Is the US Leaving Syria? | Bro History Podcast

Is the US Leaving Syria? | Bro History Podcast

all right whenever you’re ready sir yeah
I’m sit my beer first so the real reason why I kind of rushed you to do show
today is because of the news that came out of the the Middle East saw that him
yeah so Trump announced that we’re gonna be pulling 3,000 all all of our troops
in Syria which is about 3,000 troops and it’s I was shocked by it I was wondering
how you felt yeah equally shocked I wonder if we’re shocked for the same
reasons though what’s your what’s your take and then I’ll throw in mind well I
just didn’t I I was I just never thought it was gonna happen he campaigned on it
but I didn’t think he was gonna keep his promise
I thought at first maybe he would have kept his promise but when you saw all
that when he started bombing facilities after alleged gas attacks by Assad I
thought that he was going to be there for the long term but you know I’m happy
that he that he kept to his campaign promise of course he dug it along saying
that we defeated Isis but in reality it wasn’t the US who defeated Isis it was
more of Russia and Syrian government who defeated Isis very very small pockets in
most area right now with contain Isis and ironically enough one of the where
the US military presence says Isis has swarmed around that area it’s like in
southern like south-central central Syria so it’s probably it’s gonna make
it easier for the Russians an Assad in the Syrian army to destroy there the
fragments of Isis with the u.s. gone so I think it’s a really good thing for not
just the United States but for the soldiers who get to come home and spend
the holidays with their family sure yeah I I agree on that front I am glad to
have our men and women of arms back at home where I think I’m concerned is on a
number of points and so the first thing I want to point out is that you’re
absolutely right that you know we didn’t we didn’t defeat Isis that was
mostly Russia and Syrian forces but I also want to give a quick shout-out to
the SDF that the Syrian democratic forces especially specifically the the
Kurdish Peshmerga forces who who wiped out a lot of Isis cells in in
territories that they had control over was kind of a joint thing I think the
United States was mostly there for support and and honestly just because
you know we have to have our military interests in the region for a number of
reasons but interestingly enough I don’t think a lot of those soldiers are
actually coming home there’s gonna be quite a large amount of forces just
right outside of Iraq on the iraq-syria border I think this is something like
5000 troops will be stationed there so that’s interesting they’ll be out of
harm’s way for sure and I’m happy for that also what I’m what I’m concerned
about is that you know I think declaring victory against Isis is premature in the
same way that you know Bush declaring you know victory in Iraq was premature
that you know it’s it’s a little silly I think I think Trump’s just trying to
score some political points because he’s going through some shit at home but more
importantly I think you know the United States while we didn’t play the biggest
part in in in crushing Isis I think what’s important about our presence
there was that we were kind of a a system of checks and balances against a
lot of regional interests so for example I know that Turkey would probably be
much more aggressive in Syria specifically against the Kurdish
fighters had that had the United States not been around because as you know the
United States had been supporting and backing the SDF or the the Syrian
democratic forces which includes the Peshmerga which Turkey de facto claims
as an offshoot of political and military dissidents within their own borders so
they see them as like a terrorist group that
you know that’s their enemy so I’m interested and concerned about you know
how Turkey is going to utilize the the power vacuum with the United States not
there to back up the SDF forces but I’m also interested in you know I’ve been
reading some accounts about how Isis might start reverting you know what’s
left devices of course might start reverting to some guerrilla tactics and
you know keep it in in a in a bog you know the United States not being there
might not be the the best the United States might not have been
the biggest offensive force against Isis but they certainly were they certainly
played a part in the defensive capabilities there as well I think you
know and then there’s also my personal political opinion of it feels a little
bit like Trump is announcing to his enemies that he’s pulling out which was
kind of counter to some of the rhetoric that he had against Obama setting a
deadline for the end of the Iraq war and Afghanistan war so a lot of interesting
things in play I think generally speaking I’m happy as a as an anti
interventionist that that we’re winding down the conflict there but yeah what’s
your take on what I just said I disagree with a couple of things that you said
first it’s completely different than Iraq Iraq was a failed state when we
left so there was nothing I mean there is bound to be a counter insurgency or
influx or a power vacuum Syria is a functioning state with functioning
