the
lord jesus christ and you just realize wow these people lived and died for
Christ and that motivates me to take my stand and then finally we want to
motivate by the grace of God be strong in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
this is something that is so vitally important the Bible teaches in Galatians
5 16 were to walk in the spirit that we not fulfill the lust of the flesh
Galatians 5 25 if you live in the spirit let us also walk in the spirit and then
let me close with this second Corinthians 98 and god is able to make
all grace abound toward you that you always having all sufficiency in all
things may abound to every good work G Campbell Morgan said we cannot
organize revival but we can set our sales to catch the wind from heaven when
God chooses to blow upon his people once again i believe that a heart that’s
growing in grace as a heart that’s ready for the wind of revival and I want to lead from that perspective
and I just challenged you today pastor because sometimes we can get tired we
get on the ragged edge we don’t really realize it but we’re driving more than
we’re leading were intimidating more than we’re praying and we want to be the
kind of Christ like leaders so that the fruit that’s coming forth from our
ministries in eternal spiritual fruit i’m going to be the first to say there’s
been times when I’ve not led from the spiritual basis from which I speak to
you today but i can tell you this that it’s my heart to have a people doing
what they’re doing in response to the teaching and preaching of the word of
God will never forget it spiritual leadership conference probably 10 years
ago a dear pastor from Georgia probably twice my age at the time and I spoke
about the subject of motivating people from the grace of God and it came up to
me and he was weeping after the service and it’s really just a teaching session
and he said pastor Chappell he said honestly he said I I didn’t realize
until today how I’ve just been treating our people in such a way of just
demanding certain things for me because it’s my agenda and and he said I really
believe it was God’s too but he says my my will was morphing into that and I was
not allowing for growth in grace and letting people come to those convictions
and that love and and that desire for God’s agenda and he talked with me a few
years ago not only has this church grown numerically but he said more than that
he said we have a healthy church today he said we love serving the lord there’s
joy again in my life and the people’s life and I’m just here to tell you what
you already know the grace of God makes all the difference in the world and I
pray that God will use us to motivate people by his grace in the days ahead to
be careful of allowing the flesh and negativity and bitterness to to override
the beauty of God’s grace abounding unto every good work in your local church well those are some thoughts about
motivating people may be the wrong way and maybe the better way and I trust
that in your life in ministry God’s grace will make the difference for you and look forward to joining with you
next month on the spiritual leadership we trust you enjoyed this episode of
spiritual leadership podcast if there’s a question or topic you would like
pastor chapel to address in future episodes send an email to [email protected]

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