allies they have IRA they have Russia they have unfortunately Iran as her
allies so they have is a functioning state they were a democracy a
functioning democracy before the Civil War so I wouldn’t really feel a threat
of them I wouldn’t kill or think that they would there would be an influx of
Isis Isis has largely been defeated most of the remaining Isis forces are just a
remaining shell themselves a lot of them are they even the same Isis fighters
from 2015 and 2016 a lot of them are just the branding themselves Isis and
are not actually Isis so I’ll say that first so I don’t really think there’s
any type of real of Isis coming back number two I don’t
think that Trump’s doing is for political gains at all first of all the
Republican and Democrats are both uniting against him you can see that
there you can see a lot of hit pieces from CNN
I’m as well as mainstream Republicans like Lindsey Graham yep Rubio all the
neo cons are all Hawks right mm-hmm and it’s kind of funny seeing Lindsey Graham
do it when you saw Lindsey Graham a couple of weeks ago pledged his support
or his concern for all the young yemeni starving people which is kind of weird
how he sympathy for people in yemen but he arbitrarily does not have sympathy
for people from syria right what it’s I don’t know what lengthy Graham is
thinking right now yeah but I thought he was changing when it was kind of weird
Marco that the standard talking point and I think the talking point you’re
gonna see from most mainstream news outlets and this is how you can tell if
they’re just Viet Lee just completely anti Trump when I do this technique the
technique will be that they’ll try to mention Trump and Putin in the same
sentence in regards to Syria so if you see that type of stuff if you see that
Trump got off was on the phone with Putin or something like that or anything
with Russia or Iran it their their attention lately them together to make
it seem that it was because of Putin made you the United States leave like
Putin was fought Trump was following Putin’s orders and leaving Syria so dope
a don’t pay attention to that what was the other point oh yeah so yeah Turkey
as well so yeah I think Laura of the big part and I don’t think that Trump was
doing it for non interventionist reasons I think it was due to the influence of
Turkey turkey wants to invade the Kurdish forces in northern Syria right
now they’ve been ethnically cleansing them for many years
Trump Turkey is probably the most important place it’s one turkey is one
of the most important places in the entire world when you really think about
it as far as like geographically where they’re located I mean they’re centrally
located between Europe and the Middle East so and that’s super
important there’s their proximity to Russia as well yeah they’re they’re kind
of in the crux there yeah so like so Turkey they controlled most important
land route in the world the land route between Asia and Europe
the former Silk Road right yeah they control the most strategic Strait in the
world the Strait between the Mediterranean Sea in the Black Sea
correct and also they’ve been flirting with Russia over the paten we talked
about this in a previous episode when we were talking about the the the pipelines
know the missile of the anti aircraft the 300s 400s we were even talking about
this that there’s a deal in place for Russia to sell Turkey yes 400 so there’s
obviously there’s been flirting going on between both countries I mean they have
pretty good relationships even though they’re even though throughout the past
ten years our foreign policy in regards to Syria has been drastically different
right but um Turkey is they want to concentrate on on goodness that the
Kurds out and and it’s just really not a prerogative anymore work you know Assad
like there’s there’s really no reason anymore to get rid of them like I just
don’t see any type I don’t see the benefit I think that removing Assad and
hat and having the removal of the Assad regime as our goal in the Middle East or
in Syria it will just lead to to just utter a disaster if that guy left I’m
imagining it an Iraq situation I mean the populations are around the same
between Syria and Iraq Iraq is probably bigger I think maybe Iraq is actually
I’m probably wrong about that Iraq I think probably has double the population
of Syria however it would be a very very bad situation if Assad left power and that’s what they wanted I mean that
that’s that’s what was that they wanted Assad to go because there are rival
pipelines from Iran and Qatar going through going through Syria and Assad
said no to the pipeline going through Qatar because of Russia I mean that’s
why that’s why they wanted him gone in the first place it wasn’t because of
humanitarian reasons it wasn’t because he was gassing his own people or
shooting people on the street a lot of dictators do stuff like that and a lot
of that was propaganda as well so I mean do you know about the
pipeline’s like the pipelines going through guitar and a pipeline yeah yeah
I mentioned it just a little earlier yeah you just mentioned it it’s like
that was a big most people don’t know that Rachel Maddow doesn’t report on
that you know sure Sean Hannity like they’re they’re not talking they’re not
talking about the yeah the Silk Road into it to feed European energy needs
right and that was a large that was a big reason for the war yeah and yeah I
don’t doubt that I I don’t I don’t at all I think that’s the broader context
for it I think there are some legitimate claims on you know humanitarian issues
of the Assad regime for sure do I think those were the main reasons
why or even even the biggest reasons why no still something I think about I guess
to make account to clarify one of my points earlier was that when I said that
trumps trying to score political points at home I didn’t mean because he’s
trying to appease his base about about pulling out of Syria I think he’s he’s
trying to he’s trying to declare victory on Isis to distract from ongoing
investigations around around his campaign for sure I mean that’s that’s
why the the the rhetoric is around it I mean and the reason why I say that yeah
the reason why I say that is because like like you mentioned a good chunk of
his base is against pulling out of Syria right so there’s got to be some other
motivations to blah and I’m still unclear about that you know like I don’t
know with the like if you removed Trump from the picture I’m unclear about what
what the motivations for pulling out of Syria are maybe you can help clarify
well I think most of trumps base actually supports that like trumps like
real base not talking about the other people who voted for him because they
were either anti-hillary or just voted Republican down ballot right his actual
base are people who don’t really are not fond
foreign interventions so I don’t think I think he actually is appeasing to his
base however he’s he’s not appeasing to the broader demographics right by that
non-interventionist strategy because I mean frankly you’d have to take a poll
but I I would I think most people are pretty fed up with foreign intervention
in the Middle East sure oh my even people who lack context
know it’s like they they have a good understanding that lamp all right we did
Iraq but Iraq didn’t work like just just that information alone like allows them
to at least be skeptical about the motivations to be huh yeah however we’re
not seeing the same fit like we’re not losing soldiers like we did in Iraq no
we’re not when a soldier dies it’s usually headline news it’s not headline
news but it’s in the news it’s pretty big yeah when a couple soldiers died
over a week it’s in the news you know before in Iraq it was you know 300
soldiers would die in a week and that would be news but now it’s like four
will die and it doesn’t really happen and often mainly most of the deaths are
happening in in Afghanistan it’s not really there’s really not I mean
American soldiers aren’t really fighting anyone in Syria right now they’re just
kind of not actively yeah they’re just they’re just there and our bomb and that
bra bar bombing P things for bombing targets yeah and and most of the most of
the bombing sorties most of the air raids that are happening are flying out
of Qatar so you know they’re not even stationed in Syria they just fly over yeah they’re just so I mean there’s the
conspiratorial I will go what will lead to other things I don’t want to go there
however it’s I think it’s overall good the reason why I think he left is
because of Turkey because turkey Turkey wanted us to go I think that’s the main
reason so capitulation to air21 then yeah I
think it’s I think that’s the the main reason the answer your question I know I
didn’t I I suppose it’s kind of it’s kind of an
I mean okay so so then my concern about Turkey is is founded then you know I
think a big reason why they haven’t been more aggressive in in Syria is because
the United States has been there and obviously they can’t they wouldn’t fuck
with the United States generally speaking but also they’re in NATO so
they wouldn’t fuck with the United States for that reason now we’re out so
they’re kind of you know blank check to do where the fuck they want but then you
know that’s that’s true mmm I mean I guess they would be pretty well aligned
with Russia and Iran in terms of wiping out SDF forces specifically Kurdish
fighters like the Peshmerga which I mean I’m having some trouble being ok with
this just because I know that you know the Kurds have fought hard and bravely
and you know they’ve done a lot of great things for Syria as a whole
I don’t eat that there are many factions within the you know kind of rebel groups
that are nefarious and and de-facto you know terrorists but I don’t I don’t see
the peshmerga’s as as part of that what do you think I mean my I I kind of
looking in the broader sense I just don’t think we should be there in the
first place let them all settle it like let those let the Turks and the Russians
and the Syrians work it out I mean when it comes when it comes down that that
that legitimately means that the Kurds have literally zero fighting chance at
all with the United States pulling out that that’s what that absolutely means
it does it does but it’s like I’m tired of backing these certain ethnic groups
across the world like I mean imagine something turkey is is ethnically
cleansing Kurdish people from their own State now given the opportunity when
their while they’re aligned with Russia Iran and Syria against the rebel forces
of which the Kurds are a part of they’re gonna take this opportunity to
completely eviscerate them and their culture in there and and their people’s
it’s it’s with it without a doubt well I mean that’s that’s been the past 50
years or actually further I mean that’s but since the fall of the Ottoman Empire
I mean that’s been that’s been going on it’s just if it means having American
troops over there then then no like I don’t think because you can play that
game with anything sure and I don’t want to I don’t want to fall into this trap
of having like this false choice it’s like either we say you know we keep
American forces in Syria and you know make sure that ethnic cleansing doesn’t
happen or we pull out and all the kurds are gonna die I think there are more
options I don’t love the idea of going like hey well yeah that’s been the last
50 years in the area I think there has to be some additional options here that
we’re not exploring I feel for them because they like they literally have
fought bled and died you know a fighting Isis frankly you know it would be a
grand shame to then have them be completely wiped out by the coalition of
Turkey I Iran and Russia and Syria for that matter yeah it would be I mean I it
sucks but because we all hate Isis like you know like everybody all of those
actors were against Isis you know you can you can argue about you know where
the intentions lied there but everybody was in agreement Isis had to go and they
all fought hard and it just seems like it like a shitty situation for these
Peshmerga it’s concerning and they have a lot of people like that there’s a lot
of Kurds in the area and they don’t have a state of their own and that’s that’s
it’s difficult yeah well age sucks man it sucks for the Kurds it’s I’m gonna have to work out something to
matically no let’s hope it let’s hope the con it’s not a total for the United
States to negotiate for everything everyone’s peace hmm and a lot of the
time like a lot of people don’t trust the United States is good at a good
faith after its when negotiating for peace yeah no I agree I mean look at
look at the israeli-palestinian conflict yeah you know they’re not they’re not
necessarily moving the needle very very well on that on that issue so you’re
right yeah yeah and turn with Israel Palestine the US
will not be the people the US will not be the country to to come up with a
peace settlement we’re still waiting for Jared Fischer’s his a million dollar
plan I don’t know he had some name some fancy name for his his peace treaty that
he was uh that he had working I think he was working with it he was uh working
with MBS on it or someone else some other Saudi prince I don’t think was NBS
on this peace plan is going to solve everything
hey I mean like I think that’s a huge undertaking and I am not very optimistic
about his you know prospects of you know completing that successfully I’m I hope
and I wish him well obviously but Kirchner did pick up a really big win
recently on on prison reform and that was one of the bigger um one of the
bigger issues that he was tasked to fix so you know hey shit maybe maybe
Kushner’s the hero that we needed not the one that we wanted who knows I don’t
even know what he did on prison reform yeah it’s it’s not I’m not very clear on
it either he was a lobbying for for reforms on I’m not qualified to talk
about this I was just reading a couple of articles about how he was lobbying
for some prisons oh no I didn’t see a tweet I don’t remember the implications
of it I think it I think was prison sent like like mandatory minimum sentencing
might have been on that docket for that but don’t quote me on that well good for him then I think I’ll take
a win I’ll take whenever whatever does a good
thing oh yeah same here I’ll compliment any politician regardless of what their
what their affiliation is I’m not even anti Kushner
I think his father’s a crook yeah no no no it’s gonna think I think he’s
actually a no easy yeah literally crook it’s none of the none of Penny’s his
father’s literally a felon you know why his father went to jail
it wasn’t something like real estate-related
it’s honey he was honey trapping honey dicking honey trapping he was he I think
he hired a prostitute he was in a business deal I think was
his brother-in-law and his brother-in-law was like backing out so
he tried to get a prostitute to sleep with them so he could to make a
blackmail oh yeah that’s yeah I mean that’s New York real estate that’s the
world that Trump comes from yeah that’s the thing about Trump he looks and he
looks at everything he looks at the world his world view is very
transactional yeah yeah it’s very quick pro quo yeah he looks he looks at
everything in transactional and transactional sense and he lacks a lot
of context and in yeah in world affairs yeah but I don’t
he’s good they do not have ideologues are you excited about that movie vice
coming out I didn’t even hear about this what’s this about
it’s about Dick Cheney a movie about Dick Cheney yes coming out Christmas Day
oh shit you know who’s starring Dick Cheney who
you need to guess Gary Cohen do you make three guesses and the actor is awesome
the app the actor is an incredible actor and I’ll say I’ll give you one more clue
he is a superhero in a movie a superhero and he’s an incredible actor decide hint
hint is it a Marvel superhero or a DC super
giving it away if I tell you just tell me DC DC okay
it can’t be Henry Cavill the the Superman guy is
it’s definitely not Jason Momoa that’d be crazy how are you coming up with
these guys and not the person who he’s a terrific actor
and after you that’s horrific he does it better is it Batman is it Ben Affleck
all right you’re on the right track but it’s not Ben Affleck okay okay so we’re
older Batman then Christian Christian Bale yes Christian Bale really you need
to see might as well test this out right now share your video I’ll just throw an
overlay on it when I out time stamp this but Christian Bale is playing Dick
Cheney and holy shit he morphed into him I believe it did that there’s an he’s
insane he’s instant he’s literally insane he
takes acting way too seriously he literally morphs into them hold on a
second I’m going to all right so it’s like change while you’re pulling that up
it’s like Cheney during obviously the the Bush administration is it like
following the track of like setting up the UH Iraq war what’s the deal with it
I don’t know what the I don’t know if the setting is but I think it’s gonna
cover his life in office neat it’s not going to be I wonder how conspiratorial
it’ll be I don’t think it’s gonna be conspiratorial I think it’s just gonna
be I think it’s definitely gonna be a bashing of dick off of the Bush
administration I don’t think it’s gonna go into like conspiratorial I Chi don’t
think it’s gonna go onto 9/11 I mean they’d be remiss not to talk about 9/11
if you’re talking about Dick Cheney they’re gonna talk about 9/11 but
they’re not gonna they’re not gonna go into like truth or territory they’re not
gonna they’re not I don’t I really doubt they’re gonna open up
dialogue in the movie blaming the motion push administration for 9/11 like I
really I really doubt that if they did that would be insane but if they did
though it would just be people would a lot of people wouldn’t take it seriously
they’d be like all these Kooks there trying to politicize Dick Cheney yeah
they’re just trying to politicize it but oh I hope there’s a scene in the movie
where he shoots that guy in the face and then makes him apologize for your most
definitely dope I wish I could work this fucking thing out but I can’t I can’t I
can’t figure out how to share my screen on this on this zoom out and I just
reconfigured it so I’m looking at the I’m lookin at my desk so I’m not even
looking up but you’ll anyone who’s listening or watching this just look up
Dick Cheney as no officer in Vale has to Christmas look up Dick Cheney as
Christian Bale I’m Batman I’m Dick Cheney I wonder where it’s
gonna I wonder I really do wonder where it’s gonna go
some other notable actors in the film Steve Carell is Donald Rumsfeld what
really yeah he looks a lot like him he looks a lot like I’m the guy who plays
Bush looks like him to I don’t I forget his name Tyler Perry plays a colon
Powell wait Tyler Perry as in Tyler Perry presents Madea Wow like the V
Tyler Perry cool is cool now yeah so they have a starstruck cast that’s a
start oh yeah and the guy who’s directing it’s a guy who did like
stepbrothers and all that so is it gonna be a comedy the trailer it looked very
funny uh-huh it looked like they were going in
a look like it was going in a comedic angle but they weren’t not know Who am I
kidding it looks serious but it looked like it’s probably mockingly funny it’s
it’s gonna have 20 moments yes doing its best to be a parody enough I’m actually
refer amongst it’s too late I’m talking about a movie and I’m not talking
straight it’s it looks serious however I’m sure there’s comedic elements to the
film that’s what I was trying to say I hope there’s a lot of bushes UM’s
bushes ‘m it’s it’s gonna be a lot of oh damn hey dick what do you think we go
bomb Iraq now well they try to get my dad right dick that’s what you told me
they try to kill my daddy let’s get him oh I’m coming yeah it’s gonna be a
that’s usually the D the act I mean even when he was president like the joke was
that Bush was stupid that was always a joke that you know he was never
he was never in on it he was just kind of like the useful idiot even when he
even before he was he was a notorious or people started to realize that his
presidency was a failure he was always known as kind of like the dumbass or how
that’s how he was portrayed I mean wasn’t he like pulled over multiple
times like DUIs cocaine did a drug problem yeah he had a drug problem and I
think that’s why he was vulnerable to the people in his cabinet because it was
vulnerable yeah hit voter hit vulnerability issues
with his past drug problems so there I mean maybe there was stuff on him maybe
they just he felt indebted for them like kind of reviving his career or creating
his career in politics after him kind of fucking around for a lot of his life
it’s funny though because when you hear Bush speak well wasn’t it governor of
Texas before he was uh yeah he he worked for these different companies yeah he
worked for these different oil companies and he was part of the board of the
Texas Rangers I think he had ownership in Texas Rangers yeah and then he was he
started his career in politics because when you’re bush that’s what you do is
like a Kennedy you know if you’re Kennedy you go into politics if you’re a
vice you go into politics if your acquaintance you go into politics I mean
I wonder I’m assuming that Chelsea will probably go into politics
like she’ll I’m sure at one point that Chelsea Clinton will run and
blue state where the Clinton name is prestigious still which is not that many
there is there’s not that many areas where that is but probably somewhere in
New York New York yeah probably I got B most likely she’ll run for
office as maybe a congress woman or maybe a senator who knows but you know
I’m sure I’m sure he’ll taunt hurt her she’ll have her time and by the time
that she probably runs for office the Clinton name won’t have that same stigma
that it has right now you know they’ll they’ll be either elderly or I’ll tilt
or they may even be dead you got to remember that they’re both in their 70s
great bill and Bill and Bill and Hillary they’re both I think around 73 or 74
bills older than Hillary right yeah and history is always very kind to you
know politicians who die so yeah they sure they sure are you got to wonder
what’s gonna happen when I mean I’m too young to remember like what the few
little funerals were like when when guys like LBJ died or guys like Reagan Nixon
or guys like like I don’t I don’t know what their funerals were likes I wasn’t
around to experience the culture playing telly I mean I can tell you what the
culture was when when uh George Bush Senior died when we just experienced it
and it was I mean you’re not gonna find anyone who’s going you didn’t find
anyone who criticized his presidency right after he died and I think a lot of
people probably were holding themselves back at least people who disagreed with
them because I you know it’s usually it’s it’s frowned upon in society to
speak ill of the dead speak ill the dead he’s all eggs I was just gonna point
that out yeah John McCain was the same exact situation he wasn’t the president
but he was a noteworthy politician politics too like he was still an active
senator when right which made it which made it extra no no you did
didn’t he pull out like when I said when his health was failing like he retired
didn’t he no I think he was still active it was
that very he because he just had voted against the Republican health plan
remember that when yeah the big thumbs down so he he knows that was there was
months that was months before he actually passed though I I thought it
was month yeah that was months but I was still it’s still relatively close to
when he died I mean look at Bob Dole Bob Dole’s like 97 or something like that
and he hasn’t been in politics for years so you don’t see that many politicians
or no sometimes you do however it’s a little bit more unique in his
circumstance just because of you know him being so close to being active in
the Senate floor to his death as well of course of his military career and his uh
I guess his history as a powa and you know he ran for president the guy like
he wasn’t just a politician he was a big wig and not just the Republican Party
but he was a bipartisan bigwig right so I mean he was fit he was popular among
he was one of those he was one of those senators who was uh or Republicans who
was popular among Democrats and I mean a lot of it has to do with his military
career but a lot of it has to do with them being called a quote unquote and I
say this with Eric now that we’re doing it on video I can make air quotes air
quotes a brick he was a maverick politician for anyone who is not
watching we have a youtube channel now and we have 16 subscribers breath you
could be the 17th you can whoever is a 17 subscriber of this show will get a
blowjob from Danny Danny do you consents I do not do do I’m
in a good mood I wanted to make this show a little bit less serious because
christmas is coming up and we’re gonna be dancing on Friday and I’m happy about
a lot of the stuff is coming out of the news about Syria about the ceasefire in
Yemen which we didn’t even touch on yeah we didn’t even touch on that I wanted to
actually begin the show talking about the ceasefire in Yemen and relating it
to the Christmas truce and world war one that was like the supposed to be the
Christmas ish the episode but I guess I’ll just kind of sum it up – well let’s
let’s save it we’ll do another one we’ll do another one yeah but before Christmas
yeah yeah we’ll do another one what day is Christmas it’s a Monday or Tuesday
well we’ll do it we’ll do another one and I mean we can even do it right after
this how about that No maybe we can it’s Monday Christmas
truce I also want to do General Washington too so if there’s not enough
content on that I’d love to talk about the Diller acrossing because that aren’t
on Christmas let’s wrap this fucker up and change topics
gotcha peace

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  1. We're only pulling back to Iraq. We'll literally be right across the border, and our special forces will be capable of cross border attacks at anytime.

